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When Does My Domain Name Expire

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How to Find and Analyze Expired Domain Names for Free – By Josh MacDonald

Its exciting to start using your new custom domain email address as your primary email, and we think thats awesome except in one very specific case. If you use your domain email to manage the domain name its associated with, things will get very tricky if you ever forget your password, since you wont be able to access your email in order to retrieve your lost password. Plus, if you miss the expiry date, you wont have access to your email during the renewal grace period.

In other words, you wont be able to access your email address because theres no email address to access!

How To Prevent Your Domain Name From Expiring

The food in your fridge isnt the only thing you need to worry about expiring.

Thats right, lets talk about an expiration that could be truly detrimental to your business, should the date pass you byyour business domain name, also known as a URL.

Your business domain name is time sensitive, depending on the plan you opted into upon purchase.

As a critical piece to the puzzle of your business brand, your domain name is something that you must keep track offrom registration information, to account log-in, and of course main point of contact.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you know when your domain name is due for renewal?
  • Do you know where your domain name was purchased through, or is registered at?
  • Do you have the account information on hand that is necessary to initiate the renewal?
  • Do you know who the main contact within your organization has served as the main point of contact between your business and the domain registrar?

If the answer is no to any combination of the previous questions, were here to help.

Through this blog post, our hope is to help educate businesses about the inevitable domain expiration, so that you may be prepared with all that is necessary to renew and keep your business website on the world wide web.

Lets get down to business.

What Happens If I Let My Domain Expire

I have a domain on GoDaddy which I want to transfer. Due to too much hassle for a transfer, I just thought that I can let it expire to re-register it with a different host.

Is this possible or will GoDaddy keep the domain for some time before I re-register it?

TL DR the domain expires 10/20/2011 – can I just register with a new host on 10/21/2011?

Godaddy will hold the domain after is expires for a period of several months. If your renew domain more than 19 days after expiry, then there is a redemption fee added. This redemption fee can be sizable. Godaddy’s help pages say that the latest you can recover the expired domain is 42 days.

Even after the 42 days, the domain may not go back onto the market. I have seen the register hold domains for up to 6 months before they could be re-registered.

When the domain does come on the market, every domain I have ever watched has got bought instantly by a domain hording company that puts spammy adverts on it.

I would think the idea of allowing a domain to expire and then register it again elsewhere is a very dangerous task. The domain will be out of service for about 6 months and there is a very high risk that someone else will grab the domain before you when it does become available. Better to transfer in the normal way.

So, if you want to keep that domain you better renew it. Otherwise the chances of you re-registering that name takes a sharp decline.

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What Happens When My Domain Expires

When a domain registration expires, your options for renewal vary based on when your domain expired. On Aug. 31, 2013, ICANN adopted the Expired Registration Recovery Policy , which requires registrars to disclose important information to Registrants and prospective customers about expiration notices, fees and redemption procedures. All required information and disclosures currently exist in various locations throughout our website. However, as an aid to Registrants, this article contains links to all required elements in the new policy.

Each domain name extension and its registry rules can affect the renewal process once a domain has expired. Some domains, such as ccTLDs, may have special requirements for renewals.

We’ll send multiple emails to notify you of expiration within the 30 days prior and 30 days after the expiration date of your domains.

Da/pa Checking By Moz Pro Seo Tool

Domain name expired on Google Domains, Unlocked, Doesn

Moz is a very large company that provides a variety of tools for SEO, in which is one of DA/PA Checker tool.

The DA /PA matrix was officially introduced by MOZ. So this is a best SEO Tools for checking website DA/PA.

So one of the things that we needs to be check before buying an expired domain is to check website DA/PA. We already check DA/PA of our selected domain with DA/PA checker tool, but in most cases free tools do not provide accurate information.

So we are using MOZ PRO SEO Tool for checking our selected domain DA/PA and you know DA/PA metrics introduce by MOZ, So we will use MOZ PRO to get the accurate result.

When we type âTechnologyHandyman.netâ in MOZ PRO, We get these result where you can see this domain authority is 12 and page authority 19, this result is same with the Expired Domain tool showed us and the free tool that we used to check DA/PA also showed the same result.

Therefore, it has been confirmed that this domain has 12 DA score and 19 PA score.

Finally the last thing that we need to check and that is spam score. So to do this go over the left navigation menu of MOZ PRO domain overview and click on Spam Score and you will get the result.

For our selected domain result spam score not showing over there, that means this domain has no spam score.

So after all the inspection our selected domain âTechnologyHandyman.netâ meets all requirements and there is nothing doubt left that we should not buy this domain.

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As you can see above, the domain name is due to expire on March 14, 2020, if not renewed prior to that date.

If the domain name is renewed prior to the expiration date, or within 30 days thereafter , an additional 1+ years is added to the domain name registration. In this case, continue to monitor the domain name using either a free account or account.

Need Help With Taking Control Of Your Domain

If you would like assistance with anything weve outlined here, or if youre ready to take your business to the next level and want a fresh new website to show off to the worldwere here to help.

For over 18 years, Brave River has helped businesses and organizations make a smooth transition from previous web companies, and can provide you with professional hands-on assistance for obtaining your domain name in the event that it was purchased through a third party.

Lets get started todaytransform your business dreams into a reality with the help of Brave River.

Call us at 401-828-6611.

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How Do I Check The Expiration Of The Domain

You can check the expiration date of your domain from the personal area of your hosting service. If you are one of our customers, just log in to the customer area and click on Domains My Domains.

You will see the list of domains associated with your account and you will be able to check the expiration date or renewal date in case the automatic renewal is active.

Another way to check the expiration of a domain is to consult the Whois database. You can use the Whois tool of the NIC or the ICANN search tool.

Domain Auction Or Closeout Sale

How To Buy An Expired Domain Name From GoDaddy Auctions

As soon as your domain name has entered the registrar hold status, your registrar will start trying to auction off your domain.

The good news is that even if someone bids on your domain and buys it, the potential new owner will still have to wait 30 days before they own the domain.

If you renew during the second 30 day grace period and pay the associated fees, you will get your domain name back.

If you dont renew your domain during this period, the highest bidder will own your domain.

If no one bids on your domain name at an auction, and if you dont renew your domain, then the registrar will list that domain name for a lower price in a closeout sale.

Anyone is eligible to purchase the domain name during a closeout sale. However, if someone else buys it during this sale, they still have to wait for the remainder of the thirty days to make sure you dont renew until they take ownership.

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Domain Expired A Few Days Ago:

This is a very easy situation. It just happened a few days ago. And youre domain name is still renewable. You can claim it back easily with just paying the renewal fee .

You could easily detect such a thing via the sudden expiration emails. Also, Its detectable if you tried visit your website and found it not loading any more. You will get to know that a domain issue is there.

Once the domain is expired, It will be in Auto-Renew Grace period for up to 45 days. Grace period here means that the domain is still yours & will instantly be activated after paying the renewal fee. No extra fees required.

Expired Domain: What To Do If The Domain Has Been Deleted

the domain will enter the Pending Delete phase which generally lasts five days. During this period the domain cannot be recovered and cannot be registered again.

At the end of the Pending Delete period the domain will be deleted and available for registration again.

At this point, if you want to recover the expired domain you will have to register it again. If the domain is registered by someone else you have no way to recover it.

Lets see specifically how the cancellation of it domains happens.

When it domains get deleted

The cancellation of it domains is managed by the NIC, the register of .it internet domains. The deletion of domains takes place at set times and according to the Drop Time system.

Every day at 01:00 a list is created with todays deletions and upcoming deletions. These lists are divided according to the following time periods when the domains will be deleted and list all the domains that will be deleted.

Please note that as soon as the domain is deleted, it will become free again and can be registered by anyone.

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Reasons Domain Names Might Expire

It is all too easy to overlook the fact that a domain name registration is a temporary thing. Even though at the time, the domain name is yours, and could be for years, there is still a chance for that domain to pass out of your control. There are a variety of ways this might occur:

  • Renewal reminder notices: If you have switched off renewal reminder notices, you could be setting yourself up for disaster. While auto emails and notifications can clutter your inbox, they can also be lifesaving. Even if you manually switched off renewal reminders , will begin sending reminders by email to your listed email address approximately 30 days from the domain expiration date. We guarantee you will receive at least two reminders before the expiration date and one within five days after expiration. So, pay attention to your inbox, or alter your settings to flag the words, expiration, or renewal, to ensure you dont miss these important reminders.
  • Auto-renew is not enabled: By going by your account information and switching your domain name to auto-renew, you save yourself from possibly forgetting. When auto-renew is in use, it will automatically renew your domain name prior to the expiration date, generally a day before expiration. This feature will continue to run and auto-renew unless changes are made or if there are issues with your billing information.

The Domain Goes To Auction

Domain name expires check

On day 26, if the domain name has been unsuccessful in its renewal attempts, it will go to auction where other interested parties have the opportunity to bid on it. At this point in the process, the registrant only has until day 30 to redeem the expired domain.

If a new owner is found, the domain in question will be sent to a GoDaddy holding account where the original owner is no longer able to redeem their expired domain name. Most expired domain names go to the auction house for a 10-day expired auction period.

At this point, one of two things will happen:

1. The domain is awarded

The auction period will close on day 36, and if a winning bid is deemed, the domain will go into a seven-day wait period for the process to finalize before being awarded to the new owner.

2. No bids are made

If no bids are made and a backorder was placed on the domain in question, it is awarded to the person who purchased the backorder. If no backorder was purchased, the domain moves to a five-day closeout auction period. During this window, the domain decreases in price each day or until their is a sale or the time runs out.

If no one bids on the domain during the closeout period, the domain name is sent back to the registry. Rather than wait for the domain to be re-released to the public for general registration at a later date, the original owner can attempt to reclaim the domain within 30 days by calling customer support.

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What Happens If I Forget To Renew My Domain Name And It Expires

If you have forgotten to renewyour domain name and it expires – don’t panic, you will still be able torenew it as long as you act quickly.

After the registration of a,, or any other .auextension lapses, the domain name becomes inactive and enters into what is knownas “serverUpdateProhibited” and “serverHold” status for 30days, during which time the website address can still be renewed. However, after this period, an Australiandomain name with this status is deleted from the .au registrar on the next business day and canthen be registered by any eligible party – who could perhaps be a competitor orsomeone with an axe to grind.

The expiration process can be a little more complex for other web addresses.

For example, when a website address ending in .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz expires, it firstgoes into the Domain Name Grace Period , which lasts for approximately 40days during which time you are able to renew the domain by simply paying therenewal fees.

After this period, the name then enters a further 30 day Domain NameRedemption Period . The domain can still be retrieved by the originalregistrant, but it is a costly and complex process taking a few days. If the web address is still not renewed after the DNRP, there is then a 5-day Pending DeletePhase after which time, the domain name will be available for registration byany other eligible party.

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