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Can I Change My Domain Name On Shopify

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how to change shopify domain name | How to Connect your third-party domain to Shopify Store

Just search for the domain name and you will get the domain availability status and list of domain suggestions if your searched domain name is already taken.

For example, I searched for the term toyo, as it is not available with .com, I got the below cool suggestions:

Now lets see how you can change your store name in Shopify.

Go To Plan And Permissions

Then scroll down until you see this:

And there you can press on close store!

Or you can pause your store for a while so you can still keep the data, but you will need to keep paying Shopify each month.

But that will cost less than the normal Shopify subscription!

However, with the current situation, they changed a few things: now you can pause your store without paying any monthly fees. The only thing then is that you cant edit anything while your store is paused.

How To Change Shopify Store Name Via Shopify Admin Panel

The second way to change Shopify store name is to do it via the Shopify Admin panel.

To do that go to your Shopify Admin panel and click the Settings icon in the bottom-left corner of the panel.

Then click on the General tab and youll see a text input labeled Store name. You should see your current store name in there. All you have to do to change your Shopify store name is to delete the current name and type in your new, desired Shopify store name.

and youve just changed your Shopify store name!

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Older Name: What Do You Do

Sure, our focus is to set up our new domain if we cant use our original one for any reason, but you might be left wondering what you should do with the older domain.

Well, first off, dont even worry if the older domain had a myshopify URL its discarded automatically.

On the other hand, you can reassign domains bought from other providers to other websites without any issue you own it after all. However, you can just keep it until you find a use for it or simply sell it to someone else.

If you want to sell it, you can find many domain marketplaces where you can list your domains for sale. If you find you have a domain with a high demand, then you might be surprised at how much you can make from it.

Understanding Urls And Domain Names On Shopify

Can I Change My Domain Name On Shopify?

Shopify has a unique way that it handles URLs that enable you to easily change your stores URL without having to transfer everything over to a new host.

Since Shopify is a hosted eCommerce platform you dont need any hosting and your domain becomes less of an issue when changing URLs. If you use an eCommerce platform like Woocommerce this can be a big task every time you want to change URLs.

When you create your Shopify account you will also create a Shopify URL which becomes linked to that Shopify account.

This URL will be in the format

You can always access your store at that domain. This is not a very user friendly domain though and you can simply add any other domain to your store and set that as the primary domain within Shopify.

You can register the domain and change the CNAME record in your DNS settings to point this new domain to

That Shopify URL, will always point to your store regardless of any other domains that you make the primary domain on your store.

As an example, if you create a new product with it creates a new URL for that product page.

It will look something like this:

This page will also then be available through your primary domain which will look like this:

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Wix: Protect Your Domain Google Workspace Admin Help

DNS records tell computers how to find your website and where to deliver your companys email messages. Youll copy a verification code from the Google

Step 3. Adding Your Domain/Subdomain to Your TaxDome If your domain isnt verified within 24 your Wix account, click your name

Unrivaled RevieweCommerce

When you are starting an Shopify store it can be hard to come up with a store name. More difficult still is finding a domain name when the one you had in mind has been taken. Usually you have already started a store by this stage. You therefore may be wondering if it is possible to change your domain name once you have already registered and assigned on to your store. Having run multiple stores over the years, I would like to share with you some important insights on the topic here with you today.

So, can you change your shopify domain name? Yes it is possible to change your domain name at any time. To do this, you will just need to purchase a new domain, add the new domain and assign it to your store in Shopify, update the CNAME records and verify pwnership. The process only takes between 5-10 minutes.

I know what its like, when you are starting your new store your mind goes blank. Unless you have really thought about your name and your brand ahead of time, its easy to panic and choose a brand/domain name you no longer like in a couple of months.


Add A New Domain To Shopify

This step is required to prove that you are the owner of a custom domain name. For this

  • First, get to the Shopify admin panel and pick Domains in the Online Store menu.
  • Now choose the Connect existing domain option.
  • Type your new Shopify domain name in the given text field and push the Next button to complete the process.

To better organize information across your store, Shopify allows you to add a root domain and subdomains using the www or another prefix. Just enter relevant details in the domain name field. The next essential step is changing DNS settings and the CNAME record.

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Changing Your Shopify Store Domain Name

If you are looking for the answer on how to change the Shopify store name, then youre in the right place.

The reasons for changing the domain name can be different. Perhaps, you found a more profitable ecommerce niche, decided to strengthen your brand identity, or just came up with a name more relevant to your business values.

Fortunately, tweaking the domain name is not a big challenge in Shopify. So, keep calm, your Shopify store, all the settings, and data will remain safe.

In brief, it all boils down to buying a new domain name and adding it to your Shopify store. Once you finish, customers going to your online shop will have to use the new URL to access your store.

How to do it painlessly? Lets figure it out together.

As the actions below can affect particular configurations, such as email forwarding, follow the guidelines very carefully, or turn to our team experienced in Shopify development.

Buy a domain name

The first thing is to purchase a domain name either from a third-party vendor, such as GoDaddy, Google Domains, or Namecheap, or directly from Shopify.

What Is Shopify Domain

How to get a FREE domain name for Shopify store

Prior to knowing how to change Shopify domain, you must understand the concept of Shopify domain. Simply speaking, it is the web address, often known as a Shopify URL, that visitors will use to find your store on the internet. For more detail, the first time you sign up your Shopify account, youre required to ask your stores name. Amazingly, your Shopify domain is dynamically created by using the store name you provided in the format Also, this domain is configured as your principal domain by default.

Whats more, this domain will be used to access your Shopify admin panel. Besides, it can also be used as your customer-facing URL. However, instead of using it, you should purchase and utilize your own branded custom domain name if you want to establish credibility and confidence for your store. This is because customers want to work with your company, not Shopify.

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Moving Onward And Upward

A business expansion provides a valid reasons to change Shopify name. These include businesses that start as one entity and add onto themselves. Small businesses often do this. They start with what they can afford to start up, then add onto services and products to sell.

An example could be a health food store , and then the store owner decides to begin offering deli items made in-house and got the clearance to sell groceries and produce. They could rename themselves to Health Shack, Vittles and Vitamin Shack, or any other combination. This change reflects that there is now more offered than just vitamins now.

Shopify Store Name Vs Shopify Store Domain

First, letâs talk about the difference between your Shopify store name and your Shopify URL.

Your store’s name on Shopify is made up of two elements.

The first is whatâs visible to your customers on the front end. When you initially set up your Shopify store, you need to enter your store’s name.

The second is the domain name or URL, which ends with â.comâ or “” unless you pay for a custom domain. The domain name or store URL is automatically generated when you start your store.

For example, if your store is named Barbâs Burgers, your domain name could be If you bought a custom domain, it could be shortened to

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Verify Your Connection In Shopify

Click Verify connection in your Shopify admin to confirm that your custom domain has been connected to your store.


It may take up to 48 hours for your custom domain to point to your Shopify store. If you have problems or need help setting your third-party domain, you can reach out to your provider.

Try Channels Phone System That Integrates With Your Shopify Store

Can I Change My Domain Name On Shopify?

Channels is a data-driven phone system that connects with your Shopify store so you know every customers details upfront


Channels collects customer data that you store in Shopify and makes it accessible through a neat tool called Customer Card. This appears every time you handle a customer call.

With all the details such as call recordings, full name, and latest orders youll be able to solve your customers problems in minutes if not seconds!

On top of that, you get all the essential features of a phone system such as:

  • Mobile app

You can try Channels for free for 7 days. Plus, we give you a free phone number and a few $$$ so you can fully test our software!

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Youre Following A Short

A trend can influence your business. In fact, capturing the trend by your store name can bring a huge benefit to your business.

However, short-term trends frequently develop associations with certain groups or stereotypes which are rapidly changing. After a while, you might find the trend no longer overlaps your target customer, you should rename Shopify store.

Should I Buy A Domain Name From Shopify Or Use A Third

The advantage of buying a domain name from Shopify is that you can manage your store and domain in one place, and the process of connecting your domain to your Shopify store becomes much simpler. However, by doing so so you are placing all your eggs in one basket if you lost access to your Shopify account, you could lose access not just to your store but your domain name too. For that reason some merchants prefer to keep their domains and Shopify stores separate.

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When Should You Change Your Shopify Store Name

The shop name is among the core variables that result in the evolution of your small business. A fantastic name identifies your shop as another brand among all of the opponents.

Additionally, it provides a purposeful message of your brand and functions as a bridge between you and your client.

So, how do you impress a purchaser only from the title?

How do consumers remember your shop name and wish to return next time?

If the name includes a powerful emotional or sense-related relationship with an individual, the storage route to their title will be more powerful. When it was not a psychological experience our brains slot it in our short-term memory and we have a tendency to eliminate things we do not return to.

With that said, the trick to a fantastic title is to construct a strong emotional link between you and your client. Apparently, it isnt a simple task, but if you choose to put the effort in to rename your store, here are 3 reasons why a brand-new name actually is your ideal alternative.

Among the most frequent problems, you may face is that your clients simply cant fully comprehend or spell the title properly.

Consequently, it might bring a negative impact on your brand awareness. This normally occurs when youre in the global marketplace, particularly for an internet shop.

On account of these cultural and language gaps, your title may have peculiar spelling and it is likely hard to pronounce for indigenous clients of the language.

Your title is like rivals.

Why Choose A How Domain

Can You Change Your Shopify Store Name?
.how overview

Every day, millions of people turn to the Internet to learn something new. Often, theyre looking for information on how to do something, which is why tutorials and educational content are so popular online! If the purpose of your site is to teach people, youll want to make that very clear. Before they even visit your site, a .how domain name tells your visitors theyre going to learn something new.

.how facts, stats & history

.how is a generic top-level domain . That means anyone, anywhere in the world can register a .how domain name. And because its much less common than other popular extensions like .com and .co, you have a better chance of getting the exact name you want! .how is a descriptive, intriguing domain name that offers value right off the bat. Your visitors are looking for answers. This TLD tells them youve got the knowledge they need!

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Where To Buy A Domain Name From

When you first sign up for Shopify, you will run through the setup steps to build your store and get all of the technical settings and aspects in place.

One of the steps is to purchase a domain from Shopify themselves. This will cost you $14, but the perks of purchasing it here is that it will be automatically assigned and run live on your store.

In all honesty, you are paying for the convenience here. A lot of store owners generally decide to purchase the domain from Shopify thinking its too complicated to purchase a domain and set it up from anywhere else. This couldnt be further from the truth, and you can save over $6 dollars by shopping elsewhere. Ill explain how to do this in the section below.

There are hundreds of online domain registrars, some are great, others not so much.

Personally, I have had excellent results with Namecheap and use them for all my domain needs. They have a 24/7 and excellent support team who can help you if you were to experience any issues or need any help with assigning your domain to your Shopify store. Plus the general interface is very easy to use unlike others .

But as the name suggests, its their pricing that stands out.

At Namecheap, you can purchase a domain for just $8.91. This is literally half the price as it would be if you decided to purchase the very same domain on the Shopify platform .

I suggest you purchase your new domain there. Trust me when I say you will not find a cheaper or better registrar for this.

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