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Why Are Some Domains More Expensive

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Pick The Right Tld For Your Domain Name

Why Are .IO Domains So Expensive?(The Real Reasons)

Your TLD affects your credibility, so its important to choose wisely.

Check out this graph on the topic:

These are the extensions that you should consider if you are serving a global audience.

Of course, .com domain names are much more expensive than the rest, so you might have to compromise there if you dont have the budget for it.

Why Tld Domains Cost Different Amounts

Not considering how the same domains are different prices at different providers, I’m wondering why different TLDs are different prices. For example, you might find this:

  • .com: $15
  • .co: $5
  • I’m wondering why they are different prices. Some domains are high-priced across providers , while others are high price in one place and low price in another .

    I’m wondering if they are all the same price “under the hood”, and they are just pricing it these ways for arbitrary reasons, or if at the base level there is some fixed cost that starts the price of each TLD at some unique price for that particular TLD. If so, I’m wondering what is causing the pricing differences.

    Adding one more view because all other answers seem to concentrate only on gTLDs while you mention at least one ccTLD and also because there seems to be a huge misconception on the running costs and the differences between price and value.

    The domain name industry is built nowadays, typically, but not always, around a registry/registrar split.

    The registry can have multiple forms. While they are for profit organizations in the gTLD space, you can find other kind of organizations in the ccTLD space, like non-profit organizations, government bodies or public institutions like universities running the TLD.

    You also obviously have vastly different running models between a TLD that has millions of domain names and a TLD that has 1000 of them

    Why Do Some Domain Extensions Cost More

    When you register a new domain, you might notice a wide range in pricing. While some domain extensions are fairly inexpensive, others cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Since all domain names work the same way, why do you have to pay so much for some domains?

    Below, well examine the reasons why some domains cost more than others.

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    Why Your Website Is About To Get More Expensive

    Verisign, the government-backed monopoly that manages the .com domain, plans to raise prices this fall. And the year after that. And the year after that.

    Verisign defends the price increases as necessary to cope with rising costs, including the expense of protecting the internets infrastructure from constant cyberattacks.

    04/09/2022 07:01 AM EDT

    • Link Copied

    The most popular websites are about to get more expensive because of a no-bid deal between the Trump administration and the company that holds a monopoly onmanaging a prime part of the internet.

    And the Biden team isnt sure it can back out of the arrangement.

    Planned price spikes by Verisign in the coming years may add just a few dollars to the cost of registering or renewing an internet addressing ending in .com. But critics say that extra expense totaling an estimated $85 million for the first year alone will cascade through the online economy, ultimately hitting consumers. And they fault the U.S. government for not even trying to get a better deal by bidding out the contract that Verisign has held for more than two decades.

    When its a government monopoly, you should have some mechanism to protect the consumer interests, said Deb Garza, a former federal antitrust official who had been involved in contract discussions with Verisign during the George W. Bush administration.

    He also questioned whether the work Verisign is doing justifies the price spikes.

    The Future Of Domain Names

    Why Some Domain Name Extensions Expensive Than Others?

    Our list of multi-million dollar domain sales has one common denominator – the sheer dominance of the .com TLD.

    Dot-com is synonymous with the internet and the power of this TLD appears to be growing, which is why we labeled it as a key factor to owning a successful domain. But the complete reliance on the .com TLD pushed domain name prices through the roof.

    To try and curb the worlds reliance on .com, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is trying a different approach by pushing to ease the rules of TLD registrations. This would allow for almost any word to be considered a valid choice for a domain extension, opening the door to thousands of new TLDs. Companies could register domains like or, and if successful, these creative solutions have the potential to change our understanding of what it takes to sell a domain name for a record price.

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    Being Around 30+ Years

    One of the first top-level domains was the .com. At the start, it was the only option for entities or individuals with commercial intent. As you understand it was the right fit for a broader audience. The original plan for .net was to be related to the internet IT Network companies. .Gov was for the government entities and .org for non-profit organizations.

    The Internet was started in the USA so the .com gained traction in the biggest economy of the world.

    What Are The Costs Of Purchasing And Renewing

    One of the potential drawbacks to going with a .inc domain name is that the costs are extremely high. These are even worse than premium domains in some ways. A premium .com might be $2000 for year one, but its the normal $15-20 a year after that.

    Thats not how .inc domain names work. The renewal price doesnt drop dramatically after year one.

    A .inc is expensive. The prices vary a bit more now than when they were first released. GoDaddy lists .inc as starting from $1,000 in year one, but it might go much higher in the years that follow.

    TLD List was listing them from $750 to $3500 for .inc domain TLDs while Tech Republic puts the average price at $2500 a year.

    Whichever of these price points you find, they are still on the expensive side for a domain TLD. Renewal prices will generally be the same as year one, assuming year one is not a sale. If it is, then the renewal price per year will be the higher regular price.

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    The Usa Didnt Have A Popular Specific Country Code Domain

    As I said earlier .com gained a lot of traction in the biggest economy of the planet. American individuals and companies couldnt register .us in the beginning so .com was in some way the countrys specific domain extension.

    Until 2002 the format of .us domains was like that: Local government agencies used this type of format for their domains. In 2002 the usual format of domain names was allowed for .us too . By that time it was already too late for .us to reach the popularity of .com.

    US entities didnt have the dilemma to choose something else. For example, a UK company has to decide if they will use, .uk or .com. If you target only local/country audiences, a specific country-code domain provides an advantage.

    How Can I Purchase An Io Domain

    How Much Does a Domain Cost – And Why? | The Journey

    The process of purchasing an IO domain is straightforward.

    You can visit any domain registrar and purchase an IO domain if it hasnt been taken already.

    You can also go to domain providers and companies, such as GoDaddy and Namecheap.

    Remember that you will not get an IO domain for an affordable cost, such as the standard domain.

    You will have to pay at least three to four times more for this domain as compared to other ones.

    That is why you must compare the prices of different companies, and then decide which one you want to opt for.

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    Appeals To Global Audience

    In the last years, more and more businesses wanted to focus on a global audience. All these brands acquired a .com domain and probably because of the budgets they had, they invested in good ones.

    If you notice carefully most of the big brands use .com for their main site. I did also my own test on a google sheet and downloaded the 1000 most successful sites by traffic. What I found out is that 72% use a .com domain!

    Dropbox and Facebook even invested more money for a better .com domain. The first domain of dropbox was and Facebooks first domain was

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    Your Domain Name And Traffic

    Your domain name plays a role in search rankings.

    As the SEO expert Brian Dean explains in his article , while putting keywords in the domain name doesnt give you the boost that it used to, it still serves as a relevancy signal.

    Also, if the target keyword appears as the first word in the domain name, it will give you an edge over websites that have that same keyword in the middle or at the end of a domain name .

    Moreover, theres also the direct traffic aspect to consider, meaning the people who get to your website by typing your address in their browser.

    If your domain name is hard to remember you will lose some of these people because they will misspell it and will get taken to God knows where.

    Remember, buying traffic is expensive, so you need to do everything you can to maximize your organic traffic.

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    Dont Forget The Extra Costs

    Its easy to focus so much on purchasing a domain name that you forget about the additional costs associated with it.

    Obviously, a domain name is not a one-off purchase, it needs to be renewed every year, which will generally cost you the same amount of money that you paid to get it .

    However, then there are also various add-ons that you can buy, the most popular of which is privacy protection that ensures that your personal or business details dont come up when people look up your domain name.

    Generally, these extra costs dont add up too much but its still something that you should keep in mind.

    It Depends On How Many Domain Names You Are Buying

    What Is IO Domain Meaning

    Some people buy multiplevariations of their domain name , so that they can be sure that visitors who spell the name wrongly or use thewrong suffix can still reach them. This is fine, and a standard practice with some webmasters, but if you doso, remember that your final bill will be more than the $10 that you saw on the price list. That$10 is for a single domain using a specific suffix, and doesn’t cover the cost of theextra domains you added to your cart.

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    How Much Does A Premium Domain Cost

    There is no definitive answer to this question. The price to register a premium domain is set directly by the registry based on the estimated value of the domain. Why they put a particular price on a given name is not public information. Existing domains that are considered to be premium are priced solely by their owners. Regardless of the type of domain you want to buy, registry or aftermarket, the initial price will often be quite high â either to register, or to acquire and transfer the domain. The renewal price is usually the standard one for the particular extension, but this is not always the case. Registries sometimes set a renewal price that can be equal or close to the registration price. If you decide to buy a premium domain, you should check how much you will have to pay the following year as well, not just for the initial purchase.

    What Is A Reasonable Offer For A Domain Name

    Buying a new domain name would typically cost you anywhere between $9 and $14.99 per year. However, these prices may differ based on the domain extension or the domain registrar you choose. If you are starting a new website, then we recommend using Bluehost. They are one of the top web hosting companies in the world.

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    Beyond Domain Sticker Shock: Why Premium Domains Are Worth The Price

    • Think of your premium domain costs as part of your overall marketing budget.
    • Prioritize acquiring the perfect domain name as part of your branding plan.
    • Make sure your preferred domain name is a good fit before buying.

    If youve ever searched for a domain name online, you may have experienced a phenomenon that is common in auto shops, drug stores and car dealerships around the world: sticker shock. You see the high cost of your preferred domain, and you immediately freeze, your eyes wide, unsure of how you can justify paying a price like that for your preferred domain, even if it is the perfect choice for your business.

    Before you click the back button on the domain of your dreams, you should take a few minutes to read why that price isnt quite as high as you think. Youre likely to find that the cost of the premium domain you want is justified and that it makes sense as part of your overall marketing budget.

    Understanding Aftermarket Domain Renewal CostsAn aftermarket domain is one that is already owned and has been put up for sale by the owner. In many cases, the domain owner purchased the domain specifically because they believe they can sell it down the line, which is why the initial price of aftermarket domains is often high.

    Prioritize acquiring the perfect domain name as part of your branding plan, rather than trying to work it in retroactively. The money you spend on your domain today will pay serious dividends in terms of your companys future image online.

    Your Domain Name Should Be Brandable

    What Is Domain Investing (& Why You Should Invest) | The Journey

    Your domain name needs to brandable.

    Basically, when people hear your domain name, it needs to sound like a legit business in your industry and have a hip vibe.

    So, for example, if you were starting a remote jobs board, you could name it But doesnt sound much better?

    Of course, you need to take industry standards into account, boring names work for businesses that need to appear formal.

    Say, if you run a funeral home, then its important to be serious, no one wants to hold a wake in a hip funeral home.

    However, you probably dont need to be formal, so get creative!

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    How Do I Choose The Right Domain Name For Me

    • If its a business domain, start with the name of your business. If its a personal website, see if your own name is available.
    • If they arent, try combining your name or business name with other keywords, such as your location or words related to your business and industry.
    • Try to keep your domain name relatively short. Shorter domains are easier to remember.
    • If common keywords arent available, try choosing aspirational words that fit your personality or the culture of your business.

    Why Are Some Domain Registrars More Expensive Than Others

    By | Submitted On April 13, 2007

    This article explains about the meaning behind the different domain registrar fees and why are some more expensive than others. We will also be talking about the different aspects of benefits and disadvantages that come with registering a domain on a more expensive registrar than the less expensive ones.

    Over the past few years, I have been into domain buying and selling most of my domains that I have bought were from popular domain registrars that charge low prices from $6-10 a domain, but this only came in when I became wearier of these companies that sell domains for these low prices. From the beginning when I knew nothing about domain buying and only bought a domain for the sake of it, “just to have a website name”. This domain was bought for around $20, but with it I got 24/7 support and a TOL line where I was able to talk to someone on different aspects of the domain functions and how to work it. This of course was very helpful at the time, as I didn’t know the first thing on how to set name servers, how to redirect domains or even how the domain worked, but these kind of registrars that are quite small and not very successful try to promote their businesses by offering their customers, an amazing plus to what they have bought, which included the very important support on all the aspects of the domain running.

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    How Do I Know If My Domain Is Valuable

    Firstly you need to know that there is not an absolute way to estimate a domain names value exactly. What you can do is to check against the previous factors I mentioned and some other suggestions that I will mention now.

    Domains that contain additional words or articles before or after the keywords decrease the value a lot. For example the domain worth much more than

    A good rule of thumb is to check previous sales of similar domains. You can visit that site for more information about recorded domain name sales you see as selling prices if you visit different domain marketplaces cant be considered as a good reference point since many domain name owners set the prices too high.

    The domain valuation tools usually dont provide so good results and I believe that previous recorded sales and some common sense can evaluate better the price of a domain.

    Domain Pricing On Domain Registrars

    What Is IO Domain Meaning

    Domain registrars are companies that seem to mostly sell domains, even if they do offer other services on the side. As with all businesses, they have their pros and cons.


    • These are often where youll find the best domain-specific deals.
    • Many of these companies also have simple hosting systems and website builders you can use as well. They can be decent options for setting up a very small first website.


    • If you want to host your site with a dedicated hosting company, your own servers, or a site builder, youll need to know how to direct your domain to your website.
      • This is actually pretty simple once you get that hang of it, but its a factor to consider.

    Weve tested a bunch of different domain registrars for this article, but you can simplify your decision making with this list of the best domain registrars.

    General Warning: On some services, youll see super low prices for some domains for the first year, with pricing significantly rising upward of $50 per year afterward. Be sure to check renewal prices. If you see a domain under $5, its likely on a heavy discount or first-year deal, and may increase over time.


    The prices


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