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Will My Website Go Down During A Domain Transfer

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Reasons A Domain Name Transfer Might Fail

How To Move / Transfer A Domain Name To A New Host / Owner / Person / Or Account

The domain is locked, pending deletion, in a redemption period or inactive. Domains cannot be transferred for 60 days after initial registration or transfer. They will also not be released if they are the subject of legal disputes, such as over ownership or payments due. So before initiating a transfer, make sure your domain is in good standing and ask your old registrar to remove any domain locks, or log into the control panel and remove them manually.

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Automatic & easy

Just give us permission to do the transfer, and we’ll take care of the rest. Nothing complicated about it.

Locked down

We’ll protect your domain from any unauthorized transfers or hijacks by locking it down until you tell us otherwise.

URL forwarding

You can always set up domain forwarding â which allows you to redirect traffic from one domain to another.

DNS management

Retain total control over the DNS for the life of your domain name registration â we guarantee it.

Email forwarding

Automatically forward email addresses under your domain to any other valid email address.

24/7 support

If you have any questions about your domain transfer, our helpful & friendly support team is always available at 1-800-403-3568.

Why Do People Transfer Domain Names

There are plenty of reasons one might become disgruntled with ones current registrar and choose to switch to another. After all, not all registrars are created equal. Most will offer packages that include different features, with different prices and different levels of reliability. Some offer superior customer support, while other user interfaces are easier to navigate.

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How Much Does A Domain Transfer Cost

Transfer pricing varies by domain ending , and by domain registrar. But typically, the cost of a domain transfer will be less than the cost of renewing the domain. Most registrars provide an easily accessible list of registration, renewal, and domain transfer pricesyou can usually find the pricing in the registrars website footer. When you transfer your domain, your domains expiration date is extended by another year, so a transfer acts as a one-year renewal in addition to moving your domain name to a new home.

Wait 24 Hours Before Acknowledging The Transfer

Its True, Internet Surfing During Class is Not so Good ...

Even if your registrar allows you to acknowledge the transfer, you should still wait 24 hours after you complete step 4 before you do so. Otherwise the old registrar could stop resolving your domains if anyone else has their name servers cached. If they dont allow you to acknowledge the transfer, youll need to wait the whole 5 day transfer period before your domain is with

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Switching Web Host Faqs

What is a website migration?

The term website migration refers to two scenarios: 1, The process of migrating a website from one domain to a different one, typically changing the site locations, hosting platform, and design and 2, The process of migrating a website from one web host to another web host.We use the term loosely in this article and refer it to the second scenario.

How much does it cost to transfer a website to a new web host?

Free to around $100 based on the complexity of your website. , as mentioned in this article, provide free site migration services to their new customers.

Can I move my website from GoDaddy to another host?

Yes. Moving a website from one host to another can be difficult though, if you have not done it before. If possible, ask your new web host if they would be willing to assist with free website migration that will get it done for you stress-free. Hosting companies such as , and provide free site migration services to new customers.

Can you transfer a domain name to another hosting site?

Domain names do not have to be registered with your hosting provider. In fact, you can host your domain name with one service provider and link it to hosting provided by another.

Does changing web host affect SEO? Can we host a website for free? How do I transfer my website to another owner?

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Make Sure You Buy Your Own Domain Name

In 10 years in this business, I cannot count how many times clients have come to me and wanted me to create a new website for them, only to find out the domain is not in their name. Often they will have a web developer purchase the name on their behalf and never think twice about the long term repercussions. This can often result in a web designer holding your domain hostage for big bucks!

If a web developer is buying a domain for you they own that domain name unless it is in your account under your name!

Can you get it back? Maybe. But sadly, more often than not you wont.

Maybe you cannot find the web developer anymore, or you had a bad experience with them and they are holding it hostage no matter what the circumstances, we have found few ever get their domains back in their name.

We have even seen instances where the domain owner has completely removed the website from the domain and put up spammy content, and there is not a thing a business owner can do. This can ruin an online business.

If you need help buying a domain, make sure you put it in YOUR name in an account YOU can access!

TRUE STORY: One client, who was fairly successful did not own her domain. When we tried to get the former developer to transfer it back to her for ownership, he asked for a $5K ransom. He knew he had her because of her reputation and media success. She paid it.

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Migrating Your Site Manually

This method is for those who are willing to migrate their website manually by themselves. Although it sounds intimidating for beginners its not as tough as it sounds to be. Just follow our steps properly and you should be good to go.

Heres a list of steps that well cover:

  • Update Your Domain
  • Important: We want to remind you that some web hosting providers offer a free migration service. If youre not sure whether your hosting provider offers free migration, then ask them first before doing it yourself. If they dont offer it, then you can go ahead with the tutorial.

    Why Can’t I Transfer A Domain Name I Just Registered To Another Registrar

    Updating Your Free Domain Name on GoDaddy to a Websites Marketing Site

    There are certain situations that can prevent a domain name from being transferred to a different registrar, such as a new registration. Your registrar may deny a transfer request if the domain name is within 60 days of initial registration. Another situation is if the domain name is subject to a 60-day Change of Registrant lock. You cannot transfer a domain name to a different registrar within 60 days of making changes to the registrant name, organization or email address . At their discretion, some registrars may provide an option for you to opt-out of this 60-day lock period. However, this rule is in place for your protection against unauthorized transfers and the registrar does not have to offer this option. If your ultimate goal is to transfer the domain name, you may want to consider completing the transfer process before changing your contact information.

    Registrars also have the option of denying a transfer request within 60 days from when you last transferred the domain name to a different registrar. You may have the option to change web-hosting providers instead of registrars to avoid the inter-registrar transfer process altogether. You may also update your domain name’s nameservers or change the hosting IP address assigned to your domain name. Check with your registrar and/or hosting provider to see what options you have.

    Learn More: Registrant Blog Series – Do you have a domain name? Here’s what you need to know. Part II: Transferring Your Domain Name

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    Why You Might Want To Transfer A Domain Name From One Registrar To Another

    • Youve purchased your domain name through a website provider/CMS like Weebly and youre cancelling their service.
    • Youve purchased domains through a variety of registrars and are trying to organize and keep track of fewer logins
    • You hate your current registrar and youve heard about how awesome Namecheap is
    • Youve bought or sold a domain and need to move it between registrars.
    • Someone bought and setup your domain for you and they no longer want/can/are willing to handle that for you

    How Do I Transfer A Domain To Namecheap With Minimal Downtime


    To outline the matter in greater detail:The nameservers of the domain will not be changed automatically after the transfer the domain will stay pointed to the same nameservers to which it was pointed before the process. So, if the nameservers of your domain continue to function after the domain is transferred away from your old Registrar, you are all set there will be no downtime in this case. Listed below are the types of nameserves that will continue to function after the domain transfer:

    • Hosting nameservers

    These are the nameservers of your hosting company .These can also be the nameservers of your Registrars hosting service.For example, if your domain is using Namecheap hosting and is pointed to Namecheap hosting nameservers , there will not be any downtime during your domains transfer.

    • Private nameservers
    • CDN nameservers/nameservers with third-party providers

    How to reduce this downtime?

    • to your Namecheap account.
    • Mouse over Domains at the top of the page and click FreeDNS:
    • Add your domain to our FreeDNS service :
    • Click on the Shopping Cart icon next to your domain, then click the Set up DNS button:
    • Once you’ve done this, the following message will be displayed and the domain will appear in Dashboard and Domain List. Please note that you will need to authorize your domain to use FreeDNS service and add the necessary host records before pointing the domain to FreeDNS nameservers as shown in Step 2 below:
    • Select Domain List from the left sidebar:

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    Run Your Installer And Complete The Migration

    Next we need to execute the installer we uploaded to our new hosts root directory. To do this, navigate to, replacing the placeholder domain with yours.

    At this stage, you may need to set up a database and a corresponding user for your new website through your web hosts cPanel. Then, enter the name of that database, as well as the user and password you chose into the appropriate fields within Duplicator:

    When youre done, click on the Test Connection button to make sure everything is working as it should. If it isnt, your database might not get imported correctly, so dont skip this step! Once everything is ready, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Run Deployment.

    The plugin may take a couple of minutes to do its thing. Once it does so, itll ask you to confirm your new sites path and title, and youll get the option to set up a new admin account as well:

    After making sure your settings are correct, advance to the next screen. Here, youll get the option to test whether your site is working correctly:

    To complete your migration, click each of the buttons displayed above in order. By the end, your website will be ready and the Duplicator installer will remove any leftover files from your server . Now, access your site and double-check that its working exactly as it was before the migration.

    If all is well, its time to proceed to the last step.

    Initiating Your Domain Transfer

    Mercury Systems Blog

    Now since your domain is ready to be transferred, you can initiate the transfer. To start the process, log into your new web host account. You can then begin as instructed by your new web host.

    You might need to provide them with your EEP/Auth/Authorization code. Once all the necessary information is provided to your new host, the transfer process begins. It might take up to 5 days for the process to be completed.

    If it takes longer than the mentioned period, then follow the next step.

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    General Domain Name Transfer Process

    Option 1: Call 206-209-2125 and have us to do this for you.

    Option 2:

  • Verify the domain name can be transferred and read through these steps entirely before beginning the transfer process.
  • Prepare the domain name for transfer* at the current registrar and acquire an Authorization/EPP Code. This must be done by whomever has current registrar access for the domain.
  • Initiate the transfer from the registrar youre moving the domain name to and input the Authorization/EPP Code.
  • Accept the domain name transfer request from the administrator email of the domain.
  • Wait for the transfer to complete within 5 days.
  • *If you put in some extra work and setup a third party DNS, you will limit the amount of time your website is down during this process.

    Step 1: Things to know before you begin to transfer your domain name:

  • You can transfer a domain name if it has been registered more than 60 days ago.
  • You can transfer a domain name if it hasnt been transferred in the last 60 days.
  • The domain must have a valid and accessible admin email address in the Whois database. I recommend that you disable any type of Whois privacy protection/private registration before transferring the domain. Some registrars require it.
  • The domain name cannot be expired. Domain status must be OK or Active and unlocked.
  • Once transferred, you cannot transfer the domain name again for 60 days .
  • Transfers may be denied. Example of reasons for denial are:
  • Evidence of fraud,
  • Failed Payment
  • The domain name is locked
  • How To Transfer A Domain Name For Free

    Want to move your domain name from one host to another?

    Switching your domain name registrar requires you to follow a specific procedure. While the process isnt very complicated, many beginners may not be familiar with how to go about it. At the start, it can be intimidating.

    If you can relate, then this article is for you. And the good news is that the process is actually quite simple!

    In this tutorial, well tell you step-by-step how to transfer a domain name from one host to another.

    But before getting started, you should know that you dont have to do it by yourself if you dont want to.

    There are web hosting services that offer free domain name transfers as well. In this article, well list the best web hosting companies that offer free domain transfers with their hosting plans.

    After that, well tell you how you can do it yourself.

    Lets dive in.

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