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How To Find When A Domain Expires

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Know The Terms Of Your Domain Name Registration

How to Find Expired Domains using and CheckDuck

The most important thing you can do to protect your domain name is to know the terms of your domain name registration. Options and fees for renewing domain names, including expired ones, vary by registrar so be sure to read your registrar’s terms of service carefully to understand the options, fees, and terms of renewing your domain name registration. It’s also important to keep your contact information up to date so you receive notices of any changes to your registrar’s terms of service. If you are unsure who your registrar is, you can perform a search to find out here.

Stealing Great Backlinks From Expired Domains

There’s one more handy use of SEO SpyGlass, which is quite similar to the broken link building method:

  • Enter a recently expired domain in your niche or one that is still being auctioned.
  • Look at the backlinks pointing to this domain.
  • Analyze backlinks that you could “steal”
  • Contact the owner of the referring domains that is linking to this expired domain, tell them they are linking to an expired domain and ask them to link to your resource instead.
  • Here’s a free outreach template by Jason Acidre you can modify and use for your link building:

    Subject: Found a broken link on

    Hey ,

    Click Export And Select The Necessary Export Type Use The Below Screenshot

    Now you will need Microsoft Excel to open and get your broken links. Open your download with Microsoft Excel and click on the Broken Links URLs Tab. Highlight All of that role and Ctrl + C to copy all.

    As seen below

    You need to filter the urls from the domain itself? This is because you wont be able to bulk check the domain names except you filter the urls from the domain.That is why you will need websiteseochecker to do the job within few seconds Remember I said without spending a dime at the beginning

    Copy the broken links and go to

    Paste them into the first box and follow the below screenshot

    Now wait for few seconds for it to filter the domain from urls. When its finished scroll down a little to the result, highlight all the domains, copy it and proceed to the final step below.

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    Typical Symptoms Of Expired Domain

    An expired site name is a big problem if you have not had time to renew it. Lets take a look at what exactly is the threat of losing an expired address.

    • If your domain has expired, there is information that there could be a leak of your personal information. The new owner gets access to the domain name and all the personal information that was used within that domain.
    • You can lose everything you have been working on for a long time.
    • Your site name can be bought out by cybercriminals who want to destroy your brand or business by framing you as a scam.
    • A hostname can be bought out by your competitors, which will also be bad for your market opportunities.

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    When a domain name is registered, the registrant acquires the right to use, renew, restore, or transfer the domain name. When the registrant no longer has those rights or someone else registers the domain name, the prior registrant may consider it a “lost domain name.”

    To see if a domain name is registered and to find its registrant, you can perform a WHOIS search at .

    ICANN does not have the ability or authority to transfer or return a domain name to anyone. ICANN’s authority is purely contractual and is limited to the Registrar Accreditation Agreement , the Registry Agreements , and ICANN’s Consensus Policies.

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    Check Your Billing Records

    Checking your billing records is probably the easiest, and therefore, the first method you should use. Typically, your domain name registrar is who you bought your domain name from. If you dont remember who that registrar is, try searching your email archives for records regarding your domain name registration . The domain registrar should be listed on your invoice.

    Its imperative that you keep your domain registrar up to date regarding changes to your email address and/or contact information. Registrars send renewal notifications to the email address they have listed.

    Check User Password Expiration Date With Net User Command

    You can display detailed information of a specific users Password Expiration using the following syntax:

    net user USERNAME /domain

    For example, to display the password expiration information of the user hitesh run the following command in the PowerShell:

    net user hitesh /domain


    The above command will display user account information such as when the password was last set, when the password expires, and so on.

    If you want to filter the output from the above command and display only password expiration dates, then you can use the find command in conjunction with the net user command as shown below:

    net user hitesh /domain | find “Password expires”


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    Lost Domain Names: Common Scenarios

    If your domain name has expired and no one else has registered it, you should contact your registrar immediately to discuss what options are available for renewing your domain name. Domain names are subject to being released for registration at the end of the life cycle of the domain name.

    • If you are interested in registering an expired domain name, contact an ICANN-accredited registrar. Domain names are generally registered on a first-come, first-served basis. For a list of registrars, see ICANN-Accredited Registrars.
    • For more information, see Domain Renewal/Redemption.

    If your domain name was transferred to another registrar without your permission and the domain name is no longer under your management, an unauthorized transfer may have occurred. Unauthorized transfers may result from illegal activity, including domain hijacking or unauthorized access to your email account or other login credentials. ICANN’s contractual authority does not include investigating or prosecuting illegal activity. You should contact the previous registrar immediately and request that it review the unauthorized transfer claim.

    • In some cases the registrars might decide to reverse an unauthorized transfer, however this will be based on the circumstances and applicable law ICANN cannot directly instruct them to do so.
    • For more information, see Unauthorized Transfers and Changes of Registrant.

    What About You Get Them What Would Be Their Importance You May Be Asking:

    How to find Expired Domains with Backlinks from Authority Websites using Ahrefs & ScrapeBox

    Normally, when you want to start a blog, you need two things to start

  • A domain (The name people would use to find your business
  • A Webhosting
  • Choosing a suitable domain for your business or personal blog is one thing another thing is growing that domain to one that makes you income .

    When you register a domain newly, there are many things youd need to make it appear on search engines such as SEO: I.E. Backlinks, etc.. which would definitely take you some years or months.

    Professional bloggers dont buy new domains for their Authority or Microniche blogs. Micro Niche blogs are those blogs that focuses mainly on one topic E.G: A blog about Ipads, Coupons.

    I would be going deeply into what Microniche blogs in the upcoming posts. But for now let me stick to the main purpose of this post.

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    A Few More Tips Before You Purchase An Expired Domain

    You can also follow the above procedure when you purchase an auction domain. You will find many times that purchasing such a domain would be a complete waste of your money, because it has thousands of backlinks, however most of them are from spam websites with Chinese anchor texts.

    Also stay away from expired domains that have hundreds of links all pointing to the home page and nothing to other pages such domains are over-optimized and will be penalized unless you plan to do massive link building to the individual pages, too.

    I have also used this method for uncovering foreign language expired domains with beautiful backlink structure. I found two Hungarian domains, the first one would translate to, the other one would be

    I must add that such foreign language domains require considerably fewer backlinks to rank high, and you can even get away with lower quality, such as link directory links and they will still rank well and get traffic. The reason is the lower level of competition in foreign languages.

    How Credits System Works For Expired Domain Finder :

    Many people have the confusion of how do we debit the credits. If I have to put in simple words, 1 Expired domain = 1 Credit.

    With the Maximum domain filter, you have the full control of how much your credits should be debited. If you’ve selected 100 in the dropdown menu of Maximum domains filter and if Xpired finds 100 expired domains.

    One hundred credits will be debited from your account. If Xpired was not able to find 100 expired domains and it just found 36 expired domains. It will only debit 36 Credits from your account.

    If a domain doesn’t have expired domains we will charge 1 credit as our tool crawled the whole website. That’s why I would highly recommend that you crawl authority domains only. If the project fails due to technical error, we instantly refund the credit.

    You can find all the credits debited from your account under the tool usage option. Tool usage allows you to see all the credits we’ve debited with Proper Data.

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    Expired Domains Can Earn Penalties For Spammy Backlinks

    One long term goal for businesses buying expired domains is to build a high level of domain authority. Domain authority is largely determined by link metrics, the collective term referring to the criteria for ranking search resultsA domain that already has plenty of inbound links from other sites is considered to have high domain authority, because every link is considered an endorsement from one website to another. The more quality endorsements, the more authoritative, relevant and trusted your website will become in the eyes of search engines, and the higher it will rank.Search engines like Google have advanced ways of determining the value of inbound links to your site, these include relevancy ranking factors: links that are determined to be relevant are those that pass between domains and content that cover similar topics. Lets use the previous example. If all the previous links to your new domain were previously in the context of purchasing jumping ropes, thats largely irrelevant to your waste removal business.Whats more, if a domain has been penalised in the past for spammy link-building practices, your new site might inherit that from the domain too.

    Check Your Expiration Status

    A Step
  • Go to your Services & subscriptions page.

  • If prompted, choose Sign in and enter the Microsoft account email and password associated with your Microsoft 365 subscription.

  • Review the details under the Services & Subscriptions heading.

  • If you see a circle arrow, then your subscription is set up for recurring billing, unless you turn recurring billing off or cancel it beforehand. The next charge info shows you when youll be charged next, and for how much.

  • If you see Expires on , then your subscription will expire on that date, unless you renew.

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    Why Do I Need To Know The Domain Expiration Date

    Think about it, if you do not know the expiration date of your domain name, all the time and effort youve put into developing your brand is now in jeopardy if you let the expiration lapse. While you are holding your domain right now, the ownership can just slip away easily if you do not take precautions. To avoid this issue happens, you need to constantly keep track of the expiration date.

    On the other hand, if you know of a dead site with a good domain name or if you just want to keep track of certain domains, you will want to know as soon as the expiration date comes up. This helps you to be the first to bid on it when it goes to auction.

    How To Check When A Domain Will Expire

    Knowing when your domain will expire is an essential step in renewing your web address and ensuring that you can maintain ownership of it.

    Even though many web address rental services send email reminders regarding your expiration date, if they have an outdated email address on file or you overlook the reminders, you could still lose access to your domain.

    Thankfully, you can find domain expiration dates through two easy methods: by contacting your rental company or by performing a Whois search.

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    Can I Still Get My Domain Name Back If It’s In The Redemption Grace Period

    Domain names that are in the 30-day Redemption Grace Period can be redeemed before the end of the Grace Period. If you tried to redeem your domain name that is in Redemption Grace Period, but were unable to do so, the registrar may be in breach of the Expired Registration Recovery Policy. Your registrar must provide three renewal notices and allow a domain in Redemption Grace Period to be redeemed .

    Find Expiring Or Expired Domains

    How To Find Expired Domains WITH TRAFFIC

    The first thing you need to do is locate domains that are expiring or have recently expired. There are a bunch of different ways you can do this.

    One thing you can do is check the WHOIS information for any domain youre interested in. This will tell you the registration date and the expiration date. However, it wont tell you if the owner is going to fail to renew, so the domain might not be available when the expiration date arrives. This is, of course, the least efficient and least valuable way of going about the process.

    Another option is to find sites with lists of upcoming domains that will soon hit auction. These lists are usually powered by the domain registrars themselves, who tend to create lists of upcoming domains for auction, to stir up interest. For example, this page shows you a list of different sites that list domains that are or will soon be available, including GoDaddy, SnapNames, Sedo, NameJet, and Flippa.

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    You can go to those sites individually any domain registrar, really and search manually for domains based on keywords or phrases you want to corner. This can be tedious, but it can also get you domains that havent yet made it onto lists, or that have less interest than you might otherwise see.

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