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How To Create Email With Own Domain In Gmail

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Set Up A New Email Address In Bluehost

Create your own email with GMAIL + ANY DOMAIN NAME

These instructions will work for any web hosting service that uses the cPanel control panel.

1. Log into your Bluehost web hosting account. If you have a WordPress account, dont go into the WordPress administration.

2. Select Advanced in the left-hand menu to get to the cPanel control panel and scroll down to the Email section.

3. Click on Email Accounts. This will open the Email Account Management screen.

4. Click on the blue Create button. This will open the email setup screen. Give the account a name, create a password, and then press the Create button.

5. Back in the Email Account Manager screen, you will see your new email account listed. Click on Connect Devices on that line.

6. In the Set Up Mail Client screen, scroll down to the Mail Client Manual Settings. Record the information is the SSL/TLS box for use in Gmail.

Select A Basic Or Business Account

Unless you know that you need unlimited storage, I recommend starting out with the Basic G Suite account. It costs $5 per month and includes 30 GB of cloud storage, compared to $10 per month for the Business account. You can always upgrade later if you find that you need the additional cloud storage or other features that are included in the Business edition.

Both options include a 14-day free trial.

How To Connect Domain Email To Gmail Account

When we start a website, whether it is a personal website or business website, we do also add a custom email address for that domain. Using Gmail accounts for the domain is not considered as a good practice in case we are running a business . However, we check our Gmail accounts on a daily basis as this is our basic mail account. Handling multiple mails is such a very hard task for a person, so why not merge them all? In this article, I will explain How to connect domain mails to Gmail. A complete process telling how to connect a custom email or domain email address to the Gmail account.

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Create A Free Gmail Account

Once youve signed up for your own domain name and web hosting, youll need to create a free Gmail account if you dont currently have one.

While Google requires you to provide your First and Last Name, many people choose to enter their business name for these fields. In the example below, instead of using my name, I could have simply entered Visual Oak.

In addition to your name, youll need to select a Username and Password. Your Username will also be your Google-branded email address, so spend some time selecting the one that closest resembles your business name.

Unfortunately, since Gmail is so popular, your first choice may not be available. In that situation, you may want to consider adding something related to the city or state you operate in after your first choice. For example, if wasnt available, I could try , which includes the zip code of my neighborhood.

Once youve created your Google Account, its time to log in to Gmail for the first time and configure it to use your own domain name!

How To Create A Custom Email Address Using Your Own Domain Name

How To Create Your Own Email Domain Free Zoho

If you dont have a webhost yet, then we recommend Bluehost,DreamHost or GreenGeeks. All are great choices and all offer a free domain along with their secure and affordable web hosting services. If you have more specific needs, then take a look at out full list of best web hosts here.

One benefit of purchasing a domain name and web hosting from the same provider is that you wont have to configure nameservers or adjust your DNS settings. These settings are configured for you.

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Test Your New Professional Email With Gmail

Now that you are done creating and pairing your new professional email address, it’s time to test it before putting it to work.

Use any other email account that you might have and send yourself a test email to your new professional email address. Make sure to send an email reply from your new email account as well to make sure it’s able to both receive AND send emails.

Now that you have tested your new professional email account, I hope everything checks out. You can now use your professional email address to send and receive professional emails for your business.

Adding Your Domain Email Account To You

  • Click on the gear icon in the top right, then click See all settings
  • Click on Accounts and Import
  • Scroll down to Check mail from other accounts and click Add a mail account
  • Enter your domain email address and click Next
  • Select Import emails from my other account and click Next
  • Enter your Username and Password. Enter your POP server and Port, select Label incoming messages, and click Add Account.
  • Select and click Next
  • Enter the name you want people to see when they receive an email from your domain email address, select Treat as an alias, and click Next Step.
  • Enter your SMTP Server, Port, Username, and Password again. Select Secured connection using TLS and click Add Account.
  • In a separate window/tab on your browser, check your main contact email for a Gmail Confirmation code. It may take a few minutes to arrive. Copy/paste that code and click Verify.
  • Everything should be working now. You can change which address you are sending from when sending an email by clicking on the dropdown menu next to From in the Compose new message window.
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    An Email Address That Reflects Your Personality And Respects Your Privacy

    Creating an email address with your own domain name has a number of advantages.

    When you take control of your own domain and mail hosting, you are no longer dependent on a free email service that makes you the product . You keep total control over your data, no company or marketing firm has access to your emails, and you avoid any unwanted service restrictions or interruptions.

    Your email address is fully customisable, making it the perfect way of showing your professional approach to your business or creating a unique private address. You can choose the ideal address format for you. Options include:

    You have almost total freedom to create your perfect email address. Infomaniak offers more than 500 other extensions at highly competitive prices, including all the main extensions at the best prices anywhere on the market.

    Enter The Domain Details

    How to create an email address using Gmail and your own Domain
  • On, go to Account Settings, then click Manage in the Custom Email Domain section.

    If youve already added at least one domain, scroll down, then click the button to add a new domain.

  • Indicate who will use the domain. Choose one of the following:

  • Only You: Choose this option if you dont have Family Sharing set up, or if youre part of a Family Sharing group but dont want to share the domain with the group.

  • You and Your Family: Choose this option if you want to share the domain with members of your Family Sharing group. During setup, you can configure email addresses for each member of your Family Sharing group.

  • Enter the domain name, then click Continue.

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    Setup Your New Email As An Alias In Gmail

    Congratulations, youre now receiving all of your emails in Gmail for free. The final step is to create an alias so that you can alsoSENDall of your emails using Gmail for free.

    To set up an alias in Gmail, log in to your free Gmail account created in step 1 and click the settings icon. Then clickSettings.

    tab and scroll down until you seeSend mail as:Add another email addresslink.

    Enter the name youd like to use for the email address. Then enter the custom email address you created in Bluehost as the email address. Make sure theTreat as an alias

  • On the next page, usemail.yourdomain.comas the SMTP Server.
  • Leave the Port as the default.
  • Set the Username to be the same as the custom email address you created in Bluehost.
  • The password will be the password you created in Bluehost for that email address.
  • If all went well, Gmail should send a confirmation email with your confirmation code. Simply enter the confirmation code and clickVerify.

    Finally, go back to theSettings -> Accounts and Importsection and set your new email address as the default address to send mail as.

    Once you click that button,youre done!!!Youre now sending and receiving emails in Gmail using your custom domain for free!Amazing!

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    Confirm That Everything Is Working Properly

    The last step is simply verifying that Gmail is now properly routing email in and out via your domain email address.

  • In Gmail, select Compose near the top left. In the From: drop-down menu, select your new email address. Then write an email and send it to yourself. All new email received via this new email address should be marked accordingly in your Gmail inbox.
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    How To Use Gmail With Your Custom Domain

    • User

    If youd rather not shell out the cash, theres good news: you can create your own custom email domain,withoutsacrificing the convenience of Gmail. And yes, you can do it 100% free using our workaround.

    However, just because somethings free, doesnt automatically make it better in all situations. Indeed, our clever hack has limitationswhich G Suite handles with ease. Before diving in, lets take a look at why G Suite is the industry standard so we can compare whether its worth it to use our workaround.

    Sign Up For Google Workspace

    Set Up Gmail For Your Own Domain

    While the first option will save you some money, I do recommend just signing up for instead. Its much simpler and more reliable than option 1. In addition to a custom email address with Gmail that matches your websites domain name, youll have tons of extra features that make it easier to collaborate, store documents, share files, and even add or remove user accounts for other people on your team that use your domain name in their email addresses:

    • During the contract, I could make files & events shareable with all TDN employees to easily collaborate
    • Finally, when the contract ended, I could freeze their accounts with 1 click so my business info is safe!

    All of those benefits were possible because I had Google Workspace. They actually offer a 14-day free trial so you get a better sense of what its like to use all their features. In addition, they provide promo codes that help save 10% off for the year.

    This promotion is only available for the Business Starter and Business Standard packages. There are a few differences between these 2 plans the standard plan comes with much more storage space and lets you record video meetings. But in general, the standard plan is only worth the extra money if you have a lot of files that you need to store or if you work as part of a team that does a lot of collaborative work remotely, otherwise, Id go with the basic package.

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    Configuring Gmail To Send Emails As A Custom Domain

  • Enter your name and email address and leave the Treat as an alias box checked. This way, you can manage incoming and outgoing messages from the same inbox as your current Gmail address. Click Next.
  • Set the as the SMTP server and 465 as the port. Use TLS to secure the connection.
  • Go to your inbox and open the verification email. Use the link or code to confirm your request.
  • Once youre done, you can now use Gmail to send messages as your custom domain address.
  • We Detail Step By Step How To Improve The Professionalism Of Your Business By Creating An Email Address That Uses Your Own Domain Name And Is Setup Through Crazy Domain Gmail And Google Workspace

    A business email address using your own domain name is a necessity in today’s technological age, as a way to show your customers that you are both professional and trustworthy.

    We’ve developed this guide to help businesses in Hobart and Tasmania detailing how to use Crazy Domains and to create your own business email address.

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    Using Your Custom Domain In Gmail

    Now that youve set up your email address, its time to connect it with your Gmail account. First, open Gmail in your browser and log in.

    To set up Gmail with your custom domain, click on the cog symbol to open your Gmail settings. Then click on See all settings. Once youre there, click on Accounts and Import.

    Under Accounts and Import, go to the item Send mail as and then click Add another email address. A new window will open in your browser, where you can set up the email address with your custom domain in Gmail.

    In the new window, youll complete three more steps:

  • Enter the new email address. Under Name, choose the name that you want to be displayed with the email address in recipients inboxes.
  • Youll find everything you need to know about the SMTP server in your IONOS account. Note that you need to enter the entire email address under Username. For Password enter the password that was listed when you set up your email address with IONOS.
  • After you click on Add Account, youll be asked to verify the email address. Open up your inbox in the IONOS webmail client or another program and click on the link in the confirmation email. Alternatively, you can manually enter the code into the Gmail window. After that, youre done!
  • To use your new address when writing an email in Gmail, simply click on From and select it from the drop-down menu.

    If you dont want to use Gmail, you can choose from one of the many Gmail alternatives or delete your Gmail account.

    Next Create An Email Subdomain

    How to Use Gmail (FREE) for Your Custom Domain Email Address

    Now that you have a custom domain and email of your own, you should consider setting up an email subdomain as well. An email subdomain helps you maintain your root domains email reputation and avoid problems like WordPress emails going to spam.

    For more information about the causes of email issues, you can check out our detailed article on email deliverability.

    Ready to fix your emails? Get started today with the best WordPress SMTP plugin. WP Mail SMTP Elite includes full White Glove Setup and offers a 14-day money-back guarantee.

    If this article helped you out, please follow us on and for more WordPress tips and tutorials.

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