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Does Wix Offer Domain Names

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Can I Cancel Wix If I Decide To Use A Different Platform

How to Change Domain Name in Wix (Free Wix URL)

Yes, while you save more with Wix by signing up for a yearly plan and paying up front, you can cancel your Wix account at any time if you want.

In fact, cancelling a Wix premium plan can easily be done from within your account under Billing & Payment. Just click the Cancel payments link next to Next payment. Thats all there is to it.

Squarespace Vs Wix Vs Godaddy

Youre probably wondering which of these companies are the best. I admit, most of them offer similar services and features. In my opinion, the winner out of these three is Wix. Not only do they offer cheap website plans, but their website builder is flexible, and their customer support service is great.

Ensuring Compliance With Canadas Anti

Canadian legislation is tough on spam.

Wix ensures that any automated emails a business may send have an unsubscribe prompt at the bottom of the message to allow users to remove themselves from mailing lists.

However, its a business owners responsibility to make sure that they are compliant with Canadian anti-spam legislation, and this means if you add a subscribe checkbox above the payment button at checkout, this box cannot be automatically checked.

Wix allows Canadian businesses to add this subscribe feature and also gives them the flexibility to have the button unselected as a default.

The checkbox is easily found and adjusted on the Store Settings page of the websites dashboard.

Wix makes it easy for Canadian eCommerce businesses to reach their clients online.

With easy to use drag and drop functionality and a wide variety of templates to choose from, Wix is extremely flexible even for a novice.

And, with many integrations and customizations, its even easier for Canadian business owners to cater to and interact with their Canadian clientele.

To learn more about Wix and create your own eCommerce store, visit their site!

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Wix Pricing Comparison: Monthly Vs Annual Plans

Wix, as with most website builders, gives you a choice of whether to pay for the service on a monthly or annual basis.

If you choose to pay on an annual basis, you’ll get a much better deal. Not only will the relative monthly cost of your package be lower, but you’ll also receive a free domain.

Here’s how your savings will stack up if you choose to pay for your Wix subscription monthly or yearly.

$56 per month

Of course, with an annual package, what you gain in value you lose in flexibility. By paying monthly, you’ll be able to move your hosting provider, or even move your site’s content onto another website builder at the drop of a hat without losing any money.

However, if you’re looking to run a big online store, you’ll want some stability so you’re better off going for an annually paid plan.

You can save a small fortune by paying for Wix annually so get started today

Promotions: How Often Does Wix Offer 50% Off

Does Wix Offer Domain Privacy

Wix offers 50% off as often as every two weeks.

For example, I signed up to Wix and was served a Limited Time Offer that expired on February 3:

This offer expired on February 3rd.

Another 50% off Limited Time Offer was back by February 17!

The next time I logged in was May 12 and there was yet another Limited Time Offer! So dont stress too much about hitting the Limited Time Offer window.

The offer was back again when I logged in in May.

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The Wix Domain Registration Process Step By Step

  • First, log in to your Wix account.

  • Go to the domains page.

  • Type in the name of your domain. On the bottom left of the page, click DNS next to where it says Connection Method and select Pointing.

  • Select the site you want to connect your .CA domain to and then click Next.

  • Now, youll have to update your domains DNS or name server settings so they connect to your Wix website.

  • Log in to your domain registrar account and go to your DNS or name server settings.

  • Replace your current name servers with the following:

  • Note: If youre not comfortable with making the DNS changes manually, contact your domain registrars support department, tell them you wish to use your domain with a Wix site and request that they point your domains name servers to the DNS addresses listed above.

  • Once youve updated your DNS or name server settings, head back over to your Wix account, go to the Domains page and click Verify Connection. This step is optional, but it checks that youve made the correct updates to your domains name servers.

    In some cases, it may take up to 48 hours for your domain to appear linked to your Wix website. If all else fails, Wix offers a comprehensive support article on mapping your custom domain.

    Always keep in mind that the company you choose as your domain registrar is where you manage your domain .

  • Consider sending Wix a polite , , or vote for this feature! We even made a nice graphic that you can send them.

    How Do Domains Work

    The internet is a massive worldwide network of computers connected to each other through a global submarine grid of cables. Each of these computers, regardless of whether they operate as personal devices or servers, is identified by an IP address that allows them to communicate with each other in order to send, find and retrieve web data.

    As we saw in the previous section, domain names are simply user-friendly versions of these IP addresses, connected to specific websites. In order for computers to be able to find the right web pages, however, the seemingly-random word strings have to be converted back to numbers. This is where the domain name system comes in.

    Also known simply as DNS, the domain name system translates any domain name entered in a browser into a computer-readable IP. The system is overseen by ICANN, and is commonly compared to old-school phone books where you would search for anyones name in order to find their number. If youre too young to understand that reference, think of it as a smartphone contact list that contains numbers youve never interacted with.

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    Wix Domains: The Conclusion

    There are both pros and cons on both platforms when it comes to registering the Wix domains.

    First, if you choose registration through Wix, everything happens smoothly, and you dont have to jump into another service to finish this process. Then again, youll have to pay more for your domain name.

    However, if you choose an external registrar like NameCheap, the price for domain registration costs much less.

    The downside of this is that you have to register a user account on a completely different service, thus you have to know a bit of technical stuff in order to connect your newly-registered domain name to your Wix website.

    It is naturally up to you to decide which route you take. And if you are wondering how to handle the technical issues, dont worry: both platforms provide customer support that can help you.

    However, if you run into any issues with either one of the services, you can also leave a comment here. I can try to help you the best way I can.

    How Much Does Wix Cost

    Wix Pricing: What To Know Before Buying (2021)

    You wont pay anything to sign up for a Wix account, and you dont need to enter any credit card information to create your website or to take it live. However, you may find it hard to say no to some of the add-ons that come with price tags.

    For example, a basic no-cost Wix website shows Wix in its domain name. So, for example, instead of, your URL will contain your Wix username followed by Wix ads will appear on every page of your website, too. Youll be limited to 500 MB of storage, which may not be enough if you intend to include lots of photos and videos. And a free Wix site wont allow you to accept payments online.

    Add a premium plan, and those issues go away. Now you can use your own custom domain name, get rid of the ads, increase your storage, and access better Wix support options. On top of those items, Wix premium plans offer these additional tiered benefits:

    If you want to accept online payments and see sales analytics, choose one of Wixs tiered business plans.

    If you decide one of the premium plans is worth its price, be sure to look online for Wix coupon codes that can knock a few bucks off your final cost. You can also save significantly by paying annually or for two or three years at a time. Note: At time of writing, Wix was offering a three-day sale that cut all prices in half.

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    Transferring A Domain To Wix

    This will mean you can move your domain from your domain name provider over to Wix. Keeping your domain name and website in one places is helpful as you only have one company to deal with, and its free to do. However, there are important things you should know before proceeding with this method:

    • Not all domain name extensions are supported by Wix
    • Youll need to wait for 60+ days to pass after registering a domain name to be able to transfer it
    • If your domain name has privacy protection then you cant transfer your domain and youll need to disable it
    • Ensure you have access to the email address associated with your domain as your confirmation email will be sent to this location

    Registering A Domain Through Namecheap

    If you have been reading my blog, you might have noticed that Im a big fan of NameCheap. Its my favorite domain registrar, and there are two reasons for this: the service is easy to use and its inexpensive.

    The latter factor is important, especially when compared to the domain pricing of Wix .

    To get started with NameCheap, you should register an account with them first. Once you have done that, make sure you have logged into your account and chosen Domains at the top menu and then Domain Name Search:

    Youll then see the domain search form where you can enter your desired domain name:

    If the search yielded no results, you have an option to choose another domain for your website:

    However, if the domain name was available, just click the add to cart button:

    Then click View Cart button, and youll land to this view:

    Here you can choose various options regarding your domain for instance, if the domain name is automatically renewed , or what is the registration time .

    You can also choose the WHOISGuard option or not. But since it is automatically included in the registration price , you should definitely take it. Even if it wasnt, you should still pay some extra and take it.


    Because this option gives you some extra protection towards those who lurk other domain name information by using the WHOIS tool. The equivalent privacy option when registering a domain through Wix is the Full Privacy Protection in the Privacy section.

    Then, I would see a page like this:

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    Do A Domain Name Search

    The first thing you should do after coming up with a domain name is checking that no one else is using it. While you could do this manually by checking whether or not your address is taken, this could take a long time if it turns out your original idea belongs to someone else.

    This is why you should be using a domain name search platform to check the availability of your choice. Not only does this tool tell you whether or not a certain domain is in use, it also offers you a list of alternatives to purchase. Furthermore, youll be able to easily see the cost of each domain name and compare them to ensure you picked the best choice.

    How Much Does A Domain Cost Review 2021

    The price of your precious name will depend greatly on a number of different factors, such as:

    The domain extension: .com or .org are often more expensive than or .fr for the same domain.

    Where you purchase your domain from: Not all registrars have the same prices, not to mention the variations on the aftermarket service.

    The terms you select: Securing your name for one or multiple years might impact the price of your deal.

    The popularity of your keywords: Not all words are worth the same – for example, was sold for a whopping $49.7 million, making it the most expensive domain ever paid for.

    Privacy protection: All domain owners are required to share their name and contact to the ICANN, where they are publicly listed. Dont want to be found? Domain privacy replaces your private information with the one of your registrar.

    Considering these elements, certain users will be requested to pay higher fees to acquire their domain – because its a competitive market, or because the domain is very sought-after.

    But for the majority of domain names, you should not expect to pay more than $20 per year. If the price is higher, it becomes a business decision that you need to weigh out the pros and cons. A useful question to ask yourself is: how much would it cost me not to have the right domain?. Not getting the immediate recognition, reputability, organic traffic and sales resulting from owning the right domain could outweigh the higher price.

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    Key Takeaway: Just Be Aware

    Wixs unstructured editor is the main reason why I dont use Wix for my personal websites.

    But thats just my personal decision. Youre not wrong to use Wixs unstructured editor being able to drag any element anywhere on the page is freeing and that will be appealing to some users.

    Just be aware of the downsides!

    What Is Web Hosting

    In order to have a fully professional website, you need a domain name, but you also need a web host – which is the service, offered by a company, of storing your website on a server. Thanks to the web host, your website exists and is made visible somewhere on the Internet – meaning that your website is displayed every time a visitor types in your address in their browser.

    Most website builders will charge you a fee to host your website, as well as additional fees to register your domain and connect it to your site. Some companies offer more flexible options, like Wix. It gives each one of its users free web hosting from the second they hit the Publish button, and with no time limit. The best part: When you publish your site with Wix, your web content is stored on secure servers that are located around the world, making your website accessible in a safe and fast manner for each and every one of your visitors.

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