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How Do I Transfer A Domain Name To Another Person

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Transferring Domain Names Between Registrars

How To Move / Transfer A Domain Name To A New Host / Owner / Person / Or Account

Transferring a domain name does not have to be a transfer of ownership. You may wish to move the registration of a domain name from one organisation to another if, for example, you want to take advantage of a cheaper annual registration fee of another registrar.

ICANN and ensuring all web addresses are unique) has produced its Inter-Registrar Transfer policy which controls the procedure for any transfers between domain name registrars. The policy is compulsory for all ICANN accredited registrars.

To transfer a domain name between registrars the domain name owner must contact the current registrar who will then send a form for the domain name owner to complete. They might also send a second form asking for information about the domain name owners intentions.

Domain name registrars should have an email address which is used solely for domain name transfer related issues. Any requests made through this address must be dealt with within seven days.

There are certain conditions under which a registrar may refuse to transfer a domain name, these being:

  • within 60 days of the domain name being registered
  • within 60 days of a domain name having been transferred
  • the ownership of the domain name is in dispute
  • the domain name owner has not paid for the registration

This full Inter-Registrar Transfer policy is available on the ICANN web site at .

How Do I Request A Au Domain Name Transfer To Another Person

Contact your registrar to request a domain name licence transfer to another eligible registrant. Your registrar will ask you to provide details of the transfer.

Before the transfer takes place, the registrar will check that you and the person who the licence is being transferred to satisfy the relevant eligibility and allocation requirements.

You can find the name and contact details of your registrar on theWHOIStool.

What Is Domain Transfer

Domain transfer is technically a handover of domain name ownership from one registrar to another. Theprocess in no way interrupts the function of services linked to your web address such as websitesand emails, mainly because your registrars are only responsible for the transfer of domain namerecords.

Before you can fully transfer a domain name, you must first have two things: a validated web addressunder your registration, and a new registrar where you want to move. Given the fact thattransferring domain is easy, it is still necessary for you to understand the underlying elements ofthe process in order to fully comprehend how this particular service works, and avoid technicalissues in the future.

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Change Of Legal Ownership For Australian Domains

A common misunderstanding is that a change the legal ownership of an Australian domain name can be done by doing a domain transfer. This is not the case. The Australian Central Registry requires that you pay a fee and lodge a formal change of legal ownership, where both parties agree to the change.

If you do not complete the process of legally changing ownership of your domain, you may be using a domain name that you not the legal registrant for.

If you have bought a business, it is important to check that the change of legal ownership of your domain has been processed and your business details are listed correctly and assigned to the correct ABN, ACN, BN or Trademark Number.

To check the registration details for an Australian domain name, visit , enter your domain name and the ‘control text’ and the website will tell you who is listed as the legal registrant of the domain name.

If you are not listed as the registrant, you will need to do a Change of Legal Ownership.

The cost involved to change legal ownership, is as follows:

  • $99 which includes a new 2 year registration for your Australian domain.

All change of legal ownerships will forfeit any remaining time on the domain name registration and a new registration term will commence after the change of legal ownership is processed.

How To Transfer A Domain

How can I move a domain name to another person who doesnt ...

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Moving your website to a new host, and need to transfer your domain? Maybe you’ve found a better deal for domain registration. In any case, transferring your domain is a straightforward process, but will usually take several days to complete while you wait for all parties involved to approve the transfer. Most of the work is done behind the scenes you’ll just need to fill out a few forms.

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Tld Domain Transfer Instructions

If you registered the domain yourself:

  • Unlock the domain
  • Tell me when this is done and send me the Authorisation code if available so that I can begin the process to bring the into my 123-Reg Control Panel
  • If someone else controls the domain:

  • Contact the current domain administrator and ask them to:
  • Unlock the domain
  • Supply the Authorisation code if their control panel generates one
  • Tell me when this is done and send me the Authorisation code if available so that I can begin the process to bring the into my 123-Reg Control Panel
  • Uk Domain Transfer Instructions

    If the TAG is already 123-REG and you registered the domain yourself:

    An inter-account transfer will allow me to control your domain on your behalf:

  • Login to 123-Reg
  • Select the domain to transfer from the dropdown and in the username field enter: chrisdempsey78
  • Select Request Transfer
  • If the TAG is already 123-REG and someone else registered the domain for you:

    Contact the person who registered the domain for you and ask them to:

  • Perform an inter-account to transfer the domain to 123-Reg Username: chrisdempsey78
  • If the TAG is not 123-REG and you registered the domain yourself

  • Login to your Control Panel and follow the process to Transfer Domain which will involve updating the TAG to: 123-REGOr
  • Contact the Registrar you used to register the domain and ask them to Update the TAG on the domain to: 123-REG
  • If the TAG is not 123-REG and someone else controls it for you:

  • Contact the current domain administrator and ask them to update the TAG to 123-REG
  • Tell me once the TAG has been updated so that I can begin the process to bring it into my 123-Reg Control Panel
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    Why Domain Owners Want To Transfer Domain Names


    Undeniably, one of the most common reasons why registrants change ownership from one accountmanagement to another is due to prices. Without annual price discounts, registrants will most likelyflee from current registrars and move to a new registrar with cheap domain transfer prices, withoutcompromising efficient services. Most registrants want to choose affordable deals and look forwardto attractive promos that can surely help diminish costs.

    Special features

    Besides inexpensive deals, registrants always look for special features, features that will simplifyaccount organisation and reduce work for them. Registrars that offer easy-to-use management toolsget more chances of transfer domain than those who only maintain bland offers. Aside from that, acomplicated interface will also push registrants to move and change to a provider with a moreuser-friendly website.

    Privacy issues

    Most importantly, privacy issues are crucial for both domain name owners and registrars. Onlinetransactions are private thats why registrants choose registrars carefully before purchasingservices. Sometimes, although attractive and affordable on the surface, some registrars dont offerauthentic security and protection of sensitive information. As a result, registrants transfer adomain from one registrar hosting to another in order to feel protected from cyberattacks and onlinetheft.

    Transfer Couk And Uk Domains To Another Registrar

    How to Transfer a Domain Name From One Registrar to Another EASY!

    .CO.UK and .UK domains use a different transfer-out process:

    • You select the registrar you want to transfer the domain to
    • Google Domains contacts Nominet, the registry, and informs them of the transfer
    • You receive an email notice from your new registrar to confirm and complete the transfer

    To transfer out .CO.UK and .UK domains:

  • Under “Transfer out,” click Choose registrar.
  • Select To a different domain registrar and click Continue, then sign in if necessary.
  • In the Transfer Out screen, enter the tag for the registrar you’re transferring to.
  • Go to and search for your new registrar.
  • Copy the registrar tag and paste it into the Transfer Out screen in Google Domains.
  • The registrar tag is a code recognized by Nominet. Tags are usually based on the name of the company. For example, the registrar tag for Google Domains is “GOOGLE.”
  • Click Transfer and then Accept to confirm you want to transfer the domain.
  • Go to your new registrar and follow the transfer procedures there.
  • During the transfer process, youll receive an email with instructions to confirm the transfer process. Follow these instructions to complete the transfer. If you don’t receive this email within a few days, go to the Nominet website and follow the transfer instructions. You may be required to pay a fee to transfer through the Nominet site.
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    Two: Unlock Your Domain

    Next on the agenda, you are going to want to unlock your domain. This lock is placed on domain transference so that the chances of a domain being stolen or used illegally are drastically lowered. That being said, if you plan on doing it the legal way and you know you are not dealing with a thief, removing this lock is a requirement before moving on in the process. Oftentimes, it is managed via simple settings that are located in your management platform and can be changed with a couple of clicks after logging into your account.

    Can I Transfer My Au Domain Name Licence To Another Person

    Yes. You can transfer a domain name licence to another registrant provided:

    • You are eligible to hold the licence at the date of transfer
    • The person you are transferring the licence to meets the Australian presence requirement and other eligibility and allocation criteria at the date of transfer
    • You request the transfer in writing to your registrar
    • Your licence is not subject to any complaint process under auDA rules, dispute resolution or court proceedings
    • Your licence term has not expired.

    This is referred to as a Registrant Transfer and is described in section 2.13 of the .au licensing rules.

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    How To Transfer A Domain Name

  • Choose a new host and create an account
  • Disable domain privacy
  • Request an authorization code
  • Initiate the transfer
  • If you first purchased your domain through a web host, you may want to transfer because youve found a better hosting provider. But even if you purchased your domain through a standalone registrar, there are still benefits to transferring. For one thing, having your domain and your web hosting under the same virtual roof means you can manage everything in one place.

    Before you can begin the domain transfer process, you need to pick out the new host youd like to transfer to. You may have picked out your new host already, in which case you can skip to the next step. But if youre still undecided, well outline the top three performers from our overall web hosting rankings below.

    Transfer Domain Ownership: A Step

    How can I move a domain name to another person who doesnt ...

    Insight | by Hover on June 24, 2020

    There are many reasons why you may need to transfer ownership of a domain name. Whether you sold a domain name, bought a domain as a gift, or want to change domain ownership to someone else in your organization, you must follow a process to make sure its done right. Thankfully, all of this is made simple with our step-by-step guide.

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    Authorize The Domain Transfer

    Once you enter the authorization code, you’ll be contacted by both your old registrar and your new provider. You’ll be asked to confirm your contact details and officially approve the transfer. Ensure the contact info you’ve provided to both registrars is correct and be prepared to answer questions about why you’re leaving your current service.

    First Step: Disabling Whois

    Now that you have a baseline set and an agreement established, the process of actually transferring the domain to the other person finally begins. In order for the new registrar to accept the new domain ownership, they will need to know who is currently in charge of the domain. For them to have access to that information, you are going to need to disable WHOIS domain privacy. This is just an extension that allows you to keep certain information private when it comes to who owns the domain, but for this process, you will need to have this made public and accessible to the registrar.

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    Glossary Definitions That Youll Want To Understand

    Domain name Your browser uses these to identify one or more IP Addresses. You type a domain name into the address bar of your browser to get to a website. is a domain name. These allow you to remember words instead of a string of numbers to get to a website.

    Registrar An organization that manages the reservation of domain names. You can think of this as the place where you purchased your domain name. Popular registrars are GoDaddy,, Namecheap, iPage, Network Solutions, and Blue Host. I highly recommend Namecheap.

    Website Host Often referred to as a Host, its the place that has all the files and information pertaining to your website. This can be provided by your registrar, or a different third party company. Many of the popular registrars mentioned above are also popular website hosting companies. However, we use a managed WordPress hosting company called WP Engine for improved speed and security.

    DNS This is the system that the Internet uses to convert a domain name into an IP address . You can think of it as a map of instructions on where the internet finds important information related to a domain name, like where a website is hosted.

    A Record, CNAME Record, MX Record, TXT Record, SPF Record DNS records that give the internet directions on what to do with certain things relating to your domain. Example: MX Records for a domain are the instructions for handling email. If you improperly move or configure these, your email could stop working.

    What Is A Domain Transfer

    How to TRANSFER a domain name between GoDaddy accounts 2021 | Web Design Tip

    A domain transfer is the process of switching your domain name from one registrar to another. To be eligible for a transfer, you must have been with your current registrar for at least 60 days, since ICANN enforces a 60-day Change of Registrant lock.

    You might want to initiate a domain transfer for a number of reasons. Maybe your current registrar has suddenly increased their prices, or your site is taking more time to load. Maybe you’ve found a better deal somewhere else and prefer to consolidate multiple domains under a single DNS registrar.

    Whatever the reason, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to transfer a domain.

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