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How To Use Domain Name With Gmail

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Tip Number : Add Your Professional Qualifications Or College Name

How to Use Your Domain with Gmail

I understand that if you have a common name, your full name is likely to be taken on any email address provider. So, try to combine your real name with your professional degree / qualifications, or even the name of the college youve graduated from. This is professional and generally acceptable. Here are some examples:

Bonus tip: If you are presently working in an organization and looking for a job change, then do not use the official email address provided by your present organization.

How To Create A Custom Domain Email Address With Gsuite

Maybe you run a larger organization and would rather use GSuite to better manage your companies email. Or perhaps you want some of Googles excellent collaboration features to use within your team. If thats you, heres how to set that up.

  • Visit the GSuite site here and choose a free trial plan that fits you.
  • Click Get Started, fill out your information, then enter your domain name if youve already purchased one.
  • Enter the email credentials that youll use to log in to your account.
  • Enter your payment info.
  • Now you just need to verify youre the owner of your domain name. Google should provide plenty of options. The easiest way is probably either to edit the header of your website to put the code in or to add a text record using Bluehost.
  • Youre done! Just log into your GSuite account and manage as many email addresses with your custom domain that you need.
  • Enable Gmail To Send From Your Custom Email Addresses

    Now that we have emails coming into Gmail, this step will allow you to send emails as for free with Gmails SMTP servers.

  • Go to this link. If you can enable Less secure apps, do so.
  • If you get an error, its probably because you have 2-Step Verification enabled, like me. Go here to create an app-specific password instead.
  • Return to Gmail, click the gear icon, then Settings
  • Click Accounts and Import, then Add another email address in the Send mail as section
  • Enter your name and, allow Treat as an alias, and then Next Step
  • Enter the following credentials:
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    Purchasing A Custom Domain For Gmail

    The first thing youll need is a domain name that properly reflects your business. It can often happen that the domain you want is already taken. In this case, youll have to get a bit creative. Alternatively, you can consider using less conventional domain extensions, such as .fitness, .shop, .ninja, or pretty much whatever your heart desires.

    Using Gmail With A Custom Domain: A How

    How to Get Gmail FREE for Your Domain Name

    Using an comes with a number of advantages. For one, the recipient will easily be able to see who the email is from. And most importantly, if youre sending business emails, using your own domain makes you look more professional. If you use Gmail, you can connect your Gmail account with your own domain in just a few easy steps.


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    Gmail Fetcher Setup For Namecheap Private Email

    SettingsAccounts and ImportAdd a mail accountCheck mail from other accountsNextUsername:Password: POP Server:Port:

    • Leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server
    • Always use a secure connection when retrieving mail
    • Label incoming messages
    • Archive incoming messages

    NOTE:Add Account From addressYesNameFROM Next StepSMTP server:Username: Password:Port:Add Accountverification codeVerify

    How To Make A Free Business Email Address Using Google Workspace

    Step 1) Go to this link. To start off, it is recommended that you choose the smallest plan. It is easy to upgrade the plan later based upon your usage needs.

    Step 2) will ask you the basic information about your company. The most important field in this section is the country of your business location, which cannot be changed later.

    To begin with, in the number of employee section, you can choose Just you.

    Step 3) Since you are creating Google Workspace account for the first time, an administration must be assigned to your business email domain. This information can be changed later.

  • Enter your name.
  • Enter any current email address. This cloud be a free email address like Gmail, Yahoo, etc.
  • Step 4) You have an option to use an existing professional domain name. In this guide, we will register a new domain with Google.

    In the next screen, click on NO I NEED ONE button.

    Step 5) allows you to search your desired custom email domain.

  • Enter Domain name of your choice.
  • Many a times, your desired domain may not be available. Google Workspace will display alternative domains that can be booked. You can also use domain name generator tools to come up with unique domain name ideas.

    Once you have confirmed the availability of the domain, click on Next button. The domains are privacy protected.

    In the next screen,

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    What To Do Next

    Many small business owners are surprised to find out that with all the tools and venues you can use for marketing, email marketing is still the Big Kahuna. Here are a few stats to convince you to learn how to use a custom domain name for email so you can use it for email promotions:

    • For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI.
    • Email subscribers are three times more likely to share your content via social media than visitors from other sources.
    • With an ROI of around 4,300 percent, email practically pays for itself.

    The fact is that promotional emails are one of the most economical ways for any business to connect with customers. To be effective in those efforts, you need to have a professional email address.

    Thats why musicians use email marketing software to share their performance schedule with fans, nonprofits use it to get donations, and photographers use it to promote their portrait services. It just works across all industries.

    Using Your Custom Domain In Gmail

    Use GMail With a Custom Domain Name for FREE

    Now that youve set up your email address, its time to connect it with your Gmail account. First, open Gmail in your browser and log in.

    To set up Gmail with your custom domain, click on the cog symbol to open your Gmail settings. Then click on See all settings. Once youre there, click on Accounts and Import.

    Under Accounts and Import, go to the item Send mail as and then click Add another email address. A new window will open in your browser, where you can set up the email address with your custom domain in Gmail.

    In the new window, youll complete three more steps:

  • Enter the new email address. Under Name, choose the name that you want to be displayed with the email address in recipients inboxes.
  • Youll find everything you need to know about the SMTP server in your IONOS account. Note that you need to enter the entire email address under Username. For Password enter the password that was listed when you set up your email address with IONOS.
  • After you click on Add Account, youll be asked to verify the email address. Open up your inbox in the IONOS webmail client or another program and click on the link in the confirmation email. Alternatively, you can manually enter the code into the Gmail window. After that, youre done!
  • To use your new address when writing an email in Gmail, simply click on From and select it from the drop-down menu.

    If you dont want to use Gmail, you can choose from one of the many or .

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    How To Send And Receive Emails Using Your Custom Email With Gmail

    Gmail is awesome and its free. You get 15GB of storage and access to Google Drive which is cloud storage for your photos and files. Youll also get access to Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and more. With these tools, youll be able to create and share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. All of these fully integrate with Gmail and can be used with your custom email.

    You can also log into multiple Gmail accounts at once . Sign up here to .

    How To Login To Gmail Using Your Domain Email Address

    I host email for the majority of my clients and forward their domain email to a Gmail address. The reason I do this is the convenience and functionality of Gmail. Also, most business clients have multiple email addresses and dont want to login multiple different places to check their email. Forwarding email to a Gmail address and using Gmails Send Mail As feature gives my clients the ability to send and receive their domain email from Gmail. I will write an article on that process in the future, but for now, see this article on how to do that.

    Being able to sign into Gmail using your domain email address is another way to streamline the entire process. Follow these steps to allow that feature:

  • Login to Gmail
  • Under Contact Info click on Email
  • Once youve added an Alternate Email you will be able to sign into your Gmail account using the domain email address you entered in this field.
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    Start Using Gmail With Your Own Domain Today

    With the methods in this post, you can get the convenience of Gmail with the professionalism and brandability of your own custom email address.

    If you already have a website and email hosting, you can use the first method to use Gmail with your custom domain name for free.

    If you dont have email hosting already and/or you want to completely separate your custom email address from your free Gmail address, you might want to pay for Google Workspace instead.

    Still have any questions about how to use Gmail with your own domain name? Ask us in the comments!

    Free guide

    Setting Up A G Suite Email With Own Custom Domain

    How to Use Gmail With Own Domain Name

    To begin your G Suite email domain setup, you may go to the G Suite site. Choose your plan and click the Get Started button.

    Next, select your company name, and the number of employees your company has.

    Then, hit the Next button to proceed. You will be asked to type in your personal contact details, including your name and email address on the next step.

    You will then be asked to select a domain name. Click on Yes I have one I can use if you already have a domain name. If not, you need domain name registration by clicking on No, I need one.

    If you have to register a new domain name, then you will be charged separately for that. But if you use an existing domain name, then youll have to verify the domain names ownership.

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    How To Set Up An Email Account That Uses Your Domain Name

    This guest post is written by Kashish Jain.

    Most of the people who are new to web design and just exploring how to start a blog dont understand the capabilities that come free with their domain, so they dont take advantage of them.

    How many times have you visited a site for and on the Contact Us page, you find that the sales or customer service personnel have email addresses like ? It certainly is not the main measure of business quality, but the average person usually thinks, Geez, what is that, their personal email address?

    I, too, began using my personal email address for my website, but very soon I started to realize the importance and need of something more professional.

    Why not use the domain email which is free with your hosting account? Using email addresses like will look much more professional than the personal emailand the best part is, its free!

    The bottom line is that if you have paid money to own a domain then you should, at the least, buy from a domain registrar that offers email forwarding for their accounts . You can also create a domain email address from the cpanel given to you by your hosting providerstheyll also provide at least one free email address for your account.

    Select A Basic Or Business Account

    Unless you know that you need unlimited storage, I recommend starting out with the Basic G Suite account. It costs $5 per month and includes 30 GB of cloud storage, compared to $10 per month for the Business account. You can always upgrade later if you find that you need the additional cloud storage or other features that are included in the Business edition.

    Both options include a 14-day free trial.

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    How To Choose Professional Email Names For Job Search

    When you are looking for a new job, the majority of your time is usually spent emailing your resume to prospective employers. While the way you address your employers does matter, your email address also creates an impression. A lousy email address containing silly / casual / generic words can damage your professional reputation, and so the chances of landing a job offer. So, in this section, I will share tips to choose professional email address, especially for those looking for new employments:

    How To Block A Senders Domain In Gmail On An Iphone

    How to add your domain name to your gmail account

    From the Gmail app, you can only block an individual sender. However, blocking a domain can be done via the Create filters feature available on the desktop.

    To block an individual sender via your iPhone:

  • Sign in to the Gmail app.
  • Locate and open the email from the sender you want to block.
  • At the top right of the email, tap on the three-dotted horizontal menu icon.
  • Select Block from the pop-up menu.
  • Moving forward, all incoming messages from that sender will be moved to your spam folder.

    To filter all incoming emails from a particular domain:

  • Sign in to your Gmail account. To create a filter:
  • Using Gmail for desktop on your iPhone, click on the Create a filter option towards the top of the screen.
  • Using Gmail for desktop on your PC, select the message from the domain you wish to block. Select the three-dotted horizontal menu icon towards the top of the screen, then choose Filter messages like these.
  • In the filter box, the From text field will have the senders address. To filter the domain, you can just inspect the email address. If, for example, the message is from , deleting the name would leave the part.
  • Next, click Create filter.
  • Select which action youd like Gmail to take with messages from this domain, e.g., Delete it.
  • Choose Create filter to confirm.
  • From now on, any messages from that domain will be treated as configured.

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