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Can I Use Gmail With My Own Domain

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Reasons Why You Might Want To Use Gmail With Your Custom Domain

How to Set-Up a Custom Email for Your Domain Name in Gmail – Use GSuite to Create Domain Email
  • Security and SPAM protection. Yes, this is what I love the most in Gmail. Lets be honest, how many times you hear from your clients that they didnt receive your email huh? Or how many people filled a contact form on your website but you didnt receive it . Here is my the biggest YES. Start using Gmail in your domain for that reason.
  • Having own domain in email address makes you appear more professional. I used to use, which gets the point across, but doesnt execute the same level of professionalism that a branded email address. I mean, youre promoting your business, not Gmails.
  • Lets face it, most of the email software included in your web hosting really sucks. It appears to have been built in the 90s.
  • Gmail is kind of awesome. Ive tried several other email providers like, Yahoo, HotMail, ZOHO and I always go back to Gmail. I appreciate its clean interface and the way its organised. I also love that I can use Google Drive 30GB, which really helps when working with clients. Plus the configuration in Mail App is so easy. Just Add Email, enter your email address and password most softwares recognise it as Gmail and do all configuration for you. The easiest setup ever.
  • Built-in chat: text, voice, or video. With just one click, you can chat in Gmail with the people you already email or reply to emails by chat. You can even talk face to face with Gmail voice and video chat. All you need is a webcam and mic.
  • Start Using Gmail With Your Own Domain Today

    With the methods in this post, you can get the convenience of Gmail with the professionalism and brandability of your own custom email address.

    If you already have a website and email hosting, you can use the first method to use Gmail with your custom domain name for free.

    If you dont have email hosting already and/or you want to completely separate your custom email address from your free Gmail address, you might want to pay for Google Workspace instead.

    Still have any questions about how to use Gmail with your own domain name? Ask us in the comments!

    Free guide

    How To Send Emails From Gmail Using Your Domain Name Address

  • Go to your Gmails Mail Settings .
  • On the Settings screen, go to the Accounts and Import tab.
  • On the Accounts and Import screen, you should see a section of Send mail as to use Gmail to send from your other email addresses.This is where you can set-up your domain name information on Gmail. As you can see from the screenshot above, Ive integrated my emails domain name at into Gmail.
  • Enter your name and email address of your domain names and click Next.
  • You can choose whether you want to send the email via Gmail servers or through your domain name servers. Just pick Gmail as suggested.
  • It will then send an email to your email address to verify that you do own the domain and that you are the owner of that email address.
  • Just keep following the steps and you should be good to go, they are simple to follow! Thats it, really! From now on, whenever you want to send an email using your domain name, just use Gmails Compose Mail and choose your other email from the drop down menu:Easy, right? No Google Apps and this way, you can easily switch between one email to another, depends on your recipients! Coupled with the WiseStamp browser add-on to easily add your HTML signature on Gmail, its perfect!
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    Using Gmail Instead Of Your Doteasy Webmail Application

    Well, to be honest, there is a lot to like about Gmail a simple and friendly interface, good spam filtering, and much more, but the one main advantage of importing your domain email address into Gmail is the ample email storage space you get from Gmail.

    If you have a lot of emails that you dont delete, you could be maxing out your domain email storage quota.

    When you import your domain email account into Gmail, you are essentially downloading a copy of your domain email messages into your Gmail account. This setup allows you to:

    • Access your emails from any browser, any device, anywhere. You can even install the iOS and Android Gmail apps on your phone all settings will be auto-synced, so you dont have to re-import your domain email account into your mobile phone or device.
    • Store all your emails in your Gmail account instead of using up your domain mail server storage space
    • Take advantage of Googles uptime and stability as an online-storage solution for your domain emails

    But do keep in mind that Gmail is a product of Google, so if there should be any problems or if you need help with your Gmail account, you will need to contact Google for assistance. Doteasy will not be able to give you assistance as in-depth as Google would, afterall, Gmail is not our product.

    Set Up Your Email Mx Record

    How to use Gmail with my own domain

    This is the last step in setting up your custom email address. Its what makes the emails actually flow into Gmail. This will require changing some settings at your web host. Google has specific instructions for many web hosts here. If your host is not the list, then follow the generic instructions here.

    This step sounds scary because the instructions have a lot of technical language. If you follow the instructions step-by-step, you should have no problems. However, if you do, contact customer support at your web hosting provider. They will be able to help you.

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    Configure Your Applications Mail Settings

    The actual configuration of your applications mail settings will vary, depending on the software, but the details that you will need to set up working outgoing mail are generally the same.

    With this Gmail setup, you will need to specify the following details when configuring your application to send email. Obviously, some of your details will differ from the example, so substitute them as is appropriate:

    • SMTP Host:
    • Use SSL Encryption: Yes, use SSL encryption
    • SMTP Authentication: Yes, use SMTP authentication
    • Email Address or Username: The email address under your domain that you want to use
    • Email Name: The name associated with the email address
    • Email Password: The password associated with the email address

    Once you configure your application with these settings, your application should be able to send mail through custom domain.

    How To Use Gmail With Your Own Custom Domain

    Cody J. MurphyDecember 22, 2021

    One of the first things people like to do after registering a domain name is set up a custom email address. A custom email address uses your domain instead of a free one like or Using your own domain for email looks much more professional, especially if youre running a business or non-profit organization.

    There are two ways to use a custom domain with Gmail. The most common way is by using a paid option called Google Workspace that offers email in addition to a suite of productivity tools. The second, lesser-known option, is configuring a regular free Gmail account to send and receive with your custom domain.

    Lets dive into the free option now!

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    Custom Email With Google Workspace


    • Business Starter: $6 USD per user, per month
    • Business Standard: $12 USD per user, per month
    • Business Plus: $18 USD per user, per month

    You get:

    • Custom and secure business email
    • 30GB , 2TB or 5TB of cloud storage per user
    • Collaboration tools such as Docs, Slides and Sheets
    • 100 participants , 150 participants or 250 participants video meetings and recording
    • Enhanced security and management controls, including Vault and advanced endpoint management

    Setup Your New Email As An Alias In Gmail

    How to Use Gmail (FREE) for Your Custom Domain Email Address

    Congratulations, youre now receiving all of your emails in Gmail for free. The final step is to create an alias so that you can also SEND all of your emails using Gmail for free.

    To set up an alias in Gmail, log in to your free Gmail account created in step 1 and click the settings icon. Then click Settings.

    Then click the Accounts and Import tab and scroll down until you see Send mail as:. Click the Add another email address link.

    Enter the name youd like to use for the email address. Then enter the custom email address you created in Bluehost as the email address. Make sure the Treat as an alias checkbox is checked.

  • On the next page, use as the SMTP Server.
  • Leave the Port as the default.
  • Set the Username to be the same as the custom email address you created in Bluehost.
  • The password will be the password you created in Bluehost for that email address.
  • If all went well, Gmail should send a confirmation email with your confirmation code. Simply enter the confirmation code and click Verify.

    Finally, go back to the Settings -> Accounts and Import tab. Find the Send mail as:section and set your new email address as the default address to send mail as.

    Once you click that button, youre done!!! Youre now sending and receiving emails in Gmail using your custom domain for free! Amazing!

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    Obtaining A Domain Name

    Before you can have a Gmail domain name, you first must register a domain. If that step is already completed, just skip this section and move on to the G Suite section. For those of you that have yet to complete this vital process, fear not, has made domain registration cheap and easy.

    In order to claim a domain name, it must be registered with ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, a nonprofit that keeps track of available, unused domain names. Because of regulations, a domain can only be registered with ICANN through a domain registrar such as

    Domain registrars are afforded this privilege because:

    • They have received accreditation through ICANN
    • They have built up years of experience in the world of domains
    • It helps centralize and track ownership and availability of names

    Set Up Mx Records To Direct Your Mail To Google Servers

    When you’re ready to go live with Gmail, redirect your domain’s MX records to Google servers. Do this after creating user accounts for people who will be using Gmail with your domain.

    This is one of the most important steps to setting up Gmail with Google Workspace, so make sure your MX Records are correctly set up before starting to use Gmail.

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    Sign Up For Google Workspace

    While the first option will save you some money, I do recommend just signing up for instead. Its much simpler and more reliable than option 1. In addition to a custom email address with Gmail that matches your websites domain name, youll have tons of extra features that make it easier to collaborate, store documents, share files, and even add or remove user accounts for other people on your team that use your domain name in their email addresses:

    • During the contract, I could make files & events shareable with all TDN employees to easily collaborate
    • Finally, when the contract ended, I could freeze their accounts with 1 click so my business info is safe!

    All of those benefits were possible because I had Google Workspace. They actually offer a 14-day free trial so you get a better sense of what its like to use all their features. In addition, they provide promo codes that help save 10% off for the year.

    This promotion is only available for the Business Starter and Business Standard packages. There are a few differences between these 2 plans the standard plan comes with much more storage space and lets you record video meetings. But in general, the standard plan is only worth the extra money if you have a lot of files that you need to store or if you work as part of a team that does a lot of collaborative work remotely, otherwise, Id go with the basic package.

    Forwarding Emails To Gmail Account

    How to set up the gmail email address using your own domain name

    Now that we have the necessary data, its time to set the Gmail account so it can receive messages sent to your custom domain email. Heres how:

  • Log in to your Gmail account, click on the gear icon and select Settings -> Accounts and Import.
  • Choose Add a mail account under the Check mail from other accounts section.
  • After you entered your domain email, click Next -> Import emails from my other account -> Next.
  • Fill in the details using the server information we located earlier. The server were using is, and the port is 995.
  • Check the boxes as needed, but we recommend to tick the first three boxes as you can keep two copies of the same messages on different platforms, use a secure connection, and label incoming messages according to its original email destination.
  • Click Add Account to finalize the settings.
  • Youll be prompted with the option to send emails from your custom address. If you only need Gmail to receive emails and choose No, youll be all set! But if you want the platform to be your one-stop destination to receive and send messages, select Yes and continue to the next part.
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    Getting Pop3 And Smtp Details

    Before we can set up a Gmail account to work with a custom domain, first you need to create a domain-based email. In case you havent made one, refer to our tutorial to know how to do so.

    After creating the email, you need to collect its POP3 and SMTP details. To locate the email protocols in Hostingers hPanel, do the following:

  • Head over to Email Accounts under the Emails section.
  • Select Set Up Devices.
  • Scroll down to Configuration Settings and select Manual Configuration. Were going to use that information later.
  • Gmail On My Own Domain For Free

    You can no longer attach your domain to Gmail for free as you could do a year or so ago. Now it’s called Google for Business and also includes Google Drive, Google Calendar and more. It’s all beautiful except for one thing: it’s now not free. I just need mail, one address, nothing else.

    Is there still a way to do it for free for a new domain?

    I’ve seen some workarounds, but they seem to be outdated, so I’d like to know if it’s possible to use an alternate method or not.

    If there’s no way to have it, maybe there’s a good alternative to have email address on my own domain attached to an external mail service?

    Having a mail server on my server or paying 3/month just for mail isn’t as good as a free option.

    Either way, you can use gmail to manage your email.

    However, a slight caveat with the send-mail-as approach is that it is sent via gmail’s servers and this is indicated to the recipient in the form of a Sender mail header . But otherwise it does work quite well.

    If, however, you already have your own external mail server through which you can send email for your domain, but just wish to use Gmail to manage your email then you can use your own SMTP server to send email. This avoids the Sender header being set and is entirely transparent to the recipient. The recipient will be unaware you are using Gmail – which is now simply an email client.

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