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How To Check If A Domain Is Active

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Start By Typing Your Preferred Domain Name Into Your Browser

Fix: An Active Directory Domain Controller Could Not be Contacted | cannot connect to domain

The easiest way to see if your preferred domain name is available is to try it out! In your web browser type in in the bar that shows the domain name of the webpage youre viewing. Obviously, type in the domain name youre looking for instead of thedomainnameyouwanthere.

Press enter and then see if a webpage opens. If a functioning webpage opens, then the domain name is taken. If no functioning website is attached to that domain name youll see one of two things. Youll either see an error page or youll see content on the page that offers to sell you the domain name.

Do not be fooled by the offer to purchase the domain name. That usually means that the domain name is already registered to another business or individual. It may be available for sale by that individual or business, but theyre likely to charge an exorbitant amount for the domain name.

If the webpage goes to an error page, you know the domain name is available!

About Domain Age Checker By Smallseotools

Domain Age Checker is a tool we built primarily for the purpose of checking the age of any domain name on the Internet.

This is by far the most powerful domain age checking tool you’ll find on the web because it is loaded with vital domain name checking features.

Normally, other domain age checkers just show you the age of the domain mostly in years.

But Domain Age Checker by SmallSEOTools is a lot more sophisticated.

Our domain tool shows you, not just the age of your domain name, but also the exact time, day, month, and year the domain name was created.

But that’s not all:

Our domain age checker also does the magic of showing you even more details about your domain name, including:

  • The domain expiration date
  • IP address
  • Name servers attached to the domain name
  • Way back link for checking the history of the domain name in, including past designs, layouts, contents, etc.
  • Registrar of the domain name.

This means the tool not only serve as your domain age checker, but also as:

  • Domain expiry date checker
  • Domain name server checker
  • Domain registrar checker

With those pack of features, you can only agree that this is not your average domain age checker, but a sophisticated domain name analyzer.

Oh, and did we mention that you get all of this for $0. Yes, completely FREE. No hidden fees, no monthly charges. In fact, you can even use it without prior registration.

Registering Dns Resource Records

If DNS resource records do not appear in DNS for the source domain controller, you have verified dynamic updates, and you want to register DNS resource records immediately, you can force registration manually by using the following procedure. The Net Logon service on a domain controller registers the DNS resource records that are required for the domain controller to be located on the network. The DNS Client service registers the host resource record that the alias record points to.

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Example : Show Replication Queue

It is normal to see items in the queue. If you have a small environment it will often be at zero because there are few replications that occur. If you notice items sitting in the queue and they never clear out, you have a problem.

Use this command to view the replication queue

Repadmin /Queue

Results displayed

C:\Users\rallen> repadmin /queueRepadmin: running command /queue against full DC contains 0 items.

Making Sure If Your Domain Is Correctly Pointed

Step by Step: Joining and Removing Computer to from Active Directory ...

Since you know your domains current A record value, you can compare it to the one required by the hosting company. The value of your domains A record IP address should be the same as your hosting IP address.

If they are different, you need to replace your current A Record value with the one provided by your host. This value should be changed from where your nameservers are pointed to at the moment. You can check the nameservers of your domain on Hostingers WHOIS lookup tool.

Once youve accessed your domain manager on your hPanel, select the DNS Zone tab. Then, edit your domains IP address value under the A tab.

Once saved and propagated, your website will be available again! Bear in mind that propagation can sometimes take up to 24 hours.

Important! If your host specifically asks you to point the domain to certain nameservers, you need to check if your domains nameservers are correctly set up using a local computer console or a whois lookup website.

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Checking Whether Your Computer Is Joined To Active Directory:

  • Look under the Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings for this entry:
  • Domain:

If you have a Domain: entry that is not, you may be part of a departmental Active directory. If you have an entry that starts with Workgroup: then your device is not joined to an Active Directory.

Domain Taken: What Can I Do

The name we have chosen for our project is not always among the available domains. If the domain you were thinking about is already taken, you can consider using a different extension.

In addition to the most common extensions you could use a new extension, for example .shopping, .store or .tech.

To see all the available extensions, go to the domain registration page and search for the extension that interests you. To help you find the one that suits you, we have divided them into categories .

If all extensions are taken and you still cant find available domains you can try other solutions.

First, you can use numbers or hyphens to create a unique domain name and get around the busy domain problem.

If, however, you are interested in registering the domain exactly as it is, but someone has already registered it before you then you can try to buy the domain from the person who registered it.

Some domains are bought to be then resold at a higher price. In these cases, when you visit one of these domains, it is likely that you will see a page indicating that the domain is for sale.

If not, you can still try to contact the registrant and make a purchase offer for the domain. If you want to buy a domain that has already been registered by someone else, there are marketplaces that are designed for buying and selling domains.

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How To Check Ad Domain Controller Health Using Dcdiag

Dcdiag is a basic built-in tool to check Active Directory domain controller health. To quickly check the state of an AD domain controller, use the command below:

dcdiag /s:DC01

The command runs different tests against the specified domain controller and returns a state for each test .

Typical tests:

  • Connectivity checks if the DC is registered in DNS, establishes test LDAP and RPC connections
  • Advertising checks roles and services published on the DC
  • FRSEvent checks if there are any errors of file replication service
  • FSMOCheck checks if the DC can connect to KDC, PDC, and Global Catalog server
  • MachineAccount checks if the DC account is registered in AD correctly and if the domain trust relationship is correct
  • NetLogons checks the logon privileges to allow replication to proceed
  • Replications checks the state of replication between domain controllers and if there are any errors
  • KnowsOfRoleHolders checks the availability of the domain controllers with FSMO roles
  • Services checks if services on the domain controllers are running
  • Systemlog checks if there are any errors in the DC logs
  • Etc.

Besides default tests, you can run additional domain controller checks:

For example, to check if DNS is working correctly on all domain controllers, use the following command:

dcdiag.exe /s:DC01 /test:dns /e /v

dcdiag.exe /s:DC01 /test:dns /DnsForwarders /v

To get more information from domain controller test results and save it to a text file, use this command:

Choosing A Domain Name

How to troubleshoot DNS issues in an Active Directory domain controller

In addition to following the rules for registering a domain, you should also keep some guidelines in mind when choosing a name. Lets see what the guidelines are for choosing free domains.

The number of free domains you can register can be up to 63 characters. Despite this, it is far better that your domain is short and easy to remember. Ideally, you could go for between 3 and 12 characters and not exceed 3 or 4 words.

Is the domain name you would like to choose too long? To make it concise you can try and eliminate the superfluous: articles, prepositions, conjunctions, numbers or hyphens.

In addition to having to keep it short, the domain name should be easy to type, so avoid using words that tend to be misspelt often or are difficult to pronounce.

What name to choose? The domain name can be the same as your brand name or a variation such as a combination of brand name and keyword.

Dont overdo it with keywords and use them only if it makes sense for visitors to understand what the topic of your site is. For this same reason, you may want to include a geographic reference to help visitors understand where you operate. Remember, however, that in this case, you can also take advantage of national extensions .

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How Do I Run A Domain Controller Diagnostic

For an Active Directory domain controller check, run the dcdiag command in a Command Prompt window with Administrator privileges. Typing the command by itself gives you a test on the local domain controller. You can also examine a remote domain controller by adding the option /s:< DC_name> where < DC_name is the domain controller that you want to test.

Verifying Resource Record Registration

The destination domain controller uses the DNS alias resource record to locate its source domain controller replication partner. Although domain controllers running Windows Server ) can locate source replication partners by using fully qualified domain names or, if that fails, NetBIOS namesthe presence of the alias resource record is expected and should be verified for proper DNS functioning.

You can use the following procedure to verify resource record registration, including alias resource record registration.

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To Verify Dynamic Update

  • Open a command prompt as an administrator. To open a command prompt as an administrator, click Start. In Start Search, type Command Prompt. At the top of the Start menu, right-click Command Prompt, and then click Run as administrator. If the User Account Control dialog box appears, confirm that the action it displays is what you want, and then click Continue.
  • At the command prompt, type the following command, and then press ENTER:dcdiag /test:dns /v /s:< DCName> /DnsDynamicUpdateSubstitute the distinguished name, NetBIOS name, or DNS name of the domain controller for < DCName> . As an alternative, you can test all the domain controllers in the forest by typing /e: instead of /s:. If you do not have IPv6 enabled on the domain controller, you should expect the host resource record portion of the test to fail, which is a normal condition when IPv6 is not enabled.
  • If secure dynamic updates are not configured, you can use the following procedure to configure them.

    How To Check If The Changes I Made Are Successful

    Install Active Directory Domain Services on Windows Server 2016 â Tactig

    After you point your domain name to your SiteGround, go to Site Tools -> Dashboard and check for the below notice. If you see it, you can click the refresh link in the notice to confirm if the changes you made are done properly:

    If the notice does not disappear after you click on refresh, double-check if you have inserted the correct nameservers at the domain provider.

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    Example: Failed Kdc Service And Netlogon Service

    Here is the dcdiag output when the kdc and NETLOGON service is stopped. I used the /q switch to only display the errors

    C:\Users\rallen> dcdiag /s:dc2 /q Fatal Error:DsGetDcName  call failed, error 1717 The Locator could not find the server. ......................... DC2 failed test Advertising kdc Service is stopped on  NETLOGON Service is stopped on  ......................... DC2 failed test Services Warning: DcGetDcName call failed, error 1717 A Global Catalog Server could not be located - All GC's are down. Warning: DcGetDcName call failed, error 1717 A Primary Domain Controller could not be located. The server holding the PDC role is down. Warning: DcGetDcName call failed, error 1717 A Time Server could not be located. The server holding the PDC role is down. Warning: DcGetDcName call failed, error 1717 A Good Time Server could not be located. Warning: DcGetDcName call failed, error 1717 A KDC could not be located - All the KDCs are down. ......................... failed test LocatorCheck

    Thats it.

    Easy right?

    DCDiag is a simple yet very powerful tool to check and diagnose domain controllers. I highly recommend that you become familiar with this tool and run it in your environment from time to time.

    Check For Available Domains

    You can check the availability of a domain directly from our domain registration page. In order to find available domains just complete three simple steps:

  • enter the name of the domain you have chosen
  • choose the extension
  • Click on Check to know if the domain is among the available domains.
  • You will be redirected to a new page where you will be shown if the domain is available or taken. Lets see what to do in both cases.

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    How Do I Find The Best Available Domain Name

    If you have an idea for the name you want, start by searching for that. If the name isnt available, well show you our best recommendations for similar, available domain names. Or, if you dont have a specific domain name in mind, just type in keywords that describe your website or project, hit search, and check out the suggestions.

    Checking With Host Tracker

    How To Check Active Directory Replication

    Host Tracker gives more information compared to Website Planet. This site allows you to check the page speed, HTTPS, ping, trace, port, health, and security.

    In addition, this website checker tool will give you automated notifications if your site goes down. However, to get ahold of this feature, you will need to register for a free trial or pay $9.92 to $74.92/year.

    But, you can still use the online checker tool to check your websites availability for free. Here is what you need to do:

  • Access Host Tracker and scroll down until you see a CHECK SITE column.
  • By default, the website aims to check the page speed. However, since we want to know whether your site is available worldwide, you must choose the Ping tab.
  • Fill in the information required your website domain or URL and the test location. Choose All World in the location tab if you want to check your site status around the globe, then click CHECK.
  • Wait for the information to load fully. Here is an example of the ping test result of Hostinger:
  • As you can see, this online checker provides detailed information, but you only need to pay attention to the first line of the Status column to find out if the website is online or not.

    If you see results similar to the one above, your website is online. You should ignore one or two fails because it might be due to network-side or configuration issues. If the majority of checks are Good, then you can be sure that your website is online globally.

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    How Do You Find Out If The Domain Profile Is Active In The Firewall

    • A script needs to determine if a firewall profile is active. Does anybody know of a function to do this?

      The problem I a trying to solve is when a server boots it may not activate the domain profile. It happens if the server is booted before a domain controller comes on line or if and adapter team is in use. To solve this, I run a script at boot up that waits and then restarts the nla service and typically the domain profile will become active. However it isn’t fool proof. I want to modify the script to verify that the domain profile has become active. However, I cannot find a function to determine if the domain profile is active. Can someone help with this?

      Wednesday, November 26, 2014 4:38 PM

    Domain Controller Health Check Guide

    Active Directory is coordinated by domain controllers. These controllers are essential to the smooth running of your AD implementations. Therefore, it is important to know how to check on their statuses.

    A health check for Active Directory domain controllers can be performed with native Microsoft tools that cost nothing. However, there are some skills you need to acquire in order to carry out the check. We will show you how.

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    Is This Website Down How To Check If Your Site Is Working Worldwide

    There are cases when users are unable to access your website. However, when you try to open the site yourself, you find that its running fine.

    This could be because your website is unavailable in several locations. If this continues, users might start leaving your site, which can cost you traffic and brand reputation.

    To prevent this situation from happening, its important to monitor your website uptime regularly. This way, youll be able to troubleshoot any network or web server errors and take action immediately.

    In this tutorial, well walk you through several methods to check if a website is down or working worldwide. Plus, well recommend the best tools to check your website status easily.

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