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Is Tech A Good Domain

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How To Name Your Technology Business

How To Find A Good Domain Name for Your Website

There are several things you need to consider when choosing a name for your technology company. At Brandlance we have been naming businesses for over 8 years and we are here to help you with our suggestions from our naming experts. We will help you with the process of naming your technologycompany and we can also help you with logo design for your new company. If you want us to help you with naming your technology company, just go to our Business Naming Service page, fill out our questionnaire and we can start!

Dos And Donts For A Good Tech Domain Name

  • Do keep it short, specific and clear
  • Do incorporate keyword
  • Dont use repeated letters, special characters and numbers
  • Do check if its not already registered
  • Do associate it with your business or brand name
  • When you have decided upon the .tech domain name that is all ready to go online, you can make it more precise by going in for a .tech extension. Moreover, since there are hundreds of TLDs available to register today, the chances of getting your perfect domain for your online business is time-consuming and you may end up with the wrong domain name.

    Now how to effectively use the .tech domain?

    Through this post, will explore 5 different ways to implement .tech domain for your online business.

    How Codeorg Is Using Tech Domains To Make Computer Science Accessible For All and .tech domains support computer science being taught in classrooms around the world. Without computer science and coding know-how, a lot of the Internet that we use today would cease to exist.

    Yet, despite that, 73% of the worlds countries are only piloting computer science in school or doing nothing at all. In the US alone, only 47% of public schools teach a computer science class.

    We believe that computer science is foundational for students everywhere. This is why has partnered with .tech Domains to help expand access to computer science in schools, especially for young women and students from marginalized communities.

    You can be a part of this cause, too!

    If you register a .tech Domain between 5th May to 5th July, .tech Domains and will donate all the proceeds to, one of the worlds largest non-profit organizations that is working to increase access to computer science in schools.

    Help support the cause and grab your .tech Domain today.

    Help support Code.orgs mission in making computer science accessible to all.

    Purchase a .tech domain

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    Why Own The Tech Domain Name

    Build the future on .TECH. Showcase your creations with a .TECH domain. Millions of businesses, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts have embraced technology as an essential tool for bringing their creativity to life. Tech fans are inventive, love experimenting and are always on the hunt for something new. Give your website something new with a .TECH domain on Hover!

    Is Tech A Good Domain Extension For Your Startup Heres The Answer

    Buy Brandable, VIP, Platinum Domain Name at VpDomain

    Today, there are hundreds of new domain extensions available for cutting-edge tech businesses and young startups to choose from. Of these, .tech domain has sprung up as a favorite among members of the global tech community, especially startups and enthusiasts.

    A name on a .tech domain means your brand can enjoy a unique and innovative web address that stands out from the rest.

    The tech fraternity has grown to become a global ecosystem powered by startups, brands, students, and enthusiasts alike.

    Their collective unabashed passion to build a community of cutting-edge new solutions is perfectly aligned with what a .tech domain represents.

    As a domain dedicated to all things tech, .tech domains is transformingthe internet namespace for the tech community.

    A long, awkward, and hard to remember domain name isnt the best choice for a future-focused startup fueled with passion and tech wizardry.

    This is why you need to sport a .tech domain flanked with a short, clean, and snappy brand name that doubles up as a smart prefix.

    Table of content

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    Technology Company Name Ideas List Generator

    If you are staring a technology business, then it becomes vital for you to choose a great name that sounds technical and can go a long way. For instance, if you are offering a new software or hardware, then you must select a name that the audience finds it easier to understand. The available .com computer & tech unique company name domains are such that they give your service or product visual power, which the audience can easily connect with. We can help you with cool naming suggestions that describes your business the best. Technological related catchy domain names will work good with online platforms.

    Finding the right name for your technology company is important. A good one can really make a difference in how successful and well-known you become! We have some pre-made names that might inspire, as well tips from our experts with company name ideas on ways to pick out an excellent business name if we want something unique or generic ourselves.

    Kill Your Competitors With a Cool Name!

    1. How The Name Should Sound?

    OurNaming Experts Will Help You With Business Name Suggestions

    Is Tech Right For You

    .tech benefits

    Many tech companies that have the word technology or “technologies” as part of their full brand name use .tech to condense their full domain name. Plus, as a newer TLD, it’s more readily available, meaning you have a better chance of getting the exact .tech domain name that you want.

    Ideas for your .tech domain

    If technology or technologies is part of your brand name, a .tech extension is an easy choice. If your brand name doesnt obviously show that youre a tech company, .tech can help to clarify your offering at a glance.

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    Look For Better Domain Availability

    There are several domain name characteristics to consider when you want to boost your website’s exposure. However, since the .com extension is used by almost 53% of websites worldwide, getting the desired domain name can be quite challenging. This is where the .tech extension comes into play.

    Since the .tech domain is still considered new, it has a better domain availability compared to other popular extensions such as .com, .net, and .org. Therefore, you have more freedom when picking the right domain name for your website.

    Here are some tips you might want to follow when creating a good domain name:

    • Keep it short and memorable
    • Try to avoid hyphens and numbers
    • Don’t use a copyrighted name
    • Make it descriptive of your brand or business name
    • Be innovative

    Steer Clear Of Names That Sound Like Some Other Brands Name

    How to Choose a Domain Name | CWH Tech Tips

    When searching for a name for your tech startup, be sure to avoid picking a name that sounds like some other brands name.

    The last thing you want is for your startup name to get mixed up with another business.

    It might be tempting to pick a name that sounds like another successful brands name, especially from the tech business, but this strategy always backfires big time.

    This is because of the massive legal implications this tactic brings with it.

    Not just that, imitating a brand name is branding fiasco and a marketing disaster.

    Its best to pick an original name and then trademark it for your brands safety.

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    Tips For Selecting The Best Website Name For Education

    • Focus on the catchiness of your business name when you are looking to develop a domain name for an e-learning business. To find a catchy name, you have to focus on considering the simplicity of that name.
    • Setting an easy-to-remember and exact business name for your education website is better. Easy pronunciation of the name will always catch the attention of the people.
    • Do not forget to choose a unique name for your e-learning website. You should consider buying the .com domain extension to stand out in the crowd to be an individual.
    • Avoid including any keywords or generic words in your unique domain name suggestion because it will negatively impact your education business.

    Tech Blog Name Generator

    When we look for blog name ideas, our three main areas of focus are SEO value, uniqueness of the domain name, and how marketable it is. Our personal preference is to go with a name that has a lot of potential for search engine rankings.

    The exact formula for how we measure this varies based on the niche or area of the topic, however, its pretty easy to tell if a blog name will be a winner or not.

    But it is unfortunate to see many new bloggers run towards blog name generators for the purpose of choosing a suitable name for their blogs.

    A blog name generator uses certain prefixes, suffixes, and keywords to create tons of random name choices for your blog. You have to be thinking Whats bad about it? Why shouldnt you use a blog name generator? In fact, you should frankly avoid using any software that automates the process of naming your brand.

    Here are a few reasons why:

    • Generated names are mostly generic, boring and spammy
    • Generated names can hurt your websites SEO
    • These tools limit your creativity
    • Easily identifiable by spammers hence, it can lead to unwanted traffic
    • It makes you and your website look unprofessional

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    Io Domain Names Have An Ease Of Use

    Just as a .IO domain signifies a branding play, it also cements a startup among a community of other tech founders. It means that you are proud to be part of the tech startup world. Many founders opt for a .IO simply for this reason. When companies search for their domain name and their .COM or first choice isnt available, and they are switching to .IO for this reason: .IO FOMO!

    Check For Trademarks And Availability On Social Media Sites

    Why is .IO a great domain choice for your new tech or startup website?

    Before you move forward with any domain name, check if there are any trademarks registered to the name and if it is available on social media sites. One of the pre-requisites of building a successful brand is to ensure you have the same name across platforms. This builds familiarity and makes it easier for your users to associate with you and find you in the future.

    Checking for trademarks is to ensure you stay away from any legal troubles. Building a startup is no easy feat and to fight legal battles is a colossal waste of time that can be avoided if careful.

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    Tips For Selecting The Best Domain Name For Your Tech Business

    • You should do a complete analysis of competitors. It will help you to know what name you have to avoid using. Then, you should focus on selecting a unique name for your tech business so that you can stand out from the crowd.
    • It is good to focus on giving an appropriate name to your business instead of describing it. An effective business name can convey your business values to your customers in the first impression.
    • The first step to getting into the mind of customers is by setting a memorable name for your business. Try using rhythmic alliteration in your website name. Moreover, its good if the name is short and catchy.
    • Try to buy a brandable name for your business website. These are the small business names ideas which are short, easy to pronounce, and remember.

    Popular Domain Extensions For Tech Businesses

    Are you the owner of a tech business and hesitating over which domain extension is the most relevant for your website and for your brand? Look no further with our list of 10 amazing top-level domain extensions for tech companies.

    Even in the midst of a pandemic, tech companies are going strong, with giants such as Amazon reporting a record $96.2 billion revenue in Q3 of 2020, propelled by strong online sales. Technology and innovation keep on developing as our lives are becoming more digital, more connected, and more automated.

    The sector includes a diverse list of businesses specialised in software, semiconductors, computing hardware, and communications.

    While you may not be able to find the .COM domain of your dreams, the following list of extensions and their real-life use cases will give you a much better chance to find the right fit.

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    What Does Io Mean

    The .IO TLD has been getting increasingly popular, especially among tech and SaaS startups. In general, this TLD is assigned to the British Indian Ocean Territory, the seven atolls of the Chagos Archipelago, south of India, and notably contains the Diego Garcia atoll, home to a U.S. military base. The .IO domain has become popular in recent years, but not because of its ccTLD roots. The .IO domain extension is the most well-known in the tech space. Are you surprised?

    Before we cover all the specifics in regards to how and why the .IO domain extension became so popular among tech startups its crucial to understand how the creation of more than 1,500 new TLDs have reshaped the world of domain names in general and how businesses keep finding new creative ways to no longer rely on .COM when searching for the right domain and TLD for their brand.

    IO domains are recognizable and now embraced by the tech and start-up communities Using a .IO domain can be a good way to identify yourself or your business as part of the tech scene.

    One of the first .IO domains to be registered for a purpose other than geographical identity was Levi Strauss in 1998. Levis have always pushed the boundaries in terms of their marketing, and its a fact that they have been hugely successful. Levis are definitely attractive, and so if a .IO domain can make you half as cool as them, then you should snatch yours today!

    How To Choose A Good Name For Your Tech Blog

    How to Setup a Website | Domain Registration, DNS, and VPS

    Choosing the right name for your blog is one of the most important decisions you will make. It can be the difference between getting noticed or not. The domain name of your blog would be the first impression on your audience. It will help you attract potential readers to visit your blog and stay longer on your blog.

    If you want to have success in blogging, then you need to create quality content and promote your blog consistently.

    Choosing a good domain name for your tech blog can be important in its promotion and getting readers to stop by.

    The importance of choosing a good name for your tech blog cannot be understated. If your blog doesnt have a catchy or brandable name, it can lower the click-through rate and your website wont look credible.

    There are hundreds of tech blogs popping up every day, so you need to make sure that your blog stands out.

    Below are important tips you can use to help you come up with a good name for your tech blog.

    • Keep your name short and easy to spell
    • Choose a name that will engage your readers
    • Use a name that is easy to pronounce and remember
    • The name should be able to convey the emotion you want it to reflect
    • Do not use hyphens or numbers in the domain name
    • Avoid generic names. Be creative and unique
    • Check for the domain name availability in the dot com extension

    This list goes a long way in giving you inspiration when it comes to choosing the best tech blog name for your blog.

    Good luck!

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    Best Domain Registrar In 2022

    ByAbigail OpiahContributions fromDesire Athow, Mike Williamslast updated 6 July 22

    Pick the best domain registrar for your business to get online without a fuss

    The best domain registrar can make or break the start of your journey of creating an online presence. Once youve come up with your unique domain name, selecting the right domain registrar for it is the natural next step.

    Registration isn’t difficult, but first you must choose from the hundreds of companies competing for your business, and there are several things for you to consider before committing to one firm.

    A domain registrar is an entity that registers domain names with an organization called ICANN, which manages domain names globally. It therefore acts as a proxy and will make sure that you’re the official recognized owner of that domain name.

    Some of the best website builder services and the best web hosting providers also offer domain registration services, which makes so much more sense to go for an all inclusive, one stop shop offer.

    To help you get started on our online journey, we’ve rounded up the best domain registrars on the market right now so that there is one less thing you have to worry about.

    Specifics Of The Task

    Its time for a little framing. The specification consists of highlighting the fact that you run a tech start-up.

    A tech start-up requires suitable tech domain names. Consider using .tech or .science TLD. It may be profitable for start-ups to use the oldest of the TLDs like .com or .org. They sound familiar and have the vote of confidence.

    On the other hand, though, using a mega-popular domain can give off the impression that your business is subpar and untenable. This argument gives you absolute freedom of imagination. You can think of adding an easter egg to your start-up domain name or making it a punchline.

    Or, if the start-up focuses on a certain country or region, a ccTLD might be efficient.

    You can find the list of all existing TLDs in the ICANN database.

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