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How To Lease A Domain Name

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Reasons For Leasing A Domain Name

How To Lease A Domain Name And What Not To Do.

Some reasons why a business might rent a domain name instead of buying, for example:

Leasing often requires only a small monthly fee instead of a large fee upfront when buying.New small business owners can benefit by saving capital.If a domain name is only needed for a short amount of time.If one is a startup business domain leasing is a great way to test the outcome.There are also tax benefits of leasing a domain name.

Some companies that offer a domain leasing or rental service also give the option for the user to buy the full rights to the domain name either after a certain amount of time or at any time .

Domain Name leasing and rental companies may also offer Search engine Optimization services as part of the leasing or rental package.

Why Would Someone Rent A Domain Name

  • Use the bulk of your money for development and hiring the right team. Spend less upfront, especially if you are bootstrapping during your startup phase.
  • Tax write-off.
  • Test ideas before shelling out big bucks for premium domain names.
  • Negotiate terms with domain name owner for future purchase.
  • Access to premium domain names.
  • Registering A Good Domain Name: Be There On Time

    Renting a domain name is complex and puts the tenant in a weak position. Like most other registries, DNS Belgium is not in favour of this practice. Owning your domain name is still the best option. Here are some tips for a good domain name:

    • Be discrete about your business plan dont communicate about the company name you have in mind beforehand, but register it immediately.
    • Choose only a company name for which you can register the matching domain name.
    • Is the .com domain name no longer available? Try one of the many new domain extensions such as .immo, .vlaanderen, .guru, etc.

    With this article, we support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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    Domain Name Development Strategy

    As the #1 Domain Name Development Company we can help you research, acquire & develop domain names into first page dominating websites. Once you have established multiple Local Authority Sites we can help you develop a digital marketing & development strategy to then crush the local competition. Part of this online marketing strategy will include the acquisition of additional Search Engine Optimized domain names.

    There is a very specific strategy we use to develop domain names into 1st page ranking websites. Yes there are many ways to develop a website and get that site to rank 1st page for some keywords, and perhaps get a spot on page 1, but using our LAS Development strategy we rank sites fast, obtain multiple first page Google rankings, and for hundreds of keywords & search phrases related to the niche we develop for. And as LAS stands for Local Authority Site our focus in total local domination!

    Industry: Health And Weight Loss

    What Is Domain Name Registrar? Easy Explanation One of the easiest ways to make money is recommending products that solve every health ailment out there. The Health Benefit is easy to remember, easy to say and reflects the market that youre serving. Check it out on here. The diet domain names are very hard to find, but by combining Snack + Diet, you get a brandable fun domain name that could be your million dollar winner. You can lease to own this domain name for $813 per month. Check it out on here.

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    Buy Leasing Domains From Blacknight

    With .lease, youre showing your expertise on getting homes, condos, vacation rentals, and properties off the market and into renters hands. It demonstrates that youre a real estate pro, one who knows about the rental market, landlord/tenant rights, and how to turn that mountain of paperwork into a Welcome home. Marketing is so important to the leasing industry, show that youre a marketing pro with .LEASE. Its easy to remember perfect for business cards and networking events. Yourname.LEASE is the perfect way to make a name for yourself in the competitive rental industry!

    Time to sign a .LEASE today!

    Some Illustrative Case Studies

    Readers of this blog love case studies. Here are a few recent leasing examples that illustrate the model. They are just a few examples taken from Epiks owned and operated portfolio for recently completed leases. a larger transaction: The client leased this domain for $20,000 per quarter. As part of the leasing agreement, they also secured the right to purchase the domain for a multi-six figure $ purchase price. After leasing the domain for 2 quarters in 2012, the lessee elected to exercise the purchase option and is now the owner of this premium domain name as of January 2013. During the leasing period, Epik provided registrar support. an upsell made possible by leasing: After receiving an unsolicited inquiry about this domain, we contacted someone with a similar domain to gauge their interest in making a competing offer. It turns out that the contact wanted the domain badly but could not meet the $6500 list price. As a result, they leased the domain for $65/month and now have an active option to purchase the domain for $6500 which they intend to do later this year. a simple lease to own transaction: A buyer visited the Epik marketplace and made an unsolicited lease of the domain at $65/month. They now have the ongoing purchase option at $6500. Depending on the changes in cannabis legislation in the US, this option could well turn out to have been a brilliant move by the leasing customer who secured the option.

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    All The Best With Finding The Perfect Domain To Lease

    Consider these top 7 things carefully when domain leasing, and remember that leasing domain names is a tempting option for both the owner as well as the renter.

    However, if things are not properly handled, both parties may suffer a great deal of money loss as a result of this exploitation.

    It is therefore very important to do your homework and explore all other options available before leasing domain names for the new venture you are planning to take on.


    Domain Names: Rent Lease Or Buy

    How to Track Leased Domain Traffic using Bitly and Campaign URL Builder

    Daniela BakerOctober 30, 2011 | Updated: December 9, 20155

    According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, more than half a million small businesses are created each year. More and more of these businesses are turning to the Internet, offering their services online instead of in traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

    Whether online or in the physical world, the number one rule when it comes to creating a business is: location, location, location. And location on the Internet is your domain name. Once you have determined the right location for your business, you then have to decide whether to rent, lease or buy the domain name.

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    How The Scarcity Of Premium Com Domain Names Increases Opportunity For Domain Leasing Services

    Most of us know that premium .com domain names are hard to come by due to a number of companies using premium domain names, and domain investors owning them.

    If you dont believe me, then simply open a web browser and type in one or two keyword phrases that describe your line of business to see if their domains are taken.

    Nine times of out ten, those domains are not only taken, but have been for 10 or more years.

    Sometimes premium .com domain names have business websites developed on the domain while others are simply parked and showing ads with the occasional âThis domain name is for saleâ option available for those with deep pockets and who dare to enter into joint ventures or negotiations to purchase the premium .com domain name of choice.

    Premium .com domain names are quite expensive due to the supply and demand nature of domain names and how the internet works.

    Premium .com domain names are very much like one-of-a-kind treasure.

    There can only be one domain and because of this, premium .com domain name values skyrocket to incredible levels when the premium .com domain is placed on the market to be rented, leased or purchased.

    Most premium .com domain owners are rarely looking to sell their lucrative pieces of virtual real estate.

    Most owners typically are looking to rent or lease premium .com domains.

    You may find this somewhat appalling, but truth be told, there are benefits to being the first to identify and see the value.

    Well, the answer is quite simple.

    Will New Gtlds Increase The Value Of Premium Com Domains And Domain Leasing

    If you havenât heard about the new wave of gTLDS and the next web beyond .com, then simply put, the new gTLDs are looking to heavily compete with the current TLD âking of the ringâ, .com.

    Essentially, the new gTLDs will allow for greater flexibility to the right of the dot.

    For example, if you own a retail store or gift shop selling trinkets in Los Angeles, you would have the ability to have if was taken by another competitor.

    The opportunities are endless although the risk is great that 34% of the online world will make the change at once, moving away from .com.

    Itâs very unlikely although I think there will gTLDs to win the battle, but not the war.

    There are many conversations happening around how successful some of the gTLDâs will become although most are not expected to do as well as .com or any of the rest .

    So what does this gTLD talk have to do with domain name leasing you ask?

    Well, for one, since opportunities are open with gTLDâs, there is a chance that many investors and business owners will roll the dice on gTLDâs rather than spending thousands on premium .com domain names for their line of business.

    This could prove to be a smart move, yet it could also prove to be a costly should the new gTLDâs not garner success or traction of any sort.

    See, the new gTLDâs could very well increase the cost of premium .com domain names.

    What is the best action to take?

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    How To Register A Lease Domain Name

    • Use the domain search form above to check if your .LEASE domain name is available.
    • Add your personal information and be sure you have read and you agree with Sibername Policies.
    • A third step would be to pay related fees and so with a simple click and a confirmation of the payment, the .LEASE domain registration is completed.

    Venturecom Premium Domain Name Marketplace

    How To Lease A Domain Name And What Not To Do.

    Venture has some of the best premium domain names for lease that Ive seen. When you visit Venture, youll see their featured domain names with the monthly rental rate. Within minutes, I came across,, and All of these have a highly recognizable, huge profit potential waiting for the right developer.

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    Domain Name Leasing Company

    Why work with us? Simple answer, just do a Google search for domain name leasing company, and you will see that we are the #1 domain name leasing company!

    Yes that is a screenshot of us ranking #1 on Google for domain name leasing company!

    This is not by accident, and yes we have developed well over 1000 domains, and continue to work with amazing domainers, entrepreneurs, and local business owners that seek the best domain development company.

    We also created a proven system of researching, acquiring, and developing domains to dominate the local search engines. Any business that is not following our process is getting DOMINATED by those that do.


    If you are looking to lease a domain name or want to lease a domain name you own, provides the domain leasing services to assist you. Please contact us to learn more.

    Renting A Domain Name

    When you rent a domain name , you avoid the financial risk associated with buying your own domain name. Depending on the rental company, domain names can start at about $20 a month. Compare that to the cost of a good domain name, which might cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. When starting a business, less capital expenditures can be critical.

    Also, with a domain name rental, you have the flexibility to cancel the monthly commitment at any time. If your business doesnt work out, you will not have lost much.

    On the other hand, if your business flourishes, that flexibility can become a huge liability. The person who owns your domain name can also cancel the contract at any time. Imagine, for example, that the site you created has started to generate some good traffic. The owner of the domain name might decide to monetize the domain themselves, ending the rental agreement and leaving you out in the cold.

    Further, a domain name brands your company. If you build a successful company on a rented domain, you would not have full control over your own brand.

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    Dont Forget To Include A Lease Purchase Option

    The option to purchase the domain at a later time is one of the most important points in a lease agreement.

    When you start a business, youâre not sure how things are going to turn out in terms of revenue generation particularly in case of online businesses.

    Sometimes you do so well that you have absolutely no reason whatsoever to quit.

    In such a case, you would like to buy the domain name youâre using to continue with your business operations as the domain owner rather than the renter.

    It is therefore very crucial to discuss the purchase option beforehand.

    Why Lease A Domain Name

    How to Find, Buy, Sell and Lease Good Local Domains

    Similar to a car lease, domain leasing gives a buyer the right to temporarily use a domain name over a specified time period while making periodic lease payments to the seller . Most domain lease transactions have some option for the lessee to buy the domain name outright, either within the lease period or at the end of the lease term. Buyers can lease domain names to get access to premium names without the high upfront costs of normal sales.

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    What Is Domain Leasing

    Today, domain names, especially generic or keyword .com domains, have become to the internet what physical property has become to real estate.

    And much like leasing a lucrative building or land in a highly-trafficked location to build your business, the same can be accomplished leasing domain names when its too expensive to buy the asset outright.

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