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How To Link A Website To Godaddy Domain

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Connect My Site To A New Domain

How to Connect GoDaddy domain with Google Sites

Purchase and connect your site to a brand-new domain name.

Other options include:

  • Go to your GoDaddy product page.
  • Scroll to Websites + Marketing and select Manage next to your website to open your site.
  • Select Edit Website or Edit Site to open your website builder.
  • Select Settings.
  • Next to your domain name, select Manage.
  • Select Get a new domain.
  • Well suggest some domain names for you based on your free domain name, or you can search for a new domain name.
  • Follow the prompts to add protection and complete your purchase. Select Continue to return to connecting your new domain to your website.
  • Check the domain name is correct and it’s the selected option. Then select Save & Publish or Save. Your changes won’t be visible to other people until you publish.
  • Connecting to your GoDaddy domain usually takes a few minutes but can take up to 72 hours.

    What Is Domain Name

    All businesses should be internet-ready in todays age and should be able to develop a website and establish their companys identity online. A domain name is the first fundamental step for establishing your companys internet presence. It can assist in establishing the tone for how people locate your website, think about your company, and interact with your brand. So, whether youre Bangalore-based breakout escape rooms or a Pune-based consulting firm, youll need a domain name to start doing business online. When your domain and hosting are ready, then you can move to how to point domain to GoDaddy Hosting.

    You must ensure that your domain and website are linked in order for users to see your site when they browse your domain. This can be done by simply pointing your domain name to your website. Linking your domain name to your web hosts server is known as pointing to a domain. A simpler way of understanding this can be this- if you consider your website to be your company, your web hosts server would be the office building, and your domain name would be the signage.

    Godaddy Domains + Website Builder: Made For Each Other

    One great thing about GoDaddy is how easy it is to put your domains to work for you. This is all my sister had to do to get started:

    1. Log in to your GoDaddy Account and click Visit My Account.

    2. Click Launch next to Domains.

    3. Click Use My Domain on the domain you want to connect to your Website Builder.

    4. ClickBuild a New Website.

    5. Complete your Website Builder order.

    6. Once youve purchased Website Builder, its go time! Click Website Builder to continue to create your fantabulous site.

    Once her domain was connected to her new Website Builder account, I showed my sister how to choose a theme and do a few other simple things to get her new site rolling. Then I then directed her to a great online tutorial to guide her the rest of the way.

    I know that if she runs into any small glitches, she can call GoDaddys 24/7 award-winning customer support and theyll help her when Im not available.

    Sometimes dreams are just dreams and sometimes they come true. As Patrick Allan at says:

    If you feel a little like youre just floating along the river of life, it might be a good idea to grab a paddle and start exploring uncharted waters. Take a step out of your comfort zone and experience new things.

    Wed love to help you navigate those uncharted waters, and a website is a great place to start but you have to do the dreaming yourself.

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    There Are Additional Dns Resolution Components

    But wait a second how does the browser know which nameserver to query when looking up Good question.

    First, technically speaking, the web browser doesnt typically do the lookup. It usually talks to something called a DNS Resolver which actually does the lookup. But this doesnt change the core question it just changes the wording. How does the resolver know which nameserver to query when looking up

    Key to this is something called the root server. The root server for a top-level domain is established at a well-known location. Coming back to our example of, a DNS query is first performed to the rootserver for .com to find the location of the nameserver for Once this is determined, the resolver can query the nameserver for to find the data it needs.

    Connect Your Domain Name Registered On Godaddycom:

    2MHost: Updating DNS at

    1. Go to the GoDaddy website and click on the Sign In button on the right top.

    2. Enter your username/email/customer number and password to Sign In to your account.

    3. Go to the top right section and click on the My Products tab.

    4. In the My Products section, you would see all your purchased domains. Now find your domain that you want to connect to the Pixpa website and click on the DNS button next to it.

    For example, I want to connect with my Pixpa website here.

    5. You will see DNS Management . In DNS Management, go to the www CNAME record and Delete it .

    6. Now, click on the Add button to add a new CNAME record.

    You need to choose CNAME as the Type, www as Name, as Value, and 1/2 hour or any time as TTL. Finally, hit the Add record button.

    7. Now, scroll down the page, go to Forwarding Settings and click on the AddForwarding text link of the Domain.

    8. Add your domain name here with the www prefix.

    Example: If your domain name is then type in the field shown below.

    Select the Permanent option as the Forward Type. Then, click on the Save button .

    NOTE: Usually it takes about 1-2 hours for .com and .net domains and about 24-48 hours for all other domain extensions before name servers on other networks are able to access the information after the central registry gets it.

    This period is referred to as the propagation period.

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    Edit Existing Cname Record

    When adding a CNAME record, a subdomain is required. A subdomain precedes your main domain name. www is a popular subdomain choice and sometimes www will already have a CNAME record in GoDaddy. If this is not currently being used, you can edit the existing record instead of creating a new one. You might see this in GoDaddy for example:

    1. You can edit this record, by selecting the pencil icon to the right of the record:

    2. In the form that appears, apply the following:

    • Type: leave CNAME selected
    • Host: this will be www
    • Points to: This will be your Thinkific URL. You will want to copy the exact URL of your Thinkific site, which will be formatted as:

    3. Click Save

    Whats The Difference Between Domain Forwarding And Masking

    When you forward your GoDaddy domain, you can choose to Forward only or Forward with masking.

    So whats masking? When you choose the Forward with masking option, you hide the destination domain from online visitors. They only see the domain they type into their browser bar.

    Lets say youre using a free version of a website builder that places weebly or godaddysites in your domain name and you want to use your own personal domain. You can forward visitors who type your personal domain name into their browser to your free website, but mask that process so the browser continues displaying your personal domain name vs. the free one.

    Usually, you should forward without masking because search engines like Google dont like it when you try to fool your visitors. Moreover, your website content appears to live on both your personal domain and the domain where it actually resides. Google views this duplicate content as a negative in terms of how it ranks your site.

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    I Have An Existing A Record But I Can’t Delete It

    You may have an existing A record saved in your GoDaddy DNS settings. You will need to delete this record for the new A record to work. If you don’t see the edit option next to the old A record, it means you have forwarding setup.

    On the DNS Management page, scroll down and delete any data from the Forwarding section. You should then be able to delete the old record and add the new A record for Pixieset.

    How Do I Add My Domain Name To The Go Daddy Host

    GoDaddy | GoDaddy Domain Setup | How To Connect GoDaddy Domain To GoDaddy Hosting

    If you are using GoDaddy and you already have hosting and a domain name, here are the instructions for adding the domain name to your GoDaddy host so that you can begin to build a website:

  • Once logged into Godaddy, go to My Account and choose Web Hosting
  • Launch the specific hosting account you would like to add the domain name to
  • Scroll down and under Settings, go to Hosted Domains
  • On the top right of that area, there is an option to Add Domain
  • Then type in the folder to use within your hosting area. You can make this up, just try to make it something similar to your domain name so you remember
  • Then click ok and you should be good to go
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    Now Make A Go Live Request From The Studio

    Once you have completed the above steps, you can then submit a Go Liverequest now.

    Go to the Pixpa studio settings section. In the Settings section, go to the Connect Domain Name menu page on the left sidebar menu and enter your domain name with http://www prefix as in Connect your Domain Name section as shown in the image below.

    Here a domain name is an example in this help article. Request you to replace it with your domain name.

    Do not use any forward-slash after the domain name during Go-LIve request. It would be just the http://www prefix to your domain name.

    • Incorrect URL for Go-live request
    • Incorrect URL for Go-live request
    • Incorrect URL for Go-live request
    • Correct URL for Go-live request

    1. Before you point your existing domain name to your Pixpa website, make sure that you have taken a backup of whatever is important from your current hosting provider.

    2. You are still responsible for domain name fees and renewals with your current registrar.

    If you need any assistance at any point through the process, email us at .

    Cant find what youre looking for?

    Get in touch with a Pixpa Expert.

    What Is A Domain Name

    In the vast universe of the world wide web, a domain name is like the number of your building or the name of the building you live in. A domain name is a foundation for your website as it is what helps visitors find and search for your website. For example, in, the domain name is several.

    Domain names are mainly the base for IP addresses, consisting of a unique series of numbers identifying the computer server on which the website is hosted. But, of course, it is easier to remember a name than a series of random numbers, and it makes your website look much better.

    Domain names are not to be mistaken with website URLs. The following section will explain what a URL is and how it differs from a domain name.

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    How To Forward A Domain With Godaddy

    GoDaddy offers domain forwarding services. To forward a domain to another site, follow these steps:

    1. Log into your GoDaddy account.2. Click on your name in the upper-right part of the screen to open up the Control Panel.3. From the Control Panel, click the Manage Domains option.4. The next page will show the list of domains under your account. Click on the domain name you want to set the forwarding feature.

    .5. The selected domain names settings will be displayed. Scroll down and click on the Manage DNS option located on the lowermost portion of the page.6. You are now on the DNS Manage page. Scroll down to the lower-most part of the page and click the ADD option beside the word DOMAIN under the FORWARDING tab.7. Put in the website you want where you want to redirect the domain. For this example, we will put a Facebook page link.8. Choose the forwarding type Permanent OR Temporary.9. Select forwarding settings Forward only OR Forward with masking.10. Click the option to update the nameservers and DNS settings to support the change.11. Click Save. You are done.

    Take note: GoDaddy will review your request, and if there are no conflicts, then the forwarding feature will be activated within 48 hours.

    You just learned how to redirect a domain to another site using the Domain Forwarding feature on GoDaddy. If you have issues and concerns with any of the steps above, let us know in the comments section.

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    Using A Godaddy Domain For Your Pixieset Website

    2MHost: Updating DNS at

    If you already have a domain that is hosted by GoDaddy, you can link it to your Pixieset Website in a few quick steps.

    If youd like to read more information about domains in general or check out our FAQs, take a look at our All About Custom Domains guide.

    We also have a great tutorial video that shows the full process for connecting a GoDaddy domain to your Website. You can watch that here.

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    For A Name Server Record:

    Adding new Name Server records could cause your Gmail and other Google Workspace services to fail. After youve added the NS records, well tell you how to restore your services.

  • From the Name Servers section at the top of the page, click Use custom name servers.
  • In the Name Server field, enter the name server record provided by your web host.
  • If you have more than one name server record to add, click Add next to the Name Server field and add the next record. Repeat this step as necessary.
  • After you add your web hosts name server records, click Save.
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    Click Save And Youre Done

    The nameserver addresses beginning with NS1 and NS2 are emailed to you by your hosting provider when you purchase a hosting package. If youre unsure what to enter here, check your spam folders or contact your hosting provider. After youve entered these addresses into the proper boxes, click Save to finish.

    It can be a pain to point your external domain to GoDaddy. The process of how to point domain to GoDaddy hosting, albeit easy, is a confusing one. You can go through this step-by-step tutorial weve put together for you so that you can have a better understanding of the process and save yourself some time.

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    Create A Cname Redirection

    1. Open your Zyro website’s settings, go to the Domain section, and connect your domain. Confirm all the steps in the domain connection window.

    2. Open a new tab in your browser and log in to your Domain Control Center at GoDaddy.

    3. Click on your domain to access the Domain Settings page.

    4. Under Additional Settings,select Manage DNS.

    5. Create a CNAME record:

  • Select Add to add a new record.

  • Select CNAME from the Type menu options.

  • Enter the details for your new CNAME record:

  • Name: www

  • Add Domain To Pagecloud

    How to Point a GoDaddy Domain to HostGator
  • Log into your PageCloud account.
  • Select the site you want to configure your custom domain for.
  • Under the Site Settings tab, Navigate to the Domain section.
  • Next to Custom Domain, Select Setup.
  • Under the Connect Your Own Domain enter in your custom domain name and click Set Up Domain.
  • Your Custom domain is now included in your PageCloud site. To complete the process, you will need to head to GoDaddy to point your domain to PageCloud.
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    How To Connect Your Domain From Godaddy To Showit

    These are the steps on how to manually connect your domain through GoDaddy.

    If you are wanting to migrate a blog you can not switch your DNS records until our Showit blog team has finished migrating your blog. If you do switch your DNS records before your blog is migrated, our blog team will be unable to migrate your blog. Once the migration is complete, our team will message you and give you the necessary DNS records.

    If you need to add or migrate a blog you can do so here:

    If youve already applied the DNS settings and just need to have the SSL applied, you can message our support team and ask for that to be setup.

    To get started youll want to login to your GoDaddy account where you purchased the domain. After you have logged in, select your name in the upper right and then select My Products.

    This will bring you to the products page where youll see a list of all your domains. Select the domain youd like to edit the DNS settings for.

    Next, scroll down the Domain Settings Page to the bottom and choose manage DNS.

    Then, youll see a list of all the DNS records for your domain. Set the DNS records to the following values:A record: * to: www to: @

    ***Important*** Make sure there are no other A Records named or CNAME Records named www. If there are, delete those records so the new DNS settings will apply.

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