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How To Purchase Edu Domain

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What Are Edu Backlinks

How to Buy a Domain Name | How to Start a Web Hosting Company

EDU backlinks are links from an .edu domain to a website. EDU domains are official websites of colleges, universities, schools, and other academic institutions and EDU backlinks are good for SEO because these links have high domain authority and trust which can help increase PageRank for the linked site.

What Is The Best Way To Get A Domain

edu domain name registration that was approved on or after October 29, 2001, must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • They must be U.S.-based postsecondary institutions.
  • They must have institutional accreditation from an institutional accrediting body recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.
  • Premium Dns Hosting Included

    Premium DNS hosting and management included in package with every domain registered, powered by Amazon Route 53 DNS or You can use your own nameservers.


    We take reasonable steps to protect the Personal Information it holds from misuse and loss and from unauthorized access, modification or disclosure. we make sure that it is protected by one of the world’s most advanced security infrastructures. we collect only as much personal data as is required to provide our services to users.


    We are open to discuss new ideas. Administration committee is responsible for developing and maintaining the policies and procedures that apply to the administration of the domain. Our goal is to operate trusted, verified, more secure and easily-identifiable domain on the internet for European educational organizations.

    MODERN AND SECURE INFRASTRUCTURE RS equipment is located in data centers with 24/7 security, video monitoring of access to RS equipment and technology that allows tracking of individual access to the cage where the RS appliances are housed. RS appliances shall be in private, locked racks with keys held only by Systems Administrators .

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    Interested In Obtaining A New Edu Domain Name

    Note: The .edu Cooperative Agreement with the US Department of Commerce, under which EDUCAUSE administers the .edu domain, allows EDUCAUSE to register as many as two .edu domain names for a registrant that meets the current eligibility requirements. In addition, registrants that secured .edu domain names prior to the Cooperative Agreement taking effect on October 29, 2001, were allowed to retain those registrations under the “grandfathering” provisions of the Agreement, regardless of the limitations posed by the current eligibility requirements. Thus, some grandfathered registrants may hold more than two .edu domain names under the existing terms of the .edu Cooperative Agreement.

    Review the application steps below:

    How To Register Edu Domain Name

    Buy a custom domain through Webflow

    The power of the internet is overwhelming the internet has consistently outgrown itself from year to year. Everybody, every brand, every business are going online to tap into the vast traffic and huge market share that exist online.

    Even if you are running an educational institution, you should have an online identity. Yes, your domain name should be related to education. .edu domain name is the best choice.

    But its not easy to register a .edu domain like other domain extensions. Here we will show you how to register the .edu domain name.

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    Purchasing Or Buying Education Domain Name In The Philippines

    If youre planning to buy an Educational Domain name for your school this article can help you. We know that there are many schools that are created in the Philippines but still dont have their own website or domain names. In this article we will show you how you can get a domain because this is essential to provide good name and reputation for your school, academic center or educational institutions.

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    Still have questions?

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    Backlinks From Edu Domains

    There are several points of view on the value of backlinks from .edu domains. Link builders highly value them due to their credibility. Websites on .edu domain often have high authority since, for the most part, they have been around for a while. It is widely believed that Google considers many such websites as authoritative which gives power to the relevant backlinks.

    At the same time, here is whatJohn Muller said on his twitter:

    Google does not deny the value of useful content and backlinks from .edu websites. However, there is an issue with the abuse of the ability to get such links and a lack of control by the website administration. This leads to the need to regulate the links by the search service.

    If your strategy requires increasing the number of links from the .edu domain, keep in mind two important points. A sharp surge in .edu backlinks may trigger spam alerts in the Google algorithm. Do not rush quality compensates for the quantity. Besides, the anchor text of your links is important. If the keywords are highly dense in the link, and it will do more harm than good.

    Below we describe some good link-building tactics that will allow you to not only get a link from a website of interest but also create high-quality and useful content.

    Create A Linkable Resource

    Setup Video 1 – Domain Registration | G Suite for Education

    This method takes a bit more work than the other .edu link building tips already mentioned. However, its a tactic that can be applied to academic institutions across the entire world so the effort you put into it can deliver great rewards.

    Creating a valuable resource specific to your industry like a case study, white paper, or data analysis report, can give you a valuable digital asset that EDU websites could link to. The trick here is to pick a specific department on the institutions website that you want to acquire a backlink from and then create a new resource that relates to it.

    For example, if your website is in the automotive niche, then you could create a job outlook report for the automotive industry. You would then reach out to academic institutions that train automotive technicians to get a backlink on their .edu website for a niche-relevant backlink that passes the PageRank authority.

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    Requirements When You Purchase Educational Domain

    Youll be needing a Webmaster that can help you with the process. Before doing anything else please consider the following to get a domain name for your school, academic center or educational institutions.

    1. Go to and register your domain you want.

    • Take note that you can host your files from but you can also host your domain to a different hosting provider just like CTRSITE an International Hosting Provider, this will enable users to access the site faster, better and more reliable.
    • If you have hosted your domain in CTRSITE the settings and configuration below can help you.
  • If you need a technical help for this, please email or you might want to contact our professional service.
  • 2. Fill up the form properly so that you will not be charged when you will be changing something you already purchased.

    3. Pay this through a bank. They dont have any option like paying it through credit card or Paypal.

    • Registration fee of USD 55/yr or PHP 2200/yr
    • Fee for the Renewal of a Domain Registraion USD 55/yr or PHP 2200/yr

    Banks Option PaymentOrtigas BranchPhilippine Peso Account No. 00-091-002190-9US Dollar Account 13091-000446-0Any branch of Union Bank will accept a deposit to these accounts. or

    • Send proof that the school you are registering is recognized by the DepEd or CHED. As proof, we shouldreceive a copy of the schools DepEd/CHED recognitionpaper.

    History Of Edu Domain Registration

    There is some history you need to know about EDU domain registration. The EDU domain was originally meant to be available for anyone who had the means to educate all over the world. However, most of the domains that took EDU resided in the United States anyway. Until 2001, The United States Department of Commerce was in charge of giving out all EDU domains. However, Educause has been the registrar for all EDU domains since 2001. Now, EDU domain registration is charged with a yearly administration fee and it can only be obtained by universities and college systems in the United States.

    Sites that were already eligible for EDU domain registration before 2001 are now considered grandfather domains. Such sites do not have to follow the current rules for EDU domain registration, but still have to pay the yearly fees.

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    Why Choose A Education Domain

    People pursue all kinds of education, all around the world. Whether a web user is looking for a local dance class this weekend or wishing to apply for a graduate program at an international college, the .education domain extension provides a hub for all the resources and info that user may need to make an informed decision.

    Make A Donation To The School

    Buy a custom domain

    If your budget allows it, you can make a donation to any school that has a .edu domain and potentially get a high page authority backlink to your site. Similar to the last tip, the school will most likely talk about it in a press release and create a number of internal links on the website to the page with your backlink to increase the PageRank authority it passes to your site.

    This method is very effective to get backlinks from local elementary, middle, and high schools that have .edu domain extensions in addition to colleges and universities. Plus, it works for both private and public institutions.

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    Where To Register A Edu Domain Name

    WordPress Hosting Blog » Domain » Where To Register a .edu Domain Name

    So, by now you must have come across one of those fancy .edu domains on the internet. You would want them for your educational institution or organization. Definitely that domain is not intended for individual purposes. You might have come across a few like,,, etc., but whats common amongst them all is that they are US-based institutions, well come to that later.

    Theres a lot of speculation going around in the SEO world that these .edu domain names receive a lot of love from Google. You could go around a few SEO forums and see that a lot has been talked about getting backlinks from .edu domains for SEO improvement.

    Write About The College Or University

    This link building strategy for EDU backlinks is very effective in all markets. Basically, all you have to do is write an article about a college or university and then let them know about it to get a link.

    The sky is the limit for what topic you write about too. It can be a review about a niche-relevant academic department, an opinion piece on a new initiative the school has made public, a comment on a school play or sports game, etc.

    This tactic is used every year by big brands like the Princeton Review and U.S. News where they rank colleges based on certain criteria, such as lowest tuition, safest campus, most graduates, etc. And these schools love the free publicity from these types of reviews and typically post a dofollow backlink to the report without any hesitation.

    Theres no reason why you cant use this link building strategy for your own site either.

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    Get Backlinks With Broken Link Building

    Broken link building is another good tactic for how to get high quality backlinks from EDU sites.

    Essentially, links on websites become broken all the time because content gets deleted, moved, or consolidated to other URLs. And if you can discover these types of links on an educational institutions website, and offer a good replacement, then you can acquire new links that can pass high PageRank.

    Using a broken link finder tool inside an SEO tool like Ahrefs or Semrush can help you find broken links quickly and easily. After you find these links, you can then send an email to the institutions letting them know about the broken link along with a suggested link replacement from your website.

    Where To Register Edu Domains

    How To Purchase New Domain With Crazy Domains And Install WordPress I Tagalog Website Tutorials

    .edu Domains usually have to follow a strict set of rules for obtaining them. Below are the list of resources you could grab an educational top domain for your institution:

    EduCause: The non-profit organization that looks into the .edu domain name registration in the USA. For an institution out of USA to be recognized, Your first step is to check the List of Nationally Recognized Accrediting Agencies and make sure that your own institution has an institutional affiliation before you start the process.

    For India: You could register a nationally accepted educational institution top domain in the form of or at Ernet, the official Guidelines for registering educational orgaznization domanes can be found here. There are many other networks that might offer these domains, but you can grab them from Ernet as it is officially a Govt. of India approved.

    So, are you going to register .edu domain name for your educational organisation? What challenges or problem you are facing? Let us know and we will try to help. If you find this guide useful and handy, feel free to share it on Facebook and Google plus.

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    How To Find Relevant Schools

    As you know, the best source of links is Google itself. All pages from which it is worth getting links have already been indexed, and you just need to be able to find them.

    For example, to get the entire list of websites with the desired domains, look for: site: *. edu

    To narrow down the results, use the keywords of your project or your target niche, for example: site: *. edu agriculture wine

    As you can see, the number of results dropped significantly. You can refine the query using text-only search, for example:

    • site: *. edu allintext: agriculture wine
    • site: *. edu agriculture wine ice wine Using secondary keywords.
    • site: *. edu california sacramento intext: agriculture If you need local results, you can refine the search taking into account your target region, specify its name in the search bar.

    Rumors about a higher ranking of backlinks from .edu domains have existed for a long time. Long ago, back in 2010,Matt Cutts, former head of the Google Antispam Team,addressed this question. Speculations, attempts to trick the algorithm, and abuse can seem an easy way and even bring short-term results. However, just like thrown-away plastic waste, they pollute the information environment and do a lot of invisible harm.

    Collaboration with .edu websites is a great link-building strategy. Its effectiveness for your project depends on many factors. Relevance and quality of the published content is a good start on your websites path to success!

    How To Get A Eduin Or Acin Domain

    Getting a or domain name is simple and easy if you are an accredited school or college in India.

    Who can get it:

    Who cant get it:

    • Skill Training Centres and Academies
    • Tuition Centres
    • Play Schools without accreditation

    Why should I get it?

    Having a or domain will get you plenty of benefits and save millions of rupee every year for an institution if used productively.

    Once you register and your domain is approved, you get access to premium tools like G Suite for Education, Canva Pro, Microsoft Teams, Lucid Chart, Microsoft Office, Autodesk, Amazon Prime, Github etc.,

    Any users in the institution can make use of these tools till they have access to their email account that is created with the domain.

    Application Process:

    • Keep this ready before applying:
    • School / College Registration Certificate
    • Judiciary Stamp Paper of Rs 100
    • Payments: Credit Card / Net Banking / UPI

    How to apply for for .edu or domains?

  • Step1: Log on to
  • Step2: Do relevant changes and print this Annexure A on a Rs.100 judicial stamp paper
  • Step3: Do relevant changes and print this Annexure B on the official Institution letterhead. Make sure all the details are same as per the government records
  • Keep the copy of following ready:

    1. Undertaking by Public and Private or Autonomous Schools/ Colleges/ Universities/ Institutions on stamp paper of Rs.100/- in a format given at Annexure-A

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    How To Move An Existing Tuftsedu Domain

    When your site begins with, you cannot move this domain to a new web host. You will need to request a new domain for your site. If you are, for example,, then you will want to follow the procedures above to request

    Similarly, if your site begins with, you cannot move it to a new web host. You will need to pick a new domain following the procedure above.

    If you have a primary domain and wish to move from one web host at Tufts to another, you should start by contacting your current web host. They will assist you with moving your domain. As a courtesy, you should never move your domain to a new web host without telling your current web host first.

    Generally, moving an existing domain name involves submitting a request for a DNS change. Only FSPs can make these requests directly, so contact your web host first.

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