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How To Choose A Domain Name For Business

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The Domain Names Rush

How to Choose a name for your Business & Domain Extension

Today, domain adoption is high.

We have two billion websites and thousands of new sites spring up every few minutes. However, about 400 million websites are active today. According to HostScore.net, in the first quarter of 2019 alone, .com and .net extensions had a combined registration of 154.8 million domain names.

So your choices are narrower. Today, more than ever, you need a unique domain name.

Luckily, you dont have to lose your domain name idea. We have a plethora of domain name extensions available today. So you dont have to rely on the 30-year-old extension, .com, to launch your online store.

Of the people who own domain names, more of them have more than one domain name.

In a study published by Namecheap, 54 percent of domain name owners have two to more than 100 domain names.

So, one website could have multiple domain names pointing to it. Consequently, its harder to find your desired domain names in .com, .net, .org, or other older extensions.

Hence, if you need a domain name today, youd need to be more strategic than someone in the 1980s.

Unlike the year 1990, though, youd be paying for your domain name. And if youre like me, you want the most bang for your buck.

Although getting the most value for your money is hard as demand for domain names continues to climb. According to Namecheap, one person bought 121,880 domain names, and they have dozens of customers who have over 100, 500, and even 5,000 domain names.

The trick is to pay attention.

Tap Into Linguistic Psychology

Use correct spelling, avoid hyphens and try not to use numbers in your domain name. Weird spellings can throw people off. Unless youve built strong brand awareness and name loyalty , stick with words people know. You can play a bit on the psychology of language here, too. There are sounds in every language that spark our brains to associate either positive or negative emotions. These are called word connotations and they can be positive, negative or neutral.

Now, just because a word has a positive definition doesnt mean it have a positive connotation. Just think about all the hubbub surrounding the word moist for example. Lets try a quick game so you can see just how much connotations play into our daily conversations.

Read the sentences below. Can you identify the words that have a negative connotation?

  • Bedford is an uppity neighborhood, but the rents are cheap.
  • On my flight to Los Angeles, I sat next to this babe. She was absolutely stunning.
  • Every morning my neighbor takes his mutt to the park. It always barks loudly when leaving the building.
  • You need to be pushy when you are looking for a job.
  • Bob is quite vocal at every staff meeting. He always speaks his mind.
  • Answer Key: 1. Uppity 2. Babe 3. Mutt 4. Pushy 5. Vocal

    Make Your Domain Name Easy To Pronounce And Spell

    You ought to have the ability to share your domain name when talking in addition to writing. You will never know if you are going to be asked to discuss your domain in person.

    If you are intending to use your domain name to make a professional firm email address then it certainly ought to be simple to comprehend and spell for almost any listener.

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    Register Your Domain Name

    Finally its time to register your chosen domain name.

    Luckily, there are now plenty of places you can register your domain name for just a few bucks. If youve already chosen a web hosting plan, its generally easier to register your domain name with the same company that hosts your other assetsand some will even throw in a free domain name when you sign up for hosting in the first place.

    My recommendation for where to quickly register your domain name is with Hover:

    A couple of alternative options include domain registrars like GoDaddy and Namecheap, but consider reading these honest Bluehost reviews too.

    Tips For Choosing The Perfect Domain Name

    How To Choose Your Domain Name Wisely (you cannot change ...

    What’s in a name? When it comes to your brand, a lot.

    Choosing the right domain name for your company is so important ultimately, it’s how your audience will find and remember you.

    A custom domain will help your website stand out from the crowd and possibly even boost your SEO. But with over 360 million domain names registered, it can be hard to find one that is unique.

    If you are having trouble brainstorming or finding that all of your domain name ideas are already in use, you’re not alone. Luckily, there are several steps you can take to help craft the best domain name for your business or blog.

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    What Kind Of Hosting Is Right For Me

    In an era like ours in which all businesses are going digital, there are many options when looking for a hosting and domain name that best suits you.

    There are basic and very cheap options that charge you only for the name and the hosting, however, some of the most complete and best suit your needs are much more recommended.

    Everything will always depend on how much you can invest in your online business and how much you want to obtain in return. For example, if what you need is an online store where you sell items, a web domain name that has the ending .shop and a hosting that offers you that option instead of a simple .com will be a better option.

    My recommendation is that you always go for a termination that reflects the turn of your site or business. That also offers you affordable prices so that you can start your online business in the best way.

    Use An Appropriate Domain Name Extension

    Usually, everyone selects top-level domain dot com. Every domain extension has a meaning to it, and we will explain the popular extension meanings.

    Dot Com: Commercial.

    Dot Blog: Blog or Blogging.

    Dot Me: Personal blogs and for individuals.

    Dot Info: Information.

    We recommend you to buy .com, .net, .info, .blog, .org, and .me domain extension. You dont want your competitor to use any of these popular extensions.

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    When To Use Org Vs Com

    The .org extension represents organizations, such as a nonprofit, although it can be used by anyone. In fact, .org top-level domains have more availability than others. However, .com is the most trusted top-level domain and carries the most credibility. If you think a .org many suit your business, but arent sure, learn more about .org and .com domain extensions and their differences.

    Stay Unique Specific And On

    How To Choose A Domain Name For Small Business [2021]

    With all of these things to keep in mind, it can be hard to brainstorm a domain name that is clear and concise while also remaining unique and true to your business.

    But it’s certainly doable. Keep your business name and what you sell at the front of your mind, and dig into your niche to make sure your domain name is also attracting the online audience you want.

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    Choose Domain Extensions That Represent Your Industry

    Search engines attribute websites to their top-level domains. If you used a .co.uk, it gets the message that youre targeting people from the United Kingdom. A .ca is for people in Canada or interested in topics related to Canada.

    Hence, Google, Bing, and other search engines classify contents partly by their top-level domains. If your website is an eCommerce store, youre better off using a .STORE instead of .com or other non-related TLDs. Using .STORE signifies that your website is an eCommerce store, whereas a .com domain name could be anything.

    A domain name such as www.sweethome.com could be anything but www.sweethome.store indicates that its a store that sells home-related items.

    Brainstorm Words Related To Your Blog

    Now that youre clear about your blogs niche, angle and who your target audience is going to be, its time to start brainstorming words to help choose a domain name.

    Its time to grab a sheet of paper, pull up a new Google Doc or open up your favorite mind-mapping application.

    Jot down as many words and phrases as you can think of that relate to your vision for your blog. These words might have something to do with:

    • Your niche
    • Your audience
    • Your style or personal brand

    These words themselves may not become what you choose as a domain name for your blogthough you might come up with some ideas youll want to incorporate.

    Spending some real time on this and thinking through some fun word combinations should help you to narrow down at least a few potential domain name ideas.

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    Dont Use Hyphens In Domain Names

    Is it OK to use hyphens in a domain name today?

    Absolutely not.

    Avoid using hyphens in a domain name.

    Keywords in domains are not so important for ranking as to resort to cramming keywords into the domain name with hyphens.

    It makes the site look sketchy and spammy.

    Also, there is no ranking benefit from using keywords in the domain name.

    Register The Domain Yourself

    How to Choose a Domain Name for Your Blog

    Never hand the controls of your domain over to someone else.

    Its a recipe for disaster.

    Lets say you instruct an agency to register a domain for you, and then you fall out.

    How willing will they be to transfer the domains ownership to you?

    Or worse still, imagine if the registering party went bankrupt, or just forgot to renew the domain on your behalf.

    You could lose the domain forever.

    Long story short, always register your domain yourself.

    Its really simple to do, so no excuses.

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    What Is A Brand Name & Why Does It Matter

    A brand name is a unique name to identify a business. It can be a new word like Google, a combination of words like Facebook, or just the name of a company owner like Ferrari for Enzo Ferrari.

    A unique name distinguishes your brand from thousands of other similar products or services. Just like there are many search engines, the word Google sticks in the minds of its users.

    Before we move on to creating your brand name, lets first understand the traits of a great brand name and how you can use them to create a Great Brand Name for your Business.

    Clear The Legalities Before You Purchase A Domain Name To Avoid Litigation Later

    Imagine shelling out a few thousand bucks for a domain, building a website and brand upon it, only to receive a lawyers cease and desist letter demanding you take the domain offline.

    Its not a pretty picture, but its not an uncommon one, either.

    Making sure your potential domain name isnt trademarked is essential if you want to avoid litigation.

    Lets face it, none of us want lawyers on our back.

    Fortunately, its really easy to check for trademark status.

    For websites that will operate in the US, you can check for registered trademarks by searching the United States Patent and Trademark Offices website.

    Even so, its a very good idea to check secondary sources.

    Here are two further sources to check:

    Aside from making sure your desired domain is trademark-free, another thing to keep in mind when considering trademarks is consumer confusion.

    If your domain name could reasonably be confused with another domain it competes with then you could have a losing arbitration on your hands.

    Not only that, youll go head to head with them in search engines.Its for this reason, that brands like WordPress can offer up a friendly warning on their website concerning trademarks:

    Simply put, if there is any risk of litigation by choosing a domain now or in the future:

    Steer clear!

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    Make Sure Your Domain Name Is Available

    Unfortunately, this can happen: You have a domain in your head but unfortunately it is already taken. However, this is not a broken leg because you have different options. What you shouldnt do in this case: just change the URL extension. Because the change from .com to the somewhat less well-known extensions .net or .info does not help much. So people who are interested look for your website, end up typing .com, and end up on a completely different website. This is not an advantage for you or the visitors. It is better to make your domain really unique:

    • Make a small change
    • Use an abbreviation
    • Integrate the location or region
    • Add terms like blog or shop

    Once you have registered your domain, verify that the data with the provider is in order, including your full name or that of the legal representative of your business, so that you and only you are the owners of your domain.

    Hopefully these tips have helped you find your ideal domain name. With this first step, you are going in the right direction to create a digital presence that impacts the exact audience. Do not let anything stop you!

    If you want a domain name for your business, you can go to Bluehost. They offer a very affordable domain name & web hosting. You also can use our link to get a 63% discount!

    How To Choose A Domain Name For Your Ecommerce Business

    How to Choose a Good Domain Name for Your Business

    Domain names were not always for sale. They used to be free.

    Until 1995, you didnt have to pay for a domain name. Thats a full 12 years after Paul Mockapetris and Jon Postel invented the domain name system.

    Today, you have over 1500 brandable choices on what goes to the right of the dot on your domain name. You dont have to settle for a .com when you have more relevant options such as .STORE, .ONLINE, .SITE, and more.

    There are over 366 million domain names registered today.

    Oh, and we pay for them too. Someone even paid a whopping $49.7 million for a domain name.

    Most domain name acquisitions go unannounced. But thanks to an SEC filing, the most valuable domain name acquired is Cars.com at $872 million.

    Thus its safe to say that individuals and businesses are comfortable pulling out their wallets to buy domain names. Thats because they are extremely important to an online business. A domain name is your brands online identity. Its one of the most effective marketing tools that can not only help you stand out but also help you build a credible online presence.

    Your eCommerce business is no different. To survive the competition and make its mark, youll have to think about every detail of your business including its domain name.

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