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How Much Is An Email Domain

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Squarespace And Email Accounts

How much should a domain name registration & email hosting cost?

Squarespace doesnt offer custom email addresses by default with their domains. What they do, like many other website builders, In this case, you get to use the basic Workspace plan, which includes Google Drive, Calendar, Docs and Hangouts, amongst others.

Its not an ideal solution, but there are advantages:

  • You can manage your Google Workspace products directly from Squarespace
  • You can connect Squarespace contact forms to your Google drive and address
  • If you are eligible, you may get Workspace free for one year.

The cons include:

  • Not able to connect any other email providers with Squarespace. Its Google Workspace or youll have to manage your emails through the third party provider solution.
  • If you really want to keep your email offer from another provider, you can connect it to Google Workspace, but its not an easy task.
  • Certain features might be unavailable. For instance, if you sign up to Google Workspace by yourself, you get Google Voice. When you go through Squarespace, their partnership doesnt cover that service.

Finally, when it comes to prices, its all the same whether you buy through Squarespace or Google directly, costing around $6 per month or $72 per year . And yes, thats per user which isnt exactly cheap.

How Should I Choose My Domain Name

At first, you might think its annoying that the most relevant domain names for your site are probably taken. But now that the obvious names are out of the equation, were forced to think outside the box which can lead to some memorably creative results.

The most important point to keep in mind while you brainstorm is the radio test: in other words, could potential site visitors spell your domain name just by hearing it? By asking yourself this question, youll avoid common pitfalls like including numbers and words with multiple spellings .

Prepare Your Domain Listing

Once youve chosen your marketplace its time to optimize your listing. A lot of sellers just upload their URL and call it a day. However, you can maximize your chances of selling your domain by making it more attractive.

For example, does your domain have any existing traffic? Does the domain have considerable age? Does your domain have any existing authority?

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Clean Email Safe Email

Email hosting plans come complete with powerful Anti-Spam and Virus protection which automatically blocks spam and infected email attachments that can cause major damage to your business.

We also offer an optional business Premium Spam Protection service, giving you complete filter control and live spam detection. Learn more.

Get A Free Email Domain With Mailcom

How Much Does a Domain Name Cost

If you want a 100% free email domain without needing to purchase your own web hosting and/or domain name, this is your best option.

This method wont enable you to create a custom email domain, so it may not be the best solution for established businesses. However, if youre a freelancer or just starting out and dont mind using a generic domain name, it could be optimal for you. enables you to set up an industry-specific email account thats completely free. You can pick from a variety of domain names such as or Simply sign up for an account to get started:

Once youve filled in your details and chosen your password, click on I agree. Create an email account now. Then, click on Activate your account now, and youre done:

Note that, unfortunately, this option wont allow you to send and receive emails via Outlook or Gmail. Youll have to log in to each time you want to use it.

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Here’s How Office 365 Users Can Get A Custom Email Address

Want the credibility that comes with a custom email domain instead of a generic or address? Microsoft has quietly rolled out that option for its Office 365 Home and Personal subscribers, but there are a few catches.

Google’s Gmail and Microsoft’s are the two most popular free email services in the world, and either one is a perfectly good choice for your primary email account. As long as you’re willing to settle for an address in someone else’s domain, that is.

Alternatives To Google Workspace Email Accounts For Squarespace

If you want a more affordable option than Google Workspace, its still possible to get a professional email account linked to your domain. You have two options there:

  • Link an email account to the domain you bought on Squarespace
  • Buy an email and domain from the same provider, then connect to Squarespace

Its always good practice to keep your email accounts and domain with the same company. This saves a lot of time and hassle in case you need to migrate later.

So for the cheaper providers? Weve always had great results with Namecheap. You can even get up to 5 free accounts with Zoho Workplace and there might be other solutions out there too.

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Professional Email Address Ideas

Below, we cover a comprehensive list of examples for your business email address. The style of the email address you should choose depends on the domain name youve registered for your business.

If you are using the company name for the domain name and your email address, you should mix and match it with your first name, last name, or initials. You can also single out your position in the company in the email address if you need the extra authority.

The most significant variable in your business email is the domain name you choose. If you want to be taken seriously as a business by other companies, the least you can do is register the right domain name.

Which Is Better: Google Workspace Or Office 365

How to Get A Domain Email Address

The answer to whether Google Workspace or Office 365 is better for your business boils down to your needs and unique preferences. However, if your business wants the best value and the most user-friendly tools, youre likely to find Google Workspace to be the better option. To learn more, check out the complete breakdown of .

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Domain Availability And Pricing

We price our domains by the top-level domain or TLD. The TLD is the part of a URL that comes after the last period, like .com or .net. To purchase or transfer a domain to Mailchimp, the TLD must be one of the domains listed. Country code domains, such as .ca and, as well as some other top-level domains, are unavailable to register or transfer into Mailchimp at this time.

Here’s a breakdown of all top-level domains available for purchase and their lowest available pricing.

Top Level Domain
29.99 29.99

Please note that these prices are subject to change and may vary based on the domain name chosen.

What Does An Email Hosting Provider Do

Email hosting providers manage the servers that contain the email accounts of their clients. Such companies provide powerful tools created to make the transfer of emails from one party to another even more effective.

Emails help in marketing, mobilizing, and triggering a particular reaction from the recipients. Beyond the mail server implementation, the various related features a web hosting service provider offers makes a huge difference in the world of digital marketing.

Some high-quality features to keep an eye out for:

An email hosting service, therefore, is well-equipped with the right tools and technologies to achieve such goals.

This type of hosting provider is also responsible for providing security and other protections for the email accounts. As discussed earlier, an email host protects its clients accounts from cybercrimes such as phishing, sending malicious files, and spam.

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Why Do They Cost Money

Purchasing domain names helps to regulate them.

It means that only one person at a time can own a domain name. And we can trace the ownership of a domain name through the purchase history.

This helps to resolve any disputes over ownership of domain names.

When you pay for a domain name subscription through a web hosting site you might also pay a premium to use the site. Their servers will store your website and domain name.

For small businesses using a web hosting site makes financial sense. You pay a monthly or annual subscription to the website for your domain name.

In exchange, they register the domain name as yours. The subscription also covers the cost of website support and basic software use.

What Will Happen If I Dont Keep My Domain Name Registration Active

Create Email address with your Own Domain for Free!

If you dont keep your domain name registration active with your domain registrar, youll lose ownership of your domain name. If that happens, the registrar might sell your domain name to another buyer. If you lose ownership, you wont be able to use any of the personalized email addresses associated with your domain name, even if your Premium subscription remains active.

Warning: You wont be able to send or receive any email using the email addresses associated with your domain name if your domain name registration becomes inactive. If your domain registrar sells your domain name to another buyer, the new owner can legally access email sent to any of the email addresses associated with your former domain name and redirect email to their own servers.

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What Is A Hot Domain

Some domains are more valuable than others. Every week, we hand-pick some of the hottest domains that are about to drop, saving you precious time that would otherwise be spent wading through thousands of domains.

Hot domains have a small fire icon next to them on WHCs Domain Backorders page. You can also choose to sort domains by Hot flag.

Hot domains are generally shorter domains or popular words that are likely to make for a strong online presence. These domains almost always end up in auction.

How To Connect Your Domain On Wix

If youve purchased a domain through Wix, or signed up to one of their premium plans which includes a free domain for the first year, you can easily connect and assign your domain to your website:

  • Navigate to the Domains page
  • Assign your domain to your website
  • If you have multiple domains or multiple websites, you can assign them to different websites and unassign them easily through Wixs domain manager.

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    Use A Web Host As A Glorified Email Service

    Yes, even if you don’t want a website, you can still sign up with aweb host and use youraccount purely as an email service.

    On most web hosts, you can create a large number of email accounts and unlimited email aliases. Since web hosts routinelydeal with email sending and receiving as part of the business of web hosting, they usually also have a variety of spamfiltering facilities, web mail,autoresponders, vacationmessages, mailing list support, and all the usual things you associate with an email service.And you can even install your own webmail interfaces if you don’t like the default one provided.

    As for the website that comes with it, you can just ignore it, or use it as a storage space for thingslike email attachments that are too large to send by email, or images that you want to link to fromyour email or social media accounts, and so on. That said, if you don’t want your attachments to be accessed by people other than your email recipients, you probably shouldn’t put iton the site, since anyone can then download it. .

    That said, if you want to create different email addresses at your own domain for different people, each with their ownindividual logins, this is available as a standard feature on a web host .I have not investigated this on an email service, but I suspect that you will need to subscribe to a higher-pricedplan to get it.

    Anyway, whichever option you go with, read the relevant section below for the additional steps to take.

    Google Workspace Business Starter

    How to get a CUSTOM EMAIL DOMAIN for FREE!

    This plan would be a good option if:

    • Youre a freelancer, solopreneur or small business owner who manages a small team
    • You want an email address on your own domain
    • You want to run your office tools out of Google
    • You dont work with large file formats and dont need a huge amount of space to store files and emails
    • You dont need archiving for your emails and chat messages, or advanced admin and security controls

    However, if you have a bigger team and/or dont think the 30 GB of personal storage will cut it, then its worth considering one of the higher plans.

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    How To Make A Free Business Email Address

    Do you need to create a free business email address? A professional email address is important when youre trying to win new clients.

    In this article, well show you how to create a free business email address at your own domain. This will make your business look professional and trustworthy.

    First, lets clear up a few questions about email addresses and domains.

    What Does Domain Name Registration Cost With Godaddy

    GoDaddy is currently one of the most popular domain registrar in the world today. For as low as $14.99/year, you can have your .com domain registered and on top of that, they offer free web redirection, a web interface, page parking, a starter web page and so much more in the package. Check here for our GoDaddy review.

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    Upsells On Web Hosting Email And Other Software

    The last group deals with upsells, these often come after the domain registration. Most people need domains for either of two things: they want to create a custom email address, or they want to build a website. Or both.

    Domain name registrars know this, so they will try to help you out and sell you their own services that cover these needs.

    Most commonly, you can expect upsells like:

    • Email hosting. This gives you server space to handle your email inboxes and allow you to create a custom email under your own domain like This can cost from $1 per inbox a month, all the way to $10 per inbox a month.
    • Google Workspace integration. This is also about email hosting, but this time, your emails will be hosted on Googles servers. Starts from $6 per user a month. As an alternative to Google, you can also find offers for Microsoft 365, a similar service.
    • Web hosting. Server space for your future website. Starts from $1 a month for basic server space for one site and go up to hundreds of dollars. On a good side, in some cases web hosting providers offer free domains for the first year.
    • Website builders. These tools make it easy to build a website on your own by using a simple visual interface no coding required. Your experience with them can vary, so its probably not worth buying a builder bundled with your domain.

    Whether you should opt for any of these hosting upgrades is up to you.

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