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Can I Use A Org Domain For A Business

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Can A Business Use .org Domain? (Real Examples)

Your domain name is the face of your website and your online brand its the first thing visitors learn about your website. Every domain name is unique, but the best ones are relevant, familiar, and easy to remember.

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So, whats the right domain extension for your site? In this guide, Ill review and compare some of the most well-known extensions you can use to cap off your domain name. And dont worry if youre unsure what a domain extension actually is. Well start there.

When Should You Use A Org Extension

As mentioned, .org extensions are commonly used by non-profit organizations, but theyre also sometimes used by other types of websites. For instance, some websites that provide the public with free information and resources but profit via ads being displayed on their site also use a .org domain extension. .Org extensions are also sometimes used by open source online networks.

Here are the different types of websites that commonly use a .org extension:

Charity and Other Non-Profit Organization Websites

A .org extension should be used by a charity or non-profit organization for several reasons. For one, it adds credibility. It also sends a positive public message that the purpose of the site is to serve the greater good of the public, not to make a profit. Plus, people searching for a non-profit organization tend to automatically to the end of its name hoping the right website will show up. With a .org extension, youll show up first.

Open Source Websites

While many open source software companies dont designate themselves as being non-profit, they also commonly use .org domain extensions. They do so to tell the public their software, forum, and/or user network are available for free.

Educational Websites

Knowing More About Domain Extensions

There are two components that make up a website address: the domain name and the domain name extension. The initial is a unique element that integrates your goals to your brand name while the latter tells the type and purpose of your website.

When you are building your website, you have to ask yourself these questions. What is the purpose of your website? .com vs .org – Which is which? Is it going to be an ecommerce website? Are you going to sell different products or services? Is it going to be a non-profit business or strictly informational? Make sure to raise questions to yourself before you move forward to your next step.

Looking closely at .com vs .org, it is truly a battle of the two top domain name extensions. These two name extensions are called the top-level domains because they help users to identify what category the website falls under. What does .org mean? What does .org feature?

In a nutshell, the .org domain name extension is used at the end of non-profit organizations websites while .com is used mostly by for-profit businesses and ecommerce stores. But on top of that, it is important to elaborate on .org vs .com domain name extensions to help you choose a domain name which will add instant credibility to your website.

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What If Somebody Has Used The Same Name In The Past

If they dont want it, owners have the option to make the domain name available for general registration or put it to auction.

Be careful there may be a reason why the domain name wasnt renewed. Perhaps it was too difficult in terms of SEO and was never found by users, there may be legal reasons not to renew, or it couldve been banned by Google, so it wont rank at all.

Many registrars also offer a domain name brokering service so that you can track domain names and when they expire, allowing you to swoop in when they open up. The broker can purchase the name on your behalf, if you prefer.

How Do I Buy The Domain Name

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Auction hosts will have protocols in place for making payments and transfers, so refer to their customer service team or FAQ section if youre not sure.

Its a similar story if you want to buy a domain name outright. The registrar will guide you through the process and the name will be yours. A standard fee will normally include a purchase fee and a yearly renewal fee it will possibly involve a set-up fee as well.

Or if youve approached by the owner directly, you can make transfer and payment arrangements between you.

When youre buying a domain name, be aware of legal implications. There is no established domain name law, but you enter into a contract with a domain name registry or reseller when you sign up. Dispute resolution policy can be used if the registry or reseller rules that the domain name you bought was purchased maliciously, such as buying it to sell to a competitor at an increased price.

The UK Domain helps small businesses and individuals get online, offering digital and business expertise along with tools for you to reach your goals. You can use the domain search tool below to help you find the perfect domain name.

Learn how to achieve more online with free and trusted advice from the UK Domain. Browse articles, guides and more here.

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Traditional Vs Nontraditional Domains

For most businesses, straddling the traditional and nontraditional is part of the balancing act. While companies want to seem edgy and unique, unconventional ways can be viewed negatively by more traditional businesses and customers.

In the web domain space there are now over a thousand domain extensions available to the consumer. All but a handful are looked at as nontraditional. So, while it might seem valuable to stand out, be sure to consider how it may be viewed professionally.

New TLDs

Back in 2012, ICANN decided to allow businesses to apply for unique domain extensions. This quickly rose the number of TLDs from its original 22. Some of the early applications for domain extensions involved words such as:

Some of these new TLDS offered immediate value to businesses and consumers who wanted a new and noteworthy domain. Others seemed more like gag websites . Either way, these new TLDs have exploded into a comprehensive list.

Now, if youre a yoga company, you can use .yoga. Sell yachts? Make tech? Play tennis? Eat soy? These are all available as domain extensions. Which means not only can you create more unique web addresses, but you can also be more specific. If having a new TLD sounds perfect for your business, be sure to check through the full list to find one that fits your needs.

Registering Domains With Strikingly

Image taken from Strikingly user website

Did you know that Strikingly offers $24.95 domain credit for the first year if you’re subscribed to any yearly plan? Thats right! This is the best opportunity to maximize your new website! You have to take note that buying a domain is separate from your website subscription.

Now that you are ready to register, here is a step-by-step guide that you need to follow!

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Is Org More Credible Than Com

Yes and no. Although .com extensions have been used by the worlds biggest websites for years and definitely add credibility, .org extensions showcase the non-profit status of organizations and let visitors know the websites sole purpose is to provide valuable, useful information not turn a profit.

Us Domains History And Ranking

How to Create a Business Email | Complete Setup with Gmail for Free

This domain was created for US based individuals, companies and websites. You must be a US citizen, a permanent United States resident, or a US entity such as organizations and corporations. Additionally, any business or corporation with a bona fide presence in the USA may register. Lastly, you cannot WHOIS protect a .US domain which makes it a deal breaker for almost everyone.

You would think these strict, exclusive requirements would improve ranking, right? Wrong. I personally bought a .US domain and waited for months in order to achieve ranking. I watched junkier .NET and .INFO outrank my articles day after day. I finally gave up and retired my .US domain name in favor of a .COM. Needless to say, traffic and ranking immediately shot up after creating my suitable 301 redirects and getting indexed.

.US? Never again. Not recommended for anything or anyone. Its high price and restrictions dont allow the throw away usage recommended for .INFO domains, either.

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Should I Buy A Org Domain

When you buy or register a domain name, one of the most important factors to consider is which extension to attach to your domain. In terms of global popularity and recognition, the .com domain extension is second to none when comparing your different options in the domain name registrar. Many search enginesnot to mention usersadd .com as the default domain extension whenever someone looks up websites. These top-level domain names are recognized around the world as being the most common domain name extensions, however they are not the only ones.

However, there are many different domain extensions you can choose, from .net and country-specific extensionssuch as .us or .ukto industry extensions such as .gov and .edu, to others such as .iopopular in the tech, .biz, .org, and many more.

Comparing The Two: Com Vs Org

For your plans of creating your own website, you have to know the difference between the two. Aside from providing you with a grasp of domain name extensions, this will also help you align your brands purpose to your website in general. Let us compare: .com vs .org.

Typically, .com extensions are used by all types of for-profit businesses for a fair annual price of $8. The good thing about .com domain names is their feature of being mobile-friendly. This means that it can cater for all visitors to whatever device they use.

Also, this domain name extension is very credible for any type of business compared to other alternatives. However, it can be noted that there is a lower chance of availability to use .com domain name extensions because 50% of websites across the globe use such a domain.

On one hand, there are the .org domain name extensions that are typically used by non-profit businesses and organizations for an annual rate of $8. In addition, .org domain name extensions provide credibility for websites.

As you compare .com vs .org, you will notice that the distinction between the two is fairly simple. But choosing the most appropriate domain extension for your website can yield positive effects on your contents. Thats why, in response, free website builder Strikingly has provided the best domains users can choose from.

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Ly Sy Tv And Other Country Domains Are Risky Do Not Buy Them

Im updating this post to include a warning about .LY and other vanity domain names that belong to foreign countries. For example, .LY belongs to Libya and in the past, the registrar has been shut down due to wars within Libya. In 2011, this resulted in the company getting shut down because their domain expired during that shutdown and the domain was quickly snatched up by another company when they returned. These foreign-based registrars do not abide by US law and are extremely risky to purchase. For the record, .SY belongs to Syria and .TV belongs to the Tuvalu Islands, a series of nine slivers of earth in the middle of the South Pacific, with a population of about 10,000. Buy these extensions at your own risk.

When To Use A Com Domain Extension

How can I find a .gov or .org Web site using Google?

.com stands for commercial, as it was initially intended for commercial businesses. Like .org, anyone can register for a .com domain, and it is the most popular top-level domains to use. Because of its popularity, registering for a .com domain name can get competitive, so be creative with how you create your domain name.

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How Do I Choose Between A Com Org Or Net Domain Name

by Nate Babbel | Dec 21, 2020 | Blog, SEO |

Editors Note: This blog post was originally published in 2012 and again in 2018. As of December 2020, its been updated and republished to reflect current information. The article was cleaned up, recommendations were reassessed, and references refreshed.

The simplest, most direct answer to the proposed question is that you generally want to go with a .com domain name.

However, every company or website has unique needs and challenges, so its not always as cut and dried. This article takes a closer look at each domain option and dives further into the world of top-level domains .

For a more succinct description of each domain, check out the following video .

Types Of Domain Extensions

There are three types of domain extensions you should know when looking for a suitable option for your site: generic, sponsored, and country code.

Generic Domain Extensions

This is the most widely-used category of extension, and what most online businesses use in their domain names. Generic domain extensions are available to any website willing to buy, and some youll even find for free. The popular extensions .com, .org, and .net are generic, as are many other niche TLDs.

Sponsored Domain Extensions

Sponsored domain extensions may only be used by organizations that fit certain requirements. For instance, only certified educational institutions are allowed to use the .edu domain extension for their websites, and the .gov extension is restricted to entities under the United States government.

Country Code Domain Extensions

Many countries have their own two-letter domain extension to signify the organizations location. Examples include .us , .uk , and .de .

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Who Is Eligible For Registering Us Domains

The .us domain extension is not available to everyone. Only those included in the following list are allowed to register .us domains:

  • A permanent resident or citizen of the United States or any of its territories
  • An individual whose home or domicile is in the United States or any of its territories
  • An organization or business entity that is incorporated in the US, Washington, DC, or one of its entities
  • Federal, state, or local US government entities
  • Political subdivisions that have a genuine presence in the country

How Do I Check If That Domain Names Already Been Taken

How to Create an Email Address with Your GoDaddy Domain Name

Web domain registration services tend to have domain name checkers like this one that let you see whether a domain name is already in use.

The price you pay is dependent on the provider you go with and which domain name extension you choose. Websites ending with are a minimum of £4.99 a year and .com domains start at £9.99 per year.

If the domain name that youre after is taken, the registry is likely to suggest alternatives. For example, if I type in into the UK Domain, it says that the .uk,, and forms of the name are taken. However, it will return location-based alternatives under each extension like and

If you use a website builder, most include registering a custom domain as part of their package.

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