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How Much Does It Cost To Renew A Domain Name

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The Importance Of Renewing Your Domain Name

Domain Names Cost OVERVIEW – Price Range, Expensive Domains, and Renewal Prices

Letting your domain name unknowingly expire can end up being a pretty negative experience for your website. If you miss the renewal period and your domain expires your site will not only go offline, but you increase the chances that a competitor could actually steal your domain.

This means that all of your hard work to increase your traffic levels and grow your business will have been for nothing.

Even if a competitor doesnt steal your domain name you still run the risk of having your site go offline, which can lead to lost revenue and a poor user experience.

If you want to avoid the pitfalls mentioned above, then do yourself a favor and renew your domain before its too late.

Upsells On Web Hosting Email And Other Software

The last group deals with upsells, these often come after the domain registration. Most people need domains for either of two things: they want to create a custom email address, or they want to build a website. Or both.

Domain name registrars know this, so they will try to help you out and sell you their own services that cover these needs.

Most commonly, you can expect upsells like:

  • Email hosting. This gives you server space to handle your email inboxes and allow you to create a custom email under your own domain like This can cost from $1 per inbox a month, all the way to $10 per inbox a month.
  • Google Workspace integration. This is also about email hosting, but this time, your emails will be hosted on Googles servers. Starts from $6 per user a month. As an alternative to Google, you can also find offers for Microsoft 365, a similar service.
  • Web hosting. Server space for your future website. Starts from $1 a month for basic server space for one site and go up to hundreds of dollars. On a good side, in some cases web hosting providers offer free domains for the first year.
  • Website builders. These tools make it easy to build a website on your own by using a simple visual interface no coding required. Your experience with them can vary, so its probably not worth buying a builder bundled with your domain.

Whether you should opt for any of these hosting upgrades is up to you.

The Cost Of A Domain Depends On What You Need

Is it without a doubt that domain names are important to your businesss success on the internet . In todays digital landscape, unless you are looking for an aftermarket domain and have zero flexibility in your name choice, then there is no reason the cost of your domain should drain your wallet. For a select few customers, the price is going to be high. For most of us, we should not expect to pay more than $20 annually.

With that being said, remember to look for hidden fees, discount scams, and ensure that there is no sneaky language in the terms of the agreement.

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How Can I Renew My Domain

You can renew your domain at any time through your Namecheap control panel. Our renewal pricing can be checked here.

In order to renew your domain, please do the following:

Namecheap accountDomain ListManageStatus& ValidityAdd YearsDomain List Add Years next 30 Add Years Renew:


prior to its expiration datealready expired renew the SSL certificate cannot exceed full 10 years

Which Factors Contribute To The Cost Of A Domain Name

How Much Does It Cost To Renew A Domain Name On Godaddy ...

The registration fee isnt the only charge to consider when calculating your overall domain name cost. Pay attention to any hidden or extra fees, including:

Renewal fees

Domain names are purchased for a set period of time, e.g. one year, three years etc. When the term length finishes, youll be required to pay a domain name renewal cost. While this is usually similar to the initial registration cost, some providers renewal charges can be a lot higher than the initial payment.

For example, A2 Hostings pricing offers registrations and renewals for the same amount.

By contrast, with, a .com registration costs $9.99 per year, whereas renewal costs $13.99 per year.

As well as this, many providers offer auto-renewals, taking the stress out of having to do it yourself. But if youre uncertain about a domain name, then assess if auto-renewal is the best option for you. Also, auto-renewal can be an unwelcome surprise, particularly if the charges are considerably higher than the first year fees.

Privacy protection

If you own a domain name, the registrar must provide the owners contact information including name, address , and phone number to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers . This information is stored in the WHOIS database, which is a publicly available resource.

Transfer costs

Extension type

  • gTLDs include general, popular extensions like .com or .org
  • ccTLDs are country-specific, such as for the UK, or .ie for Ireland

Term length

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The Network Solutions History Of Overcharging For Renewals

Network Solutions was the original registrar responsible for selling .com domain names back in 1995. They used to charge $100 per .com domain name for a two-year registration or renewal, which at the time many thought was excessive.

Times havent changed much for Network Solutions more than two decades later.

While other domain name registrars offer registrations and renewals around $10 per year , Network Solutions continues to gouge customers with exorbitant renewal pricing of $37.99 per year.

Now, lets be clear: Network Solutions has the right to charge whatever they want.

But whats also clear is that their technology is outdated, their customers service is severely lacking, and other registrars outperform them for less cost.

There is no reason to pay $37.99 to renew a .com domain name at Network Solutions.

Tld Of The Domain Name

A top-level domain is a domain extension. A domain name costs will vary with different TLDs because some extensions are more popular than others.

To demonstrate, Hostinger offers a website name with .com as the extension for $8.99/year. However, the same website name using the extension .xyz or .online will cost $0.99/year.

As .com and .net are popular extensions, their prices tend to be more expensive. The benefit of using a more popular extension is to drive higher organic traffic since users often write these popular extensions by default. Visitors also tend to feel safer visiting a site with a more known extension since such a site does not look like a scam.

However, using a less popular extension, such as .online, can make a domain more unique. With the number of new websites created daily, the popularity of an extension might shift in the future.

A TLD also gives visitors more information on a website, so its essential to set a website domain name with the right extension. For example, a c code TLD tells the websites location. Non-profit organizations usually use .org, and most educational institutions use .edu.

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A Great Domain Name Provides Value To Your Business

Long story short, if youre looking to build your brand and are planning on having a presence online, be that a website or a unique branded email address, investing in a domain name is the way to go.

Not only is your domain name your unique identity, itll also help you find customers and make sales.

Search for an available .CA domain name to get started today:

Here are some suggested alternatives. Just click on your favourite one.

Renew For A Longer Contract

How Much Should You Pay for a Domain Name? (50 domain name prices compared)

Typically, the longer your contract the cheaper monthly rate youre going to get. For example, if you renew for two years, youll end up paying that full amount up front, but the monthly cost will be much lower than paying month by month.

Plus, when you renew for a longer contract you have the peace of mind that your domain isnt going to expire anytime in the near future.

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Will I Have To Continue To Pay A Fee To Keep My Domain Name After I Buy It

One of my visitors wrote to ask me, “what happens after the year for which I paid to own the domain name?Who would I be paying in order to have the right to keep the domain for a second year or more? If my site issuccessful, am I likely to find the registrar demanding an inflated price for me to keep that name?” This article attempts toclarify the issues pertaining to registeringor “buying” a domain name.

How To Renew Network Solutions Domains For 97% Off

Once again, start by viewing the domain name details in your Network Solutions account, and then scroll to the very bottom of that page.

Instead of agreeing to the Renew Now offer, click the Continue Transfer button.

At this point, Network Solutions will show you a warning and require you to acknowledge your understanding. Click the checkbox and then click the Continue Transfer button to continue.

On the next screen you can tell Network Solutions that their renewal fee is too high, but Ive done it for years and it hasnt made any difference yet.

Finally, you get a confirmation screen:

Note: Having to wait three days for an authorization code to transfer the domain name is ridiculous. Almost every other registrar will deliver it either immediately or within an hour.

Exactly three days later I received this email:

While youre waiting for your authorization code to arrive, go back into your Network Solutions account to view the domain details, and then scroll to the very bottom of that page.

This time, click the Turn Off link to the right of the Transfer Lock: On text. Yes, its not clear its a separate link from the Request Authorization Code as I previously mentioned, but it is.

Then select the Leave Domain Transfer Lock off option and click the Save button.

Next, go to a fresh tab on your browser, visit, and type transfer domain name into the search box.

The top result will be a $0.99 link to transfer the domain name to GoDaddy:

Pro Tip

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How Much Does A Ca Domain Cost

How much does a domain cost to register? What value does it bring to your business?

Erin Hutchison

Short answer: Youll typically pay $10-$20 per year for a .CA domain name.

But arent some domains free? And dont some companies pay thousands of dollars to obtain the rights to a domain that was previously registered?

Theres a lot more to domain name prices than you might think. Let us try to clear things up for you to make sure youre getting a good deal.

What Is The Value Of A Domain Name

How Much Does a Domain Name Cost? (2021)

Landing a domain name that is short, memorable, and on-brand is a critical step in legitimizing your business.

Lets be real here, with all of the costs associated with setting up a business, a domain thats $15 per year is a nominal cost to pay for getting a professional online address, enhance search engine positioning and increasing brand awareness.

Cant figure out what would make a great domain name for your website? Find tips and examples in our free guide.

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So How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Domain Name

Prices will vary, depending on where you get a domain from, whether thats through an auction, or via a registrar.

Registrars look after buying and selling through them, people pay registration fees, to register and reserve a domain.

When dealing with a registrar, services and products are often offered alongside the initial purchase, such as a site builder to help make your vision a reality, or privacy protection to keep online data safe. Added features like this can help keep down the total outlay of creating a new web domain and building a website.

Every day, previously-owned and unused domain registrations come to an end and become available for purchase .

When a domain expires at Namecheap, it enters a grace period, during which it can be renewed at the regular price. After this period has ended, it enters the redemption period where you can renew your domain, but at an extra cost.

Once the redemption period has ended, it goes into a period called pending delete. Here the domain name will expire, be deleted and then be available as a brand new domain available to be registered by anyone.

How Much Do Domain Names Cost At Namecheap

Whats made Namecheap well-known and reputable is their simple services covering domain registration and the friendly domain name prices they offer to customers.

Rates range from $0.88/year to $8.88/year to as high as $2,488/year . You can check out their website to see their full pricing list. Additional features include email forwarding, domain parking, web redirection and more, all in with the price.

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How Much Does Godaddy Cost

GoDaddy runs at $19.17/year for .com domains and $20.17/year for .net domains.

GoDaddy is currently having a $12.17 promo on .com domains, but before rushing out to take them up on the offer, be aware that the domain renews at the normal rate after the first year. If youre not buying, but transferring to GoDaddy, then expect to pay $8.17 and get a one-year free extension on your lease.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Domain Name With Ipage

How Much Does a Domain Cost – And Why?

iPage isnt new to any of us not only because of their web hosting services but also affordable domains. You will pay between $9.99/year to as a high as $35/year to own any of their website names. Their .com domains retail for $14.99/year. This rate will also act as your renewal rate.

There are other great domain registrars such as BlueHost, DreamHost, and Google just to name but a few, that are well known for offering affordable domains alongside a list of other great features.

You can actually use the following factors to tell if a domain registrar is ethical and reliable:

  • No hidden fees. Everything has been laid bare. On a different note, such fees always make it hard knowing exactly how much is a domain name.
  • Lets you have direct access to all your Whois records, your auth-codes, registrar locks, and other significant elements such as full control of the DNS settings.
  • Avoid those who dont pay the registry upfront for the specific period of time youve registered your domain name for.
  • Provides a privacy email service from Whois at absolutely no cost.
  • Never sells or shares your data with third parties.
  • Prompt in responding to your queries and not too pushy with their services.

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