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How To Buy Domain Online

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Find A Custom Domain For Your Site

How to BUY & SELL Domain Names! | The Journey

Whether youre working on a blog, an online portfolio, or an online shop, Mailchimp offers custom domains that can make all the difference to your online presence. And theres no reason to stop there. Use Mailchimp to build your website and connect it to our all-in-one marketing platform to really make your offerings stand out from the rest.

Learn more about how to get a free domain name from Mailchimp and how our offer compares to the competition.

Bring your brand to life with your own website. Design from scratch, connect a domain, analyze traffic, and optimize for SEO.

Negotiate A Price That Works For Both Of You

When you get in contact, negotiate a fair price. Look up the domains history on the Wayback Machine and check out the domains Domain Authority to get a sense of its value. You can use tools such as Moz or Ahrefs to get this number.

Once you settle on a price, use Escrow to facilitate payment. Do not use your personal PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle account.

Get Started With Domains For Square Online

Note: Using a custom domain name requires an upgrade on your Square Online site.

Ready to set up your website with Square? Get started >

A domain, often known as a URL or site address, is what helps users find your website while browsing the internet. If you think of your website as a house, then a domain is the house’s address.

There are numerous ways you can use a domain for your website. If you don’t have a Square account, search for a domain to get started. If you already have a Square account and have Square Online set up, learn more details below.

With a domain, you can also set up an email address based on that domain. Learn more about for more information on setting up your own custom email address.

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How Will Having A Custom Email Address Benefit My Business

Having business email addresses with your domain name attached is important for building your brand. This will establish your identity with customers. The more you communicate with them using your custom email address, it strengthens their trust, and demonstrates your professionalism. Additionally, buying a domain and configuring custom email addresses also increases the reputation of your domain and reduces the risk of your emails getting marked as spam at the recipient’s end.

Select The Proper Extension Type

How to Buy a Domain Name Online Quickly &  Inexpensively

The .com extension is the most popular commercial extension for websites, but many domain names arent available with the .com extension, because theyve already been taken. Other extensions like .net can be good alternatives, but they often dont have the same level of credibility as .com. If you go that route, consider looking for an extension that is relevant to your business. For instance, if you run a yoga studio you might want to use a .yoga extension, or those who offer private tennis lessons may use .tennis.

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A Summary Of The Most Important Tips For Buying A Domain

Your web address should be considered the flagship of your website or online store. So, when looking for a good combination of top- and second-level domain, its best to leave yourself enough time to find a satisfactory solution. Below, weve summarized some tips that will help you to make this process as successful as possible.

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How To Choose A Registrar

When you find your perfect .CA domain name, you will need to choose a certified .CA registrar to purchase it from. Here are some things to consider for evaluating which company will best meet your needs.

Prices and promotions

Compare prices to determine how much your domain name will cost and what is included in your purchase. Find out if they bill monthly or annually, and in Canadian dollars. Cheapest isnt always best – you are investing in an important part of your business.

Customer service

If you’re new to this whole website thing, chances are you’ll have a few questions and run into a few issues along the way. See if your registrar offers 24/7 support, live chat, and other helpful services.

Additional services

You may need email, hosting, and/or e-commerce to make use of your domain name. You can mix and match services with different companies or keep things simple and use a one-stop shop. See what registrars have deals with web builders, such as a free one-page website or a free trial.


Contact your favourite tech-savvy friend and see which companies they think highly of. If you don’t have any friends, seek out customer reviews and testimonials online.

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How To Register A Domain Name With Godaddy

With over 20 million customers, GoDaddy is both a domain registrar and web hosting powerhouse. It has a wide array of domain extensions ranging from .com and .org to newer selections like .fun or .law. The company plans to add even more TLDs to its collection in the future.

To buy a domain on GoDaddy, start with a domain name search on their homepage . The system will reveal whether the name is available for purchase using your desired extension.

If the .com version is taken, GoDaddy offers a domain broker service, where a representative will negotiate with the owner to purchase the name for you. You will pay $119.99 and a 20% commission to hire the agent in addition to the domain registration fee.

Click Add to Cart on a domain name and continue to checkout. On the next page, GoDaddy will offer several add-ons to bundle the order with.

GoDaddy has two privacy and protection options Full and Ultimate . The first protects the domain from hijacking, malicious transfer, and loss of ownership due to billing failures.

On the other hand, the second offers malware detection and search engine blacklist monitoring features to uphold your domain security and reputation.

Additionally, GoDaddy offers a custom business email plan with the domain. The pricing ranges between $1.99/month and $8.99/month.

The next step is to create a GoDaddy account and fill in the billing information. There are three payment methods available credit card, PayPal, and check.

How To Buy A Domain For Office 365 Operated By 21vianet

How to Buy a Domain Name | Domain Name Registration for Small Business [2021]

If you don’t already have your own domain, you can easily buy one online at a domain name registrar, domain reseller, or even at your current Internet provider. You get a domain name when you sign up for Office 365 operated by 21Vianet, for example, But you may want to use a custom domain name, like

To set up a domain in Microsoft 365, you must own a domain and change some of the DNS records for your domain.


Some domain registrars or DNS hosting providers do not allow creating all the DNS records required by Microsoft 365. The following list of hosting providers supports all the needed records. If you’re thinking of using a different hosting provider, Service limitations when your hosting provider does not support SRV, CNAME, TXT, or redirection.

After you register your domain , you sign in to Microsoft 365 as an admin. Then, set up your domain so you can use it with your email address and other services.


The SharePoint Online Public Website information in this article only applies if your organization purchased Microsoft 365 prior to March 9, 2015.

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Best Place Where To Buy Domain Names Conclusion

Once youve decided which service to use for registering your domain, all thats left is to pick the perfect name and make a purchase. Depending on the service you use, it shouldnt take more than half an hour to get everything set up, which includes filling out forms and paying for your domains registration.

For your convenience, we offer domain registration services right here at A2 Hosting. If you register your domain through us, you can manage both it and your hosting from a single panel. Of course, its important to do your research first. Lets recap what you should look for in a quality domain registrar:

  • A broad selection of TLDs.
  • An easy-to-use interface.
  • Have Your Domain Good Heres Whats Next

    With your domain name registered, the next natural step to take is getting a good hosting setup, so that your future website is off to a great start.

    Lastly, if your ultimate goal is to start a blog, read this guide of ours. It covers all the steps to building a successful blog from 0 experience to 150,000+ readers every month.

    I hope this guide on how to buy a domain that is taken has been helpful.

    If any of the steps described above arent clear, feel free to ask away in the comments.

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    Some Tips On Getting A Great Domain Name

    After selling over a million domains, we’ve learned a few things…

    Use our Domains Search Tool

    Get domain availabilities, prices, and even suggestions by using our Domains Search Tool.

    Keep it Concise

    The maximum length of a domain name is 253 charactersâ¦the sites most of us visit are way less. Keep it simple to stay memorable.

    Reserve Your Name

    Personal domain names are a good +1 to your owned domains. Use your own name as a property to forward visitors to sites you want associated with yourself.

    Transfer Your Domain To A Different Domain Registrar

    How To Buy a Domain name  Step By Step

    If your domain is managed by a provider that doesn’t support all the necessary DNS records, you can transfer it to a different registrar. When you transfer the domain, you change who you send payments to in order to renew and keep your domain name.

    Request the transfer at the registrar that you want to move your domain to. Look on their website for an option such as Transfer DNS. After they make the changes, it can take a few days to update across the Internet.

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    How To Register A Domain Name With Namecheap

    As the name suggests, this Namecheap offers great value for money. Its .com domains start from $8.88/year, which is a low price compared to the rest of the market.

    To buy a domain name on Namecheap, head over to the homepage and insert a name on the search field. Alternatively, head to the Bulk Domain Name Search tool and enter up to 5,000 keywords and find multiple domains at once.

    The site will redirect you to the search results page. Feel free to sort the available domains by cost, extension, or alphabetical order. Click Add to Cart on the name you want to register and the Checkout button on the bottom-right corner to continue with the payment process.

    The page will preview the order and suggest several add-ons to add to the cart, including PremiumDNS for a performance and security boost. This domain registrar also provides a free privacy and protection feature.

    Confirm the order to move on to the next step creating a Namecheap account. Insert your contact information, including your name, phone number, email, and physical address. Enter a company name and tick the Im registering on behalf of a company box if applicable.

    Press Continue to go to the Setup page. Here, specify the contact information for the domains registrant, administrator, technical support, and billings. If youre responsible for all these things, select User default account contact. Otherwise, choose to Add new contact where appropriate.

    Get A Ton More Out Of Your Domain

    Domain locking

    Prevent unauthorized transfers of your domain names, & retain control to unlock domains if you so please.


    If you forget to renew your domain, you could lose it . That’s why we set up auto renew, so you don’t gotta worry.

    Easy management

    Our control panel is designed for ease of use. Manage your online awesomeness from one single dashboard.

    Privacy protection

    For a small fee, you can protect your personal information from being publicly available on the WHOIS database.

    DNS management

    Route your DNS to us, another host, dedicated IPs, the moon â wherever you’d like .

    Email forwarding

    If you’d like, automatically forward any of your domain’s email addresses to any other valid email address.

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    I Have A Domain Name With A Different Registrar Can I Transfer It To Domaincom

    Yes. You can transfer either the domain registration or simply update the DNS at your current registrar to point to your hosting account, or both. We would recommend both hosting and maintaining the domain registration with us in order to ensure the optimum support experience.Learn more about transferring your domain to, or start your transfer now.

    How Do I Transfer Domains To Godaddy

    Where and How To Buy A Domain Name? | Using NameCheap

    Transferring domains to GoDaddy is simple.

  • Unlock the domain name youd like to transfer with your current registrar.
  • Get an authorization from your current registrar. This isnt necessary in all cases, such as when transferring country-code domain . If the authorization code isn’t shown in your account manager, ask your current registrar to email them to you.
  • Verify contact information on your domain name. The administrator’s contact information may be used by your current registrar during the transfer process.
  • You can transfer up to 500 of your domains to GoDaddy at once in our bulk domain transfer tool. If the extension youd like to transfer isnt listed, you cant transfer that domain name to us.

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    The Total Package For Starting Your Website

    A trusted source

    Since 2000, we’ve been focused on helping customers find the best domain name as the building block of their online presence.

    Everything is covered

    A domain name is just the beginning. We’ll help you host, design, and manage your site. We’ll even build it for you, if you’d like.

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    Who Can Register A Domain Name

    Anyone… but some extensions have registration rules or restrictions. For example, you can only register a if you are a limited company and the domain is an exact match to your company name. Most extensions like .com, and many more, are open for everyone to register. If you’re uncertain about the rules, you can check the information icon next to each extension in our search results.

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    How Do You Buy A Domain Name A Guide

    Having your own website as a digital business card or point of contact for customers is almost indispensable in todays connected world. Social media channels also offer an excellent platform for presenting yourself online but are automatically tied to the respective third-party providers and their specifications. Your own website gives you much more freedom in terms of design. However, for users to find and visit your web project, you definitely need a catchy web address, also known as a domain, that fits your service, your style, your company, or your products.

    A good website naturally comes at a price. Read up on it in our Digital Guide and find out what your options are for making your project a reality, and how much setting up a website costs!

    How do you buy a domain or how do you register and purchase a domain if the domain ending you have your eye on is currently not available? These and more questions on the topic of buying a domain are explained step by step below, using IONOS as our example.


    Build your brand on a great domain, including SSL and a personal consultant!

    Private registration

    Tips When Registering A Domain Name

    How to Buy a Domain Name and Hosting Plan for your WordPress Website ...

    Obtaining the right domain name from the start is important, especially if youre creating a business or personal brand website. Changing domains is not only expensive but also potentially damages search engine rankings and conversion rates.

    With this in mind, here are some things to consider when buying a domain name:

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    Cost To Register A Domain Name

    According to HostGator, domain name cost ranges from free to tens of thousands of dollars, with the average domain name settling around $10-$12 annually. These factors will affect what you’d pay for a specific domain:

    • The demand for the particular name you choose
    • The TLD domain extension
    • The domain registrar you’re purchasing from
    • Whether the domain has already been purchased by someone else
    • Whether you commit to an annual payment or another payment schedule
    • Add-ons such as privacy

    Whether you choose a free or paid domain will depend on your budget and your website’s purpose. For example, you might need a basic website or something simple and temporary. In that case, a free domain name might be a good option.

    However, paid domain names look more professional and are more likely to grow with your brand. You should ultimately decide what will work best for your business and goals.

    Pro Tip: You can get free hosting and link your custom domain to your site for free when you build it with HubSpot CMS.

    Verifying Ownership Of Your New Domain

    According to an ICANN regulation, domain providers are obliged to check the contact data of domain buyers for authenticity as of September 1, 2014. This applies to both the new and the classic, generic top-level domains. Therefore, following the purchase of a new web address, providers will send an email to the contact address you provided during registration.

    When youre switching domain providers your provider must also verify the authenticity of the contact details via email.

    The key part of this email is a verification link, which you can use to confirm your ownership within 15 days. Usually, the provider sends a reminder email after one week if you have not verified yourself by then. If the 15-day period is exceeded, the provider will deactivate the domain. By providing new contact information, the verification process can be re-initiated at a later stage. However, ICANN reserves the right to release web addresses again if confirmation is not received for a longer period.

    3 ways to be present and grow online

    Get found with your own domain. Build trust with your own email address. Reach visitors with your own website.

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