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How To Pay For Domain Name

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You’re Not Stuck With Paying Forever If You Want To Quit

How To Pay For Domain Name With A Unverified PayPal Account

You are under no obligation to keep paying for the domain name. That is, if you decide in the end that you want to close yourwebsite, simply don’t renew your domain name. Normally, when your domain name is about to expire at the end of its registration period,the domain name registrar will send you an email message to remind you that it’s time to renew. If you don’t want to keep the domain,just ignore the email and don’t pay for the next year’s fee. Their system will then automatically terminate your domain name atthe end of that period, and that’s that. When you type that domain into your browser after that date, you will no longer seeyour website.

Note: if you have originally asked your registrar to automatically renew your domain name, and now don’t want it done,you will need to return to your registrar’s website to disable the automatic renewal. Otherwise the registrarwill go ahead and charge your credit card for the renewal fee when the domain is about to expire .

Pick The Right Tld For Your Domain Name

Your TLD affects your credibility, so its important to choose wisely.

Check out this graph on the topic:

These are the extensions that you should consider if you are serving a global audience.

Of course, .com domain names are much more expensive than the rest, so you might have to compromise there if you dont have the budget for it.

How Can I Get A Free Domain For Com

You only need to register for any of the web hosting plans that offer a free domain name. However, make sure the value is enough for you to buy the .com TLD.For example, if you sign up for Hostingers Premium or Business shared hosting plans, you will get a free domain for one year with the value equivalent of a .com TLD.

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How To Register A Domain Name For Your Website

Your company needs a website, which means it needs a domain name. Your first step is registering a domain name, which can be daunting for first-timers. Don’t worry: Our guide walks you through it.

Once you’ve decided to build a website, you need to make an important decision, even before you consult our best web hosting services roundup: What’s your domain name going to be? You know, it’s the web address by which all your many customers find you. Your domain name is, in effect, the name of your website, so you want to make sure you get a good one. Purchasing a name is a relatively simple process, but finding one that isn’t already taken can be a challenge. In addition, you’ll also want to make sure you understand the contract between you and the domain name registrar. If this is starting to sound a bit complicated, don’t worry: This primer can help you get started.

Your Domain Name Should Be Easy To Remember

How to Buy a Domain Name from Godaddy

You want to make sure that your domain name is easy to remember. But what exactly does that mean?

Basically, the more items you ask someone to remember, the harder it is for them to do that.

When it comes to domain names, every word and symbol is a separate item, which is something to keep in mind when you are considering various options.

For example, is easier to remember than .

Try to keep your domain short, avoid using symbols, and get a well-known extension.

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Everything You Want To Know About Owning Real Estate On The Internet

Put simply, a domain name is the mechanism that helps identify and locate computers and resources connected to the Internet and while there are free domain names, you usually have to purchase them through domain registrars.

One of the most essential features of a domain name is that it is unique, which is to say that no two computers on the Internet can have the same domain name.

If you want a presence on the Internet you need to register a domain name that will then serve as your unique online name. Visitors will interact with you using this domain name either via your website or via email.

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Changing Domain Name On Weebly

Once you have pointed the domain name to Weebly IP address, youll need to assign the domain to your site on Weebly Site Editor:

1. Access Weebly Site Editor and press Settings tab.

2. Site Address section press Change button.

3. A new pop-up window will appear. Select Use a Domain You Already Own option, enter your domain name in the field and press Continue button.

4. Congratulations! Your domain name is now connected to Weebly. If you experienced any issues following this tutorial, contact your hosting support staff and they will gladly help you to point your domain name to Weebly.

We hope this article helped you learn how to point your domain name to Weebly. You may also want to check the full list of Weebly IP addresses and see our guide on how to choose your best domain name.

If you liked this tutorial, then you may consider subscribing to our WeeblyTutorials YouTube Channel for Weebly video tutorials. You can also find us on and .

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Privacy And Protection Costs

Whenever someone registers a domain, the registrar is required to provide that users contact information to be added to the Whois database, which publicly lists the owners of every domain name online.

While its required that you provide your information, its not required that it be easily accessible to everyone. When you purchase a domain, each registrar provides varying degrees of privacy to ensure that your personal information isnt visible on the Whois database which ultimately protects you from things like spam phone calls.

Some registrars offer full privacy on the Whois database free for the first year. Others offer tiered solutions, with the bottom tier free for the first year, which will still mask most personal details in the Whois directory. Its rare to find a reputable registrar offering free Whois protection after the first year.


Your Domain Name And Branding

How to Buy/Register a domain name – Pay with Mobile Money (Ghana)

People often think that the word brand means a company name.

However, a brand is much more than that, your brand is the overall company image that you present to the world.

Its important to make sure that everything in your business, from the company name to the domain name to the website design to the content to the tone of voice, works together and conveys the image that you want to convey.

Imagine that you are conducting a job interview and you think that the candidate is great.

She is professional, she has the relevant experience, she seems like a great fit in terms of the company culture

But when she leaves, you take another look at her resume and you notice that her email address is .

No offense to the sk8ergurls out there, but lets keep it real: an email address like that would make you question your original impression of her.

Well, its the same with branding. If everything about your company conveys a certain image but your domain name doesnt fit that image at all, it will put potential customers on guard.

And the last thing you want to do is give them a reason to be suspicious.

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Your Domain Name Should Be Optimized For Search Engines

A keyword in the domain name wont give you a huge advantage over your competitors in terms of search rankings.

However, it can give you a slight edge, which is nothing to scoff at given how crazy the competition to appear on the is.

That being said, it is not necessary, so if you cant find a way to incorporate a keyword in your domain name then dont push it.

How Should I Choose My Domain Name

At first, you might think its annoying that the most relevant domain names for your site are probably taken. But now that the obvious names are out of the equation, were forced to think outside the box which can lead to some memorably creative results.

The most important point to keep in mind while you brainstorm is the radio test: in other words, could potential site visitors spell your domain name just by hearing it? By asking yourself this question, youll avoid common pitfalls like including numbers and words with multiple spellings .

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How Do I Permanently Buy A Domain Name

Its not possible to permanently own a domain name since its not a one-time purchase the maximum period of registration is ten years. You will need to pay and renew your subscription if you want to keep using the same domain name.This is to cover the maintenance costs or domain tax collected by the ICANN.As the number of registered domains grows, the tax increases. Hence, registrars need to adjust their pricing accordingly, which is why the renewal fees are more costly than the registration prices.

How Do We Buy A Domain Name From Someone Who Has Already Registered It

How To Buy A Domain Name From GoDaddy or BigRock (2020)

If you want to buy a domain name that someone else already owns, you have three main options:

  • Wait for the domain name to expire, then buy it for yourself. This may be possible if the domain name is not currently in use, and the owner has no plans for it. However, it means playing a waiting game and simply hoping the owner lets the registration expire.
  • Contact the owner to let them know youre interested in buying it. You can often find their details by using a WHOIS service. Be aware that buying a domain in this way can be complex, and you may find it hard to agree a price. Consider working with an advisor.
  • Dispute the domain names ownership. If you feel you have a good claim to the domain , you can use a dispute resolution procedure or take court action to gain control of the domain.
  • Be aware that negotiating to buy the domain name will almost certainly mean that you would no longer be able to use a dispute resolution procedure to get it. Finally, if you do agree a deal, it is essential to ensure that the registration is properly transferred to you.

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    How To Choose The Best Domain Name

    Last updated on June 14th, 2021 by Editorial Staff | Disclosure: Our content is reader-supported. This means if you click on some of our links, then we may earn a commission. See how WPBeginner is funded, why it matters, and how you can support us.

    Choosing the right domain name for your website is crucial for your success. If you choose the wrong domain name, then it can be a hassle to switch later on without hurting your brand and search rankings.

    Thats why its extremely important that you choose the best domain name from the start.

    When first starting out, it can be hard to come up with catchy business name ideas with a perfect domain name.

    In this article, well share all the tools and tips you need to get domain name ideas, choose the best domain name, and register your new domain .

    14 Tips for Choosing the Best Domain Name

    When starting a blog, choosing a domain name can be stressful because you dont want to make a mistake.

    To make the process easier, we have a simple 14 step framework that you can use to pick the best domain for your website.

    Lets take a look at these tips one by one with more details.

    1. Stick with .com

    There are plenty of new domain name extensions available today, from the original .com, .net and .org to niche extensions like .pizza, .photography, and even .blog.

    We always recommend choosing a .com domain name.

    In our opinion, newer domain extensions like .ninja, .photography, and others can make your business appear less trustworthy.

    The Importance Of Renewing Your Domain Name

    Letting your domain name unknowingly expire can end up being a pretty negative experience for your website. If you miss the renewal period and your domain expires your site will not only go offline, but you increase the chances that a competitor could actually steal your domain.

    This means that all of your hard work to increase your traffic levels and grow your business will have been for nothing.

    Even if a competitor doesnt steal your domain name you still run the risk of having your site go offline, which can lead to lost revenue and a poor user experience.

    If you want to avoid the pitfalls mentioned above, then do yourself a favor and renew your domain before its too late.

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    Investigate The Domains History

    A domains history can affect your sites search engine rankings.

    Before you buy a domain, research the domains previous owner. A domain name previously running an unethical business might hurt your reputation.

    Here are a few tools you can use to check past owners of the domain:

    • Wayback Machine
    • Whoxy

    Choosing the perfect domain name for your website can be easy, with some thought and effort. But remember to keep it relevant, easy to spell and pronounce, and reflective of your business or website. And if youre still stuck, try using a domain name generator for some inspiration.

    Do you have any tips on choosing the perfect domain name? Please share them in the comments below!

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    Pointing Blogexamplecom At Weebly

    How to Buy Domain Name on Namecheap

    If you only want to point a certain subdomain at Weebly, such as, do this instead:

  • Login to the My Account control panel .
  • If your account is a Web hosting account, click Domain Name Options .
  • Click Edit DNS Zone.
  • Choose the A record option, then click Continue.
  • Choose A record for a sub-level of, enter blog
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    How To Get A Domain Name From Domaincom is a reputable domain registrar, launched in 1998. Over 1.2 million websites are registered with them. features the most popular top level domains such as .com, .net, .org, .co, along with over 25 county-specific domain extensions .

    They are mostly selling affordable domain names with most names priced in the $9.99-$12.99/year range. If you are lucky, you can also steal a deal and buy your domain name for as low as $2.99/year.

    For that price you get:

    • 1-year domain ownership.
    • Free SSL certificate for extra security.
    • Automatic email forwarding to your domain.
    • DNS registration and management tools.

    Also, you can purchase extra Domain Privacy+Protection for your domain . In this case, your personal details will not be displayed publicly in the WHOIS/ICANN directories. Plus, the registrar will also run extra security checks.

    Sounds sweet? Heres how to register a domain name on

    Step 1: Run a quick search to verify that the domain name you are eying is available.

    Step 2: Pick your domain extension. Go for .com since its the most familiar option among users and thus, people, tend to type .com before trying anything else.

    Your choice gets automatically added to your cart with a 2-year privacy protection subscription. This ones optional, so you can remove it during the next step. Also, you can change your domain renewal period from one year to five years.

    Moreover, you can pick some add-on services such as:

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