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What Can I Do With A Google Domain

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Youve Bought A Domain Name Now Do This

How to Register Domain with Google Domains

So, these were the 10 fun ways for everyone wondering what to do with their purchased domain names.

The possibilities are endless, you just have to decide what you have your passion in and what can be profitable for you on the long run.

The best option to use your purchased domain is to make a website/blog around it. Eventually, this can become your own online business and you could add more elements to it in the future.

So, what have you thought about using your domain?

Are you still worried about what to do with your domain? Got any idea that I didnt cover?

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The Google Seo Advantage / Disadvantage

Before looking at the next steps, I have to touch on one bit of SEO mythology. In the SEO world, there are 3 camps on Google products.

The first camp says that Google is inherently untrustworthy. They say you should never use their products because they just spy on you and are out to punish you. Its all about tricking and outsmarting Google.

The second camp says that Google is SEO. They say you should use all their products and do everything they say. Google will always prefer their own products and will reward everyone that uses them. Its all about cooperating and sucking up to Google.

The third camp says that neither of the first two camps rely on evidence or testing. The answer to all things SEO is it depends. Use Google products that suit your business dont use Google products that dont work for you. Either way, focus on testing and doing the right things for your customers.

Im in the third camp. I have never seen any evidence that Google Domains will cleanse or un-blacklist a domain. Ive never seen any evidence that domains registered with Google get an advantage in the search results. I also have no idea why Google would even make that a factor.

Dont buy into SEO snake oil when you are looking for a domain name registrar. The only tested SEO truth is that the internet is made up of domain names. And you do need a custom domain to build a long-term project around.

The registrar you choose should be based on pricing, convenience, usability, and support.

Freelancer Create A Portfolio On Your Unused Domain

If you are a freelancer and youre wondering what to do with your registered yet unused domain, you can create a online portfolio where you can display the works of clients you have done.

If youre just starting out, you can create simple samples and place them on your website to showcase your potential clients.

Having a website is very essential for a freelancer, I know because I make a living freelancing too. You can view my writer portfolio here.

I have efficiently used my domain to create something that now means business for me.

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Not As Many Smaller Extensions

Google Domains supports 100+ domain extensions, including all of the popular options. However, other domain registrars support even more.

For example, Namecheap offers 400+ extensions.

Does this difference matter? Not for most people because the majority of people will purchase a mainstream domain extension .

But if youre in the market for something out there like a .vodka domain name, you might need to go outside Google Domains.

Check For Broken Links

How Can I Set Up Google Apps For My Own Domain

Broken links provide a bad experience for your users and lead people away from the functioning pages you want them to be on. As if that wasnt bad enough, they also make you look bad to Google and can have a negative effect on your rankings.

In the Crawl section of the Google Search Console, you can find details on any errors Google found when crawling your website, including all URLs that returned a 404 error.

If you click on each entry, you can find information on what the problem with the link is and where the link is located both on your website and others.

This is valuable information you can use to improve your website experience and cut out any frustrating errors your visitors may be dealing with now.

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See Which Sites Link To You

For anyone focused on SEO, this is important information to have access to. Backlinks are one of the biggest ranking factors, so every time another authoritative website links to you it increases your websites authority in the eyes of Googles algorithm.

Under Search Traffic in the left-side menu, select Links to Your Site.

Youll see a list of websites that include a link on their website back to yours, as well as a list of the pages on your website that other sites link to the most. Under the section labeled How your data is linked, you can also see the anchor text other sites use most often when linking back to yours.

You can find more information on each backlink by clicking on the website, and then clicking on the link listed. From there, you can see specific pages that include the link and visit them yourself to see how its used.

Getting Your Site On Google Search

  • 1Understand the process. Sites are added to the Google Search index automatically as Google’s bots scour the web for new content. You don’t need to actively do anything to submit your site to Google, but there are several things you can do to increase your chances of being indexed.
  • 2Design your site with a clear organization. The organization and hierarchy of your website has a big impact on whether or not your content will be indexed by Google. This means that your pages should have a manageable number of links, that all of your content is easily reachable with single links,
  • 3Make sure your content is original and helpful. If you have well-written, helpful content on your site, you have a higher chance of being indexed by Google. Avoid copying and pasting content from other sites, and make sure all of your content is clear, concise, and relates to your site’s purpose. Include words and phrases that readers would use to find your site.
  • Make sure that important words and names are written out in text, and not just shown in pictures. Google cannot index words that are embedded in pictures.
  • 4Create a sitemap. A sitemap is a file that contains the layout of your site. This allows the Google bots to quickly see all of your site’s pages, allowing it to index much more effectively. for instructions on creating a sitemap from scratch or by using a tool.
  • You’ll be asked to include all versions of your site, including “www.” versions and non-“www.” versions.
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    Restrict Access And Counter A Ddos Attack For Your Web Apps

    Using the power of Express.js middleware, you can build custom logic intoserving your microservices, APIs, and other HTTPS endpoints. For example, withjust a few lines of code, you can integrate popular Node.js middleware offeringsto build additional security layers, like access management by IP or protectionfrom denial-of-service attacks.

    Identify Your Most Popular Pages

    How to use Google Sites to Create Website with Domain

    Every website will have pages that perform better in the search engines than others. Google Search Console will help you determine which of your web pages is bringing the most people to your website.

    You can find your most popular pages in the same section you found the keywords, and filtering and viewing different subsets of data works pretty much the same.

    In both versions of the site, in the same Search Analytics section you viewed the keywords in, select Pages in the menu.

    Youll see a list of all the pages people have seen and clicked in descending order of popularity, with your best-performing pages right at the top. The default view in the old version shows you the most popular pages in terms of clicks in the new version, clicks and impressions. You can also see which perform best in terms of click-through rate and position as well.

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    Godaddy Has Great Initial Pricing But Raises Your Domain Fee

    GoDaddy is famous for offering dirt-cheap domain names, primarily for .com addresses. If you want an alternative address, such as .xyz, you may also find excellent deals. However, theres a big caveat to this domain pricing. The cheap pricing is only for the first year afterward, your pricing may increase dramatically. You can control some of this by registering your domain for 2+ years, but each year after the initial year will be billed at the full rate.

    Google Domains doesnt offer dirt-cheap domains, but pricing is still reasonable. Also, when its time to renew, youre not going to get a big shock, as youll pay the same to renew as you did to register.

    If youre looking for alternative domains such as .pub, .restaurant, or even .investments, compare GoDaddys renewal pricing with Google Domains before registering. While your first year may be cheaper, Google Domains may offer better pricing in the second year andbeyond. Of course, you could always sign up with GoDaddy at a low-cost price, then transfer the domain to Google Domains later getting the best of both worlds!

    View Search And Filter Your Site’s Web Request Logs

    You can link your Firebase project to Cloud Logging to view, search, andfilter your web request logs for each of your Hosting sites. These logs arefrom the CDN that’s automatically provided by Firebase, so every request to yoursite and the associated request data are logged.

    Here are some things you do with Cloud Logging logs:

    • Better understand your site Learn from where and when you have visits toyour site, your site’s response statuses, the latency of end user requests,and more.

    • Filter your logs with queries Leverage automatically collected data tofilter and plot data associated with each request or your site.

    • Use logs-based metrics Create Cloud Monitoring charts and alertingpolicies from predefined system metrics or user-defined metrics.

    • Export logs to other Google Cloud tools Use logs data in other tools for more powerful analysis and correlation.

    Learn more in theCloud Logging and Hosting integration page.

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    The Googlecom Domain: For Google Employees

    Finally, the email domain is used for Googleemployees. So, as a fictional example, an email address like would mean that Happy Hippopotamus was a Google employee.

    Whats useful about this fact is that if you receive an email with a domain, it should mean that the person who sent it does actually work for Googleas opposed to being a scammer or hacker doing a phishing attack for information about you.

    Google Domains Review: Wrapping Up

    How Can I Set Up Google Apps For My Own Domain

    Every domain registrar has its pros and cons, but Google Domains is a solid choice thanks to its ultra simple registry process. If youre struggling with the difficulty of creating a website and buying a domain, its sure to make your life a lot easier.

    With your domain name secured, now you just need to set up hosting and your website will finally be live. Youre this close to getting your site online!

    Who did you end up registering your domain with? Were you happy with the process, or was there anything you wished was different? Let us know your favorite domain registry in the comments, and share your experiences, good or bad!

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    What Can You Do With Google Analytics

    In short, Google Analytics helps you make marketing campaign decisions based on data. You can justify spending more on your advertising, discover where you should be advertising, and even determine what types of content you need to be putting out there.

    Google Analytics categorizes data into the ABCs:

    • Acquisition
    • Behavior
    • Conversions

    Additionally, you can use it to break down your Audience & Real-Time traffic. Ill break these down a bit more.

    What Can You Host

    Build then host your microservices, API, and forms

    Pair Firebase Hosting with Cloud Functions to build microservicesusing the Express.js framework. This pairing allows you to host yourmicroservices and APIs on Firebase. In addition, you can use a deep integrationwith Cloud Firestore to build very powerful forms and web apps which canupdate data in real time.

    Host your single-page web apps, marketing websites, and static and dynamicassets

    Benefit from Firebase Hosting’s unique optimization for serving single-pageweb apps and static websites. Delivery of static assets is powered by our SSD backend storage and a global CDN with edgelocations across all major locations in the world. You can evencache your dynamic content on the global CDN. Allsites hosted by Firebase also get an SSL certificate at no cost, so yourcontent is always delivered securely.

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    Google Domains Offers A Wider Variety Of Support Than Godaddy

    Google Domains outshines GoDaddy in the support arena. If you need help with an issue, you have multiple options for support. First, there are extensive help articles that cover most questions about Google Domains. And if you need additional help, you can contact a support agent 24/7 by live chat or email. You can even request to have a technician call you back.

    GoDaddy also offers you multiple support options, but theyre not all 24/7. You can search their help documentation for answers, contact them via live chat, or you can give them a call. They have support lines in over 50 countries, and most with 24/7 support. Their live chat is available only on weekdays from 5am to 6pm U.S. Pacific Time.

    Does Google Domains Work For Email

    How To Purchase A Domain Name On Google Domains

    Yes! Google Domains makes a great option for creating your own custom email address. Btw, do you need to find someones email address? Here are a few solid tricks.

    There are two ways to use emails with Google Domains:

    • Built-in email forwarding: Free, create up to 100 email aliases and forward them to your existing accounts. You can send emails from these aliases using Gmail or any other email client.
    • Email hosting with Google Workspace From $6 per month you can easily integrate with Google Workspace for hosted email, 30 GB of storage, and more to have a professional email address. .

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    The Googlemailcom Domain: For Two Countries

    Alternatively, is for Gmail users of a particular country where Gmail, as a trademark, was already taken. Those countries originally were Germany, the Russian Federation, and Poland. In each case, the Gmail trademark was unavailable, so Google was forced to use googlemail and therefore instead.

    In Poland, the Gmail trademark domain is owned by a Polish poet group, Grupa Mlodych Artystów iLiteratówwhich is abbreviated GMAiL. In the Russian Federation, the trademark is owned by a Russian mail redirect service, So, with the Gmail trademark already taken, users there were assigned an email address of the format: .

    As of 2012, the situation with Germany was straightened out and new users to Gmail there get assigned a domain. People who signed up for Gmail prior to this switch have the option to switch to using as well. In order to do that, they would go to the Accounts tab under Settings. The good thing about this changeif you havent already done itis that Gmail will smartly update everything, so that there will be no disruption in receiving emails. For example, if someone emails you to your old address, it will automatically arrive at your inbox.

    In fact, and point to the same mailbox. You can test this out right now by sending an email to yourself by taking your normal email address and using the domain. Youll get the email instantly, proving that these domains are the same.

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