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What Are Net Domains Used For

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Factors To Consider When Choosing Com Or Net

Using the Net Command to Add Domain Users and Groups

Whether youre a for-profit business, a blogger, or a conspiracy theory debunker, the right domain extension sets the proper expectation for users accessing your site.

Imagine trying to purchase shoes online and seeing that the domain extension is a .org. It isnt what you normally see used for eCommerce sites, so one might make the logical leap that purchasing these shoes is in some way benefiting a nonprofit .

While at first, this sounds great even more reason to buy those shoes! some might consider that a dishonest use of a domain extension. Not that there are many requirements as to which TLD businesses can use, but there are certain expectations and connotations for each one.

To properly utilize the .com or .net domain extension, consider the following three factors.

When You Should Choose A Net Domain

The .net extension represents Network, which was specially designed for the use of tech-related websites and companies.

Only 3.5% of the total websites are registered with a .net extension, thats why its easier to get a .net domain.

Heres when you should use a .Net domain extension.

  • Network service providers: As the .net extension was initially created for the use of networking-related websites, so if you provide services like internet, cable tv, email, database hosting, then the .net domain extension will be an excellent choice for your website.
  • Technology-related websites: It can be used for tech-related websites such as website uses a .net domain, which is a technology related website that allows users to check their internet speed in real-time.
  • Brand protection: Many business owners prefer to buy both .com and .net domain extensions to make sure nobody else could defame their companys reputation.

Pro Tip: However, if you are using only the .net domain extension for your website, I highly recommend you to register a .com domain with the same name . Then redirect the .com domain to your .net website.

This way you wouldnt miss any traffic thats going to the .com domain.

Start Your Com Or Net Website Now

Getting started with either the .com or the .net extension means you need hosting. ITX Design provides the best hosting on the planet with the top support team. If youre ready to take your project online, trust us with your hosting.

Maybe youre not sure what type of hosting you need or you still have questions about domain names. We are available to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Contact our support team today and we will be happy to answer all your questions and make hosting recommendations.

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When To Choose Net

This domain extension is mainly used by organizations or companies focusing on network and technology industries such as internet service providers. Other websites that focus on sharing or community might also use .net as their TLD.

One of the examples of this is, a sharing website for graphic designers and photographers.

Choosing a .net domain over .com might give you some benefits due to its better availability and lower price. However, keep in mind that using a TLD that has no relation to your product or service might hurt your branding in the long run.

Therefore, make sure that your extension of choice fits your websites characteristics. Another pro tip: when registering a domain name with a .net extension, try to also buy the .com version if possible.

This technique may help you capture all possible traffic and avoid getting your potential clients stolen by another website. As of July 2021, around 53.34 % of all unique registered domain names across the internet are parked domains.

Sponsored Top Level Domain Stld

.NET Domain Name Registration starting from $14.50/year ...

Sponsored Top Level Domains are not available for use by the general public. They represent specific communities, usually of an official or governmental nature.

They can include TLDs like .gov for government websites, .mil for the US military, .edu for universities and educational institutions, and so on.

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Com Vs Net Pros And Cons

If youre still debating between using .com vs .net, make sure to factor in the advantages and disadvantages that each may bring to your website. To help you out, were going to compare .com vs .net domain extensions in this section.

When it comes to using .com domain extensions, the main pros are:

  • Memorable. The .com extension dominates domain addresses, making it more recognizable than other extensions. People will instinctively type the .com domain extension when looking for your site.
  • Credibility. The .com domain will help present your website as business-oriented, helping to instill trust in customers.
  • Easier to type. A lot of devices have a dedicated .com button on the keyboard for quick typing, making your address mobile-friendly as well.
  • Affordable. This domain name extension is available from $8.99/year.

However, there are a couple of cons to consider:

  • Unavailability. It can be tough to find a domain name with .com available, as many websites already use it. As a result, you may need to look for a different domain name. Domain name generators can help you come up with an idea.
  • Too generic. If you provide services in a specific location or language, it might be more interesting to use a country-code top-level domain. It will help potential customers know that your business caters to their region.

As for the .net extension, some of its pros are:

On the other hand, using a .net domain name also has its cons:

Net Use Command Remarks:

Connecting and disconnecting from a network resource

Use net use to connect to and disconnect from a network resource, and to view your current connections to network resources. You cannot disconnect from a shared directory if you use it as your current drive or an active process is using it.

=> Viewing connection information

To view information about a connection, you can do either of the following:

=> Type net use DEVICE to get information about a specific connection.

=> Type net use to get a list of all the computer’s connections.

=> Using deviceless connections

Deviceless connections are not persistent.

=> Connecting to NetWare servers

After you install and run Client Service for NetWare, you can connect to a NetWare server on a Novell network. Use the same syntax that you use to connect to a Windows Networking server, except you must include the volume you to which you want to connect.

=> Using quotation marks

If the ServerName that you supply contains spaces, use quotation marks around the text . If you omit quotation marks, an error message appears.

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Us Domains History And Ranking

This domain was created for US based individuals, companies and websites. You must be a US citizen, a permanent United States resident, or a US entity such as organizations and corporations. Additionally, any business or corporation with a bona fide presence in the USA may register. Lastly, you cannot WHOIS protect a .US domain which makes it a deal breaker for almost everyone.

You would think these strict, exclusive requirements would improve ranking, right? Wrong. I personally bought a .US domain and waited for months in order to achieve ranking. I watched junkier .NET and .INFO outrank my articles day after day. I finally gave up and retired my .US domain name in favor of a .COM. Needless to say, traffic and ranking immediately shot up after creating my suitable 301 redirects and getting indexed.

.US? Never again. Not recommended for anything or anyone. Its high price and restrictions dont allow the throw away usage recommended for .INFO domains, either.

Net Use Command Parameters:

ASP.NET Hosting Tutorial – How to Add a Sub-Domain to Your Website

DEVICE : Assigns a name to connect to the resource or specifies the device to be disconnected. There are two kinds of device names: disk drives and printers . Type an asterisk instead of a specific device name to assign the next available device name.

\\COMPUTER\SHARE : Specifies the name of the server and the shared resource. If COMPUTER contains spaces, use quotation marks around the entire computer name from the double backslash to the end of the computer name . The computer name can be from 1 to 15 characters long.

\VOL : Specifies a NetWare volume on the server. You must have Client Service for NetWare installed and running to connect to NetWare servers.

PASSWORD : Specifies the password needed to access the shared resource. Type an asterisk to produce a prompt for the password. The password is not displayed when you type it at the password prompt.

/USER : Specifies a different user name with which the connection is made.

DOMAIN : Specifies another domain. If you omit DOMAIN, net use uses the current logged on domain.

USER : Specifies the user name with which to log on.

DOTTEDDOMAIN : Specifies the fully-qualified domain name for the domain where the user account exists.

/SAVECRED : Stores the provided credentials for reuse.

/SMARTCARD : Specifies the network connection is to use the credentials on a smart card. If multiple smart cards are available, you are asked to specify the credential.

/HOME : Connects a user to the home directory.

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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using A Org

If youre an organization looking for a domain, especially if you work in the charity sector, a .ORG is a sensible choice. The World Wildlife Fund, UNICEF, and Greenpeace all use a .ORG for their websites, and the domains established association with charitable and humanitarian work will give immediate weight to your cause.

On the other hand, if youre a profit-driven business, using a .ORG might seem misleading. Another issue that may arise is a potential price increase at the hands of the .ORG registry. If they choose to increase their prices, then registrars will need to do so as well. Here at Namecheap, we always try to fight price increases that we believe are unjustified.

How To Choose An Seo Friendly Domain Name

a) Keep it short – Try to keep your domain name as short as possible. The ideal domain length should be 9-15 characters. Shorter domains are easier to remember.

b) Easy to Pronounce Make sure your domain name is easy to pronounce. Dont add any complex letters in your domain that are not understandable at a first glance.

Just look at the most popular websites – Google, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, etc.

They have one thing in common: they are all easy to pronounce.

c) Dont repeat any letter Keep your domain name simple. Dont repeat any letters because of availability. This often makes people confused.

For example,

  • – is a good name.
  • – is a bad name.

d) Avoid numbers and hyphens Adding numbers and hyphens in your domain name is not a good idea.

For example,


These types of domains are mostly used by spammers.

e) Come up with a new name While registering a domain name, you will find most of the names are already registered, which cant be claimed again.

In this case, you need to think of a new name that is unique and sounds brandable.

The name you are planning to register doesnt require a meaning. Just think of Google. It doesnt have any actual meaning, but the most popular site.

You can also use your name as a domain name.

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Org Vs Com Vs Net: What Do They Mean And Which Is Better

A website address is made up of two components. The first is the domain name, a unique element that connects your online address to your brands name and goals. The other one is the domain name extension, which reflects the type of website and its purpose. While many believe that understanding what is a domain name comes down to what’s between the two dots of a URL, the few letters after the second dot play a much bigger role in determining the credibility of your site and how it aligns with your brand.

Also known as top-level domains , domain extensions are used to categorize websites by type, location or business model. Out of the thousands of domain extensions available on the web, the most common ones are .org, .com and .net. In order to choose which one is right for you, youll first need to learn what they stand for and understand their strengths, weaknesses, and differences.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Domain Extension

Net vs Com: Which is the Best Domain Extension ...

Although both the .net and .com extensions are very popular,there are various factors to consider before choosing between them. Regardlessof what you intend to use your website for, your domain extension will play acrucial role in the minds of your visitors and will affect your websitessearch engine ranking.

Its essential to consider these three factors to helpdecide whether you should go for the .net or .com extension:

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Com Vs Net Domain Extension

Among hundreds of domain extension, .com and .net are the most widely used domain extension. Both are popular and familiar amongst the audiences. This extension is used by businesses as well as individuals to expand their business and reach many audiences online.

If your target domain name for the .com domain is taken then mostly they take .net as an alternative and also many domain name finder and generators like and many more suggest .net as the first alternative to .com.

Which Of These Tlds Will Be Best For Search Engine Optimization

Although the websites with the most traffic are .COM websites, any domain can be successful when it comes to ranking on search engine results pages. With , you can target your website for different regions. For example, if you own a coffee shop in the US, setting your website location to the US will help your visibility.

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Tips For Selecting The Best Domain Name

Here, are some tips which help you to select the right domain name for your purpose:

  • If your preferred domain name is taken, then you can add small words before or after it to make it unique. For example,
  • Make sure your domain name can be easily pronounced. Do not use hyphens or numbers in your domain name.
  • Use domain name generator to quickly identify domain name that are not registered.

What Does Net Mean

ASP.NET Hosting Tutorial – How to Add a Domain Alias to Your Website

The .net domain is the second most popular extension. Its often presented as the recommended alternative to .com when you try to buy a domain name that is already in use. Its estimated that around 4% of all global registered domains use this extension. The .net domain name extension stands for network and was originally meant to be used by umbrella websites acting as a portal for smaller sites.

You should use a .net extension for businesses that provides services like internet, website hosting, databases or collaboration tools. Another reason to use .net is when .com is not available. In this case, youll need to make sure that the business with your same domain name with a .com extension is not in the same industry, otherwise your audience might end up becoming their clients.

Whatever the reason is for you to use a .net domain extension, youll need to ensure that potential visitors remember it and dont end up on the wrong site. An effective way to achieve this is by integrating your sites TLD within your branding efforts, as your audience will end up naturally connecting your business name with .net. For example, a marketing consultant firm called Upstream may refer to themselves as to get their audience familiar with their correct domain extension.

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