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How To Register A Business Domain Name

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How Much Does A Domain Name Cost

How to Buy a Domain Name | Domain Name Registration for Small Business [2021]

When you buy a domain name through domain registrars, you register it for one year with the option of a multi-year registration. You will be able to renew your domain name registration when the initial period finishes, and will usually be alerted by the registrar to do so. Domain names are also sometimes included in your web hosting plan and if not, usually offered by your hosting company.

Domains purchased through Mailchimp are priced based on the TLD you choose, such as .com or .net.

A domain name with a common top-level domain, such as .com, can be had for as low as $12.99 per year, and promotions are often available. Internet domains purchased through Mailchimp also come with free WHOIS privacy protection and a Secure Sockets Layer certificate to provide your website with free verification and encryption.

You do need to have a web hosting plan to put your site online, but you dont need to have hosting to purchase a domain. Assuming you have a business or blog name in mind, its possible to reserve your brands name for the future by purchasing and registering your domain name now. Then youll have plenty of time to consider how to build your website.

Amending Or Cancelling A Registration

To ensure the Public Record is accurate, you must notify the Central Production and Verification Services Branch when the information in your registration has changed. Changes in address, business activity or partners , must be filed on the Ministry form within 15 days after the change. There is no filing fee. However, changing the name of your business registration is considered a new registration and the relevant fee applies. Changing the type of registration, e.g. a partnership registration to a sole proprietorship, or changing all the partners in a partnership, is also considered a new registration.

If the business ceases to operate, you should cancel your business name registration. There is no filing fee for the cancellation of a business name.

The amended or cancelled registration can be submitted to the Branch by mail or in person at the Public Office in Toronto. Alternatively, the registrant can amend or cancel a business name registration online through the ServiceOntario website at Ontario.ca. The registrant will receive confirmation of the changes by mail in approximately three weeks.

How To Register A Business Domain Name

Once you register a domain name, you are on your way to securing a piece of the action on the world wide web. The name that is chosen will be your address and will be typed into the web browser every time someone looks you up. For those who don’t know you, a search engine will help decide if your website meets the needs of the searcher by looking at the relevance of key words embedded in the name. Although selecting a name is tricky, registering it is straightforward.


Prepare a list with several domain names because good names are snatched up quickly. Try to find names that are short, memorable and include key words that describe the business. It is also helpful to have a website that matches your business name.


Conduct a trademark search at the United States Patent and Trademark website. If a business name has been trademarked, then the protection applies to the domain name as well.


Access the website for a domain name registrar. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is a non-profit company that oversees domain related issues world wide. A list of approved registrars is available on their website.


Enter the domain name in the search tool available on the registrar’s website. If the name is not available, then alternatives are usually displayed with different extensions, such as .net or .biz, or with additional words appended. Note that .com is the most commonly recognized extension.




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Complete The Registration Process Including Payment

The registrar will ask you to provide contact and technical information when you register a domain name. These details will be sent on to the registry of your domain name to confirm your qualification for holding the TLD and entering your new domain name in the DNS database.

You will also enter into a contract with the registrar that you or your reseller has selected. Once your domain name is in the registry and you have signed the contract, you own the domain name.

Resources To Help Women In Business

How to Register a Domain Name

There are many resources out there specifically for women entrepreneurs. Weve gathered necessary and useful information to help you succeed both professionally and personally:

  • Funding
  • Guides
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If youre a woman looking for some guidance in entrepreneurship, check out this great new series Women in Business created by the women of our partner Startup Savant.

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Register The Web Address

If your preferred web address is available, you can register it at any one of over a dozen accredited registration organisations or their resellers. For a list of accredited domain name registrars, visit the Australian Domain Name Administrator’s website. These are organisations authorised by auDA to provide services to people who want to:

  • register a new web address
  • renew their existing address
  • make changes to their record.

What Are Some Insider Tips For Jump Starting A Domain Registration Business

Business owners should concentrate on their policies before getting started. From domain transferring to pricing, youll attract more customers if the policies are as clear as possible before anyone signs up. Theres a lot of advice out there about who to sign up with and who to avoid, so make sure youre giving people plenty of options and being as fair as possible. For example, if a website owner fails to renew their domain name after a year, you may want to keep that domain name off-limits for a month as a courtesy in case the person decides to renew.

Entrepreneurs should also put some extra effort into their customer service response times. Websites by nature are incredibly immediate, and problems can happen at any time. If a person is paying you for their domain name and loses business because there’s a flaw with your equipment, then youll likely be held responsible for any subsequent loss of revenue to their brand. You may also want to think ahead when it comes to promoting new suffixes. As the .com names continue to diminish, companies may benefit from less popular suffixes with a strong start

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Choose The Right Name

In an increasingly digital age, your domain name could be the first interaction a customer has with your business. Its therefore essential that the name you choose provides an accurate representation of the services your company offers.

You should also select a name that distinguishes your company from others in your industry: otherwise potential customers could mistake you for one of your competitors.

Other points to bear in mind: try to find a name that is short, snappy, memorable, and easy to spell. From a search engine optimization perspective, it also makes sense to choose a name that employs keywords relevant to your industry.

For more on the steps to take in choosing a domain name, you can read our step-by-step guide explaining how to choose a domain name for your website, which also discusses the three types of domain name types: tld, cctld and exotic.

Avoid Numbers And Hyphens

How to register a DOMAIN NAME for your UK business? (part 2)

Imagine asking your 10 friends to spell or pronounce a domain name filled with numbers and dashes. It wont work.

If you choose a domain name with these elements, youre likely going to lose traffic to people who cant remember your domain or effectively tell someone else how to find it. We probably wouldnt have Facebook today if you had to go to Face-Book.com to reach the site.

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What Is A Domain Name

Every website on the internet has an IP address. These addresses point to a websites location think of them like GPS coordinates. The IP address, which is generally a set of numbers, usually resembles something like this:

Unfortunately, trying to remember all of those numbers in order to navigate to a website can be challenging. Thats where domain names step in and lend a hand.

A structure called the Domain Name System translates those IP addresses into names that are simple to remember. Those names are called domain names.

Your website’s domain is what people enter into the address bar on their browsers to point it toward your website. In the simplest terms, if an IP address is your websites GPS coordinates, the domain is its street address. Some examples are mailchimp.com and google.com.

When someone types a domain into a browser, it gets routed through a DNS server. That server translates the name to figure out which IP address it points to. Then it grabs the data for that website and delivers it to the browser. This process happens in a matter of seconds, letting you find and view a website fast.

What Type Of Domain Names Can I Register At Domainscoza

We offer all South African ccTLD and gTLD domains International TLD’s and gTLD’s domains are also available, including all the most popular .com .net .org .biz and .mobi.With more than 1000 new gTLD domains being added to the internet, we will constantly update our list of available domain extensions.

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Decide On The Length Of Registration

When you first register your domain, you will be given a choice of a one-year or longer registration period.

Act on renewal notices

You should keep track of the registration renewal date and, if you intend to renew the registration, do so before the due date.

Own your domain name

Always make sure that the domain name is registered in your name or in the name of your business, and not that of the business which developed your website or some other third party.

Transferring your domain

At renewal time, some domain owners decide to transfer their domain name to a different registrar who may offer different terms, conditions and services. You will usually be provided with an authorisation code by your existing registrar to give to your new registrar in order to transfer the domain. Details on how to transfer a .ie domain from one registrar to another are on the IEDR website.

How To Get A Domain Name From Domaincom

How to Register a Domain Name (with Pictures)

Domain.com is a reputable domain registrar, launched in 1998. Over 1.2 million websites are registered with them.

Domain.com features the most popular top level domains such as .com, .net, .org, .co, along with over 25 county-specific domain extensions .

They are mostly selling affordable domain names with most names priced in the $9.99-$12.99/year range. If you are lucky, you can also steal a deal and buy your domain name for as low as $2.99/year.

For that price you get:

  • 1-year domain ownership.
  • Free SSL certificate for extra security.
  • Automatic email forwarding to your domain.
  • DNS registration and management tools.

Also, you can purchase extra Domain Privacy+Protection for your domain . In this case, your personal details will not be displayed publicly in the WHOIS/ICANN directories. Plus, the registrar will also run extra security checks.

Sounds sweet? Heres how to register a domain name on Domain.com.

Step 1: Run a quick search to verify that the domain name you are eying is available.

Step 2: Pick your domain extension. Go for .com since its the most familiar option among users and thus, people, tend to type .com before trying anything else.

Your choice gets automatically added to your cart with a 2-year privacy protection subscription. This ones optional, so you can remove it during the next step. Also, you can change your domain renewal period from one year to five years.

Moreover, you can pick some add-on services such as:

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What Are The Top Domains

A top-level domain is one of the top-level domains in the Internet’s hierarchical domain name system. The most common top-level domains are .com, .net, .org, and .net. The .top domain is a gTLD that is available to everyone for free and at low cost.

FqdnWhat does FQDN stand for? FQDN stands for Fully Qualified Domain Name. Suggest a new definition. This definition is very rare and can be found in the following Acronym Finder categories: Information Technology and Computers.How can I determine my FQDN?Find the fully qualified domain name On the Windows taskbar, click Start > Programs > Administrative Tools > Active Directory Domains and Trusts. In the left pane of the Active

Registering A Domain Name

You register your domain name with ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, through a domain name registrar. You’ll pay an annual fee to the registrar , and decide whether to renew it prior to the anniversary date.

Some commercial web hosting companies are willing to pay for your domain name and the registration fees. Sounds generous, but just make sure that they actually register it and list you as the owner. Otherwise, register the name directly with a domain name registrar and have you or your business listed as the administrative contact, technical contact, as well as the owner.

Direct ownership prevents the web host from charging you a crazy fee for the domain name in later years and taking away your ownership rights. The other contacts are less important, but may still be useful, depending on your registrar. For example, for some registrars, the administrative contact’s approval is required before a domain name transfer is executed. If he/she cannot be contacted, the technical contact is used.

Overall the key here is to make sure that you are actually the owner of the domain name. In past years most companies either sold domains or offered web hosting, but seldom did both. Today most companies will offer multiple services including buying domain names, offering web hosting etc.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to register your domain name with the same company you host your website with.

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Choose A Business Name

Although there are few restrictions on a business name, you should choose your name carefully. Business names:

  • dont have to be unique duplicate business names may exist
  • however, if you choose a name that is the same as, or similar to, an existing business name, corporation name, or trademark, the owners could take your business to court you may have to change your name or pay damages to the owners
  • cannot use the words ‘limited’, ‘incorporated’ or ‘corporation’ at the end of the business name, since that would imply you are running a corporation
  • cannot use the abbreviated forms of these words
  • if youre registering a limited liability partnership, will need to include ‘limited liability partnership’ or the abbreviation ‘LLP’ at the end of the name, or the French terms ‘Sociétéà Responsabilité Limitée’ or ‘SRL’
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