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How To Create Email With Godaddy Domain

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Renew My Expired Godaddy Domain

How to Create an Email Address with Your GoDaddy Domain Name

Now that your GoDaddy domain has expired, attempt to renew it with any applicable redemption fees.

  • Log in to your GoDaddy Domain Control Center.
  • Filter your domains by selecting Expiration above your domains list, then Expired.
  • Check the box next to the domain youll be renewing. Or, click the check mark icon and Select All.
  • Choose your renewal settings, then select Checkout to complete the checkout process.
  • Note: Dont see your domain in the list after following these steps? Its possible that your domain is past the point of renewal or redemption in the expiration timeline.

    Add Godaddy Webmail To Your Desktop Or Mobile Device

    Want to add GoDaddy Webmail to your mobile device or desktop? You can. But with so many options for email clients and apps, knowing where to start can seem overwhelming at times. So, this FAQ has you covered on where to begin to find the option that is best for you.

    Which mobile devices can I add GoDaddy Webmail to?

    With GoDaddy Webmail you can add your email to Android and iPhone and iPad mobile devices.

    How do I add GoDaddy Webmail to my Android device?

    There are three ways that you can add GoDaddy Webmail to your Android device. The method you use depends on your preference for the app that you want to add your email with to your device. The three apps available to choose from are Outlook on Android, Gmail on Android, and Samsung Email on Android. Here are the instructions for the three ways to add GoDaddy Webmail to your Android device:1.

    2. Steps to add email to Outlook

    Can I use Mozilla Thunderbird with GoDaddy Webmail?

    Yes, you can. If you prefer to use Thunderbird for your email client, you can do so with both Windows and Mac. See add my email to Thunderbird.

    What if I get a new phone or computer?

    No problem. If you get a new phone or computer, you can always refer back to these steps to set up your new device. This also applies if you decide to later switch email apps or email clients from your original setup.

    What if I need the server and port settings to set up my email on my device?

    Existing Workspace Webmail Users

  • Visit the Workspace Control Center sign in page.
  • Sign in using your customer account username and password .
  • In the Email Address List area, select the Edit icon .
  • Enter a Recovery email address.
  • Click Save.
  • And thats all. By following these steps as an existing or new user, your recovery email address will now be set up and ready for use.

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    Can I Create A Custom Email Domain For Free

    No, you cant get a custom email domain completely for free. Only those email domains that end with the mailing services name are free

    However, you can get a custom email domain as a free extra with the web hosting plans of some providers.

    Bluehost is one such web hosting service provider that gives you a free custom email domain once you purchase their premium hosting plan. Since Bluehost is incredibly affordable and only charges you for your sites web hosting, the custom email domain name you get is virtually free.

    Why You Should Not Use Godaddy For Microsoft 365

    Easier GoDaddy domain connection

    GoDaddy is one of the most popular sites to sign up for a new domain for a website and email address. Its actually the #1 domain registrar in the U.S. by far. It also likes you to sign up for many other services along with your domain name.

    When you sign up for a domain with GoDaddy, youll get asked if you want several other services, like web and email hosting or SSL security. You may also get asked if you want Microsoft 365 .

    This can look like a great deal, especially if you compare GoDaddys price to the per user signup price at Microsofts website. GoDaddy often gives great deals up front, but you may find out later that a deal isnt all that it seemed to be.

    This is especially true with a Microsoft 365 subscription. See, the price may seem lower for the same thing, but youre not actually getting the same exact product as you would from Microsoft. There are several differences, that if you have more than a couple employees, could end up causing you major problems down the road.

    Here are some of the reasons why you dont want to get a Microsoft 365 account through GoDaddy.

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    Add Godaddy Domain Email Address

    In order to forward emails from your GoDaddy domain email to your Gmail account, you will have to go to the Import tab on your Gmail to do the linking. The tab can easily be accessed by signing into your Gmail and clicking on the Settings button. This button is in the top right corner of your Gmail app. Once there, click on the button labeled Accounts and Import that sits next to the General tab. A screen will appear titled Send mail as. There you can click on the button labeled Send mail from another address and you will see a pop-up window. You will enter your name and your GoDaddy email address. Once youre done click on Next Step.

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    Here Are The Steps To Set Up Your Email Account:

  • Sign into your Workspace Control Center .
  • Once signed in, select the Create option at the top of the Email Address list.
  • Select the Email checkbox, then enter the Email Address you want to create with your domain.
  • Enter a Password and confirm it by entering it twice.
  • Lastly, select Create.
  • And thats it. It generally takes several minutes for your email account and address to complete the set-up process. Once the set up finishes, you should receive a confirmation email letting you know it has completed.

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    Business Standard Package :

    One last note if youre a registered nonprofit, you can get Google Workspace at a discounted rate, or even for free through . Regardless of whether youre nonprofit or for-profit, its best to take the long-term view and sign up to get all of Googles business productivity tools, especially given that can save a few extra dollars if when sign up with the promo codes. If you want to switch later, it will be a pain in the butt to transfer all your emails to Google Workspace. But if you still want a quick fix for the time being, heres a quick workaround to use Gmail with your own, custom domain email for free.

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    Why Create A Subdomain

    How To Create an Email With Your Domain Name in Godaddy | Mike Hobbs

    Subdomains work as an addition of a registered domain name, allowing you to send visitors to a distinct web address, or allowing you to point to precise IP addresses or directories in your hosting account. The most typical use for a subdomain is organizing or distributing website content into distinct sections.

    If you have a hosting plan along with your domain name then you can follow the guide below.

    If you are wondering how to create a subdomain in GoDaddy without hosting then you can directly follow the guide in this part of the post

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    Access Your Custom Email Mailbox

    Bluehost will take you back to your email account panel page after your new email address is created.

    Click on the Check Email button.

    Next, simply click on Open to access the mailbox of your new custom email domain.

    Heres what our new email address at a custom domain looks like:

    You can also connect the email address you just created with desktop mail clients like Microsoft Outlook. All you need to do is enter your email address and password during Outlook configuration.

    You should then be able to access your new custom email account from Outlook.

    And thats it! You now know how to create your own email domain for free using a Bluehost hosting account.

    My Personalized Email Address Is Not Receiving Or Sending Mail

    Go to and select the diamond icon on the toolbar to open the premium section of Outlook settings.

  • If you dont see a diamond icon in your inbox , it means your Microsoft 365 subscription has expired. Go to to re-activate your subscription, then reconnect your domain using the steps in Get started.

  • If you dont see a Personalized email address tab underneath Features and Security, it means your personalized email address was removed from Outlook.

  • If you originally set up the domain, your Microsoft 365 Family subscription likely expired. Go to to re-activate your subscription, then reconnect your domain using the steps in Get started.

  • If someone shared a Microsoft 365 Family subscription with you, their subscription may have expired, or they may have removed the domain from Outlook. Contact the owner of the Microsoft 365 Family subscription and ask them to reconnect the domain.

  • If the Personalized email address tab has a red status bar, your domain may have expired. Confirm with GoDaddy that your domain is still active.

  • If your domain is active with GoDaddy, select Cancel setup andrefresh your browser window. Then go to Premium> Features and select Get started.

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    Godaddy Email Setup On Mail For Ios Phones And Tablets

    If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can set up your Godaddy email address by following these easy steps:

  • Open the Settings app on your iOS device
  • Go to Settings, tap Passwords & Accounts and Choose add account
  • Select Other as the account type
  • Tap Add Mail account and fill in your details
  • Select IMAP
  • Fill in imap.secureserver.net as the host name in the INCOMING mail server:
  • Fill in smtpout.secureserver.net as the host name in the OUTGOING mail server:
  • If needed, fill in again your username and password and click Next
  • Congratulations, you successfully installed your Godaddy email on your iOS device. Open the Mail app in your iOS device to start using your Godaddy email address

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    How Do I Send An Email With Godaddy Webmail

    How to Set Up Email to Your GoDaddy Domain Name

    Once you have successfully setup your GoDaddy Webmail account, you will undoubtedly want to send an email at some point. As a first step, we recommend sending a test email to yourself once youve added GoDaddy Webmail to your device via an app mentioned above.

    After going through the instructions to compose and send an email, well also share a couple of tips that may be helpful if you run into some common issues.

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    Add Your Domain To Fastmail

    We have a setup guide to help you get your domain working as quickly and easily as possible.

    After you have purchased your domain from GoDaddy, log in to Fastmail and go to the Settings Domains screen.

    Add your domain . Using the Add Domain button brings up the new domain screen. Type your domain into the text box.

    If your domain has been purchased from GoDaddy, we will display this on the next screen. You can also choose GoDaddy from our list of supported registrars.

    Follow the wizard to add your email addresses to Fastmail. To have the wizard provide you with steps to update your MX records by default, choose Yes when you are asked if you have a website.

    Please note: The domain setup wizard can only set up aliases on legacy plans. If you are on a legacy plan, you will need to add users manually in order to create additional user accounts at your custom domain.

    Choose A Hosting Plan And Sign Up For Bluehost

    As we discussed earlier, all Bluehost hosting plans come with free custom email domains. So to start with, head over to Bluehost and click on the Get Started Now button.

    On the next screen, youll see details of the available Bluehost plans. All of these plans will let you create an email domain for free, but you should consider all the other features to make the best pick for your needs.

    Click on the Select button under your desired plan to continue.

    Next, well be creating your new domain name.

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    Set Up Email Forwarding

    All new email addresses that you create in your Shopify admin must be forwarded to an existing email address hosted by a third-party, for example, Gmail or Outlook. You can set up forwarding from one or more store email addresses to one or more existing email addresses by creating multiple entries. For example, you can forward an email message from one store email address to multiple staff email addresses.


    Third-party email hosts that enforce Domain Keys Identified Mail cant be used as an email forwarding address. AOL and Yahoo are examples of email hosts that enforce DKIM.


    To see more videos, visit our YouTube channel.


  • From your Shopify admin, go to Settings> Domains.

  • Click Manage for the domain that you want to set up a custom email forwarding address for.

  • In the Emails section, click Add forwarding email address.

  • In the Store email address text box, enter the email address that you want to create for your custom domain. You dont need to type the @ symbol or anything that follows it. For example if you want the email addressinfo@johns-apparel.com, then enter info.

  • In the Forwarding email address text box, enter your full destination email forwarding address. For example john@gmail.com.

  • Click Save.

  • Optional: Repeat this procedure to set up as many forwarding emails as you require.

  • Note

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    Adding Buttons To Godaddy Website Builder

    How to Create Your GoDaddy Email Account

    To add buttons to your website, look at the left vertical menu and find the button link.

    Drag the button link to your webpage where you want to add it.

    Here, you can edit all the settings for the button.

    To link to a page on your website builder, click the red down arrow icon and select the page you want to link to.

    You can change the button text in the label field, the background color, the font color and you can even add rounded corners on the advanced tab.

    When you are done, click the Save button and your new button will now be on your website builder site.

    When you are happy with all your changes, click the Publish button at the top of the website builder and your website will be published live!

    Posted by admin in Email, Resources

    The first thing to point out is that the directions in this tutorial about adding email addresses to your GoDaddy account may vary slightly depending on what type of GoDaddy account you have and how its already setup. However, most of these differences are minor. If you do encounter a problem not covered in this guide, you can always make a free call to GoDaddy customer service and they will walk you through the process, 480-505-8877.

    At this point youll want to click on Manage Account which will take you to your email account control panel.

    Once in the email control panel, click on the add button to create a new email address. Repeat this step for each email address you want to add.

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