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How To Set Up A Business Email Domain

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How To Create A Business Email Account In An Instant

How to set up email at your own domain name

Having a business email address is essential for any brand or business looking to grow its online presence.

A business email address allows you to use your companys domain name instead of a generic one. In place of something like , you will have a branded email address similar to .

This guide will walk you through how to create a business email address. Well explain the reasons why a professional business email address is essential, what the requirements to have one are, and a few ways to set it up.

Use Godaddys Email Service

Cost: GoDaddy hosting plans start at $2.99 per month and include a free domain and email for the first year. GoDaddys Professional Email plans start at just $1.99 per user per month.

GoDaddy is a domain and hosting provider you can use to create a business email address. Their hosting package includes a free domain as well as Office 365 email for the first year.They also offer Professional Email plans that include a domain-based email address, 10 GB of email storage, and the option to use it with your preferred email client:

To get started, choose a plan and click on the Add to Cart button. On the next page, you can add more users and select your term length:

Click on Continue at the bottom of the page, then fill in your payment details to complete the checkout process. Next, go directly to your GoDaddy account dashboard.

Under the My Products tab, click on the option to set up your professional email account:

When the Email & Office dashboard opens, you can select the domain you want to use for your business email address:

After you click on Continue, follow the prompts to configure your account and create your business email address:

If youre using a domain registrar other than GoDaddy, youll have to update your DNS records to verify ownership of your domain:

Validating your domain requires you to add DNS records using the information provided by GoDaddy. If youre unsure where to find these settings, refer to your web hosts support documentation.

Send A Test Email Using Your New Account

If youve done the above steps correctly, you should now be able to send and receive emails using your brand new custom email domain!

Go ahead test it: log in to your new email account and use it to send an email message to your friend, or to another inbox you own. Verify that the message arrived in the correct inbox.

Next, either reply to that message or send a new one to your new email account. Verify that the message was received in your new inbox.

Congratulations you now have successfully tested your new email account using a professional, custom email domain!

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Use Your Existing Web Host

Cost: If you already have hosting for your website, one of the quickest and easiest ways to create a business email address with your domain is to use cPanel. The benefit of this approach is that you can set up your email at no extra charge beyond what youre already paying for web hosting.

CPanel is a popular control panel used by many hosting providers, including A2 Hosting, Bluehost, and InMotion Hosting. If you already have a registered domain and hosting account set up with a cPanel provider, this method is particularly convenient.

To get started, first log in to your web hosting account and open the cPanel tool. If youre not sure where to find cPanel, you can ask your hosts support for help.

Then, navigate to the Email section and click on Email Accounts:

This will open the Email Accounts page where any existing accounts you have will be listed. To start setting up a new business email, select the Create button:

On the next screen you can enter your email account information, including the domain you want to use and your login credentials:

Note that if you have more than one domain, you can select which one to use from the Domain dropdown menu. If you only have one, it will automatically be selected.

At the bottom of the page, there will be a few more settings to configure:

In these sections, you can:

Definition Of A Business Email Address

Setting up your professional email: A simple step

A business email address is one that ends in your websites unique domain name, creating customized addresses for you and your team that match your brand with ease. For example, if you were a floral business, your email structure would look something like this:

Since your business email address is based off of your overarching website URL, its worth taking time and intentionally choosing a domain name that will help you make a name for yourself.

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How To Create A Free Business Email Address

Before you can get free business email accounts, youll need to register a domain and web hosting. From there, youll then need an email hosting provider or email manager to handle your emails.

If you already have a custom domain and business website, you may be able to set up an email address with your current web hosting provider.

However, many web hosting providers charge extra to set up an email address with your company name and send emails. These extra costs can add up quickly!

Thats why we recommend going with Bluehost who offers some of the best email hosting for free. They include a free domain name and a free professional email address with their WordPress hosting packages, which can save you a ton of money.

For example, Googles G Suite offers business and productivity tools like cloud storage, Google docs, a free email account with, etc. Yet, you have to pay for email hosting and an email address with your business name. Similar rules apply to other email hosting providers like Zoho mail, which only offers limited user storage.

Ready to set up your email address? Lets get started.

Set Up Your Custom Email Domain With Your Email Service Provider

Domain name registered? Check. Email service provider account created? Check.

The next critical step: set up your custom email domain to be able to send and receive emails, by linking the domain to your email service provider account.

The exact steps to take here are somewhat technical, vary by provider, and require that you modify your domains DNS records which is not something to be undertaken lightly if youre unfamiliar with TXT and MX records.

The good news is that Google and Microsoft provide very detailed instructions for completing this crucial step.

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How To Set Up A Business Email Account On Your Own Domain

A lot of small business owners find that they need a corporate email address on their own work domain, but aren’t entirely sure what is required to set things in motion, beyond needing a domain name.

And while using something like might be sufficient for the first few weeks, you’ll want something more professional going forward – because it promotes you better.

Why You Need A Professional Business Email Address

How to Create an Email Address with Your GoDaddy Domain Name

A professional email with an email domain can be a great way to give you credibility as a small business owner.

With a professional email address, your communication with your client not only looks authentic and professional but also reduces the risk of your emails being marked as spam.

Todays tutorial will tell you how to create an email address with your company name and own domain for free.

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Bluehost Free Hosting For WordPress Websites

This service provider is one of the leading web hosting companies offering you a free email domain when you take one of its hosting packages.

Plans are affordable, starting at $2.95 per month. However, Bluehost is only available for WordPress websites. If you have a WordPress CMS, youll get free a free domain name included with your plan and five free email addresses.

Its excellent value for WP webmasters and site owners.


  • A free email domain included with your hosting plan
  • Five free email addresses included with your hosting plan
  • Options for forwarding your business email through Gmail
  • The package comes with web hosting, one-click WP installations, and an SSL certificate


  • Suitable for WordPress sites only
  • Free remail requires a hosting pan subscription
  • Not ideal if you dont need hosting or you only have one email address

How do I get a free email domain with Bluehost?

To access the free email domain and email addresses, youll need to choose one of the Bluehost hosting plans.

After registering and selecting your custom domain name, set up your professional email address using your custom domain name by navigating the Email and Office section of your dashboard.

Plenty Of Email Clients In Cyberspace

If youre not a fan of Gmail, you dont have to worry. This isnt the only way to create an email on a domain, though its the easiest one. If you want to set up a domain email on another client, you can look it up.

Some online clients such as Yahoo take minimum effort and the setup process is similar to Gmail. However, complex clients such as Outlook require more effort.

Which email client do you prefer? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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Choose An Email Hosting Provider

When you look for an email hosting provider, the main things to look for include how many mailboxes are included in your plan, storage space, additional tools and security features.

A business email provider should give you more than just email

When you choose a provider, its helpful to remember a professional email address defines your credibility. So you dont want to put your business into the hands of just any email service.

Its worth underscoringthere are several reasons you might choose Namecheap.

  • Advice on our website helps you decide what to do with domains, including transferring and migrating a website to us.
  • If you did want everything all under one roof, using one account for your email and website hosting together comes with our.
  • If youve not used us before, you can even try us free for the first two months with no obligation to stay.

Set up your custom email server

Now that you have everything you need, setting up the technical part is the next step on your path. By the way, this is also the final one during the initial setup. Often, any provider you choose will provide you with free setup instructions with screenshots or even a YouTube video as a guide. Here we describe the fundamental steps involved in setting up your server name

I mentioned the most common format for creating a professional email was .

Top tips for finding your MX records

Dont see yours? Take a look at how to route MX from other providers.

But first, read on for some mailbox advice.

How To Add Email Forwarding

Free Business Email Address: Where To Get One And How To ...

You do not have to set up a forwarder from your domain email address to your Gmail address but it should provide faster delivery of new mail to Gmail. Before you configure Gmail, you should create an email forwarder.

Return to the cPanel and create an email forwarder from your custom domain email address to your Gmail address.

  • Under the Email & Office tab, find the Forwarders section.
  • Click the Add Domain Forwarder button.
  • Now all emails to will be forwarded to your Gmail account.

    Note that Google also offers Google Workspace a paid suite of business tools that includes Gmail. Google Workspace offers several business advantages especially collaborative working and organization. We discuss this below in the FAQ.

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    Create A Business Email Address With Bluehost

    Bluehost offers free business email addresses at your own domain with any hosting package. And its packages are also super affordable.

    Even better, Bluehost includes a free domain with all new signups, so you only need to pay for the hosting.

    You can use the free domain for your email address right now, even if you dont have a website yet.

    Step 1: Choose a Bluehost Plan

    The first thing we need to do is choose a hosting plan for your new domain.

    Head to Bluehost and click on the green Get Started Now button.

    Bluehost has 4 hosting plans to choose from.

    Heres a quick summary:

    Unlimited Unlimited

    You can see that the Basic plan is perfect for a starter website, or if you just need a few free business email accounts.

    If you need unlimited email accounts, the Plus plan will suit you better. Heres a little more detail:

    Of course, this is just a quick summary of the plans at Bluehost. Be sure to check the fine print before you choose a plan.

    Ready to continue? Click Select under the plan you want.

    Now for the fun part: register your free domain.

    Step 2: Choose Your Free Domain

    Now were going to choose the domain name that will appear on your free business email address.

    The domain comes free with your hosting.

    Just type your business name into the box to search for the domain name. You can also use letters, numbers, and hyphens.

    Once youve chosen your domain, its time to move on and create your account. Just provide your billing information here and submit the form.

    Whats The Difference Between A Free Google Email Account And A Google Workspace Account

    Google Workspace is designed for businesses and includes a number of business-grade services not included with Googles free consumer apps. These services include a custom business email address, extra cloud storage across Gmail and Drive, additional security options like two-step authentication and SSO, administrative controls for user accounts and more.

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    A Business Email Shows Professionalism

    If youre sending emails about the business you run from, frankly, your recipients arent going to take you seriously .

    And you can still keep your personal email account as something separate. Your work-life balance will likely be better if emails sent from your mom or BFF show up in a different place than those that come from customers and co-workers.

    Benefits Of Having A Business Email

    How to Create a Business Email | Complete Setup with Gmail for Free

    Benefits of having a business email include:

    • Building awareness of your brand: Each time you email customers from your business address, you remind them of your organization by building name recognition.
    • Establishing trust in your business: An email using your businesss domain name can reassure customers that you are a bona fide business, helping you build trust with clients.
    • Remaining consistent with your brand: Starting a new business is essentially establishing your brand and making it easy to identify. Remain consistent with your brand on all marketing and communication channels, especially your email.

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