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How To Send Email From Shopify Domain

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Adding Shopify Spf Record

How To Set Up Email Forwarding With Shopify Domains || Shopify Help Center
  • Log in to your domain hosting account.
  • Find your domain’s TXT record.
  • Add the following SPF record to your TXT record: v=spf1 ~all
  • If you already have an SPF record in place, then you can add next to the other “Include” record. Example: include:v=spf1 ~all
  • Save the changes you made to the text record.
  • If you need help adding this record then reach out to us. We offer Shopify migration and setup services and help small businesses get fully launched on the Shopify platform.

    What Is Email Marketing

    Email marketing is the practice of sending marketing messages to prospective and current customers via email in order to sell, educate, or build loyalty.

    Email is an owned digital marketing channelthat is, the sender fully controls the content and distributionand typically works best when used to send personal, relevant messages to segmented lists of recipients. Email is an especially important tool in relation to ecommerce, where its used for sending transactional, promotional, and lifecycle messages .

    Segment : Cart Abandoners

    Earlier in this guide we shared just how valuable a simple cart abandonment campaign can be. Once thats in place, you may want to test a series of emails that goes out over two weeks. Start with gentle reminders first and, if they dont work, move on to greater incentives, like discounts. Youll find that many of your recovered carts return before the discounts are even required.

    In total, five simple segments, but as a basic strategy they cover the customer lifecycle from start to finish. Use R, F, and M to define these groups in your own email marketing tool, then build out and automate campaigns to target each valuable segment.

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    Setting Up Email Forwarding For A Shopify


    Domains has moved from the Online store page to the Settings page in your Shopify admin. To access your domain settings for your online store, go to Settings> Domains.

    If you use a third-party domain, then you can’t set up email forwarding addresses from your Shopify admin. Email forwarding or hosting might be offered by your third-party domain provider, or you can transfer your domain to Shopify.

    Change The Store Email Address

    Shopify Domain Email Hosting


  • From your Shopify admin, go to Settings.
  • From the Shopify app, go to Store> Settings.
  • Under Store settings, tap Store details.
  • From the Shopify app, go to Store> Settings.
  • Under Store settings, tap Store details.
  • Click Store details.

  • In the Contact information section, click Edit.

  • Change your email address under Store contact email or Account email. Shopify uses this email to contact you about your account.


    If you haven’t , then the Account email displays instead of Store contact email.

  • Click Save.

  • Go to your new email account’s inbox, and click the link in the verification email from Shopify.

  • Note

    To change the email or password that the store owner uses to log in to Shopify, you need to change the information in their account settings.

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    Change Your Sender Email Address

    The sender email is your customer-facing email address. This is the email address that is displayed in the From field when your customers receive automatic notification emails, order confirmation emails, and any marketing emails sent from Shopify. Some domains might require additional authentication, otherwise your sender email address might appear with via, or as

  • In the Contact information section, click Edit.

  • Change your email address under Sender email.

  • Click Save.

  • The Value Of Using Green Light Benchmarks

    Tracking the performance of your marketing on any channel where you invest time and money is essential, but obsessing over metrics is also an easy way to get distracted.

    Instead, consider aiming for green light benchmarks, a concept created by Ramit Sethi. Once youve reached a certain threshold, you can give yourself the green light to move on to something else for a bitthere are always bigger fish to fry when growing a business. Sanocki recommends the following benchmarks for most of your promotional and lifecycle email campaigns:

    • A 20% open rate, which says youre sending relevant emails to the right people with interesting subject lines
    • A 5% click-through rate, which says the content and offers in your emails are compelling enough to click
    • A 20% of total store revenue from email marketing, which says email marketing as a channel is converting first-time customers and upselling existing customers enough to warrant further investment

    Bonus: Drew Sanocki has also created a simple free template you can use to track the individual performance of your initial email marketing campaigns.

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    Why Email Marketing Is Key To Ecommerce Success

    The reality of website traffic, even highly targeted traffic, is most new visitors to your store will never returnunless, that is, you do something to keep them coming back.

    Building an email list and sending compelling broadcasts gives you a way to retain the traffic you worked so hard to earn by providing subscribers with an incentive to stay in touch.

    If your ecommerce business hasnt taken the time to adopt email marketing, youre likely leaving money on the table. To prove it, here are four reasons to consider employing email in your marketing mix.

    Re: Sending And Receiving Email From Your Domain Name

    How To Reply To Customer Emails With a Custom Domain Email Address || Shopify Help Center

    I called tech support and their answer was less then stellar. here is the e-mail response some time later

    “I did some research into your issue with the error message from Google. It seems that this is common, and the ideal solution is to just wait a little while and try again. Sometimes when you setup your email it takes awhile to propagate in our system. Try again tomorrow morning, and if there are still issues I will escalate to the support team to take a look.”

    Since your message is 24 hours old, did the problem go away with time? I’m curious as well!

    Thank you for your answer. I contacted the technical support and they didn’t really help me plus the fact that they took 4 days to answer… I tried now and it’s working. I received the email confirmation from Gmail.

    Thanks anyway… you are the only one who helped me!

    Use Completely FREE for up to 5 email addresses and unlimited aliases. That is who we use for our email solutions.

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    The Best Time To Send Email

    In some cases, when you send an email is just as important as what you send. Finding the right time to send email campaigns starts with knowing your customers and testing to see what works.

    For online stores, the best starting point for marketing emails is to find out when your peak purchase times are. When during the day does your store sell the most? That information gives you a window into your customers habits and schedules, so it can inform your email marketing strategy.

    You can track peak purchase times with Google Analytics, as long as youre set up for ecommerce. If you arent, check out our article on .

    Transactional emails are best sent immediately after the purchase is made. Lifecycle emailswhich are sent based on specific behaviors a customer exhibitsrequire a little more testing to get right. The best time to send an abandoned cart email, for example, can vary based on the reason for abandonment and your strategy for recovering those orders.

    Segmenting Your List Based On Location

    Location can be an important segmentation factor for several reasons. For starters, if you have both an online store and a physical location, you may want to send emails about sales that are happening in-store, but only to people in your region. If you have customers from various countries, you may want to send country-specific promotions on shipping, like Deals Direct in the example below.

    Most mailing list service providers will have an option to segment based on location. The location is usually determined when a subscriber signs up for your mailing list. You can also use your customer database to find the current location of your customers based on billing and shipping addresses.

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    Segmenting Your List Based On Engagement

    Last, but not least, you will need to tailor messages differently based on the subscribers activity. Youve likely seen emails that say, Weve missed you. These were probably from businesses whose emails you have not opened in a while.

    Most email marketing providers will allow you to create segments based on subscriber activity, like MailChimp does here:

    One reason that businesses create a separate segment for inactive subscribers is that each subscriber costs you money. Why pay for subscribers who are not engaging with you? There’s also research that suggests an inactive email list impacts deliverability.

    The strategy usually goes like this. You will create a segment of subscribers that have not opened their emails in a certain timeframe, say six months. You send just that segment of people an email that asks them to reconfirm their subscription, either to confirm they want to continue receiving your emails or to get a special discount code, for example. If the subscriber does not confirm within the next week or two, they are removed from the list.

    This is a great way to make sure your mailing list consists of people who want to get your emails . This will always boost the ROI of your email marketing as youll be paying less for your mailing list service and only sending emails to the people who really want them.

    Setting Up Your Email

    How can we connect .pk domain with shopify

    From receiving important notifications to communicating with your customers, email is an important part of any business. This page shows you how to set up and configure both your store owner email and your sender email.

    The store contact address is the email address that you used when you signed up for Shopify. It’s where you’ll receive your files if you export your products, orders, or customer lists.

    The sender email is your customer-facing address. It’s where your customers can contact you directly, and it’s the address that’s associated with the automatic notification emails that they receive about their orders.

    Add the Shopify Sender Policy Framework records and Domain Keys Identified Mail records to ensure that your email message is delivered to your customer.

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    Should You Switch From Wix To Shopify

    BuiltWith data shows Shopify accounts for 27% of all ecommerce websites online today, while Wix accounts for 12%.

    Wix is an ideal option for many online shops, but its not right for all business models. Wix is better suited to stores that are just starting out, while a Shopify store may be more beneficial for an established store that has outgrown the Wix platform.

    Shopify is far more scalable, so if you find that youre reaching the upper limit of your Wix plan and arent ready to pay for their enterprise level pricing at $500+, then investing in Shopify makes sense.

    Example Dns Record For A Shopify Domain With Email Hosting On Shopped Email

    Here we have an example for a domain we own: The domain records would be added as follows:

    And it really is that simple to have your domain hosting split to Shopify and an email host. Note that regardless of your store name the top 2 records . The mail DNS records will depend on which Shopify email host you have selected. There is currently only one dedicated Shopify email host and that is Shopped Email.

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    Why Do I Need To Do This

    When someone sends a message to , the sender’s computer looks up the MX records for to figure out where to deliver that email message.

    Before your company can use Gmail with your Google Workspace account, you need to change your domain’s MX records so they direct your incoming messages to Google’s mail servers.

    Your Mailing List Service Providers Segmentation Options

    EP 4 Add Domain, Confirmation Email, and Setup Shopify Payments

    Note that some of these segmentation options may or may not be available to you based on the mailing list service provider you have chosen, but they’re fairly common. To find out what segmentation options you have available to you, you will need to refer to the features your provider offers. You can do a Google search for your mailing list providers name plus “segmentation”, “segment your list”, etc.

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    How Do I Insert A Pdf Newsletter Into An Email

    To do this, click the Insert tab on the ribbon bar, and then click Object. In the Object window, select Adobe Acrobat Document and then click OK. Browse to the PDF you want to display in the message, highlight the filename and then click Insert. Outlook formats the first page of the PDF and inserts it as a

    How To Register Your Domain In Shopify

    It is easy to register your domain in Shopify. Shopify will automatically let you know if somebody else owns the domain you want, and you will have to think of different a domain name if it is not available.

    Please pay special attention to the dos and donts mentioned in article #1 about domain names.

    You have bought your domain through Shopify. You are the proud owner of your domain name.

    TIP: A good idea is to register singular or plural of your domain name including a couple of variations.

    For Example:

    Variations – etc.

    Stay within the same name phrase otherwise, you will have infinite names.

    From my experience, please do not ignore this tip, because I can tell you some real sad experiences why you should register singular and plural of your domain name.

    So, now you have registered your domain name in Shopify.

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    Deliverability And List Health

    According to IBM Marketing Cloud, the mean global hard bounce rate is 0.47%. A hard bounce is an email thats returned to the sender because of an invalid address. If the email does make it to your intended recipient, they still have the option to report the email as spam. If youre consistently marked as a sender of spam youll hurt your deliverability rates for all subscribers.

    Spam filters are fairly straightforward. There is a long list of factors emails are scored on. If the emails score gets too high, its flagged as spam by the email server. Unfortunately, every server is different and constantly changing. So whats marked as spam on one server might not be marked as spam on another. As a general rule, youll want to avoid:

    • Being too salesy by using all caps, exclamation marks, and trigger words like free
    • Big images with very little text, because many spam filters dont recognize images
    • Emailing old lists you havent properly maintained over the years

    Human spam filters are even more complex. No one can tell you exactly what makes someone click the spam or abuse button, but there are some general rules. Youll want to avoid buying lists or sending emails without explicit permission, being vague about when youll email, hiding the unsubscribe option or making the process of unsubscribing unnecessarily difficult, or leaving unengaged, inactive leads or customers on your list .

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