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How To Change The Domain Name On Shopify

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Changing Your Shopify Store Domain Name

how to change shopify domain name | How to Connect your third-party domain to Shopify Store

If you are looking for the answer on how to change the Shopify store name, then youre in the right place.

The reasons for changing the domain name can be different. Perhaps, you found a more profitable ecommerce niche, decided to strengthen your brand identity, or just came up with a name more relevant to your business values.

Fortunately, tweaking the domain name is not a big challenge in Shopify. So, keep calm, your Shopify store, all the settings, and data will remain safe.

In brief, it all boils down to buying a new domain name and adding it to your Shopify store. Once you finish, customers going to your online shop will have to use the new URL to access your store.

How to do it painlessly? Lets figure it out together.

As the actions below can affect particular configurations, such as email forwarding, follow the guidelines very carefully, or turn to our team experienced in Shopify development.

Buy a domain name

The first thing is to purchase a domain name either from a third-party vendor, such as GoDaddy, Google Domains, or Namecheap, or directly from Shopify.

Can I Change My Domain Name On Shopify Ecomchillcom

Can I Change My Domain Name On Shopify? · Step #1: Click Online Store > Domains · Step #2: Connecting the new domain to your Shopify store is automatic if

From Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Domains · Click Connect existing domain · Enter the domain that you want to connect · Click Next

Nov 6, 2020 Get to know how to change Shopify store name right from the Admin panel, as well as, using the mobile app. Plus, we describe how to use

Changing Your Shopify Domain Name And Using Custom Domains

First, lets tackle the first part and that is changing your Shopify domain.

As Ive mentioned in the introduction, the first domain name that Shopify assigns to your store is the subdomain.

This cant be changed and will stay the same depending on the store name that youve chosen during the setup process.

And this is how we transition to the second part of the topic which is using custom domains in Shopify.

Using custom domains, you can change the URL that your Shopify store will display under and therefore tinker with your store name. Okay, so how to actually use a custom domain in Shopify?

The first thing is you need a domain name. You can purchase your desired domain from services like Namecheap or GoDaddy. But lets assume that you already have bought a domain.

To make it work you need to go to your Shopify Admin panel and navigate to Online Store -> Domains in the left-side panel.

Then type in the domain name youd like to use and click Next.

Keep in mind that you might need to change your domains DNS settings. These setting depend on the domain provider that youre using. But dont worry, Shopify will show you instructions on how to do it in regards to your domain provider.

If you want to check whether youve correctly added a new domain to your Shopify store, you can click on the Verify connection button that will appear once you add the domain to Shopify.

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How To Change Store Name On Shopify

Changing your store name on Shopify is easy to do. Start by clicking Settings in the bottom left side of your screen, and then choosing General. There will then be a section with the heading Store details. There you can change the name to your desired alternative. Click Save and return to your homepage. The change will reflect in your store immediately.

Changing Your Store Name

Change Shopify Store Name

Before you change your Shopify store name, its important to be aware of where this change will apply. Your users will encounter your store name on:

  • Your storefront
  • Your password-protected page for a store that is not yet live
  • Email notifications about purchases
  • SMS notifications about purchases

To change your store name, just follow the below steps:

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Go To Plan And Permissions

Then scroll down until you see this:

And there you can press on close store!

Or you can pause your store for a while so you can still keep the data, but you will need to keep paying Shopify each month.

But that will cost less than the normal Shopify subscription!

However, with the current situation, they changed a few things: now you can pause your store without paying any monthly fees. The only thing then is that you cant edit anything while your store is paused.

Can I Change My Shopify Domain Name

When you are starting an Shopify store it can be hard to come up with a store name. More difficult still is finding a domain name when the one you had in mind has been taken. Usually you have already started a store by this stage. You therefore may be wondering if it is possible to change your domain name once you have already registered and assigned on to your store. Having run multiple stores over the years, I would like to share with you some important insights on the topic here with you today.

So, can you change your shopify domain name? Yes it is possible to change your domain name at any time. To do this, you will just need to purchase a new domain, add the new domain and assign it to your store in Shopify, update the CNAME records and verify pwnership. The process only takes between 5-10 minutes.

I know what its like, when you are starting your new store your mind goes blank. Unless you have really thought about your name and your brand ahead of time, its easy to panic and choose a brand/domain name you no longer like in a couple of months.

Thankfully, its easier than ever to change your domain name. Id like to share with you how to do this as well as some other considerations.


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How To Transfer A Domain

When a domain is transferred, management of that domain moves to Shopify, which means you adjust your domain settings, pay for that domain and renew your domain right in your Shopify Admin panel. Shopify does not come with email accounts as part of its domain services. However, it does include unrestricted email forwarding accounts for your domain name.

To transfer a domain to Shopify, first, you need to have signed up your domain more than 60 previous days and have access to your original domain provider account. Please kindly note that to transfer your domain, you will need to keep an eye on and respond to important confirmation emails. Then, it takes you no more than 20 days from the time of initiation until the transfer gets completed.

Also, note that you have to pay for your domain annually to have it in use. For instance, if you have 3 months left until your domains expiration and then you transfer your domain to Shopify and add 12 more months of registration, you will not have to renew your domain for 15 months.

Way To Add An External Domain Via The Shopify Admin Website

How to delete domain on shopify (2021) | How to change domain on shopify | Remove domain on shopify

#1. First and foremost, on your desktop computer, go to Shopify admin and log in.

#2. Select Online Store from the Sales Channels section.

#3. Then, press Domains.

#4. After that, tap Connect existing domain

#5. Click Next after entering your domain in the Domain field

#6. Shopify now knows which domain you want to connect to, but you have to update your domains DNS settings to point to Shopifys servers for it to operate.

#7. Log in to your domain providers dashboard, choose the domain you want to utilize, and then select Manage Zone.

#8. Then, set TTL to the shortest time feasible and point your A record to the Shopify IP address, which is .

#9. Point your CNAME record to and set the TTL to the shortest possible time.

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Can You Change Your Shopify Store Name

Yes, you can change your Shopify store name. However, think about this carefully before you take the step to change your online store name. If you have already started marketing and raising brand awareness, changing the name of your store will be counterproductive and can undo all of the progress you have made in building a brand.

So, while it is possible to change it to the wonderful new name youve thought of, it is also risky. It is better to carefully deliberate the name of your store before starting. If youve added finding the perfect name to your Shopify checklist, it wont fall through the cracks. However, not everyone manages to systematically set up their stores, and Shopify has presented us with alternative options.

By Step Guide About How To Change Shopify Domain

If youre wondering about the problem of how to change Shopify domain, dont worry, because our following section will show you in detail. In fact, its really easy to switch your domain name from Shopifys default domain to another domain youve added. In addition, the domain can be changed using either the Shopify mobile app or the Shopify admin website.

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Make Sure Your Chosen Shopify Store Name Is Available

After you have decided on the right niche for your store, using the Shopify store name generator will help you deliver hundreds of unique name ideas with a click of a button.

We recommend choosing the .com domain name for your brand. Why? Users are more likely to click on than abcd.anythingelse. Additionally, .com is easier to remember, its almost the default TLD that most professional brands use.

Of course, its not easy to grab a .com domain, most good ones are certainly bought already. If thats the case, .net, .co, or .io could be good alternatives.

Using The Shopify Mobile App

Changing Domain Name and Store Name

This method works in both the iOS and the Android version of the Shopify app.

  • Open your Shopify app and select the store icon in the right bottom corner
  • Select the setting option
  • In your setting, press general
  • In the store details menu, youll notice your current store name in the store name field
  • Delete your existing store name
  • Type in your new store name
  • Hit the save button on the top to keep your store name change
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    How To Buy A New Domain From Shopify

    Custom domains purchased through Shopify start at $11 per year. After payment, your domain will automatically set up for you. Even if you leave Shopify, you still retain ownership of it.

    Please note that domains purchased through Shopify are registered for one year. You can renew even if you do not use the Shopify platform anymore.

    Also, keep in mind that Shopify does not have unlimited email forwarding accounts for your domain, and domain purchases are non-refundable.

    Follow the steps listed below to know how to change Shopify domain:

  • From the Shopify admin panel, go to “Online Store” > “Domains“.
  • 2. Next, select “Buy new domain”.

    3. Enter the domain name you want to own.

    4. Related available extensions and their prices will be listed. Extension options include popular ones like .com and .net, country extensions like and .us, and premium extensions. Review the options carefully as prices vary.

    5. Click the “Buy” button beside the domain name you want to buy.

    6. Add your payment details if they ask.

    7. Now, review your personal information to see if it is right. By default, the Shopify store owner’s information is used to purchase and renew domains.

    8. Tick “Auto-renew this domain every year” in case you want your domain to be renewed every year.

    9. Confirm if this domain offers WHOIS Privacy. This service will hide your information from WHOIS lookups. So your personal information will not be leaked.

    10. Check the Domain Registration Agreement and the ICANN policy.

    Changing Your Myshopifycom Url

    As mentioned, you cant change a URL since its tied to your account when contacting Shopify support. If you want to change the domain that is displayed to customers, then setting a custom domain as a primary domain will do just that.

    After youve set the new custom domain name, your URL will still be displayed in your address bar when youre logged into the account.

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    How Do You Change The Domain Name Of Your Shopify Store

    Now that you know how to change the name of your Shopify store, its time to change your domain name as well!

    For example, why would you keep if your new store name is cats and food?

    That would be a bit weird for your store visitors!

    Keep in mind, one thing that you wont be able to change is your URL that you use to login.

    If youve added a custom domain to your store, like Ill explain to you below, and selected it as your primary domain, then the original URL is never seen by your store visitors.

    You will be the only one who is going to see this URL.

    If its important to you that the URL matches your new store name, you will need to create a new Shopify account.

    There are ways to duplicate your Shopify store so you wont lose anything you have done so far though!

    If you want to learn more about duplicating your Shopify store, then I suggest reading this guide from Shopify.

    Now lets start with changing your domain name:

    How To Change Shopify Domain Through Shopify Admin Website

    How to Change Your Shopify Store’s Name and URL

    #1. The first step of the process about how to change Shopify url is visiting the Shopify admin and log in on your desktop.

    #2. Select Online Store from the Sales Channels section.

    #3. Press Domains.

    #4. Then, tap the Change primary domain link.

    #5. Finally, choose your new domain from the list and press Save.

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    Use The Best Business Name Generator Based On Your Niche:

    Just search for the domain name and you will get the domain availability status and list of domain suggestions if your searched domain name is already taken.

    For example, I searched for the term toyo, as it is not available with .com, I got the below cool suggestions:

    Now lets see how you can change your store name in Shopify.

    Why Should You Know How To Change Shopify Domain

    A domain, or domain name, is the address that visitors will use to visit your online store. You can see it in the address bar of your web browser .

    The default is It is automatically generated once your account is created and will stay with your website forever without purchasing additional custom domains.

    However, it can confuse customers trying to remember your domain name.

    A domain name that is short, easy to remember, and focuses on brand always creates professionalism and higher trust in the visitors’ eyes. As a result, almost no store owners want to keep the default Shopify domain name.

    Among countless competitors these days, your domain name must become more recognizable to increase ranking on search engines and attract more attention along with your population.

    Besides the domain name, the design of your online store also plays a vital role in attracting your visitors attention. Fortunately, with Shopify page builders, this aspect can be easily achieved.

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