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How To Add A Domain To Wix

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What Is Editor X

How to Add a Domain to Wix Websites? – Wix Tutorial

Editor X was originally called Corvid until Wix wisely did a brand pivot during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Its a completely separate tool from the Wix website builder. Its more of a front-end design tool, similar to Webflow. It has a steeper learning curve but allows for much more design flexibility.

It has its own pricing plans that are divided into Website Plans and Business & Ecommerce plans.

Editor X pricing.

Does Wix have student pricing?

Wix offers a 50% discount on annual plans for students. See Wix for Students.

Is Wix more expensive than WordPress?

It’s hard to say because they are priced much differently. Wix is an all-in-one package. WordPress is free but you pay for hosting, themes and plugins so each WordPress website costs differently.

Is Wix’s ecommerce plans more expensive than Shopify?

On a monthly term, Wix’s Business Basic plan is just slightly cheaper than Shopify’s Basic Shopify plan

How to cancel a Wix account?

This support doc explains it but I can confirm I bought and cancelled a Wix account with my own credit card and cancellation was easy and transparent!

Do freelancers use Wix?

Many freelancers use Wix for website building. These partners can get 20% off of their websites.

Does Wix charge transaction fees?

Wix does not charge transaction fees on any ecommerce plans. There is of course still a credit card fee that is paid to a 3rd-party payment provider such as Stripe or Paypal.

Can you pay with a credit card?

Can you pay with Paypal?

Checking Your Domain Is Connected

Once you have successfully connected the nameservers and clicked saved. Make sure the names settings on the domain provider have been saved fully. If not then the verification process wont work.

Once the verification is complete, that certain domain name will be connected to your published site.

The connection may take up to 48 hours to connect successfully, so check the next upcoming days that the domain name has connected successfully. You should also receive an email from WIX once the verification is through.

Email Accounts With Wix

Wixs plans dont include email accounts. Therefore, if youd like a professional-looking email such as , youll need to purchase a separate service.

Wixs approach is to offer , a Google cloud solution that provides professional email. Although is a great product, it is not budget-friendly. For each user you have, you will have to pay $ 6 a month. Not that cheap!

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Add Mx Records For Email

Once youve verified your domain name, you also need to add another type of record called MX records so that Google Workspace can manage the email for your domain name.

You can do this via the same interface where you added the TXT record. Or, many web hosts include a built-in tool to help you add the Google Workspace MX records.

For example, with the cPanel dashboard at SiteGround, you get a dedicated Set Google MX tool in the MX Entry interface:

And thats it! You should be ready to use Gmail with your custom domain name.

Remember if you want a more detailed look, .

How To Add A Domain To Your Account

Wix Domains: Want To Save Some Money?
  • Head to the Account settings page and click the Domains tab.

  • Under Sending domains, click Add domain.

  • Enter the email address you wish to use to send emails from and click Save.

  • Verify your email address with the confirmation email we send you, or immediately authenticate your domain to automatically verify your email.

  • Once the domain has been added, click on the Authenticate button. A window will appear containing Name and Value fields your DKIM and SPF records. Copy these fields and keep this page open.

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    Using Wix Artificial Design Intelligence

    The wizard starts out by building on the information it already has from the initial questionnaire .

    When setting up my account, I indicated that I wanted to create a blog so at this point Im asked to narrow down the type of blog I want to build.

    As you type, the wizard will attempt to auto-complete what youre typing, so you can choose an appropriate category from what comes up. I entered Lifestyle Blog.

    On the next page, youll be suggested some features that might be suitable for your type of site. For my lifestyle blog this was a subscription form to add visitors to my mailing list, a live chat box, and an Instagram feed. I decided to choose the subscription form and Instagram feed.

    You can choose whichever features you want by ticking the checkbox in the corner. Or, if you dont want any extra features, simply click the Maybe Later link to skip this step.

    If you dont see the features you want on your site, scroll down to see more options. Features available to add include

    • Online store
    • Reservations
    • Groups

    When you click the blue Next button, youll be asked for the name of your blog, so go ahead and type it in. If youre not sure what to call your blog yet, dont worry you can change this later.

    The next screen asks for details such as your email address, address, phone number, social media accounts, and logo if you have one.

    Obviously you dont have to enter your personal address and phone number, but this is useful for business blogs.

    Connect Your Ca Domain To Wix

    Another option, particularly helpful if you have already have purchased a domain through a different company, is to connect it to your Wix website – it just takes a few extra steps.

    Time:0.5 hours

    Cost: As little as $5 USD/month, plus the cost of a domain registration. Youll have to upgrade to any one of the paid premium Wix accounts to gain the ability to change your domain name on Wix to one of your choosing.


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    To Point Your Domain To Wix

    Wix require you to configure the blank host name, and the www host name as A records. They also recommend creating m.yourdomain.com as an A record to make use of their mobile site function. All 3 records must be directed to Dependent on your domains current DNS configuration, your screen may look slightly different to the screenshot below, but you must create/update the 3 records circled.

    Once you have added the 3 records, select Save at the bottom of the screen. Please allow 24-48 hours for these changes to take effect.

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    Promotions: How Often Does Wix Offer 50% Off

    How To Connect Domain To Wix For Free (Without Paying Wix Plan)

    Wix offers 50% off as often as every two weeks.

    For example, I signed up to Wix and was served a Limited Time Offer that expired on February 3:

    This offer expired on February 3rd.

    Another 50% off Limited Time Offer was back by February 17!

    The next time I logged in was May 12 and there was yet another Limited Time Offer! So dont stress too much about hitting the Limited Time Offer window.

    The offer was back again when I logged in in May.

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    These 4 Website Builders Connect Domain Name For Free

    Nowadays people tend to reach for businesses online. Your social media profiles arent just flexible enough to showcase your products and achievement in the most desired way. And thats why you need a website, which lets you control almost every visual aspect of your unique pages. Thus, website builders were born, for people without any knowledge in coding to create their own websites.

    However owning a website might require some investment, a typical WordPress hosting can range from $0.99 to $34.95 per month depending on the package and company.

    The cost might be just a tiny fraction of the budget for most people, but the price can multiply if the business was located in the country with a weaker currency. This means that those ten bucks a month can be enormous in the eyes of others, especially for those small or local businesses.

    Although therere a hefty amount of free website builders that let you start at zero cost, a lot of those free packages dont come with the option to connect with your own domain name, which is, in my opinion, extremely important.

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    Hosting Email With Wix

    If you register your domain name with Wix, you can set up a custom email address with .

    Google Workspace lets you host your custom email address with Gmail software. I use Google Workspace and I highly recommend it.

    Each mailbox costs $6.50 / month or $48 / month on a yearly term . Wix often runs an offer to get 50% off your first year on annual plans.


    Wix Ascend is a package of marketing tools. It is an additional product to your website.

    There are four Wix Ascend plans available ranging from free – $49 per month:

    Wix Ascend plans.

    Ascend is a suite of tools:

    • Contacts Like a CRM for anyone who interacts with your website and business.
    • Members Adds membership functionality to your website.
    • Wix Inbox Manage live chats and form submissions.
    • Wix Chat Add live chat to your website.
    • Wix Forms Paid plans add more form builder functionality .
    • Wix Automations Create triggers and and actions for marketing automations. Similar to Zapier.
    • Wix Invoices & Price Quotes For sending quotes and invoices to customers.
    • Tasks A to-do list app.
    • SEO Wiz An SEO tool. Basically like a checklist wizard.
    • Email Marketing Wixs own email marketing tool.
    • Social Posts A tool for creating social media assets.
    • Easily connect with tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.
    • Logo Maker A free tool to create professional logos.

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    Choose A Domain Registrar

    A registrar is a company that reserves and manages domain names. While the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers manages all domains worldwide, a registrar deals with them on your behalf.

    Wix.com is a registrar and also a web-hosting service, meaning you can not only purchase a unique domain but also create your site on the same platform. With the purchase of a premium plan,you get a free domain name for a year.

    Alternative registrars include businesses like GoDaddy, Domain.com and NameCheap.

    How To Updates Your Nameservers At Godaddy

    Wix Domains: Want To Save Some Money?

    1. Visit the GoDaddy Homepage and login.2. Next, visit the Domain Manager and you should see a list of all domains.3. Find the domain you will be using for your Wix website and check the box next to it, then click the DNS button. In the DNS drop down, select Update Nameservers.4. Check the Ill use my own nameservers box and enter your nameservers from above in these boxes, then click Save.

    Once youve obtained and updated your nameservers, it can take up to 24 hours for those changes to propagate globally. That means you might not be able to access your website during this time period. Nevertheless, nameserver propagation usually only takes a few hours, so test regularly once youve updated and your Wix website should start loading soon.

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    Is WordPress Better Than Wix

    WordPress is better for selling online than Wix

    If you dont mind the additional cost and higher technical demands of an ecommerce plugin, then WordPress is the way to go for its power and scalability. However, Wixs built-in ecommerce functions are great for smaller stores and multi-channel integration.

    Im Not Sure What Do Next

    • Youve created all of the email addresses your business currently uses. After you activate Gmail, addresses that dont exist in Google Workspace will stop receiving email.
    • Your company is ready for a transition. You might continue to receive messages in your old email accounts for the next 48 hours. It can take that long for the rest of the Internet to learn about your new MX records.

    Once you check both boxes, you can click Continue.

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    Cost To Buy A Domain Name

    While you can get a domain for free, you may want to purchase one instead. A free domain will contain a designated prefix of the registrar, which is best if youre establishing an online presence or only temporarily need a website.

    If you want your website to professionally stand out and grow with your brand, however, then invest in a domain name.

    With Wix, the cost of a domain name depends on several factors, including:

    • The plan you purchase

    • Local currency

    • Local VAT laws

    However, all Wix premium plans come with a domain for one year, which cost between $14 and $39 a month. After a year, you can renew your domain for anywhere between $13.95 and $15.95 a year.

    You can also purchase a domain that already exists from another person or business. This is why having a desirable domain name can be good for your bottom line if you ever want to sell it, you can make significant money. For example, in 2001 hotels.com was sold for $11 million. In a 2012 interview with BBC Today, hotels.com CEO, David Roche explained that at the time, this was considered a crazy sum of money. He then added, Now we look back and think, what a bargain.

    Small Business Expert and Marketing Blogger

    Customizing Your Wix Site

    How to Connect a Domain Without a Premium Plan on Wix | Wix Fix

    Okay, so now you know your way around the Wix site builder and you have a template or ADI-site to get started with, lets take a look at some of the customizations you can make.

    Lets start by editing the site header. I can adjust the look and behavior of the site header by clicking on it. Theres then a pop-up with buttons to change the header design, the settings, or the design.

    If you click the Change Header Design button you can adjust the colors and style of your header. The pop-up will list a selection of designs to choose from, and then you can click the Customize Design button to make further changes to the width, opacity, border, corner style, and shadows.

    The changes will happen automatically when you click, or you can preview the changes by hovering.

    In the design Ive chosen, the header scrolls with the rest of the site, but I can change this by clicking the settings button.

    The color of my menu text now needs changing, so I can adjust that by clicking directly on the text and buttons will pop up for manage menu, navigate, layout, design, animation, and stretch.

    I can change the text color by clicking the design button, clicking customize design, selecting text, and changing the color for regular, hover, and clicked links.

    I can also choose from a preset menu design with a selection of styles and colors, just as I could for the header.

    When you find an image you like, select it and click the Change Background button.

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    Connecting Your Own Domain To Your Help Center

    What this means:

    Your default help center URLs


    Connecting help centers of additional brands


    Connection Type
    Each brand’s help center connected to a different domain support.bite2go.biz/kb/en
    Each brand’s help center connected to a different subdomain under the same domain restaurants.bite2go.biz/kb/en drivers.bite2go.biz/kb/en

    Why Add A Custom Domain To Your Wix Site

    Custom domains bring a number of tangible benefits to any online business. For one thing, using the domain extension of a website builder doesnt exactly project an image of professionalism or success.

    For another, theyre pretty much anathema to decent SEO. A custom domain is essential if youre serious about using your WIX site to drive traffic and gain sales for your business. Most SEO strategies will be ineffective without a proper domain name.

    Additionally, custom domains allow you to take advantage of a whole host of other tools, including branded email inboxes, traffic analysis suites and other premium webmaster tools on your WIX site.

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    How To Get Your Nameservers From Wix

    Before you can make the necessary changes to your domain name inside GoDaddy, youll need to obtain the nameservers from Wix. Obtaining these nameservers is easy, just to your Wix account and then visit This Page and scroll down to where it says Enter the Wix name servers shown below. There should be at least two nameservers listed and they should look something like this: ns1.domainhere.com

    NOTE: If you are logged in and do not see nameservers listed on the page above please contact Wix and obtain them from the company before proceeding.

    How Do I Link My Domain To My Wix Account

    Wix Review

    Important: Premium Plandomain registered with usPLEASE NOTEAdd the domain name on Wix sidenameservers the domain should be pointed toNamecheap accountDomain ListManageCustom DNS Nameservers nameservers :24-48 hours NOTEWix accountPointing a domain using an IP addressonlyBasicDNSPremiumDNSConnect the domain name to your Wix accountget the DNS recordsNamecheap accountDomain ListManageAdvanced DNSHost recordsAdd New Recordyourdomain.tld

    • A record for pointing to*
    • CNAME record for www pointing to www192.wixdns.net*

    *These values are just examples, the correct ones should be provided in your Wix account .Save All Changes30 minutes

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    What Are The Benefits Of Registering A Domain Name Through Wix

    First, Wix provides free domain registration for the first year when you register a new website through their platform, but after the first year your domain will renew at $15 a year. If youre not sure if creating a website is for you, this is a helpful way to save some money on your initial startup costs.

    Long term however, free is not free. Its free for the first year, but the renewal rate at Wix is quite expensive and is almost double what a domain registrar like Namecheap charges.

    The next benefit to registering through Wix is that your custom domain and SSL will be setup correctly and immediately. Unlike using a domain registrar where you have to wait a few hours for everything to propagate, getting your domain at Wix will have your website with its custom domain ready to go in minutes.

    This technical setup may be a bit techy for beginners with you needing to create an A-record and a CNAME record in order to point your domain to Wix and have an active SSL.

    Last, you can also transfer an existing domain to your Wix account if you already have one registered elsewhere, but this is costly and time consuming so we dont recommend it. Please note that the cost to transfer a domain is a separate fee from the registration and renewal costs.

    Its not possible to get the domain for free at Wix for the first year and then transfer it to Namecheap in order to avoid the more expensive renewal fee at Wix.

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