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Can You Use Godaddy Domain With Shopify

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How to Connect Your Existing GoDaddy Domain to Shopify Automatically – E-commerce Tutorials

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A Community Of Millions

With Shopify store owners dotted around the globe, youll always have an experienced community to lean on, learn from, and converse with. From information about partners to details about integrations and coding, the Shopify community is the place to ask questions and get guidance to succeed on Shopify.

Godaddys Prices Are Cheaper But There Are Some Hidden Costs

To handle customer transactions, you will need GoDaddys Ecommerce plan. Ecommerce is GoDaddys pricier plan, but it is still cheaper than Shopifys Basic plan.

The bad news is that you cant rely solely on the listed prices.

Warning: make sure to take into account any extra costs that might come up

Let me explain. GoDaddys Ecommerce plan goes for $14.99. However, this price is only applicable for the first year. After you renew, you will be charged the full monthly price.

Save up to 30 % on ANY GoDaddy Website Builder plan!

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The full price isnt terrible, though. But making an informed decision is crucial if you dont have millions to spend , so I dont love that the added price isnt completely clear from the beginning.

GoDaddys Ecommerce plan has as many functionalities as Shopifys basicplan, priced at $79.00 per month.

Shopify is now only $29.00 per month!

Sign up for an annual plan and enjoy the savings.

GoDaddy is the cheaper option at the end of the day. I just wish they were a little more upfront about the cost of the service.


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Alternatives To Godaddy And Shopify

GoDaddy and Shopify arent the only ecommerce platforms available there are lots of other ecommerce solutions and website builders to consider!

A key alternative to GoDaddy and Shopify is BigCommerce like Shopify, its a dedicated ecommerce platform, rather than a more general website builder, and accordingly it has a much larger set of ecommerce features than GoDaddy. And, arguably, it boasts more out of the box selling features than Shopify too.

Read our BigCommerce vs Shopify comparison or our BigCommerce review to find out more about this platform.

Buying A Shopify Domain

Should I Buy A Domain Through Shopify Or Godaddy (Pros/Cons)?

Most store owners choose to have a custom domain name for their websites. To buy domain through Shopify costs $11 per year. Once you have paid for your domain, it will be set up for you, and it will always belong to you even if you no longer run your store. But keep in mind that you wont get the Shopify domain email address.

If you want to buy a domain via Shopify, you can follow these steps.

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Template Design And Customization Capability

Consumers are increasingly preferring to shop from their mobile phones, with 45% of shoppers completely shifting to m-commerce since March 2020. Both Shopify and Wix provide mobile-responsive templates, which means whichever platform you choose, should guarantee a great shopping experience across all devices.

Shopify comes with thousands of free and premium, paid themes in different design styles, for different industries. Each one of them is easily customizable, based on the version you choose to install paid ones, obviously offering more customizations. Paid themes begin as low as $19 and can go upwards based on what youre looking for.

On the other hand, Wix has over 800 templates, among which only 114 are e-commerce specific templates. While these templates are free to use, they dont offer much customization abilities.

As a plus, Shopify also gives you the freedom to play around with your sites code and change whatever you want in the theme file as well. This flexibility attracts many medium and large business owners looking to adapt to new design trends.

Verdict: Wix might offer free templates, but the options are very limited for eCommerce businesses and the flexibility of customization is much lower. Shopify is a better choice here.

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Shopify Vs Godaddy: The Verdict

Ultimately in a Shopify vs GoDaddy shootout, Shopify is the more powerful of the two platforms. Its much wider range of selling tools lets you create a more sophisticated, bespoke online store and its multilingual and multicurrency features give you the scope to scale your ecommerce business internationally in ways that are not possible with GoDaddy. Whereas GoDaddy is geared mainly towards solopreneurs and small business owners, Shopify caters for a much wider range of business types.

If youre an absolute e-commerce beginner that only needs to sell online in one currency and language, there is nonetheless an argument for choosing GoDaddy: its user-friendliness, all-in-one nature and its cheaper pricing may appeal. But for professional merchants, or those with ambitions to grow a significant online business, Shopify is the better option.

Ill sum up with some key pros and cons of both platforms and the reasons why you might choose Shopify or GoDaddy as the solution for your ecommerce project.

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Payment Gateways And Transaction Fees

To process payments on an online store, you need a payment gateway. This is the software that verifies credit card details and takes payment using them.

Both GoDaddy and Shopify offer their own, buil-tin payment gateways: GoDaddy Payments and Shopify Payments respectively.

GoDaddy Payments charges a credit card processing fee of 2.3% + 30c per transaction Shopify Payments fees vary by plan and by country .

However, Shopify Payments is available in considerably more countriesthan GoDaddy Payments the latter is limited to use in the USA for now.

The alternative to using the built-in payment processing options in GoDaddy and Shopify is to make use of an external payment gateway. As with the built-in options, external payment gateways charge a percentage fee of every transaction made through your online store .

Now, GoDaddy only offers integration with three external payment gateways Paypal, Stripe, and Square.

Shopify works with many more, however over 100.

The key thing to watch out for here is the fact that youll pay anadditional fee to Shopify for every transaction processed by a third-party payment gateway this ranges from 0.5% to 2.0%, depending on your plan.

The takeaway here is that Shopify offers much more flexibility around payment gateways but that this comes at a price.

Examples Of Godaddy Dropshipping Websites

Shopify Godaddy Domain Setup – Connect Your Godaddy Domain To Shopify In Minutes

You might be wondering what kind of web design is possible with GoDaddy ecommerce. GoDaddy provides 24 pre-built templates for online stores to make it easy and quick to get started. If you are unsure which template is right for you, you can choose from other templates. Then, add your store to your website. This gives you lots of design options.

Lets have a look at some GoDaddys ecommerce templates and see how they look.

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Cons Of Using Godaddy:

  • Website builder tools are limited and not as user-friendly as other platforms such as Wix or WordPress
  • eCommerce solutions are not as comprehensive as Shopify or other platforms
  • Customer support can be slow to respond at times
  • Expensive domain registration renewals that cost $19.17 for a .com and $21.17 for other top-level domains such as .org, which is significantly more expensive than competing web hosting platforms

How To Switch From Squarespace To Shopify The Ultimate Guide

If you wish to migrate your web store from Squarespace to Shopify, here is the guide that can help you with that.

  • Sign up for Shopify and explore the general settings of the platform.
  • Import your Squarespace web store data to Shopify. There are two major ways you can go here. The first option is to use one of specialized store migration apps that are specially created with this purpose in mind. Actually, there are several of them out there, but the most popular and easy-to-use services are Cart2Cart, Bulk Discounts, Product Reviews etc. Another option is to transfer your web store data manually by exporting the products into CSV files and then importing them and customer lists in your new Shopify website.
  • Make sure your products are organized properly. This is especially important if you have used a migration app. If needed, add and update product details . Create a product collection youd like to organize, if there is such a necessity.
  • If you wish to avoid problems associated with your inventory list, browse and select inventory apps to track the product stock and check, if you dont run out of items you sell.
  • Customize your Shopify website. Having finished uploading products, focus on your web store customization. Shopify abounds in stunning designs. What you need to do is just to select the one from an extensive collection of themes, preview, install and customize it.
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    You Can Create More Than Just A Store With Godaddy

    GoDaddy is the winner if you want to create a website thats more than just a store. With GoDaddy, you can make a website thats oozing with personality. The website builder gives you every tool you need to create a business with a unique identity.

    Shopify is an amazing service to create and manage a digital storefront. Shopify is the perfect service if you want a store that does just one thing and does it well. Its also the right choice if youre thinking of managing large inventories or if you rely heavily on in-person sales.

    If youre still unsure, heres a quick summary of how the two services stack up against each other:


    Transferring Your Domain From Shopify

    Can You Connect Godaddy Domain To Shopify

    In order to offer domain name registration services Shopify uses a company called Open SRS.

    If you have a login for Open SRS then you can just login to that account and make the DNS changes to your domain name to point it to ShopWired by following the instructions here.

    Unfortunately Shopify doesn’t, as standard, issue Open SRS login details when you register your domain name so you probably won’t have these login details . You can contact Shopify support and ask for them, but they may take a while to respond to you.

    An alternative is to transfer the domain name from your Shopify account to an external domain name registrar .

    To do so, you’ll need to open a free account with a domain provider, we recommend doing this with

    Once you’ve opened your account you can then begin the domain name transfer.

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    Shopify Vs Godaddy Ease Of Use: Verdict

    GoDaddy uses ADI to create your online store in a matter of minutes, and represents the quickest and easiest way to get your ecommerce store up and running. While Shopify offers intuitive drag-and-drop design, it cannot match GoDaddys overall ease of use.

    Do You Want to Save Time and Effort?

    Shopify has over 60 themes to choose from, all of which are created by independent designers. Costing between $100 and $180, the paid themes are relatively expensive, but there are also 9 free options if youre strapped for cash.

    In terms of functionality, Shopifys themes incorporate a product zoom feature, which provides visitors with a more exciting purchasing journey. They also contain a shopping cart icon in the top right corner Shopifys templates have all been designed with the user in mind.

    GoDaddys ADI has the ability to create over 1,500 different types of industry-specific websites. For each industry that it caters for, there are approximately 19 theme variations, but keep in mind that you dont have much creative freedom at all once your site is generated.

    We have to admit that GoDaddys templates are rather simple. While this does let your products do the talking, you might want to look elsewhere for flashy website templates wed recommend Squarespace as your first port of call.

    Go To Godaddy And Create An Account

    To start a Dropshipping site with GoDaddy, the first step is to create an Account. The process is easy and free. It takes less than five minutes. Visit GoDaddy, click on Websites + Marketing in the top navigation bar, then click the Start for Free button in the middle of the page.

    You will be asked for basic information to start, but no credit card is required. Once you have seen the tools and gotten to know GoDaddy, you wont be obligated to any of its services.

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    Choose An Online Store Template

    Now its time for you to select the template that best suits your business after you have completed your registration. GoDaddy has many templates that can be used for various types of websites. The templates in the online shop category are most useful for dropshipping entrepreneurs. You can hover over any template in the Retail & Online Store Templates section to see a sample site. To build your store, choose one.

    How To Transfer Domain To Shopify In 3 Steps

    How To Connect A Godaddy Domain To Shopify Manually (Works In 2021) – Edit Cname And A Record

    Jan 24, 2021 Step 1: Add an existing domain to your Shopify store · From the Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Domains · Click Connect existing domain.

    Apr 13, 2020 Set up your domain automatically with GoDaddy Connecting your third-party domain to Shopify shows your domain name at your Shopify store.

    Compare shopify vs volusion ecommerce/website builders.

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    Install The Cart2cart Migration App

    The easiest way to move your data and content from Big Cartel to Shopify is with the Cart2Cart migration app, provided in the Shopify App Store. This app has a free demo migration, but for the real migration rates start at $69 per migration.

    The Cart2Cart app moves the following Big Cartel items to your Shopify store:

    • Products and product images.
    • Your customer data and the customer shipping information.
    • You orders, manufacturers and order products.

    Select the Get button on the Cart2Cart app page.

    This returns you to the Shopify dashboard, in which you can click on the button that says Install Cart2Cart: Shopify Migration Module.

    Specify that youre a New Cart2Cart User, and fill in your information like full name, email and desired password. Click on the Register button once done.

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