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What Does A Domain Name Do

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Caching And Other Shortcuts

What is a Domain Name and How it Works

Now that you understand how your browser gets an IP address out of a domain name, you may be wondering how long this process takes. With so many back-and-forth queries through the recursive resolver, it can take a few seconds â sometimes more â to load a webpage every time you want to access it. Isn’t there a faster way?

Once you access or any other website for the first time, the query result is stored locally in your computer’s cache memory. That way, the next time you visit the website on your computer, your browser already knows the IP address associated with its domain. This means it can connect directly with the web server instead of having to start another query with the recursive resolver.

Even if you’re accessing a website for the first time, there’s a chance that the recursive resolver already made a similar query recently. Maybe someone in your neighborhood is also advancing their development career with our courses.

In that case, the recursive resolver will have stored the query results and IP address in its own cache. Instead of going through a whole new DNS query with you, it can then just provide the IP address it got from its last query.

What Is A Regular Domain Name

Regular: regular domain names whose price is normal. Abbreviation for character types in domain labels . Class abbreviation for the English vowels of each character in the domain tag. The languages in which the domain tag is a common word, letter, or abbreviation.

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How Do You Obtain A Domain Name

There are two ways to obtain a domain name:

  • Register the domain name yourself
  • Get a hosting provider to register it for you.

If you prefer the first way, choosing a Registrar should be the initial thing you do. Since there are hundreds of them, this could be tricky for you. Make sure that your choice is educated before taking action. The second option is better since hosting providers already have approved registrars to work with, thus having the essential information for the process already available. Additionally, some of those providers provide a free domain name registration that goes along with each purchase of a hosting package. You would get this as a value-added extra to all other services that come with the package, while at the same time saving some resources in the form of cash by not having to pay for your domain name registration.

We advise that if you are absolutely sure about the domain name you wish to register just do it right away! Even if you dont yet have all the content you need for a website, once you register your perfect domain, you will be more motivated to continue on with the project thats on your mind.

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How To Pick A Good Domain Name

This is a hard one and needs you to get extremely creative. Its difficult to find a good domain name that hasnt already been registered. Given the sheer number of websites on the internet, most of the names you come up with are likely already taken, especially in the .com space.

Nevertheless, its crucial to come up with a name thats unique and matches your brand. Importantly, it should be easy-to-remember. You can go with your own name for a personal blog or service. For other cases, a name that indicates your websites purpose would be best. For more help, you can refer to this post.

Before you search for a domain name, zero in on a keyword thats appropriate for a website. Its great if you can find a domain name that includes this keyword. You can also check out many online tools or blog name generators to come up with a domain name.

We recommend you to check our Blog Name Generator Tool.

Once you decide to register a domain name, you may think about registering it across multiple TLDs, to avoid messy copyright issues in the future.

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Should I Use The Name Server Of My Domain Registrar

What is a Domain Name and How Do They Work?  Quick Guide ...

It all depends on the infrastructure of your domain registrars name server. If it has many data centers around the world that can make quick responses to DNS queries, provide security against DNS related attacks, and ensure close to 100 percent, if not 100 percent, uptime, then you can surely use their name server. However, most domain registrars are mainly focused on the registration of domain names and not on the DNS server infrastructure. Thats why if you want to have the absolute best performance for your website, you should consider choosing a name server provider that has one of the best infrastructures for providing these services.

You can use DNS Perf to check which name server providers are performing the best and what their average speed and uptime are. Make sure that you are on the Authoritative DNS Providers tab though it will be selected by default. Additionally, you can check your current name servers speed by running a test from this DNS Perf webpage. Then you can compare the result to see how your name server is holding up against the most performing ones. If you think your current provider is doing well, you can stick with them. Otherwise, you can choose to go with another name server provider.

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The Importance Of Domain Names For Businesses

Digital marketing is no longer an option its a necessity for any business to survive in 2021 and beyond. Unfortunately, research suggests that roughly 46 percent of small businesses still do not have their own website.

The rapid adoption of mobile technology and social media has increased the need for businesses not just to have a website, but to have a mobile-friendly website and engaged online presence.

Consumers are turning to the internet before purchasing anything from what to eat for lunch to which dress to wear for their wedding. If you operate a business, you need a website.

Well, as weve discussed already, you cannot have a website without a domain name.

Your domain name is more than just a random web address people can use to access your website its a powerful opportunity for businesses to build a brand identity and improve the consumer experience.

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How To Register A Domain Name

Start by opening a domain name generator. Use this tool to check if your desired domain name is still available.

To find the right domain, consider branding and cost. Make sure that it is memorable and catchy and its price fits your budget.

Keep note that popular domains are often more expensive and might already be taken. Some generators provide options if your desired domain is unavailable. With Hostinger, users can choose a different TLD with the same name or an alternative.

Once you have found a valid domain name, use a trustworthy registrar to buy the domain. To find the list of legitimate domain name registrars, check the database of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers .

If you chose Hostinger as the registrar, select your desired domain and continue. On the checkout page, there are several elements to consider. First, choose the registration period for your domain. Then, select whether you want to add domain privacy protection.

We recommend giving an additional layer of protection against cyber attacks. By doing so, you are securing your personal information in the WHOIS records against unauthorized usage. This also helps prevent identity theft.

After paying for your new domain, you will have access to your account. There, continue the registration process by clicking on the Setup button next to Domain registration. You will need to enter specific information to finish the process, including your name, postal address, and phone number.

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Summary: How Domains Work

In this guide, weve covered what a domain name is and their technical background. Weve discussed different types of domains and basic terms that are associated with domain names. Weve also shared tips on how to choose the best domain name for your website and gone over the steps of buying and registering a domain name.

The only thing left to do now is to register your desired domain name and start working on your website. Happy launching!

What factors do you consider when choosing a domain name? Anything to add to the above? Let us know in the comments section below!

Domain Names And Ip Addresses

What is a Domain Name? – A Beginners Guide to How Domain Names Work!

An Internet Protocol, or IP, address is different than a domain name. The IP address is an actual set of numerical instructions. It communicates exact information about the address in a way that is useful to the computer but makes no sense to humans. The domain name functions as a link to the IP address. Links do not contain actual information, but they do point to the place where the IP address information resides. It is convenient to think of IP addresses as the actual code and the domain name as a nickname for that code. A typical IP address looks like a string of numbers. It could be, for example. However, humans cannot understand or use that code. To summarize, the domain name is a part of the URL, which points to the IP address.

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How To Get A Domain Name

Getting your own domain name isnt difficult. You can register and purchase a domain name from many different companies. Typically a domain name costs around $14.99/year from popular companies like and

But just because you purchase a domain name doesnt mean you get a website, you need website hosting for that. Thats why we recommend getting a domain name from Bluehost.

With Bluehost, you can register a domain name and get website hosting all in the same account, making it easier to manage. Plus, Bluehost is offering IsItWP readers an awesome deal. You can get a FREE domain name, SSL certificate, and a 60% discount on hosting. You can get started on building your website for only $2.75/month.

Components Of A Domain Name

Domain names are composed of several different parts. They read from right to left.

At the far right of the domain name, youll find whats called a TLD , or the domain name extension. Generic top-level domains are the .com, .org, .net, or other extensions you find after the final period in the domain name.

The mid-level domain is probably what youre most familiar with. Its the part after the www, but before the top-level domain. This is the part of your domain name youll have the greatest level of customization.

The final aspect of the domain name is the www aspect. This is standard for every domain name and is referred to as the machine name.

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Choose The Right Domain Extension

When searching for the best extension for your domain name, there are two main things youll need to take into account: perception and pricing. In addition to respecting usage rules, such as not registering your store under an .org extension, youll also need to take into account how likely people are to trust and remember certain TLDs. According to a study by GrowthBadger, .com is 33% more memorable than any other top-level domain and also scores the highest trust index among users.

As for the pricing, the extension you decide will have a direct impact on how much a domain name costs, as well as renewal fees. Make sure to check all options and weigh the pros and cons before settling on a certain TLD.

When Do Domain Registrars Affect Speed

Beginners Tutorial: What is a Domain Name and How they ...

Once your domain name registrar submits your domain registration information, the domain registry takes over and starts managing your domain. Therefore, your domain registrar doesnt have any impact on your domain name and thats why it doesnt have any impact on your website speed or page speed. So, even if your domain registrar disappears for a few days, hypothetically speaking, your domain name wont be affected in any way unless you need to renew your domain or change name server records.

Even though domain registrars dont affect your website speed, there is an exception to this. And that is if you choose to use their Authoritative Name Server for your domain name. Most domain registrars, in fact, offer a free Authoritative Name Server which is used as the default name server when your register your domain name unless you set a different one by yourself. To understand how your domain registrars name server can affect your website speed you first need to understand what an Authoritative Name Server does.

You can read more about DNS servers in this article.

Therefore, if you use the Authoritative Name Server of your domain registrar, the registrar will affect your website speed. But if you change your name server records to use someone elses Authoritative Name Server like your web hosting provider or a third-party name server provider, your domain registrar wont have any effect on your website speed.

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Checking The Availability Of A Domain Name

This is the tricky part: each domain name can only be owned by one person at a time. Therefore, to purchase a domain name, you need to find one that is available when you carry out your search. You can use a search engine such as Google, and enter the domain name you are after to find out if a website is already registered with that name. Alternatively, there are tools that help you find an available domain name.

What Do I Need To Transfer To Domaincom

There are four things that need to happen to facilitate a successful transfer to

  • Domains must be valid and already registered with another registrar
  • The registered domain names must be registered for at least 60 days and in unlocked status
  • Transfers will succeed only if the Admin Contact is up-to-date
  • You must obtain an authorization code to transfer to

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