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How To List A Domain For Sale On Godaddy

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How To Sell On Godaddy Public Auction

How to List Domain Names for Sale

So far, weve explained the factors that influence the price of a domain name as well as the different tools that you can use to appraise a domain name. In this section, we will discuss in detail how you can sell your domain on GoDaddy Public auction. Note that GoDaddy offers 4 different ways to sell a domain Offer/Counter Offer, Buy Now Only, 7-Day Public Auction, and Offer/Counter Offer with Buy Now. However, we will focus on the 7-Day Public Auction. As is essential, you need to have a value in mind before you can proceed to think of selling it.

1. List your domain on GoDaddy 2. Select 7-Day Public Auction and add listing details 3. Increase Visibility and receive payments

Godaddy Launches List For Sale To Sell Domains

The goal of List for Sale is to simplify the cumbersome process of selling a domain name online. And according to Paul Nicks, Vice President at GoDaddy. List for Sale gives customers an easy and simple way to earn a profit by selling their domain name for a valuable sum. And of course, the sum depends on the name of the domain as well as how much someone else wants it.

GoDaddy says the average sale price for a domain name on Afternic is $2,000. Since the beta launch in January, the highest sale for a domain on Afternic through the List for Sale tool is $57,500.

Afternic is a GoDaddy company and the worlds largest domain marketplace. When you are ready to sell, it includes your domain in search results on over 120 top registrars and reseller websites collectively. Being on Afternic gives your domain name exposure through its reseller network. This network has over 75 million monthly search queries from prospective buyers around the world.

Making these domains available in List for Sale has also made it possible for hundreds of thousands of names to enter the domain marketplace. The service supports the most common extensions including .com, .net, .org, .info, .edu, .gov, and many others.

Determine The Value Of Your Domain

The first thing youll need to do is properly price your domain. A lot of people end up overpricing their domains and wonder why they never have any interest. Just because youve owned a domain for a while doesnt mean that it has any inherent value.

For example

  • Is your domain a .com, or does it have some other random suffix? A .com domain will carry a higher price.
  • Is your domain name short? Or does it contain a lot of words? Shorter domains tend to sell for a lot more.
  • Is your domain easy to spell? Or have a common abbreviation? Domain names that include common words or regular abbreviations will fetch a higher price.
  • Do you have hyphens or other elements in your domain? Domains that contain fewer words , and dont include hyphens will sell for much more.

Spend time researching what other related domains have sold for. You can use the tool Namebio to determine what other similar domains have sold for.

There are a variety of online estimation tools you can use, but these dont tend to give very accurate quotes. You can use them as a general indicator, but not as a true measure of value.

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Why Should You Sell Domain On Godaddy Auctions

  • GoDaddy provides Auction bidder verification process to provide security to the buying and selling party from fraud.
  • The smartphone application provided by GoDaddy lets you view live and older auctions along with the bids. It is available on iOS as well as Android.
  • The Premium Listing option helps your listing to gain priority and visibility to the bidders.
  • The GoDaddy Auctions membership asks for the lowest registration fee than all the other domain selling pages.
  • You can monitor multiple sales along with instant notifications for any changes.
  • The search tool is an advanced search tool for digging in the depth of details at a faster rate.
  • This website gives options to negotiate with the seller.
  • The expired domains automatically move for auction. It is a reliable opportunity for selling a high authority domain at a profitable price.
  • The auction time does not keep extending. From the day the product gets listed, the customers place the bids. At the end of the 7th day, the highest bid wins.
  • The Auction Tools help you prepare for the sale or purchase.
  • When you know how to sell a domain on GoDaddy, you can choose from multiple options to sell a domain: Free and Simple listing with advanced features to enhance the exposure on the sale list.

How To Sell A Domain Name At The Highest Price

How to List Domain for Sale in GoDaddy(2021)  Blowwager

Are you in domain flipping business and want to learn the art and techniques of selling a domain successfully and profitably?

Then this article is certainly going to help you.

Domains are like internet real estate and as a domain flipper, its crucial to learn the art of selling a domain name at the highest possible price.

There are domains that have been sold for millions of dollars.

Heres an Wikipedia article listing the most expensive domain names ever. Its true that people have paid that much to acquire just a domain name.

So you can imagine how much you could have earned if you were the owner of one of these domains. What could have happened if you registered such a domain on your name before it was sold.

You would have been a millionaire now.

But what made those simple domains sell for millions?

The fact is that the names may look pretty simple in your eyes. But the people who purchased the domains definitely saw something entirely different or they were made to see something different.

This is the art of selling a domain name at the highest price.

You need to learn the art of showing the highest possible value of your domain names in the eyes of buyers.

Thats what will make people buy your domain names.

A domain name is not just a name. But its so much more than this.

Every online business starts with a domain name. Its the first thing people would have to remember when they want to visit your site.

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Use An Escrow Service To Receive Payment

One way to safeguarding the selling of your domain is to use an escrow service. This will help you avoid being scammed or tricked by a potential buyer.

An escrow service will act as a neutral third-party that will safely hold and process the funds.

Some selling platforms like Sedo have a built-in escrow process for every transaction done through the site. This will take a percentage of the final price, but safeguarding your domain is well worth it.

How Can You Start Buy And Selling Domains

This is how you can do it. GoDaddy Auctions lets you sell domain names with Offer/Counter Offer or Buy Now listings.

With Offer/Counter Offer listings, you can let buyers submit their own offers for your domain names. When a buyer submits an offer, you can either accept it, submit a counteroffer, or push the listing to a 7-Day Public Auction using the buyers initial offer as an opening bid.

When you accept an offer or the buyer accepts your counteroffer, the sale ends. If you include a Buy Now option, the sale ends when a buyer accepts the Buy Now price, or when you or a buyer accepts an offer. There is no obligation to accept an offer.

How you can start

For more information about your listing options, see Understanding GoDaddy Auctions Listing Options.

  • Log in to your GoDaddy Auctions account.
  • From the top menu, select List a Domain. The List a Domain page displays.
  • In the Domain name and Confirm domain name fields, enter the domain name you want to list.
  • From Listing Type, select Offer/Counter Offer, Offer/Counter Offer with Buy Now, or Buy Now Only.
  • In the Add Listing Details section, complete applicable fields:
  • Asking Price Enter the minimum starting amount in USD. You must enter at least $10.
  • Buy Now Price Enter the amount a buyer can immediately purchase the domain name for.
  • Optional: Minimum Offer Enter the minimum amount a buyer can offer you for the domain name.
  • Category Select the categories you want your domain name listed in.
  • What else can GoDaddy do?

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    Factors That Influence The Price Of A Domain

    A common factor that influences the price of a domain is the length of the domain itself. Everybody prefers a shorter domain name to a longer one, which makes shorter domain quite difficult to find. The reason is that shorter domain names are easier to remember and type in the address field of a web browser. Due to the high demand for shorter domain names, they are often valued higher than longer domain names. Besides the length of the domain name, the keywords in it also influence the value. If the keyword is popular in a specific industry, itll be valued better since they help in SEO.

    Brandability is another factor that determines how high you can sell a domain name. If a domain name is easy to brand, chances are most people will want it, and itll end up fetching a good price. People and businesses often avoid using complicated, hard to remember domain names. A good domain name should be unique, descriptive, brief, credible, user-friendly, and most importantly, memorable. The last factor well discuss that affects the value of a domain name is its position in the domain hierarchy. Top-level domains such as .com and .net have experienced a massive boom, and statistics show that they are quite in popular use and demand.

    Beware New Tld Promises

    How to list domain on sale ( How to list domains and how to sell domains )

    Every time new TLD extensions are released, there tends to be a feeding frenzy of buying new domain names.

    TLD refers to the back part of the web address like .com, .net, or .org.

    While there are often going to be some winners with every new batch, many people drastically overestimate how much a new TLD domains worth will actually be worth.

    This is a case of since there are so many different extensions now, theyre really worth less and less. After so much time, the .com is the gold standard with some sites cutting out a .net or .org reputation.

    Although even those last two are far less common now than they were even ten or fifteen years ago.

    Most people dont care about owning a domain name of their brand with .xyz or .increasinglyobscurelocation.

    Unless you have dibs on a really unusual one that you know there might be interest in, its best to stay away from these. Theres way more hype with these than there is actual value to follow up.

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    Exactly How To Sell A Domain Name

    To sell a domain , you desire a platform by which individuals with the standard passion too look for the domain .

    If they want to start a business or try to obtain a particular domain name, then they all come to these registrars and search for equal domain name.

    If that searched domain name is with you, they place an offer to sell the domain name.

    Here the prime point is to look system and area the ideal selling cost of your domain name.

    Putting a pertinent quantity of proposals will raise possibilities to sell a domain name extremely fast.

    To know the best cost of your reserver domain name goes to the Domain Appraisal system of GoDaddy.

    Based on keywords, previous sell, needs, and current trading history, you will suggest an estimated rate.

    Examine this link on Domain Appraisal. Now enter your domain name in our case, I entered

    It says that you can sell an average cost of 1500$ for this domain and will undoubtedly show you the past sold domain rate with the very exact key phrase.

    Yet here, the Domain name is your property as well as it will undoubtedly be your choice for how much cost you want to sell it.

    Great, Currently, before selling a domain name, we have an approximated rate all set.

    To sell a domain name, there are a couple of systems which I suggest one of the most relied on and also high-value websitetraffic platforms.

    • GoDaddy Public auction

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    Fill Out Tax Form If Included

    It will take you to the third step, namely form for taxation. You have to enter your street, house number and city. At the lower part of the form, write your name in the blank space and click next.

    After some hours, you will be given an email on your account approval and also, you can see it from your account section under notification.

    Dont worry if you dont know How to list domain for sale in GoDaddy. It has made everything easy and made partnership with Afternic. Domain listed on Afternic will appear in search results in more than 120 global platforms with over 70 million qualified searches each month.

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    Increase Visibility And Receive Payments

    The good thing about selling on GoDaddy Public Auction is that you can increase the visibility of your listing. However, this is optional, and you will need to pay for it. While listing your domain, you can choose Make My listing a Home Page Feature or Make My Listing a Category Page Feature to specify where you want it listed. As part of the listing process, you need to specify the account you want to receive your payments into and read and agree to the terms set by GoDaddy for the auction. You can then click on the Finish button to complete your listing.

    Fill Up Form For Payment And Select Payment Method

    How to List Domain for Sale in GoDaddy(2021)  Blowwager

    In the second step, you have to select a payment method and provide information on it. You can accept payment through eCheck, Local bank transfer,Wire transfer etc. In case of bank transfer, you need to provide bank name, IFSC Code, Zip etc.

    Also, you can use PayPal to accept payment. With PayPal, you accept and transfer money in the international market. It has many advantages.

    If you add PayPal as payment method, then you have to add your first name, last name and the same email address that you linked to your PayPal account.

    The system will verify your email address, first name and last name which enter in the form. If the email address and account details do not match with PayPal account, you cannot proceed further and the system will not be able to verify it properly. Thats why enter the account details which are as same as those entered in your PayPal account. When the form is filled up properly, click next to proceed further.

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