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How To Find If A Domain Is Available

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Short Or Long They Will Go After It

How to find if a domain name is available for free

Take Time Warner Cable for example. They own but at the same time, they bought which redirects to Coca-Cola, owns, Volkswagen owns Neat right? If the brand has a long name, they own the long domain, and they also own the abbreviation. On the other hand, if the companys name or should I say the brand is really short like HP, UPS, Nike, then again they own the .com and in most cases, the short domain opens the website.

Why is shortness an issue? Read here We are out of 4 letter .com domains.

Protip. WordPress, which is not a top 100 brand, owns

Whats The Difference Between A Domain Name And Web Hosting

Your domain name is like your address and your web hosting is like the house that you live in. If you want to launch a website then youll need both a domain name, which people can use to find you, and a web host, which stores the actual website.

Domain names and web hosting have a sort of symbiotic relationship, like software and hardware or yin and yang. While its technically possible to have one without the other, they work best when theyre working together, which is why many web hosts offer domain name registration and why many registrars offer hosting.

You can separate the two, of course, and register a domain name through one company and buy hosting from another. But its usually more time-consuming not to mention more expensive so why bother?

We are a web hosting provider on a mission to bring success to everyone who goes online.We do it by constantly improving server technology, providing professional support, and making the web hosting experience seamless.

Use A Domain Name Search Tool

The last place on the Internet where you can check the availability of a domain name is through websites that offer domain name search tools or a domain name generator. While this tool functions much like the search bars on domain registration and web hosting sites, some platforms offer more information other than the availability and price of the domain name.

Domain search tools also have a search bar where you have to type in the domain name you want to get your hands on. The results page will then tell you of its availability and price. If you want to purchase it right away, you can click on the link next to the results which will lead you to a domain registrant or web hosting company. Other domain search tools may process the domain registration within their website.

Some of the most reliable domain name tools in the market today are:

One of the advantages of using a domain name generator and other similar tools is it lets you quickly replace the domain name you are aiming for in case its not available. The tool can generate suggestions from your chosen keywords which often allows you to stick with the branding strategy you are trying to develop.

Additionally, websites like provides ample information about the domain name or web address. If someone already owns the domain, the website tells you their background and contact information allowing you to reach out to the owners in case you want to make an offer to buy the domain name.

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Nissan Doesnt Own Nissancom

This brings us to 99 out of 100 brands. Dont think that this 1 brand didnt fight hard to get, I am using this brand as an example of how hard brands are willing to fight to get their .com. Some buy their .com, some get it with UDRP from squatters. I wont get too much into that .

Japanese automaker Nissan is currently the 59th brand in the world. Ahead of Sony, Allianz, JP Morgan, Canon, and many others.

Nissan sues this person Uzi Nissan for 10 million dollars in damages. This battle for lasted from December 1999 until February 2008! However, my man Uzi still owns and has since 1994. He bought it before Nissan was Nissan the automaker . And its still not clear if Nissan gave up on it!

Protip The strategy you will get a better domain when you have more money sometimes may not work.

Find Out What The Competition Is Doing

3 Ways to Check If a Domain Name Is Available

The next goal when choosing a business name is originality. You need a phrase thats different from every other brand out there. If you stand out right off the bat, potential clients will definitely take an interest in you and what you have to offer. So, engage in some competition research to determine what names have become too common and trite in the industry.

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Use An Alternative Domain Extension

If your preferred domain is taken and you dont want to opt for an alternative, you can also try using a different TLD. Most site owners purchase domains that end in .com, but that isnt your only option.

Of course, you do want to be careful when choosing your TLD. Often, people will instinctively include .com when trying to visit a website directly, and this is especially true for older demographics. If thats your target audience, or if theres already a popular website at that your site might be confused with, it might be better to try an alternative second-level domain.

However, sometimes it does make sense to choose another TLD for your domain. In such cases, keep in mind that certain TLDs apply to specific types of sites and may even be restricted, such as .edu, .gov, and certain location-based domains.

When looking through the available TLDs, consider what might work best for your particular business. For example, if you run a jewelry business and you want an e-commerce website to go with it, you might choose to opt for .jewelry. Of course, there are a lot of fun ways to get creative with your TLD as well.

How To Find Available Domains

Search for your perfect domain name with the easy-to-use IONOS domain checker and get suggestions for available domains. Just enter the domain including your preferred domain extension or let the domain check suggest a suitable extension.

The domain check tests availability, not only with classic extensions like .com and domains, but also with a huge selection With over 400 new domain extensions, it’s never been easier to find and check the domain name that best sums up what your site has to offer. Close of new top-level domains like .global, .online or .cloud. This way, you’re sure to find the perfect domain name for your website.

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Whats The Difference Between Com Net Org And Info

Lets take a look at the similarities first: theyre all gTLDs that are available for public registration. That means that as long as nobody else has registered the specific domain name that youre looking for, you should be able to get it with any of these extensions.

Each of the gTLDs has a slightly different meaning, and so its usually best to pick the one thats most relevant to your website. .com domains are usually used for commercial purposes, such as for an online store or a business site, although theyre increasingly being used by default as they imply a certain amount of trust. .net domains were originally used by networking companies but are now also multipurpose.

.org is still largely used as it was originally intended, as a gTLD for charities, communities and local organisations. .info, meanwhile, is aimed at information-based websites such as wikis and tutorial sites.

With all of these gTLDs, theres a certain amount of wiggle room. Theres no rule that says you have to use one type of domain name or another and no test that you have to pass if you want to register one. Think of them as guidelines rather than rules and feel free to break them if it allows you to snatch up the perfect domain name.

How Do I Buy A Domain Name

How To Check If A Domain Name Is Available

Congrats! You found an available name and youre ready to make it yours. Simply add the domain name to your cart and start the checkout process. During checkout, youll make some decisions like how many years youd like to register it for, if youd like to add site hosting, email, advanced security, auto-renewals, and other features.


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Free Products + Services When You Register

From free perks like URL and email forwarding to sophisticated account features like Two-Step Verification and DNS templates, offers more for less.

Fair, transparent pricing

We clearly display domain discounts and renewal pricing during the search process so there are no nasty surprises when your domains renewal comes up.

Everything in one place

Once you have a domain in hand, we make it simple to attach email, hosting, website builders, and more. Its everything you need in one convenient place.

Easy domain transfers


Placing A Domain Name Bid

Sometimes the domain you want will already be owned by someone else. If the domain isnt being used for an existing website or application, then you can usually get in touch with the owner and place a bid on the domain.

For example, heres the website of a domain name that someone else owns. You have the option to reach out and purchase the domain.

Keep in mind that the owner might not always respond, or they might want more than youre willing to spend. Generally, when you place a bid youll be spending a couple of hundred bucks at the very minimum. Sometimes these domains will run up into multiple thousands of dollars.

For example, take a look at some of these domains offered on Sedo.

Overall, the price of domains will go up the simpler they are. Youd be hard pressed to find a single word domain of a dictionary word for less than a few grand.

If youre placing a bid on a domain name, expect a little negotiation back and forth until you land on the selling price.

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Xyz Makes Your Desired Domains Always Available

Your desired domain names are already taken? Not with the .XYZ domains! Use Domain Checker to catch your unique domain that is not available with other TLDs.

Unique domain for a great price

Looking for a memorable cheap domain name that is still available? Go with .xyz! .XYZ domains are cheap, short and super trendy. Name your domains with no limits, no language nor label barriers.

How to start with .xyz?

Start with our Domain Checker & target your audience with the keywords you like and want in your domain names: find the one you want without spending thousands on premium domains. Remember – .XYZ is the new .COM!

What Do I Do If A Domain Name Is Already Taken

3 Ways to Check If a Domain Name Is Available

If the domain name that you want is already taken then your best bet is to look at minor variants. For example, perhaps you can add another word to the name or you can switch one word out for another. Perhaps you can register it using a different extension, such as by using a ccTLD instead of the .com domain.

Another option is to hyphenate, so instead of using you could try Just be careful, though the last thing you want to do is to cause confusion by having a name thats too similar to someone elses.

Finding the right domain name requires a little bit of art and a little bit of science. It also often takes patience and a lot of trial and error. But thats okay too. Remember, the right domain name is out there, somewhere. You just need to keep searching around until you find it.

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Install Whois On Major Linux Distros

In order to check domain availability from the command line, youll need to have access to the whois. Use the appropriate command below to install the whois utility with your systems package manager.

To install whois on , , and :

$ sudo apt install whois

To install whois on , , , and :

$ sudo dnf install whois

To install whois on and :

$ sudo pacman -S whois

Once its installed, youll be able to use the example commands below and the Bash script to check for domain availability.

How To Check If Your Website Is Down

If your website is down, it can be due to an error with your DNS settings, hosting provider, or web applications. An offline site can also be the result of hackers attempting to penetrate your site with malicious code or DDoS attack.

Moreover, website downtime can also or other search engines.

However, as the error sometimes occurs on the users end, you might not notice that your website is offline.

In this case, monitoring your sites uptime continuously is a must for precautionary measures.

To help you out, here are four ways to check if a website is down.

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How Is The Gdpr Applicable To Webnamesca

Under Recital 23 of the GDPR, claims no nexus with the EU, EEA nor the citizens of either, and therefore claims non-applicability of the GDPR to any and all aspects of its business.

Despite this, many of the domain Registries that Webnames is partnered with to provide domain extensions must comply fully with the GDPR. The changes to policies and procedures required of these partners will affect what information is collected, shared and displayed, and may result in changes to agreements and terms.

Notwithstanding, many domain Registries with whom contracts must fully comply with the GDPR, and therefore these Registries may implement policies or procedures relating to WHOIS data which result in changes. These changes may include, but are not limited to,?variations in what WHOIS data is included and how it is displayed via the Webnames’s WHOIS lookup page.

Therefore, in regards to WHOIS output:

Where the domain Registry is the sole source of Registrant WHOIS data for the queried domain, the WHOIS data will be displayed by Webnames in whatever form it is received from the Registry, without alteration of any kind. This may result in some fields, particularly those containing Personally Identifiable Information being absent, blank or redacted.

Why You Need A Domain Name

How to Find Great Available Domain Name for Your Website in Seconds

You dont really need your own domain name to simply create an online presence. A variety of free services provide space for users to set up a blog or basic webpage and give it a name, but that name becomes a subdomain of the main site and isnt a domain name you own. This means it appears online as something like _yoursite.hostname.com_ or If the host site closes down, your sites identity disappears with itand it cant be used in that form to create a self-hosted site elsewhere.

To set up a fully functional website with its own permanent identity, you need to own a unique domain name that remains yours under all circumstances, regardless of the hosting service you choose. Buying a domain name and registering it reserves the name for your own exclusive use as long as the domain registration fees are paid for periods ranging from one to several years. To keep rights to the name, youll need to continue renewing it. If a domain registration expires and isnt renewed, the name can become available to others.

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