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How To Come Up With A Domain Name

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Faqs Professional & Good Email Name Ideas

Create a Unique Website Name Ideas (Choose a domain name like a boss)

Can an email address start with a number?

Yes, an email address can absolutely start with a number. You can also use a number in your email address anywhere in the middle or at the end too. Having said that, you should not consider adding a number in your email id unless you absolutely need to.

What are some common email address or username mistakes to avoid?

Here are some common email username mistakes to avoid:1) Dont use numbers unless you absolutely have to2) Make sure your username can be pronounced easily to avoid misplacement of emails.

What are some best kind email address ideas?

When creating an email address for your kind, make sure to use these points to generate safe and kid-friendly email address ideas:1) Dont use private information2) Make it rhyming with their favorite food, toy or character: like barbiebobby .

How do I come up with a Gmail name?

The best tip would be to use your own name. However, if thats not available, consider things that you like or add your profession. You can also consider adding your hobbies like foodiemartha to come up with gmail names when all else have failed.

What is a unique email address?

An unique email address is one that is exclusively for you and is not used by anyone else.

What to do when your email address is taken?

Get Inspired From Books And Articles

If you think youre out of ideas for your blog name one thing you can do is get inspired from the books or the articles. They are a powerful source of knowledge, ideas, and skills.

Giving a quick read through any of the books or the articles of your interest can skyrocket your imagination. Hence, it can help you solve your query on how to come up with a blog name. Contrarily, your book or article itself might hold the words or a phrase that you might consider using as your blog name.

Use A Domain Name Generator To Browse Your Options

Once you have a few keyword options, its time to brainstorm ideas for your domain name. While you can do this without any special tools, its often difficult because youll keep running into names that are already taken.

Using a domain name generator like Domain Wheel will help simplify the process by both brainstorming for you and making sure that all its suggestions are actually available for purchase:

All you need to do is visit the website and enter a keyword into the search box. To illustrate this, lets imagine that youre starting an advice blog about how to train dogs. For your keyword, youve settled on dog training. Entering that term into the search bar will return these results:

As you can see, there are lots of variations to choose from. If you dont like any of them, you can try a slightly different keyword, or scroll down for random ideas and keyword suggestions. We suggest taking your time and coming up with a few solid options, so you can narrow them down in the next step.

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Add Keywords That Describe Your Brand

Using relevant keywords in your domain name not only increases brand retention, but can also boost its standing with search engines. Keywords tell both human visitors and search engines what your site is about, so choose keywords that describe your brand, such as FlyAsiana.com.

If you get stuck, try using keyword research tools to help you choose a domain name for a business. Choosing a search engine optimization -friendly domain name can improve your sites ranking on search engines, which, in turn, increases traffic. For more tips for choosing a domain name, read our guide on insightful domain name ideas for business websites.

Register Your Domain Name Today

How to Set Up a Domain Name: 5 Steps (with Pictures)

As soon as you find a domain name you like, dont procrastinate claiming it. Who knows who else will have the same idea tomorrow. You dont want to have to start this process from scratch!

You can register your domain name using the same HostGator tool you used to search its availability. And as a bonus, if you choose HostGator as your web hosting provider, registering your domain name with us means you can manage everything for your website all in one place.

Finding the right domain name is an important early step in creating a website. It can take some time and creativity, but once you find one that works, youre on the path to launching a website that represents your brand effectively.

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Protect And Build Your Brand

To protect your brand, consider purchasing various domain extensions, as well as misspelled versions of your domain name. This prevents competitors from registering other versions and ensures your customers are directed to your website, even if they mistype it.

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Brainstorm Objects Or Visuals To Include In Your Brand

Animals arent your only option, you can also think of objects that either hold some relevant symbolism, or that you just like. Brands like Apple, Android, and Monster.com employed this tactic in creating their brand names. Think about any objects that have significance for you, or that create a visual you like.

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Avoid Numbers And Hyphens

Numbers and hyphens are often misunderstood people who hear your website address dont know if youre using a numeral or its spelled out or they misplace or forget the dash. If you need these in your domain, register the different variations to be safe.

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Picking The Best Domain Registrar For Your Website

How To Set Up CPABuild Template With Domain Name

Once youve picked out a domain name, youll need to choose a domain registrar, which is the company where youll purchase it. When shopping around for a registrar, here are a few things to keep an eye on:

  • Domain transfers. Check out the registrars transfer policy. If its complicated or expensive, keep looking.
  • Pricing. Some companies offer lower prices for the first year and then increase them when its time for renewal. You may even be locked into a multi-year contract.
  • Expiration policy. If you forget to renew the lease, someone else can take it from you. Therefore, look for a registrar that offers automatic renewals and a grace period.
  • Domain privacy protection. As a website owner, youre required to add your personal information to a public database. Domain privacy protection hides your primary contact information to help keep your identity secure.
  • Subdomains. You dont have to register subdomains separately. However, youll want to ensure that your registrar makes it easy to add subdomains to your site.

There are plenty of registrars you can use. However, sometimes it makes sense to register your domain through your hosting provider.

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Brainstorm A List Of Words

Before you can use a generator tool to come up with creative blog names, youll need to come up with relatable words to start with.

This is the fun part where you can really stretch your imagination! Start by brainstorming either with a paper and pen, or on your computer. Off the top of your head, think of words that are associated with your blog topic.

For example, if youre starting a travel blog, your list might look something like this:

and so on.

Like this, youll want to brainstorm ideas that are related to your blog such as food blog names or lifestyle blog names. If youre thinking of starting a personal brand, then a more personal blog name would be suitable.

If you get stuck, try using a thesaurus to come up with even more ideas for your blog title. Dont forget to include nouns, adjectives, puns, and other words types.

Once you have a good list of words, you can start thinking of interesting word combinations.

Pick Something Easy To Pronounce And Spell

One thing is common among all the most globally popular websites all these are easy to spell. If you have a domain name difficult to spell, the public may have a hard time remembering it. But with a domain name that has a simple spelling, you can have a long-lasting impression on their memory.

Also, pick up a domain name that is easy to pronounce. If people can easily say the name, therell be a higher chance of spreading it by word-of-mouth.

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Mistake #: Trying To Brand A New Word

We all would like to birth a brandable domain name, but creating a new word is a big mistake for the vast majority of bloggers. Not everyone, mind you, but most. Branding a new word means building an audience for a domain name you coined out of two different words, which most likely only means something to you.

No one knows what the word means when they come to your site. And even if they can figure it out, the extra processing time and thought severely hinders their ability to answer the fundamental question, Is this for me?

And how does that impact you again? Tick, tick, tick and theyre gone.

Not only that, but the potential for misspellings is high when youre using a brandable name.

For the average blogger, trying to brand a domain name like Google or Yahoo or one of those other big domains with a cool, unique company name is a huge mistake. Why?

Because it typically takes millions of dollars and a top-flight ad agency to pull it off. Or it takes an absolutely astonishing level of influence.

Either way, as a beginning blogger, youre simply not equipped to succeed at branding a new word.

Putting It All Together

How To Come Up With A Domain Name?

You may find yourself at a digital chasm with your domain taken, but its not the end of the world. Whether a professional domainer, a fellow business owner, or a domain squatter currently owns your ideal domain name, the steps above can help you attach a relevant and professional domain name to your website. Stop helplessly glaring at that screen, and start getting your brand or business a piece of the internet.

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Choose The Right Extension

Your domain name doesnt stop with the root domain. Part of learning how to choose a domain name is choosing the right domain extension. This makes your entire domain name look more credible, and it can also give a little hint of the industry your business is in. For example, .com stands for commercial, and is applicable for almost every type of businessmaking it the most popular domain extension.

Here is more information about different types of domain extensions and who they are best for:

Choose A Brandable Name

We all know that branding is crucial to long-term success, but what exactly makes a domain name brandable? There are many factors that come into play here, but the most important ones are as follows:

  • A brandable name has no specific meaning .
  • Its unique your competition doesnt use anything similar.
  • Its easy to memorize not too wordy, no complex vowel combinations.
  • Its easy to pronounce and dictate over the phone.
  • It sounds trustworthy some names can be a little shady by definition, for instance, WinTheLotteryToday.com may be too bold, but Lotterio.com sounds way better.

To make the brainstorming process easier, you can experiment with some combinations of actual words and random suffixes, like I did with the Lotterio.com example above. The main goal here is to create a potential for the domain name to build brand value over time.

In other words, as much as possible, try making sure the name has a good ring to it. It should be fun to say out loud, and not difficult to memorize immediately. Think about the likes of Uber: Its short and snappy, and theres no confusion as to how to spell it even when mentioned in passing in a conversation.

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If Its A Personal Brand Consider Your Name Or A Pen Name

If youre aiming to craft a brand surrounding your own identity, consider using your own name, or a pen name for your website.

E.g. Fred Simmons = FredSimmons.com

Adam, at Blogging Wizard has his own personal website branded with his own name Adam Connell.

Using your name can be advantageous especially if you decide to change business direction in the future, however, on the downside it can be more difficult for people to define what you actually do, and selling your brand in the future would be difficult.

Select The Best Domain Name Based On Some Simple Criteria

How to Use Gmail (FREE) for Your Custom Domain Email Address

At this point, youre ready to narrow down your shortlist and finish out the process of how to choose a domain name. Part of this process is subjective after all, its important to choose a domain name you like. However, there are also some simple criteria you can use to make the decision easier.

For best results, youll want to pick a domain name that is:

  • Concise and clear. Long and confusing names are harder to remember and easier to mistype.
  • Creative and memorable. The more unique you can make your domain name , the more memorable it will be.
  • Easy to read and pronounce. Avoid numbers and special characters because theyre confusing when spoken aloud. Its also worth asking your friends to pronounce it as well, so you avoid accidentally ending up on this list.

Finally, its also important to carefully consider your domain names Top-Level Domain .

In simple terms, this is the part at the end .com, .org, .net, and so on. For many sites, .com is the best choice, since its what most visitors will expect and is easiest to remember. However, its getting harder and harder to find quality .com domain names, and users are becoming more accustomed to other extensions. So if you absolutely love a non-.com name, go ahead and buy it.

The only thing to be careful with is TLDs that apply to a specific region . to help goetarget websites, so only pick those extensions if you really do want Google to geotarget your site.

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Include Keywords In Your Blog Title

Using keywords is one of the best SEO practices for any website. Similarly, a domain name with keywords in it has a higher chance of ranking in search engines. Its because the search engine spiders can better index your website for the keyword in your domain name.

For example, if your targeted keyword is bakery, then the possible domain name with the keyword in it can be tastybakery.com.

How To Choose The Best Personal Email Address

Choosing a perfect email address is very necessary to remain trust-able and create a good impression. In this era of digitization getting your desired email address is a bit tough because nearly 50% of the worlds population now has a dedicated email addresses.

Wondering how many email users are there in the world?

According to statista.com, there were nearly 4.1 billion active email users in the world and the number is expected to rise to 5.1 billion by the end of 2020 which means getting your unique email address is next to impossible to matter what email name generator tool you use.

Having said that, there are still workaround to get a clean, professional looking email IDs easily.

Lets start

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Choose A Desired Email Service Provider

Like I said, if you dont want to invest in a professional domain, you need to register your email IDs through email service providers like Gmail, Outlook.com etc.

While choosing your desired email service providers, you should remember that choosing a popular service like Gmail will make it hard for you to get your desired email name while a less used service like Outloook might still have your email name free to register.

Gmail Tricks for smart people

Choose An Appropriate Domain Name Extension

How to come up with an e

Domain name extensions are the suffixes that are added at the end of a web address like .com, .net, .org, .edu, .info, .biz, and more. Each of these extensions has their own uses. For example,

  • .com: Commercial
  • .info: Information
  • .biz: Business, eCommerce

According to Statista, .com is the most commonly used extension among them. Its quite popular as its easy to remember and people are more familiar with this domain.

Therefore, its best to use .com domain extension for your website if its for commercial purpose. However, if its not available, you may consider using other domain extensions.

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If Its Not A Parked Domain Find The Owners Contact Information

If you find that the domain has a fully built-out site, then its not a parked domain. The domain is being used by a real business. Luckily, you still have recourse if you want to buy the domain.

First, determine how likely it is for the owner to sell the domain to you. Does the website look like its been recently updated? Is it under construction? How many snapshots does it have on the Wayback Machine? If the website looks outdated or has just a few Wayback Machien snapshots, its more likely youll successfully start a conversation with the owner.

For example, the domain mellowbee.com looks like a good candidate because its had only a few Wayback Machine snapshots over the years and the current website is made up of one page.

The owners email is at the bottom, so its easy to reach out.

If you cant find the owners contact information on the site, try searching for the owner through ICANN. Keep in mind that a good portion of domain name owners hide their contact information for privacy reasons.

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