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How To Register Ie Domain

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Hosting Ireland Is A Fully Accredited Domain Registrar

An Overview of Registering .ie Domain Names

A domain name is an address or location on the Internet where information or activities can be found, such as a website. Domain names are formed by following the rules of the Domain Name System or DNS. A typical domain name would look like this – – You will need a domain name along with a hosting package, to publish your website and setup email, or to use a website builder.

The registration fee for a domain name is usually for a period of one year or multiples of one year and must be paid when you submit your application. In order to keep your domain active you must renew your domain fees each year, failure to do so could mean someone else could register your domain when the domain expires.

In order to use a domain name you will need to register that domain first, it can be a name of your choice provided it is available and has not been registered by anyone else. Many domain names are unrestricted and as long as the domain is available anyone can register, such domains. Some domains have registration criteria, such as country specific domain like .ie and .uk domains. If more information is required this will be requested when you apply to register. Hosting Ireland has a fully automated online domain search and registration system for all tld’s.

When you register domain names, you should choose an accredited registrar. Heres why you should register a domain name Hosting Ireland:

  • ICANN Accredited Registrar

Why Register A Ie Domain Name

Are you thinking of starting a new site? Have you an Irish based company? Why register a .ie domain name?

1. Location on the internet a .ie domain shows you are located or doing business in Ireland.

2. Increased consumer confidence and credibility Unlike most other top-level domains all applications for new .ie domain registrations are screened to ensure the applicant has a claim to the domain and a connection to Ireland. As a result online fraud is less likely to occur on a website using a .ie address.

3. Greatly improved listing in search engines .ie addresses receive higher ratings in search engines, such as Google, than Irish based .com addresses.

4. Security the .ie namespace was recently ranked the second safest in the world. Remember, having a .ie domain name:

  • It identifies you as being Irish, or having a presence in Ireland. This can help you maximise your market presence in Ireland
  • Unlike other international domains there are a number of strict rules which apply to the naming process. In laymans terms this means that you may have a greater choice, as long as you can justify it.

Have you a question about domain registration? Contact the team by phone on 808 1301, or email us at We are happy to help.

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Why Register An Ie Domain With Letshost

As one of the few companies that can legally register an IE domain name, you can trust LetsHost to provide an unrivalled service. With fifteen years experience in the industry, our award-winning business also offers friendly local support.

Included in all domain registrations are a number of additional benefits. Customers can enjoy an easy-to-use control panel, free DNS hosting and access to local customer support.

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Comreg Takes Over Iedr Policy Functions

Under the Communication Regulations Bill 2007, the Communications Regulator has taken over most of the policy functions of IEDR. The legislation was passed by the Oireachtas and came into force on 15 May 2007 with the signing of the Communications Regulation Act, 2007 Order, 2007 .

According to the Regulatory Impact Analysis, the legislation puts in place legal instruments for the regulation of the private sector company which is currently administrating .ie ccTLD. This move to protect the .ie ccTLD and provide the mechanisms to transfer the administration of .ie ccTLD away from IEDR if required makes this legislation very powerful and effectively changes IEDR to being a service company from its previous position of making policy and administrating the .ie ccTLD.

The legislation gives ComReg complete power over .ie ccTLD policy decisions: designating the authority to register .ie domains setting renewal periods and conditions revoking registrations, registration conditions pricing of .ie domains and appeals against revocation of registrations. IEDR, however, still provides the day-to-day administration of .ie ccTLD.

Availability Of The Ie Domain

How to Get Creative Domain Name Ideas for Your New Blog ...

There is a greater chance that the domain you want to register is available with the .ie ending than the one with the .com ending. This is because you need to prove your connection to Ireland in order to obtain the domain name with the .ie ending.

Having the domain name with the .ie ending has many benefits. But to be impartial, we have to point out one disadvantage the price. This is a very small price difference, however, and usually, the difference in cost between the .ie ending and the .com domain is only a few euros. Prices depend on the company that registers the domain . However, if you count the benefits of an Irish domain name and disadvantages, there are definitely more benefits to the .ie domain. Also, it will definitely bring you more users and more profit for your business.

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Do You Accept Photos Of Documents Sent Using A Phone

Yes, as long as the image is clear and all details are visible.

* Get a FREE .com, .ie, .net, .org, .biz, .info or .online domain name registered for 1 year with any of our Annual and Multi-year Web Hosting, Website Builder, Website Builder Ecommerce and Microsoft 365 Packages. Offer does not apply to renewals or transfers.

The following suffixes are on offer when registered for 1 year using the embedded voucher codes –, .com, and .ie. The offer price of .ie is 4.99 , the offer price of .com is 4.99, and domains will be FREE when registered for 1 year. These offers entitle you to three .ie’s, one .com and one at the offer price per account. The following extensions will be offered at the prices shown when registered on site for one year – .online – 4.50, .website – 3.50, .site – 3.50, .tech – 6.00, .store – 6.00, .fun – 3.50, .space – 3.50, .app – 14.00. Please note, for EU customers VAT rates payable will be subject to your country of residence. All offers are for the first billing period only, do not apply to renewals, cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers, and may be withdrawn at any time at the discretion of Namesco Ireland Limited.

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What Documents Do I Need For Anything Else

For a society, club or band please provide a letter on headed paper confirming the name and address of your band, club or society. Alternatively, you can supply a link to your social media page if it clearly shows the name of your organisation and where you are based and operating in Ireland.

For schools and colleges please supply your roll number. If you dont have a roll number, please send a letter on headed paper showing the name and address of your college or school.

For state or government bodies, departments or agencies please supply a letter on headed paper explaining what type of body you are and confirming your name and address.

If you are a registered charity, you will need to supply one of the following a CHY number or an NIC Number.

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Domain Replaces A Complex Code

In fact, the domain is a text shortcut to the IP address of the server that the user is connecting to. This means the domain replaces a complex code. For the user, its easier to remember than it is to remember 123.456.78.9. Information about which IP address the domain is directed to is stored on the Domain Name System servers. In the real world, for example, if someone wants to visit you, you would give them your home address. If you did not have an address, however, you would have to tell your visitors the exact latitude and longitude in order to find you. In the virtual world, it works the same way. If you want someone to visit your website, they need to know your address, that is, the name of your domain. Domain names are therefore addresses in the internet world. Check out whats your DNS records are at

Can I Register A Ie Domain As An Individual

How to register a domain name in Ireland (.ie)

In order to register a .ie domain, you simply need to show your connection to Ireland. You do not have a business or company set up, in order to register a .ie domain name.

To register a .ie domain name as an individual, you can place an order on our website and when asked to show your connection to Ireland, select the third option An Individual .

You will then be asked to provide one of the following:

  • Irish passport

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Choosing A Domain Name

Your domain name should reflect what your business is as far as possible. All of your branding, both online and offline, will be based on your domain name so its important to make the right choice.

Try to mirror your business name e.g. this will help with search and just makes it easier for your customers.

If youre an individual who wants a domain name for personal branding you could choose your nickname, short name or full name. 1 or 2 letter domains are highly prized as they are very easy to remember.

You can also register a .ie domain name with a fada on the vowels, as used in the Irish language: á, é, í, ó, ú.

We have a handy search tool that allows you to check if the .ie domain name you want is available.

Buy a .ie domain

Dont worry if it is already registered, our search tool offers suggestions of alternative domain names available. It is also possible to offer to buy a domain that is registered to another party. MORE INFO

Complete The Registration Process Including Payment

The registrar will ask you to provide contact and technical information when you register a domain name. These details will be sent on to the registry of your domain name to confirm your qualification for holding the TLD and entering your new domain name in the DNS database.

You will also enter into a contract with the registrar that you or your reseller has selected. Once your domain name is in the registry and you have signed the contract, you own the domain name.

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How To Transfer A Domain Name To Hostpapa

Before you request to transfer your domain name to HostPapa, there are a few steps you should complete to ensure a smooth transfer:

  • Unlock your domain name at your current registrar. Each domain registrar may have different steps to unlock the domain. If you cant find this option in the general settings, please contact your domain registrar.
  • Obtain an authorization code . This code is necessary for the transfer and can be obtained from the current registrar or directly from .
  • As the .IE registry requires additional documentation to register or transfer .IE domain names, our Domains team will get in touch with you after you place the order for your preferred .IE domain. Please familiarize with the specific requirements and have the transfer authorization ready to share with us.

  • The renewal term for .IE domains is one year only. If the renewal fee is not paid, the domain will get marked for deletion on expiry, and WHOIS will show Voluntary NRP/Involuntary NRP. You will have a 40-day period to pay your renewal fee before the domain is parked and the website routed to a custom page. There are 30 more days during which the domain can be renewed at a regular price. After 70 days, the domain is removed from the IEDR database and released to public registration.
  • There is a fee for any ownership change to an .IE domain name. Find out the exact price by opening a support ticket.
  • Better Position In The Search Engine Results

    How to: Register a .IE domain with SmartHost  My Blog

    The domain with the .ie ending automatically has an Irish IP address and is hosted within Ireland. And because browsers use geotargeting and prefer local search results, they will appear in higher positions for a user who uses Irish crawlers such as So, when you choose the .ie ending, your chances of higher search engine positions and higher traffic on your site will increase. Read article and increase your chance to be at the First page of Google.

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    How Do You Register A Ie For A Company

    If your company is registered in Ireland with the Companies Registration Office please supply your CRO number. If not, you will need to supply proof of trade in Ireland in the form of an invoice showing your company name and an Irish address for delivery or billing. You will also need to send your company registration number.

    If you cant prove that your company trades in Ireland then you will need to provide evidence that you own a trademark . Without a trademark or one of the items already mentioned, you will be unable to register a .ie.

    Why Use Eirhost To Register Your Ie Domain Name

    • We are fully accredited .ie registrars, not resellers.
    • We are an Irish domain name registration company.
    • Friendly advice helping you with the .ie domain registration process.
    • Low Hosting costs starting at 54.90 Per Year or 3 years hosting for only 99.00. Thats 2.75 per month)
    • Reliable web hosting network
    • Over 15 years of experience registering domain names in Ireland.
    • Your Irish .ie domain registration is Free once you order hosting
    • Dont want Web hosting?No problem, register your domain name for only 24.99 +V.A.T. per year.

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    What Is The Process For Registering A Ie Domain Name

    The process for registering a .ie domain name is very simple.

    Just fill in the form below.

    You will need to provide some information about yourself such as your name and address, and you will also need to choose a domain name.

    if you are registering domain name for an Irish business or company you will need to supply your registered business number.

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