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What Is Emc Data Domain

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Emc Data Domain Boost

How to determine and set the filesystem cleaning schedule on Dell EMC Data Domain

Advanced Application Integration

EMC Data Domain Boost software provides advanced integration between leading backup and enterprise applications and Data Domain systems. With DD Boost, parts of the deduplication process are distributed to the backup server or application server, enabling client-side deduplication so only unique data segments are sent to the Data Domain system. This enables 50% faster backups and reduces network bandwidth requirements by 80 to 99%. DD Boost provides advanced load balancing and failover, which further improves throughput and resiliency. In addition, Data Domain systems can grant secure access to multiple DD Boost users per system for data protection-as- a-service in private and public cloud deployments. Providing DD Boost users secure access to their data lays the foundation for logical data isolation enabling secure multi- tenancy on a Data Domain system in DD Boost environments.

DD Boost also enables backup administrators to control replication between Data Domain systems providing administrators a single point of management for all backup copies. This also provides more flexible retention management by enabling backup administrators to set retention periods for each backup copy individually.

Dell Emc Data Domain Systems

Get introduced to the new generation of Dell EMC Data Domain systems. Now, enabled with the added power of flash, the transformed Data Domain family provides faster performance compared to the previous generation and enhanced VM protection. Data Domain is enterprise-ready with high availability configurations and unmatched scalability plus support for DD Cloud Tier for long-term retention.

Dell Emc Data Domain Dd6800


. DD Cloud Tier


Dell EMC Data Domain DD6800 , , . DD6800 .

DD6800 32 /, 256 8 . , . SSD- . DD6800 405 .

Data Domain 1030 . , .

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Dell Emc Data Domain Dd990

The Dell EMC Data Domain DD990 is an enterprise backup solution in the Gen1 Data Domain family offering disk backup, archiving, and disaster recovery with high-speed in-line deduplication.

The DD990 accesses data through NFS, CIFS over Ethernet or uses application-specific interfaces such as DD Boost. The Dell EMC Data Replicator software enables network-efficient and encrypted replication to a remote site for disaster recovery, data protection or multisite tape consolidation.

  • Tech Specs
  • Warranty & Support

The standard capacity for the DD990 is 5.7-13PB with a redundant logical capacity of 28.5-65PB and a maximum throughput of 31TB/hr.

The Extended Retention license enables the DD990 to achieve the logical capacity threshold of 65PB and the standard capacity of 13PB.

System management on the DD990 is Dell EMC Data Domain Enterprise Manager, SNMP and command line interface.

Data Access includes NFS v3 over TCP, DD Boost, tape library emulation over FC and NDMP Tape Server.

The DD990 supports up to 12 ES20/ES30 shelves with 128GB of memory and up to 24 ES20 expansion shelves with 256GB of memory, and up to 56 shelves with Extended Retention and 256GB of memory. Max capacity is 720TB Raw.

Software Licenses available include DD Boost, Replication, VTL, Encryption, Extended Retention, Extended Retention Lock, and Expanded Storage.

Curvature offers a limited warranty on pre-owned storage. Please refer to the warranty page for full warranty details.

Companies Using Emc Data Domain


We have data on 2,758 companies that use EMC Data Domain.The companies using EMC Data Domain are most often found inUnited States and in theInformation Technology and Services industry.EMC Data Domain is most often used by companies with> 10000 employees and> 1000M dollars in revenue.Our data for EMC Data Domain usage goes back as far as 6 years and 10 months.

If youre interested in the companies that use EMC Data Domain, you may want to check out NetApp Storage Systems and HP Storage Systems as well.

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Protection Storage As A Service

With the help of secure multi-tenancy, Data Domain can help deliver data protection as a service in a private or hybrid cloud. With the help of secure tenant data is only visible and accessible to each individual tenant. This Data Domain will help in enabling both the large enterprises and service providers for engaging in cloud services.

Your Dell Emc Data Domain Dd3300 Is Not At Eosl Yet Can You Do Anything

Even though Dell is still supporting your Dell EMC Data Domain DD3300, that doesnt require that you have to stick with Dell for your support. Top Gun Engineers provide 24/7 specialized support for your unique environment and work closely with you, both remotely and onsite.

Top Gun support can extend the life of your Dell EMC hardware, allowing your business to be more resilient and scalable.

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The Storage Vendor Now Owns All The Risk Analysts Say

Senior Reporter, Computerworld|

With its victory over NetApp in the acquisition battle for Data Domain, EMC will soon have the deduplication company in its arsenal, but it paid a high price and realizing a return on its investment will depend largely on how it executes.

NetApp Inc. said “uncle” yesterday after EMC Corp. outbid it for a second time in its quest to acquire Data Domain Inc, but some industry observers believe EMC, in its zeal to acquire the deduplication vendor, may have overpaid for the prize and could have a difficult time realizing a return on its investment.

“EMC won the prom queen but now they have to build a life together. I think I could make the argument that this will be harder than the VMware or RSA acquisitions because the technology is nearer and dearer to EMC’s core,” said Steve Duplessie, founder and lead analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group Inc. in Milford, Mass.

“I think NetApp will be happy they didn’t do this deal,” Duplessie continued. “It was way too expensive, and the risk outweighs the rewards.”

EMC tendered a $2.1 billion all-cash offer to acquire all outstanding shares of Data Domain’s stock by midnight July 17. The revised offer topped NetApp’s latest bid by $200 million. In a sense, by going that high over its rival’s head, EMC was making a clear statement: You’re out of your league.

Not everyone agrees.

This story, “EMC gets Data Domain, now what?” was originally published by Computerworld.

Data Domain Entry Performance Dd160

Detailed guide on Dell EMC Data Domain upgrade procedures

EMC Data Domain , , 10-30 , . Data Domain Boost 50% . Data Domain Replicator WAN, 99%.

Data Domain DD160 Entry Performance – . Data Domain DD160 Entry Performance :

  • Data Domain DD160 , :
  • 1,1 /
  • 80
  • Data Domain Replicator
  • Data Domain Boost.

Data Domain DD160 Entry Performance Data Domain -, .

Data Domain DD160 Entry Performance.

Data Domain

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Whats My Experience With Pricing Setup Cost And Licensing

Buying Dell EMC PowerProtect DD , our clients dont have to pay for extra licenses. They can just buy any backup solution. For example, they can buy Dell EMC Avamar, or they can buy Symantec, Convault, etc.

When buying IDPA products, you dont have to buy anything, because youll have an integrated solution: a data domain appliance plus software, the software being Dell EMC software which is a big package of software that allows you to do everything.

When buying Dell EMC PowerProtect DD , you can just buy a very cool backup software with deduplication, and thats all. Its very perfect, very nice. You can buy the backup software, e.g. Dell EMC, Convault, Symantec, etc.

Pricing for this product could still be improved, though several years ago, its price was very high. When there are more competitors, though, the price becomes more attractive both for the customer and partner. Now we can get more discounts for projects. The price for this product will decrease, because more and more companies now produce integrated devices, e.g. deduplication is not a very new technology, but it was a feature that was limited to several market leaders.

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Emc Data Domain Management Center

Centralized Management For Large Environments

EMC Data Domain Management Center is a scalable virtual appliance that streamlines management and reporting in large Data Domain environments, enabling aggregate management of multiple systems through a single interface. Customizable dashboards provide visibility into aggregate status and the ability to drill-down to system-level details. Role based access allows different levels of access via assigned user roles for various levels of expertise within the organization

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What Is The Biggest Difference Between Emc Data Domain And Rubrik

One of the most popular comparisons on IT Central Station is EMC Data Domain vs Rubrik.

People like you are trying to decide which one is best for their company. Can you help them out?

What is the biggest difference between EMC Data Domain and Rubrik? Which of these two solutions would you recommend to a colleague evaluating these solutions and why?Thanks for helping your peers make better decisions!

As Neil Mistry said, they are quite different products: Rubrik is a complete solution where Data Domain is deduplicating storage that requires software to drive. I used to manage a B& R for a company that had a Data Domain in each data center which supported 4, Tivoli Storage Manager instances at each site and the Data Domain replicated all data cross-site. It was a simple setup but we did run into some performance issues since our TSM servers were all VMs and networking inside VMware is hard to determine performance. In the end, the customer didn’t like the cost of DD disk and our devices ran out of capacity. Turns out only database full backups deduplicate well. All else, including transaction logs, can go to much less expensive disk and simply be compressed.

How Has It Helped My Organization

New Dell EMC Data Domain DD3300: Big Opportunities to Address ...

Yes, Dell Data Domain has improved our organizations backup strategy. As I mentioned, our infrastructure has different types of servers, all of them are virtual servers based on VMware. Once we had to make a recovery and we used the Instant Recovery feature where we started the virtual machine over the Data Domain instead of the VMWare server. Then we used VMotion to move the virtual machine from the Data Domain to the VMware server. We were able to minimize the service failure to 15 minutes approximately.

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Installing Boostfs Plugin On Linux With Nakivo Backup & Replication

BoostFS plugin must be installed on a Linux machine on which the instance of NAKIVO Backup & Replication is deployed. Installing this plugin allows the configuration of a Dell/EMC Data Domain Boost storage unit as a backup repository for NAKIVO Backup & Replication.

  • Log into Linux, where NAKIVO Backup & Replication is installed. You can create the directory from which a BoostFS plugin package would be downloaded, for example boost_fs_plugin .
  • wget< bfsavt-version> .tar.gz

    < bfsavt-version> is a version of the BoostFS plugin, for example, 1_0_0-06 . The version that you use may differ.

  • Unpack the archive:
  • Type ls -al to check the content of the directory and the correct package version.
  • Install the plugin:
  • dpkg -i DDBoostFS_< ddboostfs_version> _amd64.deb

    Ubuntu Linux is considered in the current example, it is for this reason that the DPKG package manager is used. SUSE Linux and Red Hat Linux have a different RPM package manager and different installation packages.

    If you use SUSE, you can install the appropriate package with the command:

    rpm -Uvh DDBoostFS-< ddboostfs_version> .sles.x86_64.rpm

    If you use Red Hat, use the following command:

    rpm -Uvh DDBoostFS-< ddboostfs_version> .rhel.x86_64.rpm

    < ddboostfs_version> is your package version .

    Searchdatabackup Senior Site Editor Andrew Burton Explains What Emc’s Data Domain Boost Software Is Designed For How It Works And Which Products It Supports In This Expert Answer

    EMC Data Domain Boost software, also known as DD Boost, is designed to offload part of the Data Domain deduplication process to a backup server or application client. That prevents the Data Domain disk array from having to carry the full burden of the dedupe workload. The software is designed to increase backup speed while decreasing network bandwidth needs. This is particularly advantageous when backups are being written to an off-site Data Domain system over a wide-area network, which may have significant bandwidth limitations.

    Like Symantec’s OpenStorage API , DD Boost provides integration between the dedupe target and the backup software. However, OST does not offload processing to a backup server. DD Boost does that by extending its software library to the backup server. This enables the backup server to send only unique data segments across the network to the Data Domain disk target where it is then deduplicated against existing backup data.

    Other backup vendors have taken a similar approach to distributing the deduplication process to increase performance and reduce bandwidth needs. For example, Quantum’s DXi Accent software also offloads part of the data dedupe backup process to media servers. And, Hewlett-Packard does the same with its HP StoreOnce Catalyst software.

    DD Boost is integrated with the following software products*:

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    Its The Market Share Leader

    The Data Domain systems are designed in such a way from the ground up to the storage of last resort in such ways which really matter, supporting the open systems, mainframes, I-series, Big Data, both public and private clouds. We can say that Dell EMC leads the protection storage market by a wide margin.These are the top 10 features of Dell EMC. It is one of the leading Data Domain and has a great technology future.

    Protection For Physical Virtual And Cloud Environments

    EMC Data Domain Product Overview

    Large enterprises and organizations with a mix of on-premises, public cloud, hybrid cloud and virtual environments benefit from Dell Data Domain’s support of secure multi-tenancy and data protection as a service. With secure multi-tenancy, tenant data and networks are logically isolated for strict data access isolation. Additionally, Data Domain Cloud DR allows for the copying of on-premises VM backups to the public cloud, as well as the orchestration of disaster recovery testing and failover of workloads to the cloud with end-to-end orchestration.

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    Emc Data Domain Virtual Tape Library

    Inline Deduplication For SAN Environments

    EMC Data Domain Virtual Tape Library software improves backup efficiency by eliminating the challenges of physical tape by enabling all Data Domain systems to emulate multiple tape devices over a Fibre Channel interface. Data Domain VTL software can emulate up to 64 virtual tape libraries with up to 540 virtual tape drives, supporting up to LTO-5 tape drives. DD VTL software provides up to 64,000 virtual slots and an unlimited number of virtual tape cartridges, with the ability to dynamically change the number of virtual slots and cartridge access ports. Data Domain VTL software is qualified with leading open systems and IBM i enterprise backup applications, and easily integrates into existing Fibre Channel SAN backup environments.

    Flexibility And Investment Protection

    The flexible designs provided by the Data Domains integrates with the leading backup, archive, enterprise, big data applications or directly with the primary storage. There are options that one can connect with like Fibre Channel or Ethernet and they can change later. There are many Data Domain systems which will allow you to upgrade the controller in the future for some high performance and scalability.

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    Emc Data Domain Replicator

    Network-efficient Replication

    EMC Data Domain Replicator software provides automated, policy-based, network- efficient and encrypted replication for disaster recovery and multi-site backup and archive consolidation. DD Replicator software asynchronously replicates only compressed, deduplicated data over the WAN. Cross-site deduplication further reduces bandwidth requirements when multiple sites are replicating to the same destination system. With cross-site deduplication, any redundant segment previously transferred by any other site or as a result of a local backup or archive will not be replicated again. This improves network efficiency across all sites and reduces daily network bandwidth requirements up to 99% making network-based replication fast, reliable and cost- effective. In order to meet a broad set of DR requirements, DD Replicator provides flexible replication topologies, such as full system mirroring, bi-directional, many-to- one, one-to-many, and cascaded. In addition, customers can choose to replicate either all or a subset of the data on the Data Domain system. For the highest level of security, DD Replicator can encrypt data being replicated between Data Domain systems using the standard Secure Socket Layer protocol.

    Your Dell Emc Data Domain Dd2500 Is Not At Eosl Yet Can You Do Anything

    Dell EMC Storage Maintenance

    Even though Dell is still supporting your Dell EMC Data Domain DD2500, that doesnt require that you have to stick with Dell for your support. Top Gun Engineers provide 24/7 specialized support for your unique environment and work closely with you, both remotely and onsite.

    Top Gun support can extend the life of your Dell EMC hardware, allowing your business to be more resilient and scalable.

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