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How To Create An Email Address That Matches Your Domain

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How To Make Your Own Email Address With Your Own Domain Name And Gmail

How To Create An Email Address That Matches Your Domain Name

If you want your email address to be something like instead of , then follow these steps. For this example were looking at Bluehost, but the process is similar with other web-hosting providers discussed further down the page.

  • Log in to your Bluehost. From the side navigation of the Bluehost dashboard, click the Email and Office tab.
  • Select Google Workspace as your email provider.
  • You have the freedom to choose your desired business email address based on your own domain.
  • Fill out the necessary information about your business.
  • Set the number of users and click add to cart.
  • After following these steps you should have a custom email from Gmail.

    How To Use Your Professional Email Address On Mobile Devices

    Since youve set up your email address through Google Workspace, accessing it on your mobile phone is very simple.

    Using the Official Gmail App

    If you arent already using the Gmail App, which is available for both iOS and Android, download it and log in with your freshly-created Google Workspace credentials. Easy peasy.

    If you are already using it with another address, youd need to add your new professional email address to it.

    To do so, open your Gmail App on your phone.

    On Android devices, press the hamburger icon to expand the menu, scroll to the bottom, and click Settings.

    From here, all you need to do is click the Add account link.

    Next, click the Google button to open the Google Account login page.

    You may have to enter your smartphones pin code before being able to continue.

    Once you see the Set up email page, log in with your Google Workspace account.

    Thats it.

    If youre using an iPhone, the steps are pretty similar. Tap on your thumbnail in the top-right corner of the Gmail app

    This will bring up a new window where youll need to choose the Add another account option on:

    You should now have the possibility to add your freshly-created professional email address, simply pick Google as your preferred option here:

    What if you dont want to use the Gmail app, but rather the standard mail app on your devices? Well, heres how to add your professional email address to it.

    Using the Standard Android Email App

    Using the Mail App on iOS Devices

    How To Create An Email Address With Your Domain Name

    Having a professional email address that matches your domain name can help build credibility and trust among your clients. Spectora doesn’t offer GSuite set-up, but there are many different ways to create a professional email address with your domain name! Here are the most user-friendly options to set up your business email:

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    Use A Standard Email Address Format

    You may also consider creating a standard format for the email addresses in the organization for which you work. This can help customers identify messages from employees and create a sense of unity for the company’s communication. For example, you might use each employee’s first and last names separated by a period as their email address.

    Set Up Business Email With An Existing Domain

    How to set up your domain

    Use a domain name you already own whether you’re using it for a website address or an email address at another provider.

  • Sign into the website that hosts your domain. Click a button to verify automatically or update the domain manually.
  • Customize the email address or leave it as is.
  • Sign out of Microsoft 365, and then sign back in with your new email address. Your employee email addresses are updated with the new domain.
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    More Ways To Use Your Free Business Email

    Thats it! Youve now created a free business email address at your own business domain.

    Do you want to do more with your new email account?

    Next, we can show you how to easily get messages from your contact form to your business email address. Check out this article on the best free WordPress contact form plugins to learn more.

    You can make any kind of business forms with WPForms. Take a look at our easy tutorials on:

    Create A G Suite Account And Follow The Wizard

    To get started, website and follow the account setup wizard to configure the basic details, like which custom domain you want to use with G Suite. This will be the domain name at the end of your email address e.g.

    If youre the only person who will be using Google Workspace , youre finished once you complete the wizard. If you want to give other people custom email addresses, you can also do that after completing the initial setup wizard:

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    How To Create A Free Email Account With Own Domain Name

    Are you aware that you can create free email with own domain name from your hosting cPanel?

    If not, you are missing an opportunity to increase your brandability.

    The great thing is, its free. So why not use the custom email domain which is free with your hosting package?

    In this post, I will show you how to create an email account with domain name and how to forward mail from your professional email to personal email account. This way, you can easily send and receive mail from your personal email address, but your customer will see domain name email address.

    Temp Mail Temporary Email

    Get A Custom Email Address That Matches Your Domain

    Do you want to protect your emails from spam? This app can do it without any problems. The app works free. Create disposable emails and feel protection. Nowadays, it is very important to have secure mail. Forget about spam and junk emails. Thanks to this app, your real mail will remain protected and clean.

    How to use the app? It is easy. Download and install the app. The app creates temporary emails for you. Publish temporary e-mail on sites and wait for new messages. The app will notify you about any emails. You will always be aware of them.

    The app has been downloaded more than 1 million times. Developers frequently update the app. They add improvements and innovations. Try it and all your emails will be protected.

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    Set Up Business Email With A New Domain

    Buy a new domain name for your email address and set up the email addresses with Microsoft 365.

  • Buy a new domain name for your email address by providing your contact information for the new domain name, choosing your payment method, and then placing your order.
  • Change the first part of the address or leave it as is.
  • Sign out of Microsoft 365, and then sign back in with your new email address. Your employee email addresses are updated with the new domain.
  • A Quick Guide To Getting Your Own Branded Email Address

    In navigating the line between professional and unprofessional, email addresses have an important role to play. Just think of how you regard a person differently if they email you from a email address versus if it comes from ?

    Whether or not it seems fair to you, if you want to be taken seriously professionally, having a professional email address matters. And if you run a business , then you need one that matches the domain name of your website.

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    What Is An Email Domain Name

    Most businesses and professionals use a custom domain name that represents their brand and matches their official website. For example, if your website is, you can create an email address in this format: .

    It is a standard practice to use an email address with your own custom email domain name for professional purposes. This helps with brand recognition and it also serves as a sign of authenticity so your email recipients always know that youre an official sender associated with your brand name .

    Bonus Option: 123 Reg Email Hosting

    How to Create Your Own Personalized Domain Email Address

    If you dont own a 123 Reg product that comes with a free professional email address, you can use 123 Reg Email Hosting.

    Pricing starts at just 99p a year, so you dont have to break the bank to get a business email account.

    Need more than one email address for your business? Give our team a call on 0330 221 1007 and well be happy to help?

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    Receive A Free Email Domain From Bluehost

    This method requires you to purchase a web hosting plan, so its not entirely free. However, if you need to host a website anyway, you can use an affordable option such as Bluehost and get an email domain as part of the deal.

    This is an excellent choice if you want to establish a professional online presence. Its easy to set up, works seamlessly with WordPress, and gives you many tools to start your first website.

    First, head to Bluehost and choose your plan. The cheapest option starts at $2.75 per month, which is still more affordable than purchasing a domain or a dedicated email hosting service.

    Once youve selected your plan, youll be able to register a website domain. If youre unsure which name to choose, you can use a domain name generator that will give you suggestions and confirm their availability.

    Once youve finished setting up your account, log in to your Bluehost dashboard and go to Advanced> Email Accounts. From here, youll be able to configure your email domain.

    There are several ways you can start using your new email domain. For instance, you can use Bluehosts webmail interface, or connect to a popular email client such as Outlook, Thunderbird, or Gmail. Some users prefer this solution as its more convenient, as you dont have to log in to your hosting account to check your inbox.

    How Do You Set Up A Professional Email Signature

    If youre using Gmail, set up your email signature by clicking the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner. Then select Settings and scroll down to find the Signature box, where you can input your signature.

    Alternatively, you can design a professional email signature using a signature generator like WiseStamp. WiseStamp lets you create a customized professional email signature that includes images, links, icons, and morewith no coding knowledge. Learn more about the best email signature generators.

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    The Easy Parts Of Creating A Free Business Email

    The process of creating a free business email address itself doesnt require a lot of setup work. However, it does take several preliminary steps to reach that point. Once you have your business email address in place, you will be able to take advantage of quite a few benefits associated with using a business email name.

    Building trust: Customers are far more likely to take your business or organization seriously when you have an email address that contains your unique domain name, rather than containing at the end.

    Maintaining consistent branding: Having your business name as part of your free business email address provides another means of putting your brand name in front of customers. Think of the business email address as an extension of things like advertising, a website, business cards, and other marketing tools focused on your brand and company name.

    Driving website traffic: When you are using a business email address, customers will automatically assume that you have a matching website address. So if a customer sees your email from, the customer may go ahead and type into a browser to check out your website and to seek more information.

    How To Use Gmail With Your Own Domain Name

    Create a Custom Email Address with Your Domain Name

    So can you use Gmail with your own domain name? And if so, can you do it for free? The answers to those questions are yes and yes. And in this post, youll learn how to do it.

    Specifically, Im going to show you two ways to use Gmail with your own custom domain name:

  • Free method as long as you already have email hosting , you can connect Gmail to your own domain name for free using SMTP/POP3 credentials . Jump to the tutorial for this method.
  • Google Workspace / G Suite method if youre willing to pay, you can use to have a dedicated Gmail account for your own custom domain name . Jump to the tutorial for this method.
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    Create Your Free Domain Name

    Bluehost will now ask you to enter a name for your domain name. This domain name will be your websites name and also your email domain.

    If you havent thought of naming your business yet, now would be a good time. Usually, the website and email domain name closely matches your business name. An easy of getting business name inspirations is to use this free business name generator tool.

    When youve decided on your business name and checked its availability using Nameboys tool above, go ahead enter this domain name in the Bluehost new domain creation screen.

    Bluehost will now ask for your billing information to complete your domain creation. Youll receive a welcome email from Bluehost as soon as youve finished creating your hosting account.

    Now that the domain name is set up, we can create a new email address using your business name as the email domain.

    So Youve Bought A Domain Email Address Now What

    A great way to look more credible to potential customers is by having a business branded email address. A domain email address is one that uses your own business name, as opposed to the email providers. For example:

    The first step to getting a business email address is securing your custom domain name . Once youve done so, you can set up a business email address that matches your domain name, which will make your online business look more professional to leads and customers. Your new branded email address will match your domain name for example, our domain is, making our company email addresses are

    Once you have a domain email address, what comes next? Here are three ideas to get the most from your new branded email address:

    1. Set up email forwarding and aliasesIf you have switched email providers, email forwarding will help you receive emails that were sent to your old email address. How to setup email forwarding will depend on your previous email provider. Email forwarding also comes in handy if you have multiple email addresses and would like to manage them from the same account, or if you would like to view your business email within the same email client as your personal inbox.

    If you would like to connect Yola Mail to a specific email client or set up aliases, check out this handy tutorial which will gives instructions.

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