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What Can I Do With My Own Domain

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Inspect The Contents Of An Ethereum Wallets Contents

How to use Google Sites to Create Website with Domain

If an Ethereum address is associated with an ENS domain name, you can inspect its contents using the Etherscan Blockchain Explorer.

Typically, you usually paste in an Ethereum address to view transactions and holdings. But if I paste in an Ethereum Name Service address, I can see all of the transactions on a particular wallet too.

I can also see any associated text records like a website URL or Twitter profile. In short, its verifiable proof about what an address claims to represent. If you want to see the NFTs inside a particular wallet, paste the address into

So, find your favorite NFT influencer on Twitter, take their handle and paste it into either service to see what tokens, coins and NFTs they hold, at least in their public-facing wallet.

Your Own Customized Email Address

If you have control of the server where your domain is located , you can use the standard CPanel or Plesk to set up as many unique email addresses as you want – including a catch-all. Catch-all means that any emails sent to any address at the domain that arent specifically set up already will just be forwarded to the address you set. You could use this just like a GMail alias for spam protection, or perhaps for giving out personalized email addresses to contacts

Set Up Business Email With An Existing Domain

Use a domain name you already own whether you’re using it for a website address or an email address at another provider.

  • Sign into the website that hosts your domain. Click a button to verify automatically or update the domain manually.
  • Customize the email address or leave it as is.
  • Sign out of Microsoft 365, and then sign back in with your new email address. Your employee email addresses are updated with the new domain.
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    How Much Is A Custom Domain

    The cost of a domain name varies, depending on the domain registrar youre buying it from and the domain extension you want. Typically, a .com domain name which is the most popular extension costs $10 to $15 per year.

    Virtually all website building platforms, from hosted website builders to self-hosted CMS platforms to everything in between, include domain name registration in their sign-up process.

    Some hosted platforms like Squarespace, as well as hosting providers like Bluehost, include a free year of domain registration when you sign up, which appeals to new site owners who want to keep their costs low. Just make sure you check the renewal fees so youre not unknowingly committing to an expensive annual rate.

    Other hosted platforms like CMS Hub and providers like SiteGround require you to purchase a domain from a third-party domain registrar like GoDaddy or Namecheap and then connect it to your account. This is a relatively inexpensive and painless process as well.

    Generally, registering and renewing a custom domain costs between $10 and $15 per year. For example, you can see GoDaddys pricing for different extensions below.

    Now that we understand how the pricing of a custom domain name varies, lets walk through the process of getting one.

    Verify Your Domain Name With Google Workspace

    How Can I Set Up Google Apps For My Own Domain

    Next, youll need to verify your domain name with Google Workspace by adding something called a TXT record. Depending on how you have things configured, you can do this at either:

    • Your web host
    • The place where you registered your domain name

    Google Workspace will provide detailed instructions for most popular hosts/registrars.

    Heres what it looks like to add the TXT record using cPanel :

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    Use The Domain For Branded Vanity Url

    Sometimes the best use of a idle, unused domain can be to simply make it your branded custom link shortener. If youre asking what is a link shortener, it is a small, custom domain that is used to shorten any link for the purpose of making it branded and easy-to-remember.

    Link shorteners can also be used to track clicks of that particular URL.

    For example, my portfolio URL is which is great but I make it even more sweeter and easy-to-remember with my vanity domain so when I have to share my URL with anyone I just give them

    You can also use this very domain to share articles on the web with a shortened URL like you liked this very article you could use your domain to make the URL like or even shorter like

    Here is a complete guide to using your domain names as URL shorteners.

    Setup Your Own Web Proxy

    School filtering systems getting you down? Tired of the dictatorship UK government blocking your PirateBays? Set up your own proxy, then laugh in their Orwellian faces as you float around untethered on internet waves of freedom.

    Again, this will require your own hosting, and again, Simon has you covered: read his full tutorial here.

    Do you think we missed something? What’s your favourite way to use a personal domain?

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    To Conclude: How To Register A Domain Name

    Congratulations! If you followed through with our step-by-step guide, you should now know how to register a domain name.

    What you need is come up with a sound word combo, decide on your domain extension, pick some handful add-ons, and pay for your subscription. Afterward, the registrar will provide you with further quick instructions for connecting your domain name to your website, so that you can finally become visible on the web.

    Have a question about how to register a domain name for your website that is not included here? Leave us a comment below.

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    Create Social Media Accounts

    How To Create A Free Website – with Free Domain & Hosting

    Building social media presence takes times. But you have to create your social media accounts as soon as possible to secure social media URLs.

    It is recommended to choose the social media URLs that match to your domain name. For example, my domain name is and my Facebook page URL is In this way, people can find my page easily. And it will rank higher for the term HostLater .

    There are several social networking sites. But you dont have to join all of them. Join social media sites based on your audience. Here is a list of common social media sites.

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    Get A Web Hosting Plan

    If youve already bought a web hosting plan with your domain name, you can skip this step.

    Most of the domain providers like GoDaddy or Namecheap offer web hosting packages. But they are not as good as web hosting companies.

    Its better to buy hosting from a renowned web host.

    Yes, you can buy domain and web hosting separately. And its a good idea. I have my domain name registered on Namecheap and hosted on WPX Hosting.

    When it comes to buying a web hosting plan, Id recommend you start with a . Its cheaper and suitable for new sites.

    I started my blogging journey with HostGator Shared Hosting. You can do so. Heres a special promo link to get a whopping 61% discount on HostGator.

    For any reason, if you are looking for a HostGator alternative, you can try Bluehost. Its another affordable web hosting provider.

    Create Your Own Personal Private Blog

    Now, suppose youre in no mood for serious business online

    But the same ol question, I bought a domain name, now what keeps nagging you.

    So whats the solution?

    Because you are not in a mood to start business and just want to have fun with your domain

    you can start a complete private blog to share your personal photos and articles with friends and family.

    In that case you can do exactly that with your domain.

    Follow the steps in point #1 to set up a blog for you. Follow these simple steps to make it private and non-accessible to anyone including search engines.

    Step 1: Discourage search engines with these steps.

    Go to settings> > reading > > Check the Discourage search engines from indexing this site

    This will only prevent your site from appearing on s.


    Step 2: People who know your blog address can still visit without your permission. So, to further password protect your site and only allow selected people to view it, use this plugin .

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    Reinforcing Your Brand Identity

    Purchasing and registering a domain name is an essential step in creating a website. A custom domain name can not only build trust with your audience it can also strengthen your brand and drive traffic to your site. The process is easy with the right platform. Look for one that offers the documentation and support you need to purchase and connect a domain with ease.

    This post was originally published in April 2020 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

    Originally published Oct 4, 2021 7:00:00 AM, updated June 14 2022


    Ens Domains: The Final Word

    How Can I Set Up Google Apps For My Own Domain

    ENS domain names may represent the future of web 3.0 for website owners. Today, you can use a .ETH domain name for sending and receiving cryptocurrency. Theyre also a way of claiming an identity online and for managing your NFTs.

    They also have several other technical use cases too. For example, many developers and project owners use ENS domain names to build decentralized applications and websites.

    Buying an ENS domain name is a good step into Web 3.0. Purchase it for several years to reduce gas fees. Then, go and create!

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    How To Register Your Own Domain Name

    One of the many reasons the internet is so powerful is because it gives nearly anyone the ability to share their voice and knowledge with the rest of the world. A particularly popular way to make yourself known is to set up a website. You get full control over the platform, unlike with social media.

    These days many services, such as WordPress or Blogger, offer websites on commercial domains, but in a lot of cases it makes more sense to have your website on your own domaina personal place on the internet where you are in complete control of whats published and how it looks. Heres how to register your own domain name.

    When setting up your personal domain name, you have a lot of options and many vendors to choose from. You can search around to see what works best for you and your needsor look over our suggestions belowbut the following steps outline the gist of what you need to do.

    Add Mx Records For Email

    Once youve verified your domain name, you also need to add another type of record called MX records so that Google Workspace can manage the email for your domain name.

    You can do this via the same interface where you added the TXT record. Or, many web hosts include a built-in tool to help you add the Google Workspace MX records.

    For example, with the cPanel dashboard at SiteGround, you get a dedicated Set Google MX tool in the MX Entry interface:

    And thats it! You should be ready to use Gmail with your custom domain name.

    Remember if you want a more detailed look, .

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    Sell Your Domain Name

    Stuff happens. Maybe inspiration struck at 3 a.m., when an amazing new domain name woke you from a dead sleep. And that other domain you already registered? It can still help you out.

    You can get it in front of interested buyers via domain aftermarket sites that only take a small percentage of the sale.

    One such aftermarket option is GoDaddy Auctions.

    For an annual fee and a percentage of the sale, you can list your domain name for auction or set a buy now price and GoDaddy will handle all the details.

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    Add Your Content And Customize

    How to set up email at your own domain name
    Pages and sections

    Grow your website and use SEO

    Pages make growing your site easy. Just click to add a new page, then drag and drop to change your site’s structure. It’s all mobile-responsive.

    Use sections to add flexible content blocks to your page, changing the look and feel as you go.

    All designs are SEO ready, meaning you can add keywords or extra info to improve your ranking on search machines like Google.

    Colors, fonts and shapes

    Change your site’s look with a click

    Choose from a predefined color palette designed to impress or create your own color scheme. You can also select color variants and switch between light and dark mode.

    Customize your text with a wide selection of modern fonts. All fonts are optimized for readability and chosen to match your template, shapes and color scheme perfectly.

    Images and text

    Easily edit without added software

    Adding and editing images, headlines, and text is easy and doesn’t require any extra software. Just click on any element to edit it, move it, and bring up formatting and design options.

    Need extra pictures? MyWebsite Now includes a fully searchable library of over 17,000 royalty-free images, so you’ll have lots of options.

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    Create An Ens Subdomain

    You may be wondering what is an ENS subdomain? An ENS subdomain is an addition to a primary blockchain domain name.

    As the owner of an ENS domain, you can pick any subdomain that works for your brand or business.

    A subdomain works similarly to a primary ENS domain. You can add wallet addresses for Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litcoin, and Doge as well as various text records. Adding sub-domains is useful for managing multiple wallets.

    You could give employees or team members within your company their own subdomains. For example, I created a subdomain like pay.bryanjcollins.eth as a sub-domain. I can use this sub-domain to manage a different Ethereum wallet. Remember, creating a sub-domain incurs gas fees.

    You could also sell subdomains on a secondary marketplace. Im a member of the Cyberkongz NFT community and the project plans on selling .Kongs ENS subdomains with its NFTS.

    What Can I Do With My Ens Domain 9 Top Use Cases

    Discover what are ENS domains, if you should buy one and how you can use them.

    If you spend any time on NFT Twitter, or youre learning more about web 3.0, youll quickly come across people using .eth domain names. These are known as Ethereum Name Service, or ENS domains.

    What exactly are they, and how can you use them? And are they a replacement for a traditional .com domain name? I purchased bryanjcollins.eth and creatoreceonomyshow.eth via the ENS domain name service to find out. I also experimented with a variety of ENS domain name use cases to explore how to use this emerging Web 3.0 technology.

    Here are some of the use cases for ENS domain names that work today:

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    Redirect Your Domain To Your Social Media Profiles

    If you just dont want to invest in anything yet want to effectively use your parked domain, you can simply login to your domain registrars dashboard and redirect the domain to your social profiles like Twitter profile or Facebook page.

    This can be done free of charge.

    For example, can become

    Configure A Pop3 Send Only Account

    How Can I Set Up Google Apps For My Own Domain

    When you configure your in Outlook, Outlook doesnt allow you to actually send as an address that is from a 3rd party provider or a custom domain alias .

    When you are using Outlook 2013, 2016, 2019 or Microsoft 365, these type of aliases are still shown in the From dropdown menu, but when you try to send as such an alias, the recipient will see it as

  • If the account of your current address isnt configured in Outlook yet as a POP3 account, do this first. Contact your ISP if Auto Account Setup fails and you dont know the server settings for your account.
  • Open the Send/Receive Groups dialog by pressing the CTRL+ALT+S keyboard shortcut or as an alternative use:
  • File-> Options-> Advanced-> button Send/Receive
  • In the Send/Receive Groups dialog press the Edit button.
  • In the left section, select the POP3 account.
  • In the Account Options section, disable the option for Receive mail items.
  • Press the OK button until you have closed all open dialogs.
  • Open your Account Settings.
  • File-> Account Settings-> Account Settings
  • Select your POP3 account and use the Change Folder button at the bottom to set the delivery folder of the POP3 account to the Inbox of your account.
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    How To Get A Custom Domain

  • Pick your domain registrar.
  • If that name is taken, try different variations and domain extensions.
  • Add domain privacy and protection to your cart.
  • Purchase alternatives of your custom domain.
  • Select your term of registration.
  • Buy an email domain and other add-ons.
  • Enter your payment information.
  • Connect your domain to your hosting account.
  • The details of each step may vary according to the platform youre building your site on and the domain registrar youre purchasing from. Below, well walk through the steps of purchasing a domain from and connecting it to HubSpot. That way, you can host all your landing pages, blogs, and website pages on HubSpot and start building search authority.

    Why You Should Consider Paying More Than Free For Your Website

    Editors Note: I highly recommend using BlueHost for your first website, and you can get started now at only $3.95/month. BlueHost make it incredibly easy to get a new site up with their one-click automatic WordPress Blog installation.Making a website for free with your own custom domain sounds like a great way to save money.

    However, in the long run, free websites are rarely a smart way to proceed.

    For example, on the site. In fact, many of these sites will display their own advertisements

    Another problem is that when you sign up for free hosting, your website will go ridiculously slow especially if you have images or videos hosted on your site. Web hosts cant afford to give free users oodles of bandwidth, so youll end up getting whatever trickle of bandwidth is left over after the paid users have had their fill.

    Many free web hosts will also fill your website with their own branding. They may not let you edit the footer of your website, for example, which is where they display a link to their own site and other branded information. Not only is this unprofessional but it can encourage users to click away from your own site.

    One final problem is the lack of storage space. Free web hosts may only provide you with 20MB to 100MB of storage space, for example, which is hardly enough to upload more than a handful of images.

    And of course, as soon as you upgrade to a paid web hosting plan, no web host will give you trouble about using your own paid domain name.

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