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What Is A Domain Reseller

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What Is Domain Reselling All About

How To Offer ID Protection Reselling Domains With Resellerclub & WHMCS

Domain reselling is buying parts from domain registers and reselling them on behalf of other clients. This helps your clients develop their unique branded website and avoid the difficulty of securing the domain name they desire.

As a reseller, you are the one who can make the most significant profit by buying domains and reselling them to others. Typically, you will receive a commission fee from the domain registrar you work with, and you will also make money on the domain registration costs when reselling the name.

Is Their Service White

For a lot of our resellers, remaining in control of their brand and customer experience is super important. And it makes sense. Offering a stellar customer experience sets providers apart in a competitive market. As mentioned above, domain owners receive a number of mandatory notices from their registrar. When your customers receive these, will they think they are receiving a message from you, or some other company theyve never interacted with? If its important to you that your registrar provider stays behind the scenes, make sure this is, in fact, the case.

Choose The Best Domain Reseller Program For You

Every domain reseller program is unique, so finding one that meets your budget, includes your desired features, and is tailored to your target audience is key. Choose a provider with API integrations, a helpful knowledge base of tutorials and resources, and other tools to set you up for success .

We recommend trying DomainNameAPI, whose free membership and simple signup process lower the barriers to entering the domain reseller business.

Other factors to consider when choosing a domain reseller program:

Different program providers have their upsides and the features that set them apart from the competition. DomainNameAPI wins popularity with its free membership and varied list of domain names, including more than 800 domain extensions.

Another way to sell domain names is by becoming an ICANN accredited registrar. To start a business as a domain name registrar, you must first register and apply for an ICANN accreditation, which can be costly. This route may be more difficult for most users because you must directly register domain names and work with multiple registries to obtain a variety of TLDs. Keep in mind that youre essentially competing with some of the largest domain registrars GoDaddy, Google, and the like if you go this route.

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Become A Domain Reseller With Whogohost

Automate the sales of domain names with our API and enjoy great discounts

You can now resell domains easily by connecting to our extensive APIs at no additional charge. We also have a WHMCS registrar module that will work perfectly for you if you already use WHMCS. Just install and start reselling!

You could also resell domains without connecting with our API. Just register to become a reseller and start selling. The more domains you sell, the more discounts you get.

What Is The Api Query Limit

Become a Domain Reseller with Whogohost

There is no limitation on apiaries. However, in queries over api, you only need to send one request, then the second request after the first request. In case of exceeding the limit, our system team can go to the required limitation. Please note that you can use the test environment to test your queries before testing them.

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More Domain Automation Features

Everything you need to become a professional domain registrar.

Real Time Availability Checking

Check domain availability using real-time polling of WHOIS services and registrar APIs

Nameserver Management

Both customers and administrators can view and change the nameservers all domains are pointed to

WHOIS Management

View and make changes to the WHOIS Contact Information held at the domain registries in real-time

Automated Renewals

Automatically invoice for renewals and trigger renewals with domain registries when customers pay you

Domain Syncing

Daily syncronisation of domain due dates and status, as well as auto detection of transfers away

Premium Domains

Sell premium domains via supported registrars with automatic markup tiers and premium checks

Free Domains

You can bundle domain registration for free with certain hosting packages

DNS Management

Allow customers to directly view and manage DNS Host Records for their domain

ID Protection

Offer your customers ID Protection and allow them to upgrade to it at any time

WHOIS Lookup

Perform a WHOIS lookup and view the WHOIS information for any domain on-demand

Domain Search

What Does An Unlimited Domain Reseller Mean

The tech industry is one of the few recession-proof industries in existence. And the good news is that if you get good at reselling web hosting, you can break into it even if you dont have much technical knowledge! The bars for entry into the world of unlimited domain reselling are very low, but most people dont get past the first hurdle: learning all the new jargon.

Dont let this be the reason you dont start your online business. Nobodys born knowing about web hosting and how to use it to make money. Everybody who makes money from web hosting now was completely new to it at some point. But they took the time to learn about it, and now, its paying off.

A good way to learn about web hosting is to start with the basics and work our way up. By the end of this article, youll understand exactly what an unlimited domain reseller is and how you can use one to make money.

Lets go!

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Who Can Become A Domain Name Reseller

Anyone, really! When people think of domain resellers, they often think of large website builders and hosting providers. But OpenSRS and other reseller platforms are also used by solopreneurs and small companies that provide web development, security, IT, and other business services to a small group of clients. Becoming a domain reseller offers value to anyone who wants a single account through which they can register and manage multiple domains on behalf of various customers.

What Is The Best Domain Reseller Program

What is Reseller Web Hosting and How To Make Money With it in Detailes

Domain and hosting reseller business is the most competitive and of course also highly profitable online business. In order to become a good domain reseller, we will talk about how to evaluate domain reseller programs as well as the pros and cons of the currently popular domain hosting resellers. The most important point that we should be aware of while dealing with the Reseller Program is ‘Global Asset and Local Popularity’. Programs that provide 24/7 customer support should be preferred. Plans and Pricing are also very important. ICANN , which controls the maintenance and procedures of the functioning of the Internet, will also facilitate you. Programs that support all popular domain extensions and currently available popular nTLDs should be your choice maker, as you will profit from them.

Other points to note are that it has many features such as website builder, turnkey store, branded email, domain privacy protection, security and SSL, and it should be also easy to integrate the API. It should also have a very good user interface for its users. Other than that, live chat, email and phone. Programs with dealer panels that provide support are advantageous for you. Supported payment methods, pricing, and hosting plans will also help you determine your profit margin.


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Who Is A Domain Reseller

An individual or company that buys domains from a domain reselling company and sells the domains at a suitable price to the customers is called a domain reseller. Mostly, clients who want a website but arent able to get a desired domain name of their choice, approach the domain registration resellers. Then the reseller helps the clients to get the alternative domain names and obtain the domain name of their choice. Furthermore, a domain reseller business requires minor set up cost while the cost of operation is also unexpectedly low.

Difference Between Domain Reseller And Domain Registrar

I have heard terms “domain reseller” and “domain registrar” and that “domain registrar” is better than “domain reseller”. What is the difference between the two?

Registrars are the companies that actually buy licenses to sell TLD’s at a registry such as Verisign for .com. Domain resellers, often hosting companies, resell these TLD’s from a registrar as it’s much cheaper – otherwise hosting companies would have to buy licenses to sell TLD’s themselves, which is extremely expensive.

Being a domain name registrar, I can confirm there is no requirements for networks, DNS servers and so on.

A domain name registrar is an organization or commercial entity that manages the reservation of Internet domain names. A domain name registrar must be accredited by a generic top-level domain registry and/or a country code top-level domain registry.

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Do They Offer Free 24/7 Support

If youre running a business, technical issues can cost you time, money, and consumer trust. Theres huge value and peace of mind in knowing youll have access to help whenever you need it. Some registrars offer free 24/7 support to resellers, while others offer limited hours, or charge extra for the service.

Its also worth investigating the quality of support they provide. Do they outsource this part of their business or have they invested in an in-house team? The best way to gauge is to call them and see!

What Is A Domain Reseller Business

Domain Reseller

A domain reseller business is a company that offers domain name registration service to end-users. It plays an important role in helping end users to do so. Nowadays, everyone can successfully register a domain name easily in just a few minutes, and it is only possible thanks to the many domain reseller businesses out there. The entire registration process is very streamlined nowadays, where a domain reseller completes the domain registration process of an end-user through a registrar by connecting its system with the registrars system.

Not sure what is a registrar? Take a look at the section on How Does Domain Registration Work? of our blog: What is a Domain Name and How it Works?

In addition, be sure to look out for these qualities in a registrar!

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Take Your Domain Reselling To New Heights

Use our individualized price structures and special offers as well as integrated billing & pricing modules to develop and grow your domain business.

Get all the ccTLDs, gTLDs and new gTLDs you could possibly need from our enormous portfolio of 1,050+ TLDs. We offer an extensive range of domain security features and services.

Use our white-label reseller platform to offer your customers a singular buying experience, the best domain search on the market incl. domain price check functions and much more.

You need more options for your business? Extend your product portfolio by offering encyption solutions like TLS/SSL, S/MIME or code signing products. Or become a server reseller.

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Getting Started With Your Domain Reseller Business

Becoming a domain reseller is a sound business proposition due to the rapid growth of web services. Since many users are planning to create their online presence, domain reseller business is the most profitable business in the online world today. It is very easy to sell domains and web services. You simply need to select your reseller plan, sign-up for a reseller account and start with your business.

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Howwould You Like To Get In The Domain Name Business You Can Actually Become Adomain Name Reseller Lets First See Who Is Called A Domain Reseller

These domain resellers usuallypurchase domain names at cheap prices and then sell them at higher prices forearning the profit.

And Iwant to tell you 2 reasons why you should do that:

  • The first reason is simply to get the lowest possible prices for all of your domains. If you are someone who likes to buy a lot of domain name, one of the easiest and best ways is to get the best prices for all of your domains to sign up and to become a domain reseller.
  • The second reason is- to make money! You can easily make money in $50 to $100 per month or $50 to $100 per week. There are resellers that are making thousands of dollars per month and per week just selling domain names, but not just domains as a reseller you would be reselling all the products and services that you will get i.e. from domain name to the domain registration you have all the different products that fall under the web hosting from , dedicated server hosting to cPanel accounts, MySQL databases, Email accounts, marketing tools like SEO and everything that belongs to Reseller Web Hosting.
  • Every single product that falls under your new domain business is a commission-able product. You would get a percentage of an every single sell from your store.

    Usually a domain registrar is responsible for storing and distributing the DNS Records like that the domain reseller can also register the domain, renew the domain and manage the domains. They can also host the websites which are associated with these domain names.

    The Best Domain Reseller Program: How To Choose

    Domain Reseller – Domain Name API

    Becoming a part of a white-label reseller program is a great way to create extra income on the side. Unlike most entrepreneurs who take the time to build a company from the ground up, resellers can quickly and easily start and scale a business with little capital. This is because resellers do not create the goods and services they sell.

    Many providers of domain name registrations and web hosting are resellers. NameCheap, for example, is a leader in the domain name industry with more than 10 million domains under management. However, the company is a part of a reseller program offered by eNom, the world’s second-largest domain registrar.

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    What Is Domain Reselling

    Domain reseller is a type of reseller who purchases a domain and then sells it to a third party. A Reseller is a third-party company that offers domain name registration services through the registrar, but not all are ICANN- accredited registrar.

    A reseller is someone who resells the domain registration service, and they are not domain name registrars themselves.

    Every business requires a website, and ICANN is the only company authorized to register domain names worldwide.

    When you go around searching for a Reseller Program, you see that most of the providers lack knowledge about the domain name industry, provided tiny margins, and were reluctant to provide technical support beyond some hours.

    A good reseller program gives you a guarantee that I can sell at any price, and no holds are barred. Moreover, they are renowned for their support team and knowledge about the domain industry. With all these things, you could quickly put your trust in them and avail their Reseller program, which is easy to buy.

    You can choose and utilize the DOMAIN RESELLER PROGRAM according to your inconvenience and needs. Different things work differently according to ones needs.

    Many hosting providers can provide a free domain name for your domain. But, they do not offer you a security feature, and also, if in case you come across any issue, then there is no support team to resolve your query.

    Why Join Our Domain Name Reselling Program

    There are several reasons to join us as a domain name reseller. First and foremost, it is completely free. This means that there are no setup fee, no reseller costs, and no upfront charges. You just have to deposit a small amount for the lifetime that you will use to register domain names related to you or clients. You won’t find any other domain reselling program that is this easy and transparent.Become a reseller at Everdata Technologies if you like to buy a lot of domains and want to pay the lowest price for their registration. You will be able to register domains at minimum prices, by joining our reselling program. Below are some advantages that you will get with being our reseller.

    • Earn a good living by reselling our domains to your clients and prospects.
    • You don’t need any type of technical skills or any expensive equipment, just a simple PC is enough to start off with.
    • Fully automated system handles every single domain related process. So you don’t need to worry about domain registration, domain renewal, domain transfer, payment processing, and service delivery, etc.
    • At last, you are completely free to tag your own prices over the domain services. We have a 24×7 support staff to resolve any emergency condition or urgent issue and build-up your brand name in domain related services.

    To reach us, please do so by starting a chat with us, or contacting us through an e-mail , or making a phone call on land-line number in India.

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    Tips To Boost Your Domain Reseller Business

    Attractive Pricing:The pricing of your domain reseller plans will have a great impact on your business sales. Therefore, select a reseller plan that offers good discounts on domains formerly. In case the domain registrar charges you heftily, you wont be able to sell domains at a good price. At what price will you buy the domain? What is the price your customer will pay? What price will get you maximum profit? There are some of the factors that will give an idea about selecting the best plan that helps you earn best profits.

    Regular Promos & Offers:

    A good offer or a promo is what customers mostly get attracted to. If you want to increase your sales rapidly, dont forget to give discounts on your packages. There are many organizations that launch discount schemes and offers for boosting up their sales during the festive seasons or other occasions. Promo offers gives your customers a chance to save on their purchases and encourage them to buy more from you.

    Features & Value added Benefits:

    Customer Satisfaction:

    Lastly, customer satisfaction plays a key role in boosting your business and so, you must always aim at keeping your customer happy. For this, you need to provide top-class service, perfect quality of service as these will ensure that customers come back to you. You can even ask your customers feedback to bring in improvements in your business. Dont forget that to acquire a new customer is quite costly instead of retaining the old one.

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