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How To Transfer My Domain From Godaddy To Squarespace

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Squarespace And Email Accounts

How To Connect GoDaddy Domain In Squarespace

Squarespace doesnt offer custom email addresses by default with their domains. What they do, like many other website builders, In this case, you get to use the basic Workspace plan, which includes Google Drive, Calendar, Docs and Hangouts, amongst others.

Its not an ideal solution, but there are advantages:

  • You can manage your Google Workspace products directly from Squarespace
  • You can connect Squarespace contact forms to your Google drive and address
  • If you are eligible, you may get Workspace free for one year.

The cons include:

  • Not able to connect any other email providers with Squarespace. Its Google Workspace or youll have to manage your emails through the third party provider solution.
  • If you really want to keep your email offer from another provider, you can connect it to Google Workspace, but its not an easy task.
  • Certain features might be unavailable. For instance, if you sign up to Google Workspace by yourself, you get Google Voice. When you go through Squarespace, their partnership doesnt cover that service.

Finally, when it comes to prices, its all the same whether you buy through Squarespace or Google directly, costing around $6 per month or $72 per year . And yes, thats per user which isnt exactly cheap.

How To Move Your Domain Name From Squarespace Without Downtime

Moving a domain name from one registrar to another can be tricky, especially if its something you dont do often. If the domain is attached to a live site, doing it wrong could result in downtime.

I wrote this guide for myself, to remind me of some of the gotchas associated with migrating a domain name from Squarespace, which probably the most frequent type of domain move that I do.

One big thing to realize is that the domain transfer process can take seven days or more to complete from the time you initiate it at the receiving registrar. Make sure you will be around during the whole process!

Another note is that the domain that you want to transfer must have been registered or transferred at least 60 days ago.

Move My Domain To Another Godaddy Account

You can transfer a domain name from your GoDaddy account into another GoDaddy account with a domain account change. Your domain is not eligible for an account change if its pending a contact update approval, within one day of expiration, expired or already undergoing an account change.

  • Log in to your GoDaddy Domain Control Center.
  • Check the box next to the domain you want to move to another account. Or, click the check mark icon and Select All.
  • Select Ownership> Move to other GoDaddy Account.
  • Enter the new account owners email address.
  • Confirm the new account owners email address.
  • Enter the new account owners shopper ID. If you enter a shopper ID, the email address you entered must match the email address on the account youre moving the domain to.
  • Choose if you want to copy current contact info to the new account. If you decide not to copy the contact information, you and the new domain owner will need to approve the changes.
  • Select Transfer Domain.

    Note: Youll need to verify your identity if you have domain protection on your domain. Well send a verification code automatically if youve had 2-step verification enabled in your account for more than 72 hours. Otherwise, select Send Password and well send a one-time password to your registrant email address.

  • Youll receive a confirmation notice stating Your transfer is in progress.


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    Alternatives To Google Workspace Email Accounts For Squarespace

    If you want a more affordable option than Google Workspace, its still possible to get a professional email account linked to your domain. You have two options there:

    • Link an email account to the domain you bought on Squarespace
    • Buy an email and domain from the same provider, then connect to Squarespace

    Its always good practice to keep your email accounts and domain with the same company. This saves a lot of time and hassle in case you need to migrate later.

    So for the cheaper providers? Weve always had great results with Namecheap. You can even get up to 5 free accounts with Zoho Workplace and there might be other solutions out there too.

    Claim Your Free Domain

    Transfer Domain From Squarespace To Godaddy

    You may be eligible for a free domain on Squarespace for one year if you choose an annual billing plan for a new website.

    Award-winning templates

    Stand out with a professional website, online store, or portfolio. Choose from an unrivaled set of website templates.

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    Do I Have To Change My Email Address If I Change Internet Provider

    A: Unfortunately, when you change service providers, you cannot take your email address with you. Only the ISP could do that since they own the email servers, and it doesnt make good business sense to help people leave their service. The smartest thing to do is get an email account that will move with you.

    Connect Your Ca Domain To Squarespace

    Another option, particularly helpful if you have already have purchased a domain through a different company, is to connect it to your Squarespace website – it just takes a few extra steps.

  • Login to your Squarespace account
  • Select the website you want to connect to your .CA domain
  • Select Settings
  • Select Use a Domain I Own
  • Type in the domain that you would like your site to live on
  • Under Connect this domain , select Connect from provider. For .CA domains, you cannot choose the other option Transfer this domain.
  • Select your domain provider if it’s listed, or other
  • You will receive a message that says Connecting in progress .ca is connecting to your site. Continue to set up your DNS records.
  • Click OK
  • Squarespace will now show you the DNS Settings for the domain. In a new tab or window, log in to your domain registrar account to manage the DNS settings and follow steps 4-6 in Squarespaces step-by-step guide for updating the records.
  • Save the DNS settings of your domain on your registrar account.
  • On Squarespace, hit Refresh. It can take up to 72 hours for the information to process.
  • Once the domain is linked, it will appear in the Domains panel with a Connected label.
  • Select your .CA domain and select Make primary domain.
  • Looking for more help? Squarespace has a great tutorial and video on transferring domain names as well.

    A gift for you: if you really want to show that your website is Canadian, these custom and free-to-use stock photos are just what you need!

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    Unlock Domain Transfer And Copy Epp Code

    The first step before getting the EPP code, used to validate domain transfer between two registrars, is to unlock the domain transfer in the BlueHost interface.

    This security ensures that nobody else that got your EPP code is able to transfer on your behalf.

    Unlock your domain for transfer, and then copy the EPP code in Bluehost, to paste it later on your new domain registrar to start the transfer.

    EPP code: An EPP code is a system generated code by your former domain registrar used by the new registrar to validate a domain name transfer

    How Do I Transfer My Godaddy Domain To Another Owner

    How To Connect A Godaddy Domain To Squarespace (For Beginners)

    Move my domain to another GoDaddy accountLog in to your GoDaddy Domain Control Center. Check the box next to the domain you want to move to another account. From the menu above your domain list, select Ownership, then Move to other GoDaddy Account.Enter the new account owners email address.Confirm the new account owners email address.More items

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    Which Domain Is Best

    How to Choose the Best Domain Name 14 Tips for Choosing the Best Domain Name. Stick with .com. Use Keywords in Your Domain Name Search. Keep Your Domain Name Short. Make Your Domain Name Easy to Pronounce and Spell. Keep it Unique and Brandable. Avoid Hyphens in Domain Name. Avoid Double Letters.Lisää kohteita

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    How To Switch From Squarespace To Shopify The Ultimate Guide

    If you wish to migrate your web store from Squarespace to Shopify, here is the guide that can help you with that.

  • Sign up for Shopify and explore the general settings of the platform.
  • Import your Squarespace web store data to Shopify. There are two major ways you can go here. The first option is to use one of specialized store migration apps that are specially created with this purpose in mind. Actually, there are several of them out there, but the most popular and easy-to-use services are Cart2Cart, Bulk Discounts, Product Reviews etc. Another option is to transfer your web store data manually by exporting the products into CSV files and then importing them and customer lists in your new Shopify website.
  • Make sure your products are organized properly. This is especially important if you have used a migration app. If needed, add and update product details . Create a product collection youd like to organize, if there is such a necessity.
  • If you wish to avoid problems associated with your inventory list, browse and select inventory apps to track the product stock and check, if you dont run out of items you sell.
  • Customize your Shopify website. Having finished uploading products, focus on your web store customization. Shopify abounds in stunning designs. What you need to do is just to select the one from an extensive collection of themes, preview, install and customize it.
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    Beginners Doubts And Questions

    Now, if you are transferring the domain for the first time, you will have many doubts in your mind. We will clear all the doubts here.

    To begin with, the first thing you should know is that its not mandatory to transfer your domain name to Squarespace to use it. You can simply connect it.

    However, if you wish to transfer it, you dont need to have to use Squarespaces platform as your hosting. You can use any hosting you want.

    Even if you transfer the domain, you will OWN the domain name. Squarespace will just manage the domain name. Therefore, you still have ownership.

    Many people have this myth, they think Godaddy or any provider will not let them transfer the domain. However, thats untrue. You can surely transfer the domain anytime you want. If you need any help from their side, they will even help you in completing the process.

    Lastly, if you want to transfer a subdomain to Squarespace, its not possible. You can only transfer Top Level Domain to Squarespace.

    Overview: How Can I Transfer My Domain To Another Host

    How Do I Transfer My Domain From Squarespace To WordPress ...

    Before moving your domain to another host, first, prepare it for transfer. Most hosting providers follow a standard procedure for disconnection with a few minor variances. In a nutshell, this is what you do:

  • Unlock the domain name from your current registrar by disconnecting it
  • Once the process is complete, you will receive an authorization code
  • Confirm any contact details associated with your domain name . Your current registrar may use the administrators contact information during the transfer process.
  • Then follow the steps outlined by your chosen hosting provider to transfer your Shopify domain to another host.
  • Note: Most service providers restrict ineligible domain transfers. You have to have been using your domain on a paid plan for at least 60 days since it was created/transferred over. Furthermore, make sure your domain has not achieved the maximum possible term, i.e. ten years for most TLDs. The transfer will not be possible until the domain becomes eligible for renewal again.

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    Squarespace Domain : How To Setup Your Domain In Squarespace

    In todays video – How to Setup Your Domain in Squarespace – I want to share with you how Squarespace domains work, how you can purchase your domain right from within Squarespace, and then what to do if you have already purchased your domain from another provider, such as GoDaddy.

    If youre new to my channel, welcome, Im Louise of . I put out new videos every single week all about making the tech in your online business easier, so if that is something that you need some help with, make sure that you hit down below, and that you hit that little Bell icon so you get notified every time I post something new.

    Import Your Store Data Into Shopify

    After you export your product, customer, and order data from Squarespace into CSV files, you need to import these files into Shopify.


  • From your Shopify admin, click Apps> Store Importer.

  • On the Import your data into Shopify page, select Squarespace from the drop-down menu.

  • In the Upload files section, click Add file and select the exported files.

  • Click Continue import> Import.

  • Note

    If the platform mentioned on the Store Importer page is not your stores platform, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Select a different platform. You can then select Squarespace from the drop-down menu.

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    Can I Connect My Squarespace Domain To Another Provider

    Yes, this is possible. However, if youre moving your site to a different provider, we recommend transferring your domain to them instead.

    If you want to keep your domain registered with Squarespace and direct it to a third-party site, you can forward it or point it. We recommend reviewing the two options before setting up your records.

    How To Import Images From Squarespace

    How To Add and transfer Domain name in Squarespace

    The WordPress importer feature does not successfully complete the import of images from Squarespace. The process can be easily done through the help of another plugin. In order to go through the process easily, the first thing should be done is to download the Auto Upload Images plugin. You can have a look at our step by step guide of installing WordPress plugin.

    After the plugin is installed and activated, you will have to edit the posts and pages that have images. Once you configure, this plugin will do the rest. With this WordPress plugin you can update contents at bulk. This plugin will allow you to complete the task in a few clicks instead of doing it manually.

    To get started with the process, you need to go to the Post section and click on the All Post Page. From their click on the Screen Options at the top.

    You need to increase the number to 999 in the Number of items per page field field and click on the Apply button. WordPress will reload the page, and this time it will show 999 posts at a time. Next, you need to select all your posts and then select Edit under the bulk actions menu.

    From the screen options, go to the number of items per page field and increase the number to 999 and click on the Apply button. After that, WordPress will reload the page and it will show 999 posts together. Then select all posts and then click Edit under the bulk action menu.

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