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What Does Premium Domain Mean

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Best Places To Find A Premium Domain Name For Sale

What are Domain Extensions and How do I Choose a Domain Extension?

A premium domain name can serve as a powerful online marketing and branding tool for your business. However, to increase your chances of finding a quality web address, its important to know where to look.

Premium domains are typically concise, easy-to-remember URLs that can give you a leg up in terms of branding. While they arent always the cheapest domains out there, they can help you establish a memorable brand identity and even lead to better search engine rankings.

In this post, well take a look at five of the best places to find a premium domain name for sale.

For each, well explain the types of domains offered as well as how the acquisition process works. Lets get started!

Premium Domain Names: Why Are They So Expensive

In this technological field, your domain name has a significant impact on your business. So by selecting the right one, you will have a branded web address that people will remember. If just in case you choose the wrong one, you run the risk of confusion and obscurity with your potential users.

When you follow the procedure for selecting your domain name, you may find that a premium domain is the perfect choice. This guide will share what you need to know about premium domains, why premium domains are so expensive, and what drives their values.

What Are Premium Domain Names

Insight | by Hover on March 31, 2016

Ever searched for a domain name only to find that its already taken? Or perhaps you found an available domain but its price is a lot higher than all the other ones youve seen? Then youve already come across the world of premium domain names.

Premium domains are exactly what they sound like. They are domains that are more expensive than normal. There are many reasons why a domain will be considered premium, but it is usually clear why one domain name is worth more than another. For example, it shouldnt be a big surprise that would be worth more than

In this article, well go over what exactly a premium domain name is and how you can get one for yourself.

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Important Information About Premiumdns

cannot be switchedhosted with ushosted elsewherere-point the domain to PremiumDNS servers

  • In case your domain is hosted elsewhere, please request all the necessary records from your current hosting provider and create them in the same “Advanced DNS” tab.

3) Currently, there is no possibility to run DNSSEC on the PremiumDNS servers for domain names that are not registered with Namecheap.

Business Email: 8 Ways You’re Using It Wrong

Domain name extensions: What do they mean and which one is ...

Its easy to get started with an email domain, and its just as easy to create new email aliases and mailboxes. However, beginners sometimes make these mistakes when they set up their business email:

  • Relying on your ISPs email solution like or Tying your business email to a specific provider can prove difficult down the road especially if your business relocates to an area your ISP does not serve.
  • Signing up for a free service instead of their own email domain. While saving money on your business email, youre discrediting your new business venture with a @gmail address.
  • Using nicknames to amp up your ‘cool’ factor. Emails like the_dude@, jameswebdev@ and colin91@ are not great when trying to shape your brand’s professional image.
  • Skipping aliases and relying on staff email addresses only. Sometimes its as easy as creating a sales@ alias for your website-driven enquiries instead of posting your sole sales managers john@ email address. Aliases are usually free and unlimited and are a great way for new businesses to look a bit bigger and protect themselves against miscommunication due to staff turnover.
  • Using business email for personal use like signing up to social networks and hobby clubs. You dont want your company information associated with off-hour activities. Who knows which party photos will surface one day and damage your brand reputation.
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    How Do I Register A Premium Domain With Ionos

    At IONOS we offer a wide variety of premium domains for sale to take your web presence to the next level. Enter your desired web address into the search field to see if it’s still available and if so, how much it costs to register. We also provide you with a list of possible alternative combinations of premium names, as well as the most popular top-level domains such as .com, .org, .blog, and many more. When you buy a premium domain, it’s wise to consider registering more than one domain by doing so, you can protect your brand and increase your online visibility even further.

    Sedomls Premium For Registrars

    Monetize Premium Domain Inventory | Full Whitelabel Solution | Expedited Delivery

    Integrate SedoMLS Premiumto easily provide over 10 million Buy Now Domains to your customers without ever having them leave your website. Ensure the highest conversion rates for domain purchases and related services, earning additional immediate revenue not available through direct registrations. Sedos advanced API allows you to expedite the transfer of the domain into your control so you can provide it to your user as quickly as possible. Many of the domains are available through our Fast Transfer protocol so that you can push the domain into your users account almost as quickly as a first-time registration.

    • Expedited delivery including Fast Transfer
    • Increased upselling of your value-added services
    • Earn 25% of Sedos commission
    • Integrate 10M Buy Now Domains
    • Full white-label solution

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    Why Is Premium Dns Better

    There are a number of ways a DNS server can fail, including power outages, hardware disruptions, and cyberattacks.

    Good thing many hosting providers integrate redundancies in their DNS services just like Crazy Domains Premium DNS. This means your domain IP will be stored on multiple DNS servers across the globe.

    Premium DNS gives faster resolution times because queries will connect to the closest server. This means that when a visitor types in your domain in their browsers, theyll be able to access your website in no time.

    On top of that, Premium DNS also allows you to have full control over your DNS records. Its like hitting three birds with one powerful stone.

    What Can I Do If The Premium Domain I Want Isn’t Available

    How to Choose a GoDaddy Domain Name (& What to Do if Its Already Taken)

    In case your desired domain is not available, there are still options to you to ensure you can equip your website with a valuable premium domain. For one thing, our domain name search tool provides you with alternative domains you may not have considered. Another good option is to buy the domain from the current owner, who may be willing to sell it to you for a reasonable price. Bear in mind that if the domain name is already taken, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s in use some people, known as domain traders, buy attractive web addresses in order to sell them as premium domain names. In order to track down the owner, look up the domain using the free WHOIS database, which contains the registry details of every web address on the internet. Then, estimate the market potential of the domain in terms of brand appeal and SEO status. You can achieve this using a variety of SEO tools, such as Searchmetrics and Ahrefs. Factors such as whether it ranks for relevant keywords and the quality of its backlink profile will increase the value of a premium domain. With this in mind, negotiating a purchase price with the owner will be much smoother. For more details, see our Digital Guide article on how to buy your domain directly from the owner.

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    What Exactly Is A Premium Domain Name

    CEO, The $1M Domain Name – We help brands, entrepreneurs, politicians and athletes acquire premium domain names for their vision.


    When planning a website, people often wonder exactly what a premium domain name is. After all, don’t all domain names work fundamentally the same way? The answer is yes, all domain names have the same technical function. Nonetheless, some are much more valuable than others. Once you understand what makes premium domains valuable, you’ll appreciate your own need for them.

    What Is A Premium Domain Name?

    A premium domain name is a high-quality domain that investors often buy and sell with the aim of making a profit. These names have a variety of qualities that allow them to outperform others in the key function of a domain, helping users find the website they’re looking for.

    Without domain names, you’d have to remember a long, unique string of numbers to reach a website. Websites use domain names effectively as a shorthand or link to this technical address, making it easy to find them.

    However, imagine an incoherent or excessively complex domain name that’s filled with typos and spelling errors. This domain name wouldn’t help users find the website at all. A premium domain name is the exact opposite of this it is memorable and concise, and it minimizes the risk that potential customers won’t be able to find you.

    Make Sure The Word Is Easy To Spell

    Dont get cute with the spelling.

    Boltz is exactly what Im talking about.

    No one spells it that way. Plus if Im lucky enough to have people to share my site I dont want them saying, hey I got that from, its bolts with a z.

    You dont want that.

    No explanation necessary is best.

    Often you can find another domain in the .com version just as good as the premium one you came up with. You only have to be willing to spend the time.

    After all, premium domains can be expensive.

    Imagine if you found something better AND saved yourself the cost of a premium domain with just a weeks work.

    If the domain name is expensive enough that its making you pause, check this list off before you buy:

  • Youve spent time searching for an alternative, but never found anything as good as the premium domain.
  • Youve done the research on your market and know people buy courses on what youre planning to offer.
  • Youre dedicated to earning money from it.
  • You have the money on hand to buy it.
  • If you dont meet the criteria above, you may want to keep researching for new domain name alternatives.

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    Causes Of 403 Forbidden

    Often, HTTP 403 forbidden errors are caused by an access misconfiguration on the client-side, which means you can usually resolve the issue yourself.

    A common cause of these errors is the file or folder permission settings, which control who can read, write, and execute the file or folder.

    There are two possibilities in this case: either the website owner edited the settings so that you couldnt access the resources, or they didnt set the correct permissions.

    The second common cause is corrupt or incorrect settings in the .htaccess file. This might happen after youve made changes to the file. Luckily, its easy to solve the issue by simply creating a new server configuration file.

    Other than those two common causes, here are some other possible triggers for the error:

    • Missing index page the websites homepage name is not index.html or index.php.
    • Faulty WordPress plugin if a WordPress plugin is not configured correctly or is incompatible with another plugin, it may trigger the 403 errors.
    • Wrong IP address the domain name points to a wrong or old IP address which now hosts a website that blocks your access.
    • Malware infection a malware infection may cause the .htaccess file to be constantly corrupted. Youll need to remove the malware before restoring the file.

    New web page link the site owner may have updated the pages link, which is now different from the cached version.

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    What Does Premium Domain Name Mean? Premium ...

    What Makes A Domain Premium?

    It takes a considerable amount of research to consistently assess domain names and their value accurately. However, it’s fairly simple to consider some of the core markers that indicate a domain name is or may be premium:

    Trustworthy TLD. The top-level domain is the string of characters at the end of a domain. To be worth anything at all, a domain name needs to have a good TLD that doesn’t compromise your ability to reach potential customers. In general, premium domain names will usually use the .com TLD or a relevant country code that suits the target audience.

    Brevity. Overly long domain names can be harder to remember. Likewise, domains with hyphens or other punctuation can be less successful due to this complexity. Any domain name needs to be concise in a practical sense that makes it more memorable. As a result, premium domain names usually consist of one to two words or two to four individual characters.

    Generic value. Many of the most valuable domain sales of all time dealt with domain names that had deeply generic names. For instance, consider, which sold for nearly $50 million. This sort of generic value dramatically increases demand thanks to industry-wide appeal, and it serves to amplify value in the process.

    Key Concept: Brandability

    How To Find Premium Domain Names For Sale

    Premium domain name sales occur on many sites across the internet, and sales sometimes occur in the physical world as well.

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    Why Should I Buy A Premium Domain

    Buying a premium domain is an investment like any other sort of investment, the initial cost can be high, but the rewards make it more than worth it. They offer your website greater potential to rank highly on search engines and they strengthen your online branding. With a premium domain from IONOS, you have the opportunity to distinguish yourself from the competition and establish your brand as trusted and authoritative. By now, many of the best domain names have already been snapped up, which sometimes means that you have to settle for a less powerful option. Within this competitive market, premium domain names give you the chance to secure a valuable domain that give you an edge over your competition. Because they are easy to remember, contain popular keywords, and are SEO-friendly, a premium domain provides the ideal platform to build a strong online brand that attracts high levels of traffic. If you’re a business, having a short and snappy domain name can mean the difference between a consumer finding you online before a competitor, rather than the other way around.

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