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What Is Domain Broker Service

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Why Choose Media Options To Broker Your Domain

GoDaddy’s Domain Buy Service | Domain Broker

Simply put, we believe that MediaOptions is the best domain broker in the world. Our track record speaks for itself. We’ve brokered hundreds of millions of dollars worth of successful domain transactions for the world’s top companies, investors, and startups.

We invented the most commonly accepted methodology for measuring Domain Name Value. Our firm understanding of domain value combined with our unparalleled domain name expertise gives us tremendous leverage to negotiate the best price for our customers, with integrity and discretion.

Picking the right domain broker is critical. Choosing the wrong one can risk your domain name’s fair market value and jeopardize your value perception with potential buyers.

Why Use A Domain Broker Rather Than Approaching The Domain Owner Directly

In a domain acquisition negotiation, anonymity can help you pay closer to a fair market value rather than an artificially inflated cost. Domain brokers at Webnames have the advantage of decades of experience in identifying and reaching out to domain owners with a proposition that is likely to be considered seriously. A domain acquisition includes several nuances such as security, privacy, confidentiality and financial verifiability that we handle on your behalf that eliminate risks and concerns for you.

Will I Or My Company Be Anonymous From The Current Owner Throughout This Process

We understand that your new projects / products may be in stealth mode until they are ready to launch, and we value your privacy. Our domain brokers operate in complete confidentiality to ensure that your plans remain private and to ensure that we get the best possible price for the domain name you want.

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We Acquire Your Perfect Domain

Are you not able to find your desired domain on our ? Or would you simply like to save the time and hassle by having our brokers negotiate for you? Our experts will contact the owner on your behalf and handle all of the necessary negotiations.

Just let us know which domain you are interested in and entrust our brokers with the negotiations. We will assign you a personal domain broker who will initiate negotiations with the owner on your behalf. You as the customer remain discreetly in the background. Guaranteed!

  • Domains à la Carte: our experts will acquire your domain, even if it isn’t for sale at Sedo
  • Individual support: your personal domain broker will advise and consult with you before initiating and solidifying negotiations with the owner on your behalf
  • Guaranteed discretion: customers remain anonymous during negotiations

Our Minimum Requirements For Domain Marketing

What Is Domain Broker Service In Godaddy

Your domain consists of no more than two descriptive words.

You agree to an exclusive marketing agreement.

You notify us of any ongoing correspondence and offers received from interested parties up to now.

Domains with spelling and typographic errors will not be accepted.

You provide us with traffic statistics for the past 12 months.

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Is The Godaddy Domain Buy Service Always Successful

In short, no. GoDaddys domain buy service isnt always successful. It would be nice to know specific statistics to determine just how successful the service is, but sensibly, GoDaddy doesnt release that information.

GoDaddy does state on its website, however:

While we cannot guarantee the acquisition of a domain name, we will attempt to contact the current registrant and negotiate a deal for you.

A successful domain name acquisition depends on a number of important factors. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Your budget will your budget realistically be enough to acquire the domain you want? For example a two-letter .COM such as would likely cost over $1 million to acquire. If you have a budget of $50,000, unfortunately, youre very unlikely to be successful.
  • The sellers valuation the seller may value the domain name higher than you. You cant do much about that unless youre prepared to potentially exceed your budget and match their expectations.
  • The sellers willingness to make a deal sometimes, a seller will just not be interested in selling.
  • GoDaddys ability to successfully contact the owner in a small number of cases, it may not be possible to track down the domain registrant.

GoDaddys brokers dedicate a maximum of 30 days to negotiate a sale with the domains owner. Sometimes, it can take far longer than this to acquire a domain.

Take Elon Musk and It took him a decade, and $11 million to acquire

Sedo The Best For Global Domains

Sedo is the global market leader in domain exchanges. It currently has 19 million domain offerings, 4 million parked domains, and 3,500 domain sales each month. It has been in business for almost 20 years and was built to help people buy, sell, and park their domains.

For people who want to exchange domains with a global audience, Sedo is the right broker. Its customer base is over 2 million people in over 150 countries. Its main employee base is in the U.S. and Germany with partnerships all over the world. Sedo handles every second global domain transaction and has made over 700,000 domain sales.

If you dont speak the language of a seller, theres no need to worry. Sedos employees collectively speak over 25 languages, and they will negotiate a deal for you. Sedo has safe transactions that can be made via bank transfer, credit card, or PayPal.

Fair warning, Sedos pricing structure is on the complex side. While some features are inexpensive, other services have fees that start to add up. Its important to determine exactly what you need before purchasing from Sedo.

Registering with Sedo, transferring domains, parking domains, and buying domains are all free. When purchasing a domain with an express payment option that allows same-day transfer, a 3% fee is added. This is waived for transactions below $500.

Learn more about using Sedo by heading to their website.

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List Of Domain Brokers

Domain brokers and domain brokerages are responsible for facilitating millions of dollars of domain name sales each year. A domain name broker can either help a domain owner find a buyer, assist a domain buyers acquisition effort, or work as a third party to successfully negotiate the close of a domain sale. This list of domain brokers may be helpful to someone looking to work with a broker on selling a domain name.

If you are looking for more general information about what a domain broker does and how a broker can help, you may be interested in reading this handy domain broker guide. If you are already knowledgable about the services offered by a domain broker or brokerage, you can see a list of domain brokers and services below.

Some of the brokers and companies on the list offer private / anonymous domain acquisition services, some have a periodic domain sales newsletter, and others work on behalf of a domain owner to sell a domain name. Be sure you are familiar with the domain brokers policies and price structure prior to engaging the broker for services. Most domain brokers work on a sales commission basis, meaning they are paid a percentage of the sale price.

List of Domain Brokers and Domain Brokerage Services:

Domain Booth Has The Lowest Commission Of The Leadingdomain Broker

Why you need to use a domain name broker.

I can imagine DomainBooth charging insane prices for their brokerage services in the future. But right now, you can get one of the best domain brokers on the market for an exceptionally low commission of 12.5%.

So you still pay, but 2.5% less than other premium brokers. If you are negotiating to purchase a five or six digit domain, the savings can be significant.

DomainBooth is a newcomer in the domain brokerage business. In 2015, founder James Booth, then 26, created a furor: His company sold more than $5 million worth of domain names in the first 12 months.

It wasnt a flash in the pan either. Today, DomainBooth is one of the most successful domain brokers, having beaten some of the major players in the industry. According to, Booth ranks second among all brokers in domain sales in 2020.

The company specializes in extremely short domains two-letter domains, numbers and letters, three letters and one word. If you are interested in such a project, I highly recommend you contact DomainBooth.

There is simply no other broker at this level that charges such low commissions. The minimum commission for buying is $500 and for selling $1,000, which means the company is focused on buying domains worth more than $5,000 and selling domains worth more than $10,000.

You dont pay a cent if DomainBooth cant close a deal.

Contact DomainBooth today for help buying or selling a premium domain.

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What Sets Us Apart

  • We specialize in white glove outbound domain brokerage to end-user companies. This means higher offers and profits for your premium domain.
  • We handle everything related to selling your domain so you can focus on what you do best.
  • Your domain will be marketed directly to decision-makers, which means a higher chance of selling and a better price.
  • No domain broker in the market today has the experience and track record of the MediaOptions brokerage team.
  • We are consistently the largest customer of in the domain name industry. That means we are likely transacting more domain names in the aftermarket than anyone else.

Apa Itu Layanan Broker Domain Godaddy

If the domain name you want is already registered by someone else, you can use GoDaddy’s professional Domain Broker Service, or DBS for short, to attempt to acquire it for you. This service provides a personal domain broker who’ll reach out to the current domain name owner, negotiate a sales price within your budget and facilitate the domain name sales transaction. And we do all this while keeping you anonymous. Our brokers are domain experts and will do everything they can to make sure they get the domain you want at the lowest price for you.

The Domain Broker Service purchase gives our agents a maximum of 30 days to negotiate a deal for you. Your purchase is non-refundable and non-transferable. If you want to pursue a different domain name instead of the one you originally purchased, you must purchase a separate request to acquire the new domain name through Domain Broker Service.

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Theyll Complete The Paperwork For You

Once a domain broker has closed the deal, the matter of transferring the domain and securing payment is next. Many people have no experience working with escrow and other modern payment solutions. As such, working with a broker adds a certain level of error-proofing and convenience. Theyll be highly experienced concerning the paperwork of domain purchases, which saves you time and sidesteps potential scams.

Brokering Outbound Domain Sales

What Is Domain Broker Service

MediaOptions’ Premium Domain Name Brokerage Service offers domain owners the highest level of professional outbound marketing that the industry offers. We take a white-glove approach to the process.

The first step in our process is to identify the appropriate and qualified end-users.

These are real businesses and individuals who will get the most value from your Domain Name and therefore, can pay you what the domain is worth.

Each domain is unique and comes with its own set of circumstances. We have processes in place to accommodate even the trickiest of situations.Rather than sending out impersonal mass emails to try and broker deals, we pick up the phone and talk directly to decision-makers.

Through decades of experience, we’ve built a robust professional network and earned a trusted reputation. Our track record for getting domains in front of the most qualified buyers, speaks for itself.

Our commission is based on the successful sale of your domain. That means you pay nothing unless we are successful.

Lucky for us , we sell, on average, 80% of the domain names we take.

Our domain brokerage service is 15% of the final sale price, with a minimum of $1,000.

We require an exclusive brokerage agreement for all domains we represent, with no exceptions.

We fundamentally believe that it is critical to present the market with a clear, concise, and appropriate narrative around your domain.

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Namecheap Is The Best If You Can Afford To Be Flexible With Yourdomain Extension

Are you looking for the perfect .com domain name or are you more flexible about the exact wording and extension of the domain?

If you have some wiggle room and are willing to be creative, I suggest you check out what you can get at Namecheap. They are a domain registrar, not a broker, but you will find a huge selection of domain names there for much less than you could get through a broker.

You dont get any help with the negotiations its purely a personal process whether youre buying or selling, but you dont pay any upfront costs and theres only a 10% commission on the domains you sell through the marketplace platform.

And if you buy a new domain name directly from Namecheap, theres no commission at all.

I think youll be surprised at what you can find. Namecheap offers domains for $0.99 for the first year. For that price, you wont get a .com or .org, but there are many new extensions available, like .store or .link. And .com domain names start at $8.88 for the first year.

The reason I recommend Namecheap to people considering using a domain broker is that they dont always know whats out there. You may be confused when looking for a five-star domain name, but now you can buy a great one.

If you can afford to be flexible, Namecheap can help you find something. The search tool is great. In the Beast mode of the search function, you can enter up to 5,000 keywords. This will return thousands of results on domains accessed with these keywords.

Vpncom Premium Domain Brokers Are Here To Help

When you need an expert brokerage team to help you find your ideal domain, choose Weve helped countless people get their ideas off to the right start by finding the best domain for their website. Furthermore, were subject matter experts with the ability to answer all of your pressing questions. If youre interested in learning more about domain brokerage, explore our blog. If youre hunting for the perfect domain name, then hire our domain brokerage services today.

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Finding The Right Domain Broker

This is the first step. Finding the right buyer or seller broker might depend on a few things, such as how much you want to spend and the timeframe . Whats also important is how well you get on with the broker, as you will potentially be discussing large sums of money and your corporate identity. Check what your broker charges and for what, as this will vary depending on their field of expertise and experience.

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