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Who Should I Buy My Domain Name From

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How Do I Permanently Buy A Domain Name

Where should you buy a domain name? (2020) | 7 Options Compared

Its not possible to permanently own a domain name since its not a one-time purchase the maximum period of registration is ten years. You will need to pay and renew your subscription if you want to keep using the same domain name.This is to cover the maintenance costs or domain tax collected by the ICANN.As the number of registered domains grows, the tax increases. Hence, registrars need to adjust their pricing accordingly, which is why the renewal fees are more costly than the registration prices.

Should I Buy All Extension Of My Domain Name

There is a valid reason behind the invention of voice dictation, auto correct, and spell check because the majority of users are bad spellers. This is really a huge problem for people having websites because a single letter in a domain-name can be the variation among learning more regarding Styx tribute band and you.

To recompense for these misspellings and typos, a number of site owners will get as many editions of their domains as possible and after that redirect these domain-name to their major one. For instance, Google has also registered and, which both promote visitors to the domain-name you meant to enter

Well, there are thousands of methods to misspell phrase or a word, thus is it really worth it to purchase every possible variant of your domain that you can imagine? Here are some important things that you will need to think about.

Verify The Ownership Of Your New Domain

The final step is to verify the domain ownership through the email address you used when registering the domain. The email usually arrives within a few minutes after finishing the domain setup. Simply click the verification link in the email to verify your contact information.

If the email doesnt arrive, resend the request from the control panel. We recommend doing it immediately, as waiting for 15 days or more will lead to a temporary suspension from the registry.

Thats all there is to it. Now you know how to buy a domain name and complete the initial registration process.

Tip from Darius

To make the most out of your newly acquired domain, consider authorizing it with the Google Search Console. This will provide you with important analytical insights and make it easier for Google to crawl the content of your site.

First, log into your Google account and head to the Search Console page. If you want your entire domain to be crawled, enter the URL in the bar on the left. Once thats done, click Continue and youll be presented with a code. Then, copy it and do not close the tab.

Now, log into your Hostinger account, head to the hPanel, and on to the DNS Zone Editor. Under Manage DNS Records, select TXT as the Type. Unless youre only adding a specific subdomain to the Search Console, leave as the Name. Next, copy the code youve received previously as the TXT Value. We recommend leaving the TTL Value as the default. To finish it all off, click on Add Record.

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Domain Names Are Cheap But Losing Them Is Costly

We all know that registering a domain name costs almost nothing, and there is no shortage of companies offering registrar services . Its no harder to register a domain for 10 years than for 1, so why wouldnt you save some time? Lets look at the downside.

Losing control of a domain name can mean:

  • wasted time retrieving login information for your registrar account
  • losing access to your website
  • damage to your brand
  • losing search engine placement
  • losing access to email messages
  • instant obsolescence of anything tied to your domain name .

The question, then, is why would registering a domain for 10 years mean losing control of it? The answer?

Avoid Slang & Pop Culture

Should I Buy More Domain Names?

Imagine if today you tried appealing to a millennial demographic by using the term xtreme in a domain. You might reel in droves of fortysomethings, but the target audience would likely find that choice of words laughably outdated.

Planning for long-term success means picking a web address with classic appeal, not something that fades from popularity within a few years.

Similarly, avoid slang or use only slang thats universally recognizable. With the global reach of the internet, its not unthinkable that youll attract some folks who speak English as a second language. Make it easy for them.

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Should You Purchase All

Actually, this is a common problem for people who are recently planning to open their business. When you are making a purchase of .net, .org, .ca, or .com its quite tough not to wish to purchase all of the other less popular extensions that are waiting for someone to grab them up. It can get quite costly to buy every extension with your online business name hence its not at all reasonable to buy all of them.

You dont wish to buy numerous domain-name extensions to secure your brand. It would be quite offensive to put your hard-work in your website, your products and your branding for your .com just to discover that somebody else has bought the .ca and is currently fighting with you. Also, a few names have been faced with the challenges of not buying all of their domain extensions and knowing that somebody has employed another extension for creating a website to write about them.

The major disadvantage of making a purchase of all the domain extensions for your website is that you will require spending a lot of money. You will not only need to spend your money on the first purchase, however every year you will need to renew all your domain-names. Obviously, thisll a continuing expenditure for the rest of your businesss life. A clever option is to choose the most famous url extensions. There are some domain-names that dont make sense to keep hold of and keep paying for every year. Others are requirements for creating a powerful brand and safeguarding your companys name.

The Benefits Of Using A Domain Name Registrar Like Namecheap

So, its clear here that we suggest you use a proper domain name registrar because company who specializes in domains like Namecheap or Dynadot. These companies provide domain registration services at an affordable price with excellent customer support .

While it is a bit more technical to setup properly, in the long run youll save a lot of money by using a domain name registrar like Namecheap who provides low renewal rates and free WHOIS protection.

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How Much Does A Domain Name On Wix

Wix does a poor job of clearly layout out their price points for domain name registration as well as hidden fees the implement. Here are the prices of registering a domain name through Wix:

  • If you purchase a Wix plan and pay annually youll get the domain fee waived the first year but will have to pay for subsequent years after.
  • For a 1 year registration of a .com domain name it costs $14.95 at Wix.
  • If you register your domain for 2 years in advanced the fee is $13.95 per year.
  • For three years in advance, the rate drops to $12.95 per year.

Wix, unlike Squarespacedoes not provide domain name privacy included in the price. Instead they charge it as a $9.90 a year upsell. So, if you purchase your Wix account and register a domain name for 1 year, youll get the domain free for the first year free then youll be paying $14.95 + the $9.90 WHOIS protection

With Wix, expect to pay $24.85 a year for a .com per domain name. The same exact domain name at Namecheap with domain privacy costs only $8.88 a year.

Do I Need To Buy A Domain For My Shopify Store

What You Should Know Before Buying a Domain Name

While Shopify does provide a free domain name, its better to purchase one. The free Shopify domains are sub-domains, and include If you want people to take your store seriously, you need to purchase a domain.

You dont need to purchase a domain to have a Shopify store, but a registered domain is standard for a professional look. Many sellers will feel a lack of trust towards a sub-domain.

It indicates that you dont take the business seriously. Purchasing a domain is relatively cheap, and its a necessary step to creating a business.

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Be Careful When Buying Existing Domain Names

As I mentioned a couple of points above, buying an existing domain name is a bit different from buying a new one. First of all, since its not new, this means it already has a history. And you can never be entirely sure what that history is.

  • On the bright side, the domains history may give you a boost in Google since youre not starting from scratch Google already knows the domain.
  • But, on the flip side, if the domain has featured any kind of non-kosher stuff , then it may be banned from Google entirely.

Buying your domain from a marketplace such as Flippa gives you some safety, since every domain is validated at least in the most basic way. However, to make things a bit safer, you should also perform checks of your own.

First, do a manual check by going to Google and searching for:

This will tell you whether Google has any pages indexed from that domain. Finding anything is a good sign. It means the domain isnt banned. Not finding anything doesnt have to be a deal-breaker, though.

  • If the domain is blank no website then theres nothing for Google to find in the first place.
  • However, if there is a website but Google cant see it , this is a red flag.

You can also do checks via tools such as and But also keep in mind that these things are not foolproof. Consider them helpers.

But we can still do more:

How Much Domain Names Cost

There are two options when it comes to getting your domain name:

  • Register a name that isnt already currently registered.
  • Buy a name that is already registered from the person that owns it.
  • Regardless of which option you go with, youll pay an annual registration fee of $7$15/year on average. If you are acquiring the name on top of that, youll pay an additional acquisition price.

    The cost of acquiring a domain name varies widely: You can easily spend 45 figures on a name. In some cases you can find a good one for hundreds of dollars. Some domain names arent for sale at all, while others have sold for millions of dollars. Recently, someone bought for $2,500 and for $70,000.

    Unless you choose a more creative route, that is. See, you can get a domain name completely for free by choosing to host your site on Bluehost. This is a little bit easier for folks starting from scratchpart of getting a site up and running is choosing a domain, finding a hosting provider, and building a site. If youre in this boat, this is the way to take care of two of those three in one fell swoop.

    Already committed to a hosting provider? Thats okay, theres still a way to save on your domain if youre still considering site builders.

    Paying for a premium plan from Squarespace, Wix, or most of our other top-recommended website builders will open you up to a great deal more useful features.

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    Should I Buy My Domain Through Shopify

    For starting an online store, there are few options easier than Shopify. Theyre user-friendly, a known brand, and quick to start-up. They even offer you the chance to buy your domain name.

    You may be wondering if this is the right choice. For a long-term business, the domain will be tied to you forever. Is Shopify the way to go?

    The Advantages Of Purchasing Multiple Domains For A Single Site

    Should I Buy My Domain Name Through Wix?

    In the huge scheme of things domains are very less expensive. They vary from some pounds per year to some pounds per year. If you require a domain-name then do not be so monetarily restricted as to offer purchasing it for such a limited sum of money you may feel sorry for it down the line. In the majority of cases, it is suitable to have over a single domain-name and indicate them to similar website. There are some of the leading perks or advantages of purchasing multiple domain-names for a single site.

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    Short Is Better Than Long

    In general, when it comes to the length of your domain, shorter is better.

    According to research from Domain, the most common name length is approximately 12 characters.

    All of this data shows that you should keep your domain name concise.

    Aim for 6-14 characters and remember the shorter, the better. Most likely the shorter domain names are taken a LONG time ago and sold for thousands of dollars. If you cant find something short, make it brandable.

    Our own site is exactly 12 characters.

    Why Everyone Should Register A Domain Name

    My students get extra credit if they can show they’ve registered an internet domain name for themselves. In any future course I teach, this will no longer be optional it will be a requirement.

    My students and the rest of us are partly who others say we are. That’s a key reason why each of us needs to be one of the voices defining us. To the extent that they live public lives in any way and like it or not, it’s getting harder not to be public in some way tomorrow’s adults will need an online home that they control. They need an online home, a place where they tell the world who they are and what they’ve done, where they post their own work, or at least some of it.

    Of course, the students and most of their parents have a presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Flickr and all sorts of other places. The value of conversation and sharing in general is enormous, and these services offer great convenience. But to cede our online presences in a way, our very identities to these entities strikes me as a mistake.

    Now, LinkedIn and the other services aren’t likely to alter what we say about ourselves in our profiles and other postings, and they offer convenience plus teams of people who handle issues like security, not to mention visibility for users. Yet, we all need to remember who’s in charge at those social media sites. You and I are just visitors, suppliers of content they hope to use to make money.

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