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How To Buy Domain Name From Godaddy

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Drive Traffic To Website

How to Register a Domain Name with GoDaddy

To earn from Affiliate Marketing, Google AdSense, Sponsorship, Membership or any other way, all you need is Traffic on your website.

Because if Content is King, then Traffic is Subject and without Subject, King is useless.

First, you should drive traffic to your website. There are multiple ways through which you can easily drive a good amount of traffic to your website for free as well as paying.

Here are some Top ways to Drive Traffic:


SEO is the best and long term way through which you can easily get a lot of targeted traffic in bulk.

But SEO takes time to rank your website on top positions of Google.

To rank your website on Google you need to optimize it according to the search engine. So that search engines can crawl it, index it and rank it.

When your website starts ranking on Google, then you will start receiving traffic and then you can easily convert that traffic into revenue.

Watch this video for a complete practical guide to On-Page SEO

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a gold mine method to drive traffic to your website.

In this powerful and working method, all you need is just the email list of your websites subscribers.

Follow these steps to become successful in Email Marketing:

Here are some Top Email Marketing Service providers:


You must do SEO, but as you know it takes time.

But, if you want to get quick traffic to your website, then Quorais the best option.

Quora is basically a QnA website, where many questions are asked almost in every category.

Searching For The Right Domain Name

The first step is the simplest: head over to the homepage at GoDaddy.com. Its here that youll find a search bar to enter your desired domain name. You should first do a bit of brainstorming work. Id suggest making a list of all the potential domain names that youre interested in. From there pick your TOP 5 and search for them at GoDaddy.

Hopefully your #1 choice for a domain is available. If its already taken, theyll let you know and offer up a few other options. This usually includes the same domain name but ending with a different top level domain like .co or .info instead of .com. Personally, Id recommend trying to find one that is available with a .com ending as its the most common and its the one people will assume if they forget the ending of your domain.

List Your Domain Name For Sale On Domain Marketplaces

If you made it all the way here youve already learned about the importance of capturing direct visitors to the domain name with a landing page first and foremost. But this does not mean that listing your domain name for sale on domain marketplaces wont add value. Many of the large marketplaces have repeat buyers and a so-called distribution network in which they partner with other websites such as registrars to put your domain name in front of potential buyers across the globe.

Sedo: operating since 2001 and with over 18 million domains listed, Sedo is one of the worlds largest domain marketplaces. The site itself reaches around 2 million visitors per month but they also promote your domain across a large number of partner sites. Listing your domain name for sale with Sedo is free but you pay a commision between 10 and 20% when your domain name sells.

Afternic: founded in 1999 and listing more than five million domain names available for sale and handling more than 75 million domain searches each month Afternic is a force to be reckoned with. This marketplace is owned by GoDaddy which is where it gets its big advantage over similar sites. When you list your domain name for sale at Afternic it will also show up as a premium domain when people will search for it on the GoDaddy.com website. Listing a domain name on Afternic is free but you pay 20% commission for a successful sale.

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Changing A Domain Registrar Is Easier When

  • You use the registrar as a registrar only i.e. no hosting, no email etc.
  • You use another service to manage your DNS records.
  • Your emails are hosted elsewhere

For most of our domains we use external email service providers such as Google Workspaces or Zoho mail. For other domains we have used GoDaddy only for the registration. The DNS services are handled either by DigitalOcean or Linode. You probably need to have a VPS with either of the providers in order to use their DNS servers.

You can also sign up for a Managed DNS Provider.

Using a Managed DNS provider or another service to manage your DNS records makes it very easy to switch because after changing the registrar you just need to set custom DNS servers and all should continue working as before with minimal or no interruption of any of the services.

Step : Search Your Domain Name On Bigrock

How to Buy Domain Name from Godaddy
  • First, go to the official website of BigRock
  • Enter your domain name in the given search box and click on Search Button. Now, BigRock will show you if your domain name is available or not. You can choose your domain name if it is available or you can choose other extensions or else you can also choose from the given suggestions.
  • Now click on the BUY button and the CHECKOUT button. You can ignore all the other offerings like email addresses and privacy policy and then click on the NEXT button to continue to the next page.

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How To Get A Domain Name From Namecheapcom

Namecheap is another popular website for buying domain names and getting website hosting. As their domain name prompts, they often have a lot of good deals and somewhat lower annular prices than GoDaddy, for example.

So if you love a good bargain, heres how to buy a domain name via Namecheap.

Step 1: Run your desired domain name search first and review available options. Namecheap has a really huge collection of new TLDs such as .art .digital, .luxury among 400+ other options.

Also, if your name isnt available or youd like to get some more ideas, switch to their advanced search view aka the Beast Mode:

As you can see from above, you have a lot more features to play with such as price range, suffix/prefix, and so on. This can help you drill down to that perfect domain name that is short, memorable, available, and yet cheap!

Step 2: After youve chosen the best contenders, proceed to your cart to start the checkout process. At this point, you can also add some extras and customize your order:

With Namecheap, you get a lifetime free WHOIS protection for every domain name, plus they recently added a bonus premium DNS offer . When you enable it, your domain gets yearly protection against DNS/DDoS attacks , plus ultra-fast global DNS response. This gives you some extra leverage in terms of your website speed.

On top of that, you can select some affordable up-sells such as:

Also, you can play around with your renewal. Namecheap provides a small discount for 2+ years.

How To Buy A Domain Name With Godaddy

If you are starting an online business, or you have plans to expand your business to the online sphere, the first step that you need to take is to learn how to buy a domain name from services like GoDaddy. Without buying a domain name, you cannot build your website, publish content, list the goods that you are selling, and alike.

However, you also need to put a bit of thought into it, as your domain name is something on top of which you will start building your business identity. In other words, it needs to represent your business accurately.

So today, we will talk about what you need to pay attention to, how to buy and register your desired domain, and everything else you need to know about it.

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Which Domain Extension Should I Choose

Because .com is the most popular extension type, we recommend going with .com unless your business or organization is a nonprofit or a school. In which case, it may be better to select a .org or .edu extension. Most people automatically type in .com when entering a website address without giving it a second thought. So, by choosing this popular extension, there is a better chance people will go to the right website yours.

What Does Domain Parking Mean

How To Buy a Domain Name | GoDaddy

Domain parking is the presence of only a single specific-type web page that appears when someone visits an undeveloped domain. This web page can present ads or promote the services of the domain name registrar. Here is an example of how a parking page looks like.

This screenshot doesnt mean that Godaddy owns the domain. The original owner still owns it but by default, this webpage appears if the owner hasnt built a website or didnt change the Godaddy domain settings. At any moment the domain name owner can change the settings and point his domain anywhere he wants. Even if he wants to show a blank webpage with no text at all.

**A domain name is just the sites name without https://, https://, https://www. etc. For my site, the domain name is buycompanyname.com and it is the first thing you need to buy if you want to start a website. It is like registering a company name for your new business.

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How To Sell Domain Name On Sedo

Yes Sedo is among the popular choice of domain buyer and seller it is a platform for Domain parking, domain buys and domain sells.

My experience with Sedo is far better than GoDaddy and Sedo is the most trusted platform.

Sedo wont charge you single rupee to park or sell your domain.

Do you know domain parking with Sedo is Free and in return Sedo will make money for your parked domain how? Check this Guide.

To sell your domain on Sedo. First, with Sedo.

Once you login, then the first job you have to do is to register your domain with Sedo, that means Sedo will park your domain.

Now, three steps process will start.

  • First, enter your domain name which you want to sell, as seen above.
  • Enter your price for which you are agreeing to sell your domain. Set price for which you want to sell let say 5000$ then in price option chose Buy Now or Make Offer, if you chose to Make offer than in Min Offer you can set min price else chose to Buy Now and Min offer will be grayed out than at last chose domain.
  • The third step will be to chose your domain registrar with which this domain is registered.
  • Finish the adding of Domain and now update the name server of Sedo with your domain registrar and you are done with adding or listing for sale.

Now it will take around max 24 hours to apply changes but ideally, it happens in max 10-15 minute.

Your domain is now parked with Sedo, where Sedo will advertise add on your live domain and you will make ad revenue until you wont get any right seller.

What Happens If I Dont Renew My Domain Name

If you didnt set auto-renewal or forgot to manually do so despite the reminders from your domain registrar, your domain name will expire. This means several things:

  • Your website will no longer be accessible by anyone who types your URL.
  • The domain name will be available for sale again, typically in 30-days or so after expiration.
  • It can also be auctioned on a website domain auction.

In essence, failure to pay a renewal fee means lost access to your domain.

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What Do You Need To Keep In Mind While Purchasing An Already Taken Domain Name

You need to think seriously, and in an informative manner about your budget for acquiring a domain name. If another domain owner is actively using the domain name you want, keep in mind they have also spent money and time acquiring that domain. As such, be ready with a fair offer after gathering enough market information about the domains worth to position yourself for a positive response from the domains owner.

Whether you are brainstorming a new domain name or hoping to purchase an existing domain, do not rush things. Give yourself ample time if youre hoping to purchase an existing domain from its current owner, plan for time to make contact, negotiate a fair price, make the payment, and get the domain name transferred to your account. Additionally, its important you do adequate market research to assure that the domain is not inflated by checking the traffic and money charts. Look at the domain over time and check the response of the traffic to the site by verifying the server logs.

What Happens When My Domain Expires

How To Buy Domain Names 2020 From GoDaddy, BIGROCK

When a domain registration expires, your options for renewal vary based on when your domain expired. On Aug. 31, 2013, ICANN adopted the Expired Registration Recovery Policy , which requires registrars to disclose important information to Registrants and prospective customers about expiration notices, fees and redemption procedures. All required information and disclosures currently exist in various locations throughout our website. However, as an aid to Registrants, this article contains links to all required elements in the new policy.

Each domain name extension and its registry rules can affect the renewal process once a domain has expired. Some domains, such as ccTLDs, may have special requirements for renewals.

Well send multiple emails to notify you of expiration within the 30 days prior and 30 days after the expiration date of your domains.

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Common Reasons Why Domains Are Parked

There are many reasons why businesses and individuals choose to park their domain. Its a way to buy time while still making the jump and getting the domain name you desire. Here are some reasons why you may want to park your domain after registration.

Name Reservation

One of the biggest reasons to park a domain is to reserve the name. As mentioned earlier, good domain names tend to go pretty quickly. Theres nothing worse than coming up with a great domain name only to find that its already been taken.

Its not uncommon for people to register domain names before they have any concrete ideas or substantial content for a website. Domain parking is a reasonable solution to this issue. You can save that domain for later and simply point it to your hosting account once its ready.

Protection Against Cybersquatting

Cybersquatting is a very real threat that many established businesses have to deal with. It became such an issue during the dot-com bubble of the 90s that the United States actually created the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act. Essentially, cybersquatting is when an individual registers domain names with a trademark of a large company. The unscrupulous individual will then offer to sell the domain name at an inflated price.

Extra Time for Development

Income Generation

To learn more about Domain Flipping, head over to Domain Flipping Guide. Their course teaches you how to turn $10 into $1000 by flipping domains.

Waiting for Expiration

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