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Can I Use Godaddy Domain With Wix

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Why You Should Not Use Wix

How To Connect Your Godaddy Domain Name To Wix

The biggest reason you should not use Wix to create your website is that you are not a professional web designer. When you create a website using a DIY site builder, you are likely not designing it with a good user experience which will diminish your user experience resulting in lost customers and revenue.

Which One Should I Use: Godaddy Or Wix

Godaddy is a great option for those with limited budgets who would like the opportunity to grow and expand their web presence over time.

However, Wix offers many of the same features but comes in slightly cheaper than GoDaddys most affordable packages!

Whichever platform you choose will largely depend on how much youre looking to spend each month as well as what kind of functionality you seek from your site.

If neither sounds right for you then it may be worth trying out another service such as Squarespace which falls somewhere in the middle of these two options, offering a more affordable price point with many useful features.

Another one worth checking out is OLITT. It is free and offers the best and easiest interface to create and launch your website in under 10 minutes.

Buying A New Domain Name

For most people, they go with the option of purchasing a new domain name. Its the quickest and cheapest option, and with a little creativity, you can find a solid domain.

First, youll need to choose a domain registrar. For the sake of example, lets say youre going to register your domain with HostGator.

  • Navigate to our domain page.
  • Type in your domain of choice. This will let you know if the domain, along with your desired extension is available.
  • If its available, then follow through with the purchase.
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    Godaddy Website Builder Customer Support

    GoDaddy gives plenty of outlets for customers to receive help if they need any.

    If you have any questions, you can contact GoDaddys support team via live chat or phone line. The live chat offers 24/7 support and the phone line will help you out during their working hours, Monday-Friday, 5 am-6 pm.

    GoDaddys knowledge base and forum could become your go-to resource for any questions you may have by utilizing these resources, you dont have to base your time around the GoDaddy Support teams working hours.

    There is an issue though broad questions are fine, but if your question is something specific, chances are wont get a direct answer and will have to spend some time researching on your own.

    All in all, both builders offer plenty of outlets for customer support, however, the help that Wix offers is better and more extensive.

    Godaddy Aces This Speed Test

    Complete Wix Domain Guide

    The first factor I am going to cover is the server network. A providers server network determines the uptime and speed that your website will have. In turn, uptime and speed are two of the most critical factors for any website. Thus, before you do anything, you need to know about a providers server network.

    GoDaddy has 37,000 servers across nine data center facilities. It has its own data center in Phoenix, Arizona, United States, while the other eight are in the U.S.A., Europe, and Asia. However, GoDaddy is not very transparent when it comes to its data center facilities.


    However, GoDaddy allows you to choose where you want to store your data. More specifically, it allows you to select the continent but not the exact location. So, the country or city is undisclosed.

    When uptime is concerned, GoDaddy has a 99.99 percent uptime guarantee. The 99.99 percent of uptime guarantee that you might experience a downtime of only four minutes monthly. What is best, GoDaddy offers a 5 percent credit of the monthly payment if your website experienced downtime of more than four minutes. The only thing you need to do is to request credit from the provider. On average, GoDaddy has an average uptime of 99.97 percent, which is not bad at all.


    GoDaddy also supports Cloudflarea Content Delivery Network . It ensures a high level of performance. Also, the Cloudflare CDN minimizes latency and increases engagement.


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    Connecting Your Own Domain To Wix

    Connecting your own domain to your WIX website is easy. When you first upgrade your site to premium, it gives you an option between finding the right domain or connecting your own. Click on Connect My Own Domain. This will start the process for connecting your own name.

    To add a domain name to your WIX site, the next step is to find your own domain. It will then confirm with you where your domain has come from. Examples would be the likes of GoDaddy, NameCheap and HostGator to name just a few. Confirm that WIX is correct.

    WIX will then give you a similar guide on how to connect your domain name.

    You will need to go to your domain name settings from your domain name provider. Sign into your account from the likes of GoDaddy and head to the settings of the correct domain. You will see a button labelled DNS.

    Once in the DNS settings of the domain, scroll down to the section labelled Nameservers. You will see a field with labelled default. Change the field to custom. You will see you need to add two custom nameservers. To find the correct nameservers, head back over to your WIX site.

    In your WIX site, you will find two custom nameservers. Example above. Copy and paste these two nameservers individually into the custom nameservers settings. Once done, click save and then verify the connection using WIX.

    Do It Yourself With A Content Management System

    If youve got some skill, you can build a site using a popular CMS like WordPress.

    Want to build a WordPress site but dont feel like handling all the technical stuff on your own? You might want to check out our easier way to get started with WordPress.

    GoDaddys Managed WordPress Hosting features a Quick Start Wizard to get your new WordPress website up and running in a snap. Featuring eight pre-built customizable pages, easy drag-and-drop page building, and quick access to thousands of WordPress plugins, theres virtually no limit to what you can create.

    Youll also get 24/7 support, core software updates and patches, free daily backups and one-click restore, a free domain with an annual plan and more.

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    How To Connect Wix Website To Godaddy Domain

    Simple Way to transfer or point your GoDaddy domain name to your Wix site · First of all, User needs to go to the Domain settings page. · Then After one reaches to

    11 answersHere are the steps you should follow 1. sign in to your Wix account 2. Hover over the user panel at the top right and click Domains. 1. Click Connect a domain

    You can just register a domain with Namecheap and point it to Wix from our side. Usually this is done by pointing it to Wixs nameservers or IP address. If you need

    WIX allows you to search for a domain or connect your very own domain. Examples would be the likes of GoDaddy, NameCheap and HostGator to name just a

    So, I connected the old domain to Wix by using the Pointing method, too , and then verified the connection to

    How To Add A Domain To Your Wix Site In 3 Steps

    HOW TO CONNECT WIX TO GODADDY DOMAIN: Connect Godaddy Domain To Wix Website – Add A Domain to Wix

    Want to learn how to add a domain to your WIX site? Lets take a closer look at this essential element of your WIX site.

    After all, the domain and the hosting of the site are the two main elements of your website.When creating your own website, when faced with the option to add a domain to your WIX site, you might be confused about what you are being asked.

    A domain name is simply the web address of a site, for example is the domain name for ProfileTree. This is crucial for achieving a strong brand identity. Using a consistent brand across all channels can massively boost revenues:

    Therefore it is important to invest in an appropriate domain name for your site. Although WIX does provide your published site with a domain it has very little value as it includes WIX within it.

    Lets take an example. If our WIX username was ProfileTree, and we published a blog called Web Development, the URL might be This isnt so great.

    Lets explore how you can do better by adding a domain to your WIX site.

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    X You Cant Switch Between Themes

    Yes, I know we mentioned earlier that Godaddy comes with 300 plus templates and themes.

    Well, what good is it if you cannot switch to the one you like?

    What happens is, Godaddy restricts switching between themes. And if you do, you risk losing your content.

    This is annoying. So make sure next time you sit down to use Godaddy website builder, make sure to think twice before using that theme or template.

    The Simplicity Of Use

    Ease of use is a feature that most providers tend to have. However, some are easier to use than others. Being user-friendly is vital for every provider because not everyone is a coder or software developer. So, the easier a provider is to use, the more clients it will attract.

    GoDaddy provides its users with a very straightforward control panel. Also, it has an in-house drag-and-drop website builder. So, if you are a beginner, the builder will simplify the process for you. The setting up process is pretty simple, and everything you need is in one place.

    Wix might prove a bit more complicated for beginners. That is because Wix offers a broader array of features and options than GoDaddy. However, Wix has an AI-powered design engineWix Artificial Design Intelligence . The ADI can generate a whole website for you based on the answers you give to some questions. Also, like GoDaddy, Wix has a drag-and-drop feature that will let you customize everything and move whatever you want around.

    So, when it comes to ease of use, both providers are great. However, if you need a more simple website that you can build faster, go with GoDaddy. But if you need a more customized website with many features, then Wix is definitely for you.


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    Best For Selling Products Online: Wix

    Starting Price to Accept Online Payments $23 per month

    Setting up an online store with Wix and GoDaddy is similar to creating a small business website. Even the ecommerce plan pricing is similar$23 for Wixs Business Basic plan and $24.99 for GoDaddys ecommerce package. Youll save money over the long run with GoDaddy because it doesnt require you to use a specific payment gateway, whereas Wix Payments charges 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction .

    For the most part, anything ecommerce-related you can do with GoDaddy, you can also do with Wix. Sell physical and digital products on your online store. You can set up a services page, allowing customers to book appointments and pay for them online. However, Wix offers dropshipping options in its higher-pricing plans, while GoDaddy doesnt offer dropshipping at all.

    Winner:Wix gives you dropshipping options, so that you can create a dropshipping business. If you dont need that feature, though, GoDaddy may be a better choice for you.

    What Are Subdomains On A Website

    GoDaddy Domains  4 Things You Should Know

    Subdomains act as an extension of your domain name to help organize and navigate to different sections of your website. You can also use a subdomain to send visitors to a completely different web address, like your social media page, or point to a specific IP address or directory within your account.

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    Two: Update Nameserver To Godaddy

    Its time to update your GoDaddy domain Nameserver! GoDaddy provide a robust, scalable and reliable way to update Nameserver.

    Well break down each steps here:

    • Go to GoDaddy Official site and Login to your account.
    • Tap user profile -> My Products.
    • After selecting your desired domain now click on the Manage button. Once you click on it, you will move to Domain Settings page.
    • On Domain Settings page scroll down to Additional settings section, now click no Manage DNS. You will move to DNS Management page.
    • Under DNS Management page now move to Nameserver section.
    • Hit Using Custom Nameservers Change button.
    • Enter WIX nameserver and hit Save button. Thats All! It will take upto 24 hrs to update your nameserver according to GoDaddy Policy guideline.

    Reference: 5 Easy Steps of Domain Forwarding on GoDaddy

    Should I Buy My Domain Name Through Wix

    Home»Domain Names»Should I Buy My Domain Name Through Wix?

    You have a great idea for a website, blog or online store and you want to get it up as quickly as possible using Wix. Should you buy your domain name through Wix or through a domain name registrar like Namecheap or Godaddy?

    There are pros and cons of of using Wix as your registrar. Registering your domain name directly through Wix allows your website to have a custom domain name and an SSL setup quickly and easily.

    Going with a domain name registrar is a bit more technical when using Wix, but its much more cost effective and youll save a lot of money.

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    But My Site Is Just For Fun Ill Get A Domain When Im Serious

    But my site is just for fun, you say. Ill buy a domain when Im serious about making a proper website.

    When I started my first website, it was just for fun. It was a place for me to post a few of the programs Id writtenand dump my bookmarks which I had annotated with my own notes. Later, I also wrote short articles about my experienceswith creating websites to help visitors who kept emailing me for help. I never planned for that initial play site tobe anything other than a toy.

    The beauty about websites you create for fun, as a hobby, is that they are genuine. They are not fake websites createdso that you can earn a quick buck. You pour your soul into it, and the love you lavish upon it can be seen inyour content. And people notice. And when they notice, theyll come back for more.

    What Im trying to say is dont underestimate this first website that youre creating for fun.I never stopped working on that first site. It is still here today. Youre looking at it. Its nowsplit into two,and known as and

    Your site may be a hobby site now. But who knows what will come of it in the years ahead?

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