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How To Get A Premium Domain For Cheap

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Getting The Domain Name

How To Buy Premium Domains For Cheap

Upon completion of checkout and payment, you need to have a little patience because there are several things taking place.

First, you will get an email with your purchase details.

At this point, funds will go through an internal verification and once verified, the domain will attempt to automatically transfer from the sellers account to the buyers GoDaddy account. The automatic transfer only takes place if the seller opted in and qualified for a feature called Fast-Transfer. Fast-Transfer is an Afternic option and requires several qualifications.

Fast-Transfer usually takes 7 days or less for delivery and will often reach the buyers account within 1-72 hours of checkout.

Does a buyer know if a domain name is Fast-Transfer or not prior to purchase? Not directly but a little pro tip:

At checkout, if you see a line item premium domain purchase one time fee, that can be a Fast-Transfer domain hint. If there is a line item .com Domain Transfer, that may indicate the seller will need to be manually involved to change ownership of the domain.

As an incentive for sellers to use Fast-Transfer , participating domain names are included in the Afternic Premium Network, which includes further distribution than the standard network but not all sellers keep domain names at participating Fast-Transfer registrars.

Two Methods For Buying A Domain Name

Fortunately, it doesnt really matter where you buy your domain. At the end of the day, a domain is a domain, and you wont find any variations in quality based on where you buy one.

The biggest difference from one domain registrar to the next is the pricesome offer domains for just a few dollars a year and others can go as high as $20 per year or more. There are two ways to get a domain name, one of which is free for the first year and the other is not.

Dont Negotiate From Different Angles At The Same Time

News flash: youre not the first one to come up with this scheme. Some domain buyers think its clever to simultaneously negotiate under different contact profiles to get the lowest deal possible. However, this technique rarely works and will quickly backfire. Most times the seller will take multiple inquiries as increased demand and the price will go up.

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What If The Domain Isnt For Sale

So far weve looked at domains that the owner is looking to sell, but what about domains that the owner has not thought about selling yet? If you want a domain that someone owns but isnt actively seeking a buyer, its possible to approach them and see if theyd be willing to sell it. This will usually involve a higher than average price since the owner will need enough of an incentive to part with their domain.

If a domain name is taken and the owner isnt trying to sell it, we display a Make An Offer link which will connect you with DomainAgents. They will find the domains owner, negotiate a price and, if the owner is interested in selling, ensure a secure transfer of ownership.

Its possible for you to approach the owner yourself, but things can get very tricky when it comes to the actual transferring of the domain. Youll need to really trust the owner to not run off with your money before transferring the domain, just as the owner will need to trust that you wont take the domain and never pay them. A service like Escrow will help facilitate a safe transfer, but youll save yourself a lot of time and headaches by using a service like DomainAgents to do all the work for you.

How Choosing A Domain Name Typically Works

buy premium domain at 299rs

When you create a new website, one of the first things you need to do is pick a domain name. This is its unique identifier, which people can type in to visit your site:

Weve previously discussed how to choose a domain name, and how to register one, which is usually a simple process. You start by coming up with some potential names, then visit a domain registrar. There, you can use a dedicated tool to see if the names you want are available:

Typically, youll keep trying variations and different Top-Level Domains until you find a name you like and that isnt already taken. However, what if you really want a name that is already in use? Thats where premium domain names come into the picture.

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Is It Worth It To Buy A Premium Domain

Yes, buying premium domain names for your business is a great decision. A good domain name corresponds to a solid online identity, which is valuable for any business.

The competition on the internet is intense, so you should strive to differentiate yourself with a premium domain name.

One of the best online business tactics is to buy a premium domain in a booming industry, for example, mental health and artificial intelligence. Such a domain is likely to bring about a great deal of organic growth for your business.

Get Visitors Who Skip Google

As much as Google has taken over how we find content online, many people still bypass search engines altogether and enter a domain name that they believe will take them to a relevant website in their address bar. A premium domain will ensure that you capture these visitors who otherwise might not have found your website.

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Make A Reasonable First Offer

Most times throwing out a low-ball offer results in:1) You looking like a total asshole and/or youll alienate the owner ending your chance of buying the name or2) The seller thinking your naïve which is an invitation for him to try and put one over on you!Either way the outcome will not be favorable in terms of your goal of getting a fair deal. While there is usually room for negotiating, your opening offer will show the seller that youre serious.

How To Get A Premium Domain And Why It Matters For Digital Branding

How to Get or Buy Cheap Premium Domain Names Registration (2022) | Techno Vedant

Last year only, ICAN introduced over a 1000 new gTLDs to enable companies and individuals to register the name that best reflects the idea behind their brands. With the growth of digital strategies, a domain name has become one of the most powerful branding elements and has grown in value for different kinds of businesses.

Despite the new introductions, however, choosing the right domain name still seems like a huge problem for most startups and SMBs. A great portion of them still tends to choose a domain name inadequate to their business purposes because their desired premium .com domain is sold out or too expensive. Given its value, of course, the choice of a domain name should never be a decision made ad-hoc.

This is why businesses need to understand all the possible options that can get them a great online ID at a reasonable price. Namely, getting a premium domain doesnt have to be either complex or expensive.

Most important factors in choosing a great domain name

A powerful domain name is the one that properly reflects your business idea and that your audience finds easy to remember. To achieve this, you need to get several critical factors right.

  • Make it short, catchy and memorable. Like your brand name, you want your domain to be something that the audience can instantly relate to. Therefore, you want to choose a short and catchy phrase that can help you build your brand more easily.
  • Why premium domain names are so sexy

    The steps to getting a premium domain

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    What Are Premium Domain Names

    Insight | by Hover on March 31, 2016

    Ever searched for a domain name only to find that its already taken? Or perhaps you found an available domain but its price is a lot higher than all the other ones youve seen? Then youve already come across the world of premium domain names.

    Premium domains are exactly what they sound like. They are domains that are more expensive than normal. There are many reasons why a domain will be considered premium, but it is usually clear why one domain name is worth more than another. For example, it shouldnt be a big surprise that would be worth more than

    In this article, well go over what exactly a premium domain name is and how you can get one for yourself.

    How Do I Find And Register A Premium Domain

    If you wish to purchase a specific domain or see if it’s available, you can check the availability of premium domains for sale using the search bar here on this page. From there, click the desired domain extension and proceed with your purchase. If the specific name is not available, or out of your price range, look at the suggested or relevant domain names. For example, if you search for “,” the results show it is unavailable however, a similar premium domain may be available for purchase, such as

    Once you have paid for your domain and that payment has been verified, the domain will transfer under your name within a week’s time. Keep in mind that the price you pay is a one-time charge, however, you will need to renew the domain registration each year , or you will lose the name.

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    Choose A Hosting Plan

    The hosting menu will expand and present you with three different options:

    • Dedicated Hosting
    • VPS Hosting

    Youll still be able to bundle your hosting plan and domain registration if you select dedicated or VPS, but most of you wont need to worry about that right now. Just stick with shared hosting.

    Bluehost offers four different shared web hosting plans to choose fromBasic, Plus, Choice Plus, and Pro:

    If youre launching a small personal site, the Basic entry-level plan starting at $2.95 per month should be fine for you. For those of you launching a site for your business, Id go with the Choice Plus plan, at a minimum.

    The extra features that come with this plan are worth the few extra bucks per month.

    To continue, just click the Select button under the plan that fits your needs.

    What Premium Domain Names Are

    Premium Domain Names: What Are They &  Should You Buy One?

    A domain name that is already owned by an individual or company is usually off the market. However, some owned domains are available for sale. These are called premium domain names:

    There are many reasons a name could be considered premium. Maybe its no longer in use and instead of relinquishing the domain, the owners have continued to pay for it. This is typically because its a name that someone else is likely to want.

    In fact, some people buy domain names they never intend to use, hoping to sell them at a markup. Registrars can even set aside certain names as premium, and charge a higher domain name price for them.

    There are a number of reasons a particular domain name might be viewed as especially valuable. A few key factors include:

    • Length: Shorter names are usually more memorable and appealing to a wider audience.
    • Brandability: Catchy, unique names that immediately communicate their niche and audience are considered valuable.
    • Keywords: Certain keywords, such as cars or tech, are so popular that it can be hard to find new and quality domain names that include them.

    Whatever the reason, once you encounter a premium domain name you have two options. You can try to purchase it, or look for something else. Lets discuss how to go about making that decision.

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    What Makes A Domain Name Premium

    There are no clear rules which domain will be a premium one. This is decided solely by the registry, at their own discretion. Whether an existing domain will be premium depends on its owner and the price that potential buyers are willing to pay. Yet, there are a few characteristics that differentiate a premium domain name from the pool of all names. They can give you an idea whether the price you have to pay is justified.

    Popular marketplaces where you can buy or sell aftermarket premium domains:

    How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Premium Domain Name

    The demand for premium domain names are increasing, and with that, their prices as well. Prices vary from one premium domain name to the next depending on the industry, spelling, and trends in the market. The good news is our Domain experts are happy to help you find the perfect premium domain name in your price range. Consult our help page today for all your premium domain needs.

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    What To Check Before You Buy Domains Cheap

    When evaluating the services that offer cheap domains, you will need to ascertain if you are getting the value that you need. Heres what to look for at the onset:

    Accreditation: ICANN maintains a list of accredited domain name registrars in an attempt to keep things on the up-and-up. Any service accredited by ICANN meets all the technical, operational and financial criteria necessary to qualify as a registrar business, supposedly.

    You can view the Registrar Accreditation Agreements to learn more about what ICANN requires of registrars. Check out this link to see the current responsibilities charged to each registrar. You can also see the list of currently accredited registrars here.

    Reputation: ICANN helps to maintain a standard of accountability, but some less-than-reputable services can still slip through the cracks. To make sure that youre not getting fleeced when you buy a domain cheap, you should do some background checking.

    You want to find a service that has established itself. See how long theyve been in business. Check reviews from past clients. Look up their reputation with the Better Business Bureau. Everything that you can do to establish their trustworthiness is a plus.

    Privacy: When registering your domain, information about who you are, goes into a database. How much of your personal data do you want to be available? You should check with a service to see if they will conceal your details as much as possible.

    How To Know If A Domain Is Premium

    Cheap Web Hosting For WordPress for Any Budget

    The biggest giveaway will be the price. Domain pricing can vary depending on which extension you use, but for the most part they will fall within the $10-$30 range. When you see a price that is drastically higher, chances are youre looking at a premium domain.

    Searching for on Hover, we can see that the domain is more expensive than all of the other listings. It also explicitly says this is a premium domain, which should add more clarification.

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    Web Hosts That Offer Free Domains

    Launching a new website can be a costly endeavor, so we want to help you save as much money as possible.

    Many web hosts offer free domain names and affordable web hosting services for beginners to help you get set up and running as fast as possible. Our top recommendations for this include:

  • Hostinger Most affordable option
  • If youre on the hunt for affordable hosting that doesnt feel cheap, Hostinger is the way to go.

    You can snag a free domain on many Hostinger plans. If you dont need the high-octane power of VPS or cloud hosting, look to Hostingers shared or WordPress hosting for a great deal that includes a custom domain.

    Hostingers mid-tier plans for eachPremium Shared Hosting and WordPress Starterstart at just under $4 per month for a 48-month term. Youll need to commit to at least one year up front on those plans to snag your free domain.

    For most people, their Premium Shared Hosting plan will do the trick nicely. You get solid speed and uptime , that free domain, and more for $3.49 per month.

    The best rate is usually that four-year term, which means youd pay $167.52 at checkout to take care of your web hosting for a good while.

    Whats nice is that, if the four-year commitment is a bit too much in terms of either time or money, you can get the same deal on a single-year term. Just be advised, youll be looking at a higher renewal rate after that term lapses .

    All three options allow you to snag that free domain, though.

    It includes:

    How Can I Get A Low Cost Premium Domain Name

    The term premium domain refers to all domains which are already registered by another person or company who might currently not be interested in selling it. These domain names are usually short, generic and thus easy to remember.

    Because of these characteristics, owners of such a premium domain will not sell them cheaply and can expect to make a lot of money when reselling them. Usually, premium domains are auctioned through marketplaces, like and not very cheap to get your hands on.

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    What Is A Premium Domain

    There are over 2 billion websites at present. This means, over 2 billion domain names are already taken. All these domains are owned but not necessarily in use. Further, some of these domains are more desirable than others. These desirable domain names are what we refer to as premium domain names.

    To define, premium domains are domains owned by any individual or company but are not being used. Many of these domains are available for sale. Premium domain names are lucrative.

    A premium domain can range from a 3-figure number to a 7-figure number as per the demand. Since these are lucrative, businesses buy premium domain names as investments and sell them when their value hikes.

    But why are these domains so lucrative & have a higher value than typical domains? Lets find out.

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