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How To Find Out What Domains A Person Owns

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Search For The Domain Name Youre Interested In

Web Site & Internet Help : How to Find Out Who Owns a Domain?

Now, simply type in the domain name you want to find out more information about into the search bar and press enter. Whenever a domain owner decides to register the domain, theyre required to include information such as their name, address, email, and phone number. A Whois lookup can also tell you which registrar the domain is at, when it was registered, when it could potentially expire, and more.

Does Whois Lookup Support Com Domains

Yes, Whois supports .com domains. Just like with other domain extensions, you can look up who owns a .com domain with Whois or whether certain .com domains are available. However, it should be noted that the information available during this .com domain lookup will depend on where the domain is registered the Whois database is not an independent venture, but deals with multiple registrars that contribute information. These registrars manage different domain extension categories. For example, domain extensions are broken down into several categories: generic top-level domains , new top-level domains , and country code top-level domains . The domain extension .com is a gTLD domain and is the most common gTLD, others include .org and .net. gTLDs are international domains and the information on these domains is handled by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers . However, due to the GDPR only a limited amount of information will be made available in the .com domain WHOIS lookup search results.

How To Find The Owner Of Your Ideal Domain

The right domain name enhances your visibility and promotes your brand, but that perfect name may belong to someone elseand locating that person can be the first step toward securing the domain for your own use. Checking ownership of a domain can help keep your own domain secure and up to date, as well. With the help of online search tools such as WHOIS and a little detective work, its possible to find any domains legal owneror to protect your own domains essential information. has the tools you need to continue building your business into a success.

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Why Is Determining A Domain Name Registrant Important

Determining a domain name registrant is important for many reasons:

  • The lookup can verify that the registrant details of your personal domains are properly entered. If they are not, you may miss renewal notices, purchase offers, partnership requests and the like.
  • If you are interested in making an offer on an already registered domain name, you can easily lookup contact information, such as the owners name, mailing address, email address and telephone number.
  • If you are tying to protect your personal information, a lookup can tell you if the privacy controls youve put in place are actually in effect.

How To Hide Your Information From Whois Lookups

How to find out who owns a domain name

Online privacy is incredibly important and some people do not want their contact details publicly available on the internet. For anyone who does not want to sell their domain or be contacted by those browsing the Whois directory, we highly recommend purchasing Advanced Security for all of your domains, which includes Whois Privacy, Domain Lock Plus, and a free SSL certificate. It masks your contact information and prevents spammers and telemarketers from using your information for no good.

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Find Domains Owned By A Company

Allows you to discover domains associated with a target domain and to determine the attack surface of a target organization. Find systems which are less protected and more vulnerable to attacks.

Discover Attack Surface

The domain names owned by an organization are the starting point for discovering its attack surface. Development, test, backup or less-known applications are usually hosted on different domain names of the organization and they can be easy targets for attackers

Asset Inventory

This tool can help you to perform an inventory of your domain names, including the resources that you have currently exposed to the Internet. Such an inventory could help you decomission unused resources and decrease your workload.

Real-Time Discovery

The results of Find Domains are obtained in real-time and no caching mechanism is used. Even though this is a slower approach, the results are very accurate and up to date.

One: Visit The Website

In cases where the owner bought the domain as an investment, theyll make it easy for you to contact them. So start by pulling up the website to see what shows up.

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They may say outright that the domain is for sale, and include contact information or a form you can fill out. Or in some cases where the domain is in active use, youll be able to find contact information on the websites Contact or About page.

If youre lucky enough that this step does the trick and you find the domain owner, you can skip the next two steps.

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S To Find Out Who Owns A Domain Name

Are you on the hunt to find out who owns a domain?

Perhaps the domain name you want is taken and you want to buy it. You may be running into problems trying to find the owner of the website because people keep information private.

Before you give up on buying that domain, we may have a solution to help you find out who owns it.

Not only are we going to help you find that domain owner, but were also going to give you some tips on what to do next.

Consider A New Domain Name

Find Out Who Owns the Domain or Website – Reverse Domain Search

Theres a decent chance that even if you take all of these steps, the person that owns that domain now either wont want to sell, or will only accept a higher price than you can pay.

In that case, youre far from the first person to have to come up with an alternative to the first name you set your heart on. Consider different domain name extensionsif the .com is taken, the .net or .co may still be available. And brainstorm new domain name ideas. You may just come up with something you like even more than your original idea.

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Other Methods For Searching Domain Ownership

If you attempt to find a domain name owner through the WHOIS databases but fail to uncover the desired information, there are a few other research methods you should try before giving up.

Carefully inspect the website

Even if the domain name owner has hidden their information on the WHOIS database, the website itself might be able to furnish contact information. Scroll around, paying particular attention to the top and bottom of the page, searching for links that read contact information, or something similar. Even if it doesnt connect you directly to the owner, they might point you in the direction of someone who knows.

Social media

Scan any and all social media accounts associated with the domain name or website youre looking into. Consider resources like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Again, look for any reference to contact information or email addresses that might be visible.

Can I Look Up Org Info Biz Us Or Tel Domains

  • For .ORG domain name WHOIS information, please visit:
  • For .INFO domain name WHOIS information, please visit:
  • For .BIZ domain name WHOIS information, please visit:
  • For .US domain name WHOIS information, please visit:
  • For .TEL domain name WHOIS information, please visit:

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    Find Out Who Is The Owner Of A Domain Name

    Have you ever wanted to have a certain domain name, but it was taken? Today we will walk you through the steps of finding out who owns the domain.

    So, you have a new and amazing idea for a site. Great, you spent hours trying to come up with a simple yet catchy domain name. Now you try to register it, but a very unfortunate thing happens someone has already claimed your desired domain name.

    Although initially, it could be a little bit of a let-down that your dream domain name is already taken, there are a few solutions you could try. One option is to rebrand and come up with a different name or try to purchase this name from the owner, the latter option being the best if you already have a part of the site ready.

    Do not forget, even a registered domain name is still possibly available if you can find the owner. Actually, buying and reselling domains is a big business in itself.

    Are The Domain Owner And The Website Owner The Same

    How To Find Out Who Owns A Domain Name

    In most situations, the domain owner and the website owner are the same. But technically, that doesnt have to be the case. So, who is the owner of a domain?

    Businesses are a great example to look at. A business website is part of the company, which can be owned by a partnership or corporation. However, domains are usually registered to one individual.

    When a domain is registered, it will have several contacts listed for it. These are Registrant, Admin, Technical, and Billing. The Registrant contact is the legal owner of the domain.

    If you hired an agency to build your website, someone on its staff might have registered the domain. If its not under your contact information, you wouldnt be the websites legal owner.

    And finally, sometimes, domain registration services retain ownership of your domain. If they charge you for managing your domain, such as updating MX or A records, then thats a good sign that you dont legally own your domain.

    However, if you find the domain owner, it will be easy to get to the website owner and vice versa.

    Lets look at five proven ways to find out who owns a website.

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    Length Of Domain Ownership

    Typically, the standard domain ownership period is two years. However, depending on extensions, its possible to register a domain name for up to 10 years. Renewal is also an option for people who dont want to commit to a multi-year deal.

    Domain owners pay an annual fee, which varies based on the TLD theyve chosen. Since the year 2000, has offered some of the most affordable TLD registration and renewal fees available.

    Reverse Google Analytics Lookups

    Google AdSense is only popular among content publishers but almost every website is using Google Analytics for traffic statistics. And there are online tools available that can quickly find all websites that are are connected to the same Google Analytics account.

    Go to and type the domain name that are you are researching. Next choose the Reverse Google Analytics ID Lookup tab and it should bring a list of all web domains that are connected to the same Google Analytics ID.

    This is the most effective option of them all though it would only work for live websites that use Analytics while standard Whois lookups can even find web domains that have only been registered but are not live yet.

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    How To Find Out Who Owns A Domain Name

    Domains have essentially become the real estate of the online world, and just like a suburban dream home, domains tend to pass hands several times over the years. But if theres a domain out there that youre interested in purchasing, how do you go about getting in touch with the owner? Well explain how in this handy guide.

    Why Is It Important To Know Who Owns A Domain

    How to Buy a Domain That Someone Else Owns

    Finding out who owns a domain name can reveal a lot about the person who owns it.

    Typically, this information will include an email address and other contact information so that you can contact the domain name owner to purchase it.

    Also, it displays helpful domain name details such as the last time it must have been registered, the number of owners the domain already has, and so on.

    If you discover that a domain name has already been owned by multiple individuals, the probability of the domain used for spam rises.

    One of the most important decisions youll make when building a WordPress website is deciding on the perfect business name and domain.

    If you find a great domain that is already registered, you should contact the owner to see if they are willing to sell it to you.

    There are several methods for determining who owns a domain name. Well show you how to find out who owns a domain name in three simple steps.

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    How To Find The Owner Of A Website

  • Search the website
  • Use search engines or social media
  • Find an email associated with the domain
  • Searching the Website
  • If you want to know how to find the owner of a domain, start with the website. The website itself can be a useful source of information.

    If the domain has been registered, but the website is not live yet, skip to step two and look at the domain registration history.

    However, if there is a website, here are some places to look to find a website owner:

    • Contact us page
    • Website footer
    • Privacy policy

    Depending on the website owner, they may make their contact information accessible. Professional resume websites often have contact information, and so do sales websites.

    However, if the owner of the website doesnt list any contact information on the contact us or about page, there are a couple of other places you can look.

    First, scroll down to the website footer. This is where you can find out who owns the copyright, and sometimes you can find out which agency created the website. Either of these can point you in the direction of the website owner.

    Finally, you can check the privacy policy page. If a website collects any user information, its legally required to have a privacy policy.

    How does the privacy policy page help you?

    The privacy policy needs to include contact information for privacy issues. It often includes the email address or physical address of the individual who owns the websites data.

  • Domain Registration History
  • Check With a Domain Broker
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    How To Find Out Who Owns A Website Or Domain

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    There are moments when you view something and wonder who made it. The same goes for websites. Whether youve stumbled upon an online educational resource or a gossip website, you begin to think of who had the idea to create it. You also might be interested in buying the domain name. Regardless, the maker isnt always the owner. Websites get sold all the time. Therefore, a website is either owned by the creator or a purchaser.

    Identifying ownership of a website stems from many reasons. It helps you understand why the website was built, how many sites a person or business owns, and more. For political and controversial posts, knowing the creator can provide some much-needed context. Regardless of reasons, how can you see a websites owner in the first place? Lets break it down.

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