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How Much Does Godaddy Charge To Sell A Domain

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Should You Buy Godaddy Domain Privacy Or Not

Domain Valuation – How to Price and Sell Domains

Is Godaddy full domain privacy protection worth it? Remember that the purpose of this Godaddy review is not to tell you what to do. I just want to share you what my personal experience has been buying domains online to create websites.

NOTE: I am not a Goddady affiliate nor employee so I have absolutely nothing to gain by telling you to buy it.

Although I have purchased many domains at Godaddy in the past, I made a few changes. Why? The reason is because Godaddy is NOT the cheapest place NOR the only place that offers domain privacy protection for clients.

Including, I own about 30 other domains, many of which I have purchased on Godaddy. The great majority of them have domain privacy while a few others do not have the yearly feature.

However, it is definitely a good feature to have on your domains from the get-go to have that extra peace of mind, decrease spam emails and unsolicited sales calls.

Remember that when you select this option upon checkout, your information will be kept private on the public domain. Godaddy will display their info and then forward any inquiries to your contact email on file if some wants to contact you.

Now that you know what to expect from Godaddy domain privacy protection, recently I decided to STOP buying domains at Godaddy! Say what what??

Although I started out buying my domains initially on Godaddy, I recently discovered something AMAZING!

Get started right now with Bluehost & get 60% OFF Bluehost!

Namecheap Vs Godaddy Which One For Buying Domains

Namecheap vs. GoDaddy? Wheres the best domain registrar to buy your domain name? And once you buy your domainwho has the best hosting, email, and services?

I get asked those types of questions a lot. Im a customer of both GoDaddy and Namecheap. So this review is based 100% on my experience with both companies as far as domains go.

Committed Web Server Hosting

With Devoted Server Hosting, you will be leasing an entire physical committed web server.

Normally, it comes with a substantial cost given that it gives you the single possession of your server.

Belowre the rates plans for the Dedicated Server Hosting:

The Requirement strategy costs $79.99 each month and also is the most inexpensive dedicated plan.

The Boosted strategy will cost you $99.99 per month, and the Premium plan is priced at $119.99 per month.

The substantial distinctions in between the strategies are the total server rate, storage space, RAM, and the number of committed IP addresses.

Who should use Dedicated Hosting?

Web site owners that require complete control over their web server atmosphere can choose a specialized web server.

Additionally, if you want to tailor the server to line up with your service requirements, then Devoted Hosting is the very best option you have.

It will supply you a lots of storage space, bandwidth, and also RAM essentially an all-in-one top-performing web server environment.

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Prepare Your Domain Listing

Once youve chosen your marketplace its time to optimize your listing. A lot of sellers just upload their URL and call it a day. However, you can maximize your chances of selling your domain by making it more attractive.

For example, does your domain have any existing traffic? Does the domain have considerable age? Does your domain have any existing authority?

How Much Does Godaddy Charge To Sell A Domain

How Much Does Godaddy Charge To Host A Website

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Making A Bid Or Offer On A Listing

Start by logging in to GoDaddy Auctions. Next, search for the domain you want to purchase using relevant keywords in the search box.

When you find your desired domain, click on the Make Offer button next to that domain name. A textbox will then appear, requesting the amount you want to bid or offer. Enter your desired amount, and then click on the Offer button.

A Review box will then appear, confirming your chosen domain, your bid or offer price, and the time left on the auction. Check the box next to the statement, I have read and agree to the Auctions Agreement. Then, click on the Confirm button.

When you submit a bid, the GoDaddy Auctions Proxy Bidding Service will monitor bids on the domain and increase your bid accordingly up to its limit.

When you submit an offer, GoDaddy Auctions will immediately notify the seller who has one week to accept your offer or make a counteroffer.

Why Should You Sell Domain On Godaddy Auctions

  • GoDaddy provides Auction bidder verification process to provide security to the buying and selling party from fraud.
  • The smartphone application provided by GoDaddy lets you view live and older auctions along with the bids. It is available on iOS as well as Android.
  • The Premium Listing option helps your listing to gain priority and visibility to the bidders.
  • The GoDaddy Auctions membership asks for the lowest registration fee than all the other domain selling pages.
  • You can monitor multiple sales along with instant notifications for any changes.
  • The search tool is an advanced search tool for digging in the depth of details at a faster rate.
  • This website gives options to negotiate with the seller.
  • The expired domains automatically move for auction. It is a reliable opportunity for selling a high authority domain at a profitable price.
  • The auction time does not keep extending. From the day the product gets listed, the customers place the bids. At the end of the 7th day, the highest bid wins.
  • The Auction Tools help you prepare for the sale or purchase.
  • When you know how to sell a domain on GoDaddy, you can choose from multiple options to sell a domain: Free and Simple listing with advanced features to enhance the exposure on the sale list.

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Godaddy The Best For Most

When attempting to purchase a domain, it can sometimes be difficult to contact a potential seller and get his or her attention. If you try to do this individually or with a service provider no one has heard of, you run the risk of being ignored.

GoDaddy is a well-known brand with social proof and credibility. If a potential seller sees that GoDaddy is attempting to contact them, they are more likely to take notice. When buyers use this service to contact a seller, their identities are kept private.

GoDaddys process starts with buyers entering the domain name they want. Next, they will receive an email asking about their budget range. The broker will then ask the current domain owner if he or she would like to sell.

If so, the broker will negotiate to find the best price possible. If the current owner tells the broker he or she doesnt want to sell, or 30 days pass without the broker successfully contacting the owner, the buyers claim ends.

One drawback of GoDaddys domain broker service is that its somewhat expensive. Buyers must pay $125.08 upfront and commission fees are 20% per sale. If your domain isnt sold, youre still out of pocket for the initial charge.

When youre searching for a domain these days, its common to have to settle for less than youd hoped. Much of the prime real estate has already been snapped up and .com TLDs are scarce.

But what if you dont want to settle? Thats where Grit Brokerage comes in.

Godaddys Domain Buy Service

How Much Does a Domain Cost – And Why? | The Journey

The GoDaddy Domain Buy Service, now called the GoDaddy Domain Broker Service, was introduced several years ago with one clear purpose: help customers to acquire domain names that are already registered.

How do they do that? GoDaddy employs a vast team of domain name brokers and aftermarket specialists that have been trained up to help GoDaddy customers buy domains from existing owners.

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Are You Asking The Right Questions

Instead of asking yourself, how much does a domain name cost, you should be asking, how much would it cost my business not to have a domain that matches my brand?

It isnt always easy to find an available domain name that aligns with your company. But the cost of sacrificing immediate recognition, traffic and sales could easily outweigh the price of a domain. Whether youve found an extension that fits or youre in need of a broker, dont wait to register your domain.

Go ahead, search for a domain name now.

Sell Your Domain Name By Receiving Direct Offers

One of the easiest ways to get paid for a domain name you’re not using is to receive a direct offer.

Receiving a direct offer happens when a potential buyer gets an idea for the perfect domain name for their websiteand then finds out someone else owns it.

There is one crucial step to this: you can’t have privacy on your WHOIS information. If you do, they have no way of contacting you.

Many people don’t like having their contact information public, but you must keep your email address public so a potential buyer can contact you: the domain owner!

This is where anyone looking to buy your domain name will be able to find information to contact you and see what the asking price is.

There are a few things to keep in mind if you are receiving a direct offer:

  • Always get a written contract
  • Always accept payment before transferring the domain
  • If you get a weird feeling about this, don’t do the deal

The written contract is what stops PayPal, Stripe, or a bank from refunding your earnings, leaving you without pay and without the domain name.

This is just good business, anyway. You need to be covered legally.

The next is to confirm payment. This shouldn’t be a tripping point. You don’t get to take something out of a store before paying for it.

You pay, then you get the item. Same transaction setup here. You get the money into your account and then release the domain name.

Once you receive payment, get the ball rolling to make the domain transfer as quickly as possible.

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Before Selling Your Domain Keep These Two Advises In Mind

  • How to Sell Domain on GoDaddy and other sites: You initially need to decide on which website you want to sell your domain name. You can register is only one website or another. GoDaddy, however, is one of the best platforms to sell the domain name.
  • Finding Out the Domain Price Range: Dedicate a suitable rate to your domain. Do some research for surveying the prices of other domains like yours. There are tools as well as online services that will help you compare to calculate prices. This way you will also learn on what prices to sell GoDaddy domain name and buy them.

Hire A Domain Name Broker

Domain Name Price Estimate

Does all of the above sounds difficult or tiring? Well, I didnt say this was easy, did I? If you own a domain name with a significant value you can, and probably should, consider getting a professional domain name broker involved to help you find a buyer and facilitate the sale on your behalf. Most domain brokers work on a commission basis, meaning they are paid a percentage of the sale price. This no-cure, no-pay structure means most established brokers will only be interested in working with you on finding a buyer for your domain name if it has a value that is at least in the high five-figure range. It is very important that you make yourself familiar with the brokers policies and pricing structure prior to engaging the services. A written agreement clearly outlining all the nitty-gritty details such as commission and exclusivity is highly recommended. Below is a list of domain name brokers and brokerage firms with a good reputation and track record.

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Does It Cost Money To Sell On Godaddy

Theres no fee to list your domain for sale, but if you successfully sell a domain, there are various commission rates.

How does GoDaddy auction work?

GoDaddy Auctions® is a marketplace for domain sellers and potential buyers. Sellers can list their domains for sale in the marketplace, and GoDaddy Auctions® charges a percentage of the sale price once the domain is sold. The seller can also add optional features to increase the exposure of a listed domain.

How Much Does A Premium Domain Name Cost

Premium domain names are domains that are already registered and are up for sale on a domain aftermarket service. The price for premium domain names can vary widely, depending on the current demand. As such, the pricing can range from a 3-figure number up to a 7-figure number.

When it comes to choosing a domain name, there are a few things to consider:

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Which Hosting Is Best For Ecommerce Website

  • There is nothing better for ecommerce than A2 Hosting. They give you the perfect hosting package.
  • E-commerce features will benefit the SiteGround model.
  • Elasticity in a multi-function application based on InMotion.
  • The best choice for reliable servers is Bluehost.
  • Weve got the greatest online service available HostGator.
  • Beginners should choose DreamHost as their host of choice.
  • S On How To Sell Domain On Godaddy

    How to Sell a Domain Names at GoDaddy

    You must understand that selling GoDaddy domain is not a big task. The benefits fall in line your domain is in demand. You need to work on it to increase its ranks and authority before putting the For Sale sign to profit from it. Now follow these steps below to know how to sell domain on GoDaddy:

  • STEP1: To know how to sell domain of GoDaddy log in to your GoDaddy profile.
  • STEP2: Ensure that you are under My Products section.
  • STEP3: Select the Manage option of the domain you are willing to put on sale. A Domains tab will appear.
  • STEP4: Click on Buy & Sell.
  • STEP 5: Select GoDaddy Auctions Listing. Your window will move to another section.
  • STEP 6:Now go to the Selling list.
  • STEP 7: Click on List a domain. There are multiple ways to list a domain: Offer/Counter Offer, Offer/Counter Offer With Buy Now, Buy Now, And 7-Day Public Auction.
  • STEP 8: This message will appear for enrolling in GoDaddy Auctions Membership in case you have not registered for the same. Buy a suitable plan for you to proceed.
  • STEP 9:Fill the List a Domain form on the screen. Select the domains you want to sell.
  • STEP 10: Fill the domain name and listing type. Give all the necessary details asked for, like PayPal e-mail, category, bid, etc.
  • STEP 11: Check on the Terms and conditions by marking on I agree policy.
  • STEP 12:Decide the price accordingly.
  • STEP 12: Select Finishto.
  • A similar message will be shown to you when your domain is successfully sold.

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    What You Need To Know About The Godaddy Domain Auction

    A domain name isn’t just a web address. It serves as an extension of your brand and provides instant recognition.

    The best domain names deliver more value than their initial registration cost.

    In fact, a domain name can be worth tens of thousands of dollars if you find the right buyer.

    GoDaddy auctions offer a simple and straightforward way to determine your domain’s value.

    Here’s how you can maximize your earnings and learn how to auction a domain name at a GoDaddy domain auction.

    How To Sell On Godaddy Public Auction

    So far, weve explained the factors that influence the price of a domain name as well as the different tools that you can use to appraise a domain name. In this section, we will discuss in detail how you can sell your domain on GoDaddy Public auction. Note that GoDaddy offers 4 different ways to sell a domain Offer/Counter Offer, Buy Now Only, 7-Day Public Auction, and Offer/Counter Offer with Buy Now. However, we will focus on the 7-Day Public Auction. As is essential, you need to have a value in mind before you can proceed to think of selling it.

    1. List your domain on GoDaddy 2. Select 7-Day Public Auction and add listing details 3. Increase Visibility and receive payments

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    How To Sell A Domain Name

    Did you purchase a domain name with every intent of starting a website? But time caught up and you lost interest or never got around to starting the website? Now youre thinking about how to sell a domain name. Instead of just letting the domain sit there, there is a way to make some extra cash from your unused domains.

    Now, not every domain you own is going to sell for a huge fee. But, you might be sitting on some unexpectedly valuable domains.

    Below youll learn how to sell a domain name, the best ways to find buyers, and places online where you can list your domain for sale.

    Domain Booth The Lowest Commission For A Top Domain Broker

    How does one make money on GoDaddy? Do you buy and sell domain names ...

    In the future, I could see DomainBooth charging insane rates for their brokerage service. But for now, you can get one of the best domain brokers on the market for an exceptionally low 12.5% commission.

    So, youre still going to pay, but its 2.5% lower than other top-quality brokers. If you are negotiating a deal for a five- or six-figure domain, the savings can be significant.

    DomainBooth is something of a recent arrival on the domain broker scene. In 2015, then-26 year old founder James Booth made quite a splash by brokering more than $5 million in domain names in his companys first 12 months.

    This was no flash in the pan, either. Today, DomainBooth is one of the top performing domain brokers, outpacing some of the established players in the game. Booth actually had the second highest domain sales of any broker in 2020, according to

    The firm specializes in extremely short domainstwo letters, a number and a letter, three letters, and one-word domains for the most part. I would definitely talk further with DomainBooth if you are interested in something like this.

    Theres just not another broker of this calibur charging such low commissions. The minimum fee for buying is $500 and for selling its $1,000, which is to say the company is focused on buying domains greater than $5,000 and selling those greater than $10,000.

    You will not pay a dime unless DomainBooth is successful in negotiating the deal.

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