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Can You Use Your Own Domain Name With Shopify

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Verify Your Email Address

How to Connect your Domain to your Shopify Store

After you buy a domain, you must verify your email address to complete your domain registration. Check your email account for several emails from Shopify that you need to review. These emails include details about the following:

  • confirming your purchase
  • verifying your email address
  • managing how your data is shared.

If you don’t receive an email about verifying your email address, then check your email inbox’s spam folder or resend the verification email from your Shopify admin. If you don’t verify your email address, then your domain might be suspended.


If you already own a domain that is registered with the same first name, last name, and email address, then your email address might be verified automatically. If your email address is verified automatically, then you won’t receive an email about verifying your email address.

Store Design And Themes

In an eCommerce store, a theme is what defines the design of the store, its layout and how it looks and feels to the users. Shopify offers around 100 themes to all the users who sign up to open a store. All of these themes are customizable and many of them are available for free too. Though some of the themes have a one-time fee and many of the premium ones can cost as much as $30-$100, they provide a lot of additional functionality. The price may seem huge but this one-time investment can get you hefty returns.

For example, all the themes in Shopify have minimal code that has gone into their design, improving their speed, making their user experience better, and optimizing their SEO. Most of these themes are device responsive and thus, will load at the same speed on both desktop and mobile devices. devices.

When you decide to make your own website, you will have to pick the theme and the store design. The process is a lot more flexible but needs to be picked as per the style of your store and the taste of your audience. The choice of your platform and software will determine the theme that you will end up having.

Research Your Desired Domain Name

Once you pick a good domain name, youll want to check if the domain is already registered. You can use Shopifys Domain Search tool to see a custom domains availability. Another common way to conducting a WHOIS lookup.

Before committing to a domain name, youll want to make sure that no other business is using the same one. There are three ways to check:

  • Run a trademark search. Head to and search the trademark database to see if anyone registered a similar name.
  • Check social media. Search Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and other relevant social media channels to check your names availability. This will come in handy when you go to create your accounts, too.
  • Do a Google search. Last but not least, type your desired name into Google to see if anyone is closely tied to your brand.

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Add An External Domain Using The Shopify Mobile App

1. Open the Shopify App on your mobile device and press the Store icon in the bottom right corner.

2. In the Sales channels section press Online Store.

3. Press Domains

4. Press the dots in the top right corner to display the dropdown menu. Press Connect existing domain.

5.Type the domain you want to connect into the empty field and press Next.

6. Now Shopify knows which domain you wish to connect but for it to work you must change your domainâs DNS settings to point to Shopifyâs servers.

7. Log into your domain providerâs dashboard, select the domain you wish to use and click Manage Zone .

8. Create/edit your A record to point to the Shopify IP address, which is and set TTL to the lowest time possible .

9. Create/edit your CNAME record to point to and set TTL to the lowest time possible .

Note that it might take up to 48-72 hours for these changes to take effect across the internet depending upon your domain registrar.

Once your domain settings have been verified by Shopify you should receive a notification. You can also check by revisiting your Domains screen. After your domain has been verified you need to make it your primary domain by following the instructions below.

Changing Your Shopify Store Domain Name

Ecommerce University

If you are looking for the answer on how to change the Shopify store name, then youre in the right place.

The reasons for changing the domain name can be different. Perhaps, you found a more profitable ecommerce niche, decided to strengthen your brand identity, or just came up with a name more relevant to your business values.

Fortunately, tweaking the domain name is not a big challenge in Shopify. So, keep calm, your Shopify store, all the settings, and data will remain safe.

In brief, it all boils down to buying a new domain name and adding it to your Shopify store. Once you finish, customers going to your online shop will have to use the new URL to access your store.

How to do it painlessly? Lets figure it out together.

As the actions below can affect particular configurations, such as email forwarding, follow the guidelines very carefully, or turn to our team experienced in Shopify development.

Buy a domain name

The first thing is to purchase a domain name either from a third-party vendor, such as GoDaddy, Google Domains, or Namecheap, or directly from Shopify.

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Can I Use My Own Domain Name With Shopify

Yes, you can use your own domain name with Shopify.

If you have an existing domain name, you can connect it to Shopify from your stores admin. Learn more about connecting an existing domain to a Shopify store.

If you dont have a domain name yet, you can either buy one through Shopify or a third-party provider.

Setting Up Payment Gateways And Payouts

Were in the final stretch! Next up is deciding how your store will accept payments and how you as a store owner will get paid.

Go to Settings > Payments to set up your payment provider. Shopify has made it easy to start accepting all major forms of payment with Shopify Payments. As long as you operate your business in one of the supported countries and arent considered a prohibited business, you can activate Shopify Payments in just one click and pay 0% in extra transaction fees. You can also choose from over 100 third-party payment providers here or offer your customers additional payment options, such as PayPal.

In my case, Ill Complete Account Setup for Shopify Payments by entering my business and banking information. I can also Manage my settings for Shopify Payments and do things like:

The currency you sell your products in can be set under Settings > General. I’m going to be selling in US dollars since it will be familiar for both US and Canadian customers.

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Tips On Choosing The Right Domain Name

It is difficult to create an outstanding domain name. First, you need to think about long-term goals. Do not forget that it is problematic to change the domain name later as you would likely lose some of your clients. Another bit of advice is that it is better to make the domain name short, but at the same time not too brief as a customer will not understand the name and the purpose of the site and, therefore, the person wont be able to find the website next time.

Also, choose a name that is not too similar to others customers get confused. Therefore, a unique name provides you with the advantage of brand recollection among your visitors. Moreover, try not to be boring and ordinary. Researchers have found that a person will remember strange and unusual things for a longer time than ordinary things. Finally, do not use complicated words, as the domain name should be easy to type and pronounce.

How To Add The New Domain

Connect Shopify Site To Domain Name
  • Step 1: Go to Connect existing domain sections in your Shopify admin

  • Step 2: Fill in your new Shopify domain that you want to change in the given text field:

  • Step 3: Tap the Next button to finish the first step.

If you want to set your new domain with www as a subdomain, you can enter the same in the given field.

For example, given that your new domain name is the-new-look, you can enter You are allowed to view all added domains in the Manage domain section of the Shopify. .

Now you need to have the CNAME record of Shopify updated to the newly purchased new domain.

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How To Change Store Name

Changing the store name which is visible to your customers is really easy and can be done from your store admin. In order to change your Shopify store name simply follow the steps below.

  • Go to your store admin > Settings> General
  • In the section âStore detailsâ update the âStore nameâ field
  • Changing Shopify store name

    How Much Is Shopify Email Hosting

    The Shopify email hosting from Shopped Email starts from as little as $10 a month per account that you sign up with them which can be up or downgraded at any time. Since you have a dedicated Shopify email host, you can create as many or few email addresses as you like to suit your shops needs.

    To sweeten the deal, you can get a $5 discount from the site when you use this introductory Shopped Email code: $5OFF.

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    Why Changing The Shopify Domain Name Is Necessary

    A domain, or domain name, is the address that customers and visitors will use to visit your online store on the Internet. You can see it located in the address bar of your web browser .

    Regarding the default Shopify domain name, which is, it is automatically created once your account is created and will go with your website for a lifetime if there is no additional purchase for a custom domain name. It might cause a mistake for customers when trying to remember your domain name. Also, short, easy-to-remember and brand-focused, service-focused domain names always hold a higher trust and professional in visitors eyes. Therefore, mostly no vendors and store owners want to keep the default domain name.

    Among many competitors nowadays, your domain name has to become more recognizable in search engines like Google to increase your search engine ranking and draw more attention along with your population.

    How Easy Is It To Get Shopify Email Hosting

    Renewal of your Shopify domain · Shopify Help Center

    It normally takes around 5 minutes to get setup an account so the answer is, pretty easy. To get Shopify email hosting. Just go to: and signup. Typical response is within a few minutes which is perfect for those wanting to get up and running now.

    Note that you will need to wait around 24-48 hours before you can access your email. This is the time required for the DNS changes to propagate and for the engineer to set everything up. Its quite normal for any host.

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    How To Change Your Shopify Domain Name

    In our world, everything is changeable nothing remains the same. This is also true about the online store names. People might have various reasons to change their domain name. In this paragraph, you will find detailed steps for changing the Shopify domain. Generally, there are three basic types of names: domain, subdomain, and store names.

    The subdomain is the name that you create while setting up your store. Each account has a unique one and after choosing this name it cannot be edited.

    The domain name is the URL for the website. In simple terms, it is the address that people use to gain access to your store.

    A domain name can be purchased directly from Shopify or other service providers.

    The name that is displayed on your browser, notifications, emails etc. is called the store name.

    The procedure for changing the Shopify domain or shop name is the same. In the top left corner, find the admin tab and click on it. Choose the bottom Setting at the bottom left corner of the page. Click General. Under Store Details, find the type of Store and domain name. You can change them as many times as you want. Do not forget to click Save. Well done, you now have a completely new name.

    Change Domain Via Website Admin

  • Open your Shopify admin.
  • 2. On the left side, you will see the Online Store section. Click on it.

    3. In the opened menu click on Domains.

    4. On the top of the page, you will see different buttons. You should click on the Change primary domain.

    5. Now select the domain from the list and click Save.

    Your primary domain will be changed immediately. If someday you want to change it again, just repeat the steps described above.

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    How To Set Your Primary Domain

    In Shopify, a primary domain is known as the domain name that visitors or customers can see in the search bar when they browse your web store. You can employ your root domain or a subdomain as the primary domain, but its a must that there is no more than a single domain. You can assign your primary domain from the Domains page in your Shopify admin panel.

    Hold on! Before setting a primary domain, make sure that you:

    • did buy a domain
    • did add your domain and all the subdomains you need to use with that website
    • did set up your root domain
    • did set up your subdomains.

    Note that: If you have just made changes to your domain, please wait for it for around 4 hours to fully take effect.

    Now lets move to your primary domain setting:

    Do You Get Your Own Domain With Shopify

    Connecting Shopify Store To Your Own Domain

    You can get your custom domain with Shopify, but you have to buy it. You can purchase it by clicking on the Buy new domain option from domain settings. Now enter the domain you want to buy. But buying a domain from Shopify is more expensive than any other domain buying sites. But this is because the setup process comes without hassle as they are automatic. However, you can also buy from a third-party domain provider, like GoDaddy and BlueHost.

    They do offer a free domain, but they run on Shopify Domain Services that is But it doesnt look professional for your online store and may not have enough sales. The purchased domain through Shopify will be available for one year, and then you have to renew it. You can also cancel your domain anytime you want. But Domain purchases are non-refundable. You can click on the auto-renewal option to get the domain renewed before it expires.

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