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How To Renew Domain Name Shopify

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Verify Your Email Address

How to Connect Namecheap Custom Domain to Shopify

After you buy a domain, you must verify your email address to complete your domain registration. Check your email account for several emails from Shopify that you need to review. These emails include details about the following:

  • confirming your purchase
  • verifying your email address
  • managing how your data is shared.

If you dont receive an email about verifying your email address, then check your email inboxs spam folder or resend the verification email from your Shopify admin. If you dont verify your email address, then your domain might be suspended.


If you already own a domain that is registered with the same first name, last name, and email address, then your email address might be verified automatically. If your email address is verified automatically, then you wont receive an email about verifying your email address.

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Buy Domain Name On Shopify

When you prefer to buy a domain name on Shopify, you only need two clicks to purchase a domain name. The application does a check if the domain name change is possible or not. Sometimes the domain name is already owned by somebody else. In that case you can also decide to change the extensions, instead of .com into another extensions. Please be aware most people assume the extensions of the site is .com. If possible, select a .com domain name. The price for a domain for your hair and beauty brand starts at $ 14.00 a year.

Shopify Domains Or A Domain Name Registrar

With Shopify, you get a free trial where youre able to create a store using a sub-domain of Shopify. This is excellent because you can sign up and design your store. When youre ready to properly launch your brand, youll need to setup a custom domain.

Shopify makes it easy for you to setup a domain name through them and its the main selling point of Shopify domains. Its easy for you the end user and Shopify gets to make a small profit on domain name registration and renewals.

In general through, I suggest you use Namecheap specifically because:

  • Keep your services separate
  • Lower cost on renewals and better service
  • Professional domain name

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How To Point Your Website To Shopify

Domains registered with us can have their website hosted with Shopify while keeping domain and email services with us. The DNS is easily updated via konsoleH.

We will remain responsible for the domain name administration and will continue to bill you for domain name charges e.g. yearly domain renewal fees as well as your hosting package.

Although not used for web content, your hosting package is used for your email services.

Once you have added your domain to Shopify, proceed with Connecting your domain to Shopify by updating your domain DNS settings from your konsoleH control panel:

Verifying Your Registration Information

How to buy a domain name on Shopify

Some domain extensions have restrictions or registration requirements when you buy a domain through Shopify. For example, to use a .ca domain for Canada or a .fr domain for France, you need to meet certain residency and business registration requirements. These domain extensions have specific registry organizations that manage their registrations. If youre the domain owner, then these organizations can contact you periodically to verify that you meet their residency or registration requirements.

When you buy a domain through Shopify, your stores information is automatically used to complete your domain registration. This information includes your business name, personal name, address, and phone number.

If a registry organization contacts you to verify your domain, then you need to provide proof of your registration information. Each registry organization has different requirements for what kinds of documentation you can provide, for example, a passport, business bills, or proof of business address. If you change your business address or have difficulty proving your registration information, then contact Shopify Support.


Before you share any personal documentation, make sure that you’re contacted by the registry organization for your specific domain extension.

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How To Change Shopify Store Name

Watch the video below if you dont have time to read:

Here are the simple 3 steps to help you easily and smoothly change your Shopify store name:

Step 1: Go to Settings > General

First, access your Shopify admin panel, then log into your account. At the bottom of the left navigation menu, click Settings.

Once youve done it, you will see the Settings page. Choose General, which is sited on the top of the left row.

Step 2: Store details > Change Shopify store name

Moving to Store details, you will see your current store name. What you have to do now is deleting it and choosing a new Shopify store name.

In this example, we want to change our business brand from Pet store to Minimal.

Step 3: Save > See the result

Finally, go back to the Online Stores and see your result by clicking on the drop-down button Preview.

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Buy A Domain Through Shopify

Before you buy a custom domain through Shopify, check the price and availability of your domain name by using Shopify’s domain name generator. Domains purchased through Shopify start at $11 USD per year. The exact pricing depends on which top-level domain extension you choose. The availability of TLDs is subject to change.

The domain name generator displays the availability of your chosen domain name, as well as other available TLDs and alternative domain names. If your chosen domain name or TLD isn’t available, then you can choose one of the suggested options or start a new search.

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Can I Use My Domain On Shopify

If you already own a domain name purchased from a third-party provider, you can assign it to Shopify. No matter whether it is already in use or sitting idle, you can either transfer or connect it to your Shopify. By choosing transferring domains, you will shift the management of the domain to Shopify. It means you will use your Shopify admin to pay for your domain, renew it, or change the domain settings. With the connecting domains option, the domain gets connected to your Shopify store. But the control to manage your domain settings, pay for your domain, and renew it remains to the third-party provider. Now to connect the existing domain, click on connect existing domain. Then, enter the domain and select next. The setting up process can get challenging as you need to edit the DNS settings. Editing the domain settings might bring changes in your email forwarding as well. And lastly, verify the connection to be sure that your custom domain has got connected to Shopify.

How Much Does A Domain Name Cost

how to change shopify domain name | How to Connect your third-party domain to Shopify Store

Beside the Shopify web development cost, If you are buying custom Shopify domain names, you will have Shopify pricing options, i.e., and they start from USD 11 for a year. The good news is, the domain name for your e-commerce store is set up automatically. Moreover, you have ownership of your domain even if you decide to leave the platform. All domains that you buy using Shopify are registered for one year. You can continue to renew your domain after a year if you wish to stay.

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Overview: How To Transfer Domain To Shopify

Transferring domains is more straightforward than it sounds. You need to disconnect it from the original provider and then connect it to the new one. However, to avoid migrating the website with complications, consider acquiring a specialists Shopify web development services.

This article covers the transfer process for some of the most popular web hosting services available.

The Right Domain Name Can Attract Walk

You are lucky to find an easy to remember and type URL for your brand. It is important for your Shopify store for a good number of reasons. However, you might have to invest your time in coming up with a domain name that suits your brand its values, and culture. At the same time, you also need to make sure that your customers can connect with your domain. If your brand is about makeup or toys, your domain name must give a hint to the customers. After all, you want the time you have invested in is worth at the end. It is suggested not to use slang words or words that have several meanings as they can confuse potential customers, and you will end up losing good business.

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Pointing A Domain To Shopify

Shopify is a really unique tool with numerous options .

While creating a store on Shopify, access to it can be achieved via Shopify domain. Its also possible to make your store accessible via a domain name that youve registered with Namecheap. For connecting a domain registered with Namecheap to Shopify, you should follow these steps.

First, in your Namecheap account set up the necessary records for your root domain and subdomains. Then, add the domain to your Shopify account.

There are two ways you can point your domain name: using Shopify DNS template or manually adding A and CNAME records.

Lets take a more precise look at the first way as it is more common. To connect your domain name to Shopify using DNS template, you need to do as follows:

  • Sign in to your Namecheap account.
  • Choose Domain List from the left navigation sidebar and click on the Manage button near your domain name.
  • Locate the Advanced DNS tab and select the DNS Templates section.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose the Shopify option.
  • Confirm these actions by clicking Continue.
  • If you did everything right, a “Success!” message will appear.

    Finally, it is important to state that not only the name is important, but also the theme which you use. There are many available it depends on the kind of online shop you would like to have .

    We hope you enjoyed this article.

    Keep Your Online Store Name Simple And Straightforward

    How to Change Shopify Domain Name?

    Essentially, many business owners want their store name to be perfect. Unfortunately, perfection is rarely simple. So keep it simple!

    The same goes for choosing the Shopify store name. Believe us, you need time to think about it. Especially, you should look for a memorable name for your business and make it easy to remember.

    In contrast, if you use a long or complex name store, it will make it harder for your audiences to recognize your brand in the first place.

    In our experience, choosing the first thing that pops into your head will be the first thing that pops into customers heads.

    Notes: Make it easy to spell and say. If someone has heard your brand name, your store should be easy for them to remember. One or two words is highly recommended.

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    Choose A Long Term Name

    When first starting your store, youre probably a small business getting a first sale, or making your first $2,000. Time flies. Its no surprise that you hit much bigger milestones.

    Thats why you need to think of a big business name when your Shopify store will grow in the future. Instead of building a one-product store, you may want to add more products to your business.

    For instance, a name store like Yoga Accessories might work when you are a small business. When you grow bigger, you would like the business name like Athleisure Wear.

    How To Cancel Shopify Domain

    Domains purchased through shopify are registered for one year, and can be renewed until you cancel your domain or shopify store. It allows you to register an account, open a store to make online sales and also cancel the store subscription temporarily or delete it entirely.

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    Transfer Domain Away From Shopify

    As mentioned earlier in this article, transferring your domain is a relatively straightforward process. You need to unlock the domain from the current host and authorize the transfer to the new one. The article covers the process in greater detail for some of the most common hosting services.

    However, there is an additional aspect of transferring domains most overlook. Are you going to shift your website and all associated data as well? In this case, migrating a website can lead to complications like lost data and design incompatibility. To mitigate these problems, consider hiring the services of a Shopify web development specialist like Folio3. These companies offer complete Shopify migration services, including design and after-sales support.

    Keep Your Services Separate

    How to Register a Domain Name to use with Shopify and email using Namecheap

    Its never a good idea to have all your services with one company. With Shopify you would end up using them for every aspect of your online store. From your domain name, hosting, CMS and the online store website builder. All with one company.

    While the upside of this is ease of use, what happens if you ever want to move your store away from Shopify? Then it becomes a bit complicated and even more so if your domain name is registered through them. You can move a domain name from Shopify domain to a domain registrar, which is called a domain name transfer, but that process is costly in terms of time and price.

    So why not save money and keep your portfolio of domains at a domain name registrar? On top of that, Shopify is registering your domain name on your behalf through a domain name registrar anyways and adding a small fee to make a profit. Instead, why not cut out Shopify from the equation and just register directly yourself?


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    Transferring Your Own Domain Name To Shopify

    If you have bought your own domain name outside of Wix you can transfer your domain in two ways either by transferring it to Shopify or by connecting it to your new account.

    Here is how you can transfer your personal domain to Shopify:

  • Before starting the transfer process, check the transfer policy offered by your domain name provider.
  • Login to your domain name provider account and unlock the domain name you want to move from the settings section.
  • Youll get an authorization code which youll use to transfer the domain.
  • Open the Shopify admin panel, in the Online Stores section click on the Domains tab.
  • Click on Connect existing domain and then click the Transfer in your domain option.
  • Click on the Transfer Domain button, enter the domain you want to move, click Next and then click the Verify Domain button. Your domain name is ready for transfer once youll see the Domain unlocked message. FInally click on Next to complete the procedure.
  • Finally, verify the transfer in your email. Enter the EPP authorization code given by your domain name provider and finally click Next and Bu and Transfer options. Finally again check your email to confirm the transfer again.
  • Following the above steps, it will take around 20 days to complete the transfer successfully. Upon completion, Shopify will send you a message confirming this.

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